Swabhiman-Meghnal&Nairan FF- Chapter 55

Part 55:

Outside Chauhan house:
Trishna was standing outside with Nikhil and a group of dancers.
Nikhil: Mom, I’ll do what I need to do and you’ll do what you need to do.
Trishna smiled: Yes my son. Let’s go.

Nikhil was wearing a waiters uniform and entered Chauhan house. He spotted Kunal, Meghna, Karan and Naina sitting in one place. He went to them and placed a napkin next to Meghna. Meghna and the rest were confused.
Meghna opened the napkin and read it out so the four of them could hear.
Meghna: Don’t say or do anything. Or else…
The four of them exchanged looks and then heard some music playing.
Everyone’s eyes were on the stage.
(You should listen to Aksar ise duniya me, because it goes so well with what’s happening.)

Kunal: What is she doing here?
Naina: How did she even get in?

Trishna was on stage dancing to the song.

Meghna and Naina looked at NK who was sitting with Nirmala.
Everyone was enjoying the surprise dance but the saw Sandhya walk up and off.
Naina: Di? Why does Masi Maa look so angry?
Meghna: I think we should go and check.
Kunal and Karan saw their wives leave and then saw the man who gave them he napkin.
Kunal: Karan, let’s see where that guy is heading.
Karan: Let’s go.

Meghna and Naina went to Sandhya who was in the kitchen.
Meghna: Masi Maa?
Naina: Is everything okay?
Sandhya: Why is that woman here?
Naina: You know her?
Sandhya: I could never forget her.
Meghna: Masi Maa, who is she?
Sandhya: She’s the woman that Arohi’s father cheated on me with.
Meghna and Naina were shocked.
Naina: Her?
Sandhya: Yep, Trishna Gupta.
Meghna: Why wasn’t he shocked to see her?
Sandhya: I don’t know, she was pregnant with their child.
Naina: Nikhil is…
Sandhya: Nikhil? Naina, what are you talking about?
Meghna: Masi Maa, we need to tell you something.
Meghna and Naina explained everything to Sandhya.
Sandhya: The evil cow.
Meghna: I know, what’s worse right now is she’s here.
Naina: We don’t know what she’s up to, whatever is it, it isn’t good.
Sandhya: Don’t worry you two, I’ll get rid of her.
They smiled at Sandhya and watched Sandhya leave.

Kunal and Karan were following the waiter (Nikhil) and saw he was heading to Meghna and Kunals room.
Kunal: Excuse me?
Karan: What are you doing in there?
Nikhil tuned around just before he was getting into the room.
Nikhil: My work here is done, until the next time boys.
Nikhil ran into their room and jumped out of the window.
Kunal and Karan rushed in and then saw he was gone.
Karan: That voice was familiar.
Kunal: I know who it was.
Karan: Who?
Kunak: If Trishna is here think about who he’d bring to do the diary work.
Karan instantly knew.
Kunal&Karan: Nikhil.
Karan: Well, they didn’t do anything.
Kunal: They showed us that they could just walk into the house like that.
Karan: We’ll need to take precautions, especially for the safety if the whole family mostly the twins.
Kunal and Karan walked to the cots where the babies were sleeping.
Kunal: We can’t let anything happen to them.
Karan held his brothers shoulder.
Karan: Don’t worry Bhai, nothing will happen to them.

Meghna and Naina are upstairs and saw their husbands with the twins.
Naina: What’s going on?
Kunal and Karan exchanged looks, they didn’t want to tell them.
Naina: Karan? Jeeju?
Meghna: Tell us.
Kunal and Karan explained how they think Trishna and Nikhil are together.
Meghna: What do we do now?
Karan: We’ll have to make sure the house is under security and then look for them both.
Naina: They’re after something and we need to know what it is.
Kunal: We will, we’ll find out soon.
Meghna: This is unfair, Khyati is getting married next week and all of this is…
Naina held Meghnas hand: Di, it’s okay. We’ll get through it together.
Meghna smiled.

Meghna: You’re right.
Kunal: We can’t let anyone know.
Meghna: Actually, Masi Maa knows.
Karan: What do you mean Bhabi?
Meghna and Naina explained what had happened downstairs.
Karan: Arohi’s father?
Naina: Yep, we’re as shocked as you are.
Karan: Do you think…
Kunal: I don’t think he knows about his own son.
Karan: We’ll need to find out from Masi Maa and Dad.
Naina: But Papa can’t know about them coming back.
Meghna: If he finds out, he’ll be tensioned and then soon Trishna will get to him.
Karan: You’re right, we’ll just ask questions and make sure he doesn’t suspect anything.
Kunal: Talking about suspect, everyone will be wondering where we went off too.
Naina: Yeah, let’s head back downstairs.
The four if them went down and saw everyone casually sitting and talking. An hour later all the guest started to leave.

The workers had tidied up the place and everyone was sat in the living area.
Khyati: I need to get out of this outfit!
Naina: Come I’ll help you.
Khyati: Thank you Naina Bhabi.
The duo headed upstairs.
Dadaji: So one week till the wedding, Nirmala Bahu, don’t stress too my okay?
NK: Haan, you have Badi and Choti Bahu to help as well as Sandhya Ji.
Sandhya: Definitely Bhaisab.
Meghna was sat next to Nirmala and Dadaji.
Meghna: We have only a few things to do, mostly shopping which will be more fun than a task.
Nirmala smiled: Thank you for making this easier.
Meghna held Nirmalas hand: Maa, Chiku and I both know how you must be feeling to give your only daughter away. Chiku was talking to me about how she’s prepared everything so you wouldn’t need to worry about it and you could spend the time you have with Khyati.
Naina came down and hugged Nirmala from the back with her arms around her neck (I hope you get that)
Naina: Haan Maa, all you need to do is have fun!
Nirmala held Meghnas hand and Nainas hand.
Nirmala: I’m lucky to have you both.

Karan was sat in his room hm thinking about what Nikhil was saying.
Karan we spoke to himself: What was his work? What has he done.
Naina came our of the washroom and saw Karan in deep thought as he was sitting on the bed. She went over to him and held his hand. Karan got back reality.
Naina: Everything okay?
Karan: Not really, I’m just worried about what Trishna and Nikhil will do.
Naina: They won’t be able to do anything.
Karan: We don’t know what they’re capable of.
Naina: Karan, stop worrying okay?
Karan nodded and then went to bed.

Saturday morning everyone was downstairs. Kunal, Meghna, Khyati and Nirmala were ready to go shopping. They were waiting for Naina, thy saw her come down.
Nirmala: Naina, you’re coming with us right?
Naina: Actually Maa, I’ve got an important file to hand in by the end of the day and I wanted to get it done as soon as possible. Sorry I won’t be able to come Khyati.
Khyati smiled: Don’t worry Naina Bhabi, there will be loads more shopping days.
Karan walked behind Naina.
Karan: I’ll tag along.
Kunal: Great, come one then.
Karan kissed Nainas cheek and left with the rest.
Kunal was driving with Karan beside him and then women were sat at the back.
Nirmala: Do we need to add anything to the list?
Khyati: Mom, I think if we see anything good we’ll just buy it but to what’s on the list now is important and it’s all we really need.
Meghna: I agree.

Naina was sitting the in the study doing her work. Sandhya walked in and was talking to her about what had happened yesterday.
Naina: Masi Maa, did you get a chance to talk to Arohi’s father?
Sandhya: No, it’s not that I was avoiding him but it just never happened.
Naina: Did Maa and Papa know he was with Trishna?
Sandhya: No, I never let them find out.
Naina: Okay, but how did Papa know Trishna? All those years back?
Sandhya: I don’t know Naina, I really don’t.
Naina: I guess I’ll have to ask Papa myself.

At the shops Kunal and Karan were walking behind the women who went in every direction to every shop.
They were done with everything and then put their things away in the boot of their car. People passed them and gave them dirty looks.
Khyati: Why is evening looking at us like that?
Meghna: Don’t worry Khyati, they have no reason for it.
Man: Yeah we do!
They all turned around.
Kunal went closer to the man.

Kunal: Why are you raising your voice at a woman? More importantly my wife.
Man: Why? Why does it matter?
Kunal: It matters because it’s disrespectful.
Man scoffed: You can’t talk about respect.
Karan stood next to his brother: What are you talking Mr?
Man: We all know your Chauhans , all these year behind close doors we thought it wasn’t very serious but now we all know.
Khyati: All know what?
Man: We know that all the men hit their wives!
Meghna: What?! What nonsense!
Nirmala: Where are you getting this gossip from?
Man: Not gossip ma’am, look.
The an got his phone out and showed the pictures he received, though they were photo shopped everyone thought it was real. Each of the husband in the house slapping their wives.
Karan: This is fake.
Man: Really? Because it looks real to me.
Kunal: Listen, we don’t want to argue or anything but you’ll show you all how wrong this rumour is.
Man: Of course you will, with all your money.
Kunal: I told you, we don’t want to argue. Let’s drop this topic and carry on with our lives.
Karan: In tomorrow’s newspaper you’ll see how real the photos are.
They all got back into their car.
Khyati: Who would send fake picture like that?
Nirmala: I don’t know, they must have something against us to pull such a big scandal.
Kunal, Meghna and Karan looked at.
They knew it was Nikhil and Trishna.

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