Swabhiman-Meghnal&Nairan FF- Chapter 56

Part 56:

When they reached home everyone found about about the pictures.
Naina: I’ll get hold of the pictures and try to see what the actual image is, we know they’re fake.
Meghna: I’ll help you.
A few hours later Meghna and Naina final year revealed the actual picture, it was a random photo.
Meghna: We should give it to Masi Maa.
Naina: Yeah, she can contact the media and show them the real photo.
They were sat in Meghna and Kunals room.
Naina: Di, why would they do that?
Meghna: I don’t know Chiku, but we won’t let them do anything to out family.
Naina smiled: No we won’t.
The two went downstairs and shared what they found.
Dadaji: Well done Badi and Choti Bahu.
NK: I’m sure we won’t encounter any other kind of problem like this.
Sandhya: Don’t wRay Bhaisab, I’ll make sure we don’t.
Naina saw Khyati sitting in silence, she went to her and held her hand.
Naina: Don’t worry Khyati, everything will be fine.
Khyati smiled back.
Khyati: Have you finished your work?
Naina: Yes I have , so tomorrow I can go shopping with you all.
Kunal: Actually, I was wondering if it’s okay for me to take Meghna out for lunch tomorrow.
Meghna: Kunal, maybe another time? I mean the whole wedding prepara…
Dadaji interrupted: Badi Bahu, Kunal is right. Both of you haven’t spent much time to yourselves.
Naina: Yeah Di, you go nah?
Meghna: The twins…
Karan: Bhabi, we’re here to look after them.
Arjun: Haan, me and Karan Bhai will take care of them.
Kunal looked at Meghna with pleading eyes.
NK: Badi Bahu, you should yes before Kunals eyes drop out.
Nirmal laughed: Kunal!
Meghna: Okay, I’ll go.
Everyone smiled and Kunal winked at Meghna.

Later in the evening Kunal, Meghna, Karan and Naina came together downstairs in the study.
Kunal: Naina, did you get any information about Trishna and Nikhil?
Naina: No Jeeju, I didn’t have a chance to sit with Papa.
Karan: He was in the office the whole day.
Meghna: Maybe I could ask tomorrow, before we leave for lunch.
Kunal: Sounds good.
Naina: Masi Maa had told me about Papa and Maa never met Trishna as the woman who Arohi’s father cheated with.
Karan: That means Dad has no clue about who Trishna really is.
Naina: I don’t think he does, it doesn’t make sense.
Meghna: Don’t worry, tomorrow we’ll find everything out.
Just as they were leaving the study they saw NK standing in front of them.
They were shocked to see him there.
Kunal: Dad? What are you doing here now?
NK: I could ask you all the same question.
Karan: We were just…
NK: I heard what you were saying.
Naina: Papa?
NK: Trishna is back, we saw her here in the house and we need to get rid of her.
Meghna: We will Papa, but first we need some answers.
They went back ink the office and sat down together.
NK: So what questions do you have.
Karan: Dad, the day Trishna gave her baby to Raj uncle and Nandini Auntie, how and what did you tell her?
Kunal: Yeah, giving your baby so easily.
NK: I told you her condition, that Khyati and Nikhil her son had to get married.
Naina: What made you approach her?
Meghna: You didn’t know who she was did you?
NK: I didn’t know her, she was at the hospital and then told me she was a single parent to her unborn son. After I found out that Nandinis baby had died as she gave birth and went to her and she said she’d give her baby to them.
Naina: Was she emotional?
NK: Yes, she was.
Meghna: Any mother would be but she gave him too quickly.
NK: How does any of this help you get rid of her?
Kunal: Dad, Nikhil has met Trishna.
NK: What?
Karan: They’re working together to do something big.
Naina: We don’t know what it is.
Meghna: We’ll need you to tell us which hospital Nikhil was born in, where Trishna works and anything else.
Kunal: Me and Karan will search all those places to see if we can find anything.
NK: Okay, I’ll write it down.
NK wrote down all the information he had.
Karan: When do we go?
Kunal: Tomorrow evening.
NK: Don’t worry, we’ll cover for you.
They all headed upstairs and went to sleep.

The next morning Naina woke up and sat on her bed. She looked beside her and saw Karan sleeping so peacefully. She smiled and thought about how lucky she was. A few seconds later a Karan started to wake up. When he open his eyes he smiled at Naina.
Karan: What are you smiling at?
Naina: I’m just admiring you sleep.
Karan chuckled: How the tables have turned.
Naina: They have.
Karan: Would’ve loved to spend time with you today but I can’t be asked to go shopping, I rather enjoy taking care of the twins.
Naina: Of course you do.
Karan: When are you guys leaving?
Naina: Is 8 am now, we’re leaving around 10 am, don’t want to be part of the rush hour later.
Karan: Sounds good.
Naina: You want to shower first?
Karan: You can go first.
Naina got up and showered up then Karan showered and they headed downstairs together.
NK, Nirmala, Naina, Khyati and Sandhya left the house at 10:45 am.
Arjun was sitting the living area with the twins who were crawling and trying to walk.
Karan was recording everything because these moments were precious.
Kunal was on his laptop finishing of some work while Meghna was sitting with Dadaji at the house Mandir.
Dadaji: Badi Bahu?
Meghna: Jee Dadu?
Dadaji: I’m very happy.
Dadaji smiled at Meghna who smiled back.
Dadaji: I feel blessed to have this family, everyone in it.
Meghna: I know Dadu, you’ve made us all who we are. Me and Chiku always talk about being the Bahus of this house we’re blessed. Dadu, you are the bestest Dadu, we’ve taken care of us and treated us with so much respect and all the love you’ve given us is just too much.
Dadaji smiled: Your mother raised two daughters who are capable of many great things. I just want things to get well for us all.
Meghna held Dadajis hand: Don’t worry Dadu, things will be good.
Kunal approached them and sat next to Meghna.
Kunal: What are our 2 talking about? I hope it’s not me.
Dadaji: We wouldn’t take the devils name here.
Meghan gigged.
Kunal: Dadu!
Dadaji: I was only joking, so when and where are you taking Badi Bahu out?
Kunal: When she gets upstairs and gets ready right about now and where is a surprise.
Dadaji: Chalo , that’s good.
Meghna: What’s good Dadu?
Dadaji: That after having not one but two children Kunal hasn’t forgotten to be romantic.
Meghna smiled and blushed the smallest bit while Kunal smirked.
Kunal: Dadu, when I’m a Dadu I still won’t forget how to keep my Mrs happy!
Dadaji laughed: I hope for that to happen my boy.
Kunal: It will Dadu.
Dadaji: Badi Bahu, why don’t you get ready.
Kunal: Haan, come on quickly.
Meghna got up and Kunal followed her.
20 minutes later Meghna and Kunal came down.
They took Dadajis blessing and said bye.
They bid farewell to the babies as well as Karan and Arjun.

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