Swabhiman-Meghnal&Nairan FF- Chapter 57

Hope you enjoy this next part! Which is a little longer! I’ve got interesting things coming up! Stay tuned and comment what you liked about this next part! Loads of love for you all! Thank you for being a great bunch of people! So sweet and supportive! ??❤??❤

Part 57:

Kunal drove Meghna and himself to the place where they used to have lunch all the time. As Kunal opened the car door for Meghna to get out. She smiled at him.
They walked in holding hands.
Waiter: Good to see you again Bhai and Bhabi
Meghna: Hello, Uday. How. Are you?
Uday: I’m good, how have you both been?
Kunal: Never better.
Uday: Should I take you to your usual seat?
Meghna: Yes please.
They sat where they always sat and Uday had 2 menus in their hand.
Uday: Would you like to see what’s on the menu or should I place your usual orders.
Meghna: Why don’t you decide for us?
Waiter: Well, I think there’s a few new good things on the menu since the last time you came.
Kunal: Then I guess we’ll check it out and call you in a bit.
Uday: Sure.
Uday left, Kunal and Meghna looked at their menus.
Meghna held her menu like a book while Kunal was looking down. Meghna glanced away from the menu and saw Uday escorting a man and woman. Meghnas widened and then covered her face again with the menu.
Meghna: Kunal, hold your menu like me.
Kunal was confused but then obeyed his wife.
Kunal: What’s wrong with you?
Meghna: Kunal, Trishna is here.
Kunal: What!
Meghna: Shh!
Kunal: Can she see us?
Meghna: No, she’s with a man.
Kunal: Nikhil?
Meghna: No, I didn’t see his face but he looks older.
Kunal: Okay, what do we do?
Meghna: Should we leave? Or stay here and the follow then as they leave?
Kunal: Yeah, let’s get our food.
Kunal put his hand up and Uday came.
Uday: Yeah Bhai, Bhabi what can I get you?
Meghna: I’ll have number 6.
Kunal: I’ll have number 11.
They had the menus still covering their faces.
Uday: Erm, can I have the menus?
Kunal: Could you we keep them?
Uday: May I ask why?
Meghna: Actually we need to cover our faces.
Uday was really confused.
Kunal: The couple you just showed their table are not on good terms with us.
Uday: Oh, should I take you to a private booth then?
Kunal: That doesn’t be great!
The two followed Uday into a private booth.
Meghna: Could you do us another favour?
Uday: Sure Bhabi.
Meghna: Could you tell us when they’re about to leave?
Uday: You want to follow them?
Uday smiled at them.
Kunal: Yeah.
Uday: I’ll be your spy.
Meghan smiled: Thank you Uday.
Uday smiled and then left.
Kunal and Meghna had finished their food and were waiting for Uday.
Kunal How long do you think they’ll be?
Meghna: No idea.
Kunal: Well it gives us some time alone.
Meghna smiled: Really?
Kunal held Meghnas hand and drew himself closer to kiss her but Uday walked in.
Kunal dropped his down.
Uday: Sorry, they’re leaving.
Meghna giggled: Thank you Uday.
Kunal: Don’t worry about it.
They both got up.
Kunal: Did you catch a name for the man?
Uday: Mr Rathore.
Meghna and Kunal exchanged looks.
Meghna: Who’s that?
Kunal: No clue, let’s go Meghna.
They held hands and walked out.

Kunal and Meghna bad followed the car and saw Trishna get out into her workplace building. Kunal parked the car and few blocks away.
Kunal: Me and Karan will come back in a few hours so let’s just go home.
Meghna: Okay.
Kunal and Meghna spent a few hours wondering about and then went home.
It was 5pm , Kunal and Meghna waked in to see everyone sat in the living area.
Arjjn: How was your date?
Kunal: Very fun.
Meghna was a little quiet.
Dadaji: Badi Bahu?
Meghna wasn’t listening.
Kunal held Meghnas hand, Meghna looked up at Kunal.
Meghna: Huh?
Kunal: Dadu is calling you.
Meghna: Sorry Dadu, what were you saying?
Dadaji: You seem tired why don’t you get some rest?
Nirmala: The twins have already had their nap, so we’ll keep them here.
Meghna smiled: Thank you.
Kunal and Meghna went to their room and got changed into their home clothes. Meghna put her clothes away. There was a knock on the door.
Kunal: Come in.
Karan and Naina walked in.
Meghna: Hey you two, take a seat.
Meghna and Kunal were sat on their bed. Naina walked to Meghna and held her hand.
Naina: Di? Is everything okay?
Meghna: Yeah, everything’s fine.
Karan: Bhai, Bhabi we know you’re hiding something.
Kunal told them about the encounter with Trishna.
Naina: Who was the man?
Kunal: That’s what me and Karan will find out when we leave later.
Karan: When will we leave?
Meghna: What’s the time?
Naina: It’s half 5.
Kunal: We should go now and then be back for dinner.
Karan: That sounds good.
Meghna: Be careful you two.
Kunal kissed Meghnas forehead and Karan kissed Nainas cheek.
Naina: See you guys later.
The two men left.

Kunal drove himself and Karan to where they last saw Trishna. They got out and went into the building. There weren’t many people in there. They went to the front desk and asked the man.
Kunal: Hello, I was looking for Trishna Gupta.
Man: Sir, she just left.
Karan: Did she leave alone?
Man: No, with another man.
Kunal took his phone out and asked if it was him. It was a picture of Nikhil.
Man: No, that’s not Mr Rathore.
Kunal: Mr Rathore? What’s his first name?
Man: Sorry, I wouldn’t know. He’s always just used his surname.
Karan: That’s alright, thank you.
Kunal and Karan were leaving when they bumped into a cleaner.
Cleaner: Sorry Sir.
Kunal: Not to worry.
The cleaner passed Karan a note.
Karan was confused but then read it.
It said “Ms Gupta and Mr Rathore are up to something.”
Kunal also read it.
Cleaner: I’ll show you where to clean up.
Kunal: Thank you.
The three headed upstairs where no one was there.
Kunal: Kaka, what is this note?
Cleaner: Son, the last 2 days I’ve been seeing Ms Gupta with this one man. Before that she’d be with a young man.
Karan: Bhai, show him the photo of Nikhil.
Kunal showed him.
Cleaner: That’s the young man.
Karan: What did you mean they’re up to something?
Cleaner: I’m an old man but I know what people want, Ms Gupta is after money. Er and Mr Rathore always walk in talking about how to get into that house.
Kunal: What house.
Cleaner: I don’t know, I herd them say that they’ve gotten in once and now maybe they’ll try again soon.
Karan: They’re talking about our house.
Kunal: We’ve got more security now.
Karan: Maybe that would stop them.
Cleaner: I’d be careful if I were you.
Kunal: Thank you for all your help.
Karan: We appreciate it.
Cleaner: You’re welcome.

Kunal and Karan went home.
They had dinner with everyone and once everyone went to bed, NK, Sandhya, Kunal, Meghna, Karan and Naina made their way into the study time everyone.
Kunal and Karan explained what happened.
Sandhya: Mr Rathore?
Meghna: Di you recognise the name?
Sandhya: I was about to be called Mrs Rathore.
Naina: You mean?…
Sandhya: Arohi’s fathers name.
NK: What’s his full name?
Sandhya: Akshay Rathore.
Karan: What does he want with our family now?
Kunal: Masi Maa, is he capable of doing any danger to this family?
Sandhya: Kunal, I genuinely don’t know. Things have changed.
Meghna: You think he has too?
NK: He might have, meeting Trishna again could have easily made him a puppet to her.
Karan: What did we do now?
Sandhya: Tomorrow is Khyatis Mendhi ceremony, we need to make sure we have tight security and for now we leave this until the wedding is over.
NK: I don’t want anything to ruin my daughters wedding.
Kunal: Don’t worry, we understand.
Karan: We won’t let anything go wrong.
They all headed to their rooms and went to sleep.

Kunal and Meghna went to their room and went to the babies cot. There was a paper there and Meghna read it. Kunal was walking to the bathroom.
Meghna dropped to the floor, Kunal came running to her and held her face.
Kunal: Meghna? What’s wrong?
Meghna was in shock. She handed Kunal the paper.
“See how easily I got to your children? I won’t be hard for me to get to your family”
Kunal grew angry. Meghna held Kunals arm.
Meghna (while crying): Kunal… our babies… they’ll… they’ll hurt…
Kunal cupped Meghnas face: I promise Meghna, I won’t let anything happen to them. I promise.
He brought Meghna to his chest and Meghna broke down in his arms.
Kunal: Nothing will happen, I promise I’ll keep everyone safe.
Meghna pulled away and looked at Kunal. Kunal wiped away the tears from Meghnas eyes.
Meghna: You go and freshen up, I’m not sleeping tonight.
Kunal: Meghna, you sleep. I’ll stay awake.
Meghna: You know I won’t be able to sleep tonight.
Kunal: Okay, I’ll freshen up and we’ll stay awake together.
Thy both got up from the floor, Kunal went to the bathroom while Meghna sat in the chair next to the babies cots.
Kunal came out 20 minutes later and sat in front of Meghna on the floor and gave her his towel. Meghna smiled and dried Kunals hair.
The whole night Kunal and Meghna were sat awake, guarding their babies. The hours passed and it was 5 am. Kunal was sitting and felt Meghna head fall on his shoulder. She finally fell asleep.
Looked to her and then put her on her space on the bed. Kunal was wide awake and then did some work. 7 am and there was a knock on the door. Kunal open it to see Naina.
Naina: Good Morning Jeeju, isn’t Di awake yet? She’s usually up before me to do the Puja.
Kunal: Good Morning Naina, your Di fell asleep about 2 hours ago.
Karan walked behind Naina.
Karan: Morning Bhai.
Kunal: Morning Karan.
Naina: Jeeju, what do you mean? Is everything okay? Is Di okay?
Kunal smiled: Your Di is fine, why don’t you both come in.
Karan: Sure.
Naina and Karan saw Meghna sleeping and sat in the chair.
Kunal explained what happened yesterday night.
Karan: What?
Karan whispered.
Kunal: Yeah, neither me and Meghna could sleep. Meghna slept around 5 am and after everything she must have been tired.
Naina went to her sister and stroked her hair, she was saddened to see her sister in such a state.
Naina: I don’t understand why.
Kunal and Karan walked to Naina.
Karan out a hand on Nainas shoulder.
Karan: Don’t worry Naina, everything will be fine.
Naina held the hand Karan had on her shoulder.
Naina: It will.
Naina got up.
Naina: Jeeju? Why don’t you get some sleep. Me and Karan will take care of the twins.
Kunal: No, don’t think be silly…
Karan: Bhai, Naina is right. Get a few hours of rest, Khyatis Mendhi is in the evening and you’ll need your energy.
Kunal smiled: Thank you guys.
Naina: That’s what uncle and aunties are here for!
Naina and Karan saw the babies wake up, they washed and dressed them and took them downstairs leaving Kunal and Meghna sleep.

Naina and Karan were with the twins, Khyati and Dadaji joined them as they saw them playing.
Dadaji:Where are Meghna and Kunal?
Karan: Dadu, they didn’t get much sleep because of the twins yesterday so we brought them here.
Khyati: Always causing trouble these little ones!
Naina got everyone breakfast.


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