Swabhimaan-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 1

Hey guys! I’ve been thinking about many different things as I watch this show and I wanted to write a one shot. Just something I know we’ll never see but just wanted to share with you guys. It’s a random one but hope you enjoy it. Please comment if you liked it! Thank you!!

This one shot is after Kunal and Meghna get married with a little hassle and in my version things go well in the end. It’s been on week since they’ve been married. And Kunal and Meghna are pretty much in love with each other. Also , in this story Naina has started college and she goes to a college in Jaipur and lives on Campus. Kheyti( if that’s how you spell it) is also in college and studying away from home.
9pm at the Chauhan house. Everyone had eaten their dinner , Nirmala and Dadaji were in the living room just talking while Meghna came to give them both tea.
Meghna: Here you go Dadaji , and this is for you Maa.
Dadaji: Thank you betaa.
Nirmala: Thank you Meghna.
Meghna put the tray back into the kitchen and came back to sit with Dadaji and Nirmala. Kunal came from upstairs.
Kunal: Dadu, Mom , I’m taking your Bahu for dessert , Meghna come let’s go.
Dadaji: Oh, my grandson has learnt a lot!
Kunal: Of course Dadu.
Nirmala: Meghna, you go and get ready.
Meghna: Okay Maa.
Meghna and Kunal both go into their room. Since Meghna got married she started wearing sarees , simple and elegant ones. She put on a dark purple saree with had a simple long sleeve blouse and lace detailing. She went to the mirror and did her hair. Kunal wrapped his arms around her waist from behind her back.
Kunal: You look gorgeous.
Meghna: Of course I do. Kunal.
Kunal: Meghna.
Meghna: Can I ask you something.
Kunal: Shoot.
Meghna: Can we take Karan with us?
Kunal was confused: Karan?
Meghna: Yes, Karan.
Kunal: How comes?
Meghna: It’s been a week since we got married and I haven’t seen either of you talking properly at all.
Kunal: Meghna, Karan is kinda different. He keeps himself to himself.
Meghna turned around and circled her arms around Kunals neck whilst Kunals hands were on Meghnas waist.
Meghna: Kunal , we should make the first move. Now come let’s ask him.
Kunal: Come one then.
They both smiled and waked out and headed to Karan room.
Meghna knocked on Karan a door which Karan opened within the next few seconds.
Karan: Kunal Bhai? Bhabi? What are you doing here.
Kunal: I was taking your Bhabi out for dessert and she suggested for you to join us.
Meghna: Would you like to?
Karan: Bhabi I…
He didn’t say anything for 5 seconds.
Meghna: I would like it if you came along with us.
Kunal smiled: So would I.
Karan grabbed his umbrella: I’ll join you.
Meghna smiled: Thank you.
The three walked downstairs.
Nirmala: Karan , where are you going?
Karan: Bhai and Bhabi asked me to join them for ice cream.
Kunal: And he said he’d join us.
Kunal said with a surprised look on his face which both Dadaji and Nirmala had on their faces.
Dadaji: Well , you 3 have fun.
Kunal: We will.
The trio left and headed towards Kunals car. Kunal opened the front door for Meghna.
Meghna: Karan can sit upfront.
Karan: No Bhabi, that’s your space.
Kunal: Yes it’s your space and Karan likes sitting at the back most of the times.
Meghna: Okay. Thank you Kunal.
Kunal got back to his seat and drove onwards.
Karan: Where are you taking us?
Kunal: Wow Karan , sounds like I’m kidnapping you!
Meghna: Kunal! Seriously though , where are we going?
Kunal: First we’re going to pick Naina up.
Meghna&Karan: Naina!?
Kunal: Yeah , you got your brother-in-law so I get to get my one and only favourite sister-in-law.
Meghna: Of course you do.
They drove to Nainas hostel and parked outside.
Meghna and Kunal got out of the car.
Meghna: I’ll call her down.
Naina came down from the building and ran to Meghna. She hugged her so tight.
Naina: Di! I miss you so much.
Meghna: I miss you too Chiku!
Kunal: What about my hug?
Naina hugged Kunal: Hi Jeeju!
Naina stood in front of the couple: What brings you here?
Kunal: I’m taking your Di out for dessert , you wanna join?
Meghna: Of course she’ll come.
Naina: I’ll go get my bag.
Kunal: What for? You’ve got your keys and phone right?
Naina: Yeah.
Meghna: Then get in the Car.
The got into the car and as Naina opened the back door.
Naina: You?
Karan: Hello to you too.
Meghna: Karan is with us as well, I thought we would have some fun.
Naina sat in the car: Yeah Di , you , me and Jeeju will have fun and Karan will have fun with his best friend and life long companion his umbrella.
Naina and Kunal chuckled.
Meghna: Chiku! Don’t be so rude.
Naina: Chill Di, just having some fun.
Karan and Naina glared at each other. The drive was a few minutes long. Kunal parked up opened the door for himself as well as Meghna.
Meghna: Thank you.
Kunal: Anything for you.
Naina and Karan got out of the car.
Naina: Jeeju, you’re such a gentleman.
Kunal smiled at Naina.
Kunal: I am. Karan remember this place?
Karan nodded: Yeah , Dadu bought us two here.
Kunal: The good old days and now days are better with a special someone.
Kunal looked at Meghna lovingly.
Meghna: Kunal.
Kunal: Meghna.
Naina: Come one Jeeju , let’s get the ice cream , you can continue your romance later.
Kunal and Meghna held hands as they walked into the building. Karan and Naina walked behind them. They sat down got their ice cream and spoke for some time. Karan didn’t stay silent the whole time , he spoke a few words.
Kunal: Let’s go for a walk then we’ll come back to the car and go home.
Karan: I don’t wanna walk.
Meghna: Leave it Kunal, we’ll go for a walk another day.
Karan: No Bhabi , I’ll stay in the car you guys go.
Naina: Yeah Di, you and Jeeju go.
Meghna: You’ll stay at the car as well?
Naina: Of course.
Kunal: You can come Naina.
Naina: I’ll leave you two love birds alone.
Meghna: Chiku.
Naina: Have fun!
Kunal: See you two later, play fair.
Karan: We will.

Kunal and Meghna walked along hand in hand down the pavement. Kunal twirled Meghna around and they danced around without any music. Until Kunal started singing.

Jo teri khaatir tadpe
Pehle se hi kya usay tadpana
Oh zalima, oh zalima.
Jo tere ishq mein behka pehle se hi
Kya usay behkana
O zaalima, O zaalima (x2)

Aake marhaba
Baatein marhaba
Main sau martaba
Diwana huwa.

Mera na raha
Jab se dil mera
Tere husn ka nishana hua.

Jiski har dhadkan tu ho aise
Dil ko kya kya dhadkana
Oh zalima, oh zalima.

Jo teri khaatir tadpe
Pehle se hi kya usay tadpana
Oh zalima, oh zalima.

Saanson mein teri nazdeekiyon ka
Itar tu ghol de, ghol de,
Main hi kyun ishq zaahir karun
Tu bhi kabhi bol de
Bol de

Saanson mein teri nazdeekiyon ka
Itar tu ghol de, ghol de,
Main hi kyun ishq zaahir karun
Tu bhi kabhi bol de
Bol de

Leke jaan hi, jayega meri
Qaatil har tera …. bahana hua.

Tujhse hi shuru
Tujhpe hi khatam
Mere pyaar ka
Afsana hua.

Tu shama hai toh yaad rakhna
Main bhi hoon parwana
O zaalima, O zaalima.

Jo teri khaatir tadpe
Pehle se hi kya usay tadpana
Oh zalima, oh zalima.

Deedar tera milne ke baad hi
Chhute meri angdayi
Tuhi bata de kyun zailma
Main kehlayi,

Kyun iss tarah se duniya jahaan mein
Karta hai meri ruswayi
Tera kasoor aur zalima main keh layi

Deedaar tera milne ke baad hi
Chhute meri angdaayi
Tu hi bata de kyu zaalima main keh layi
Tu hi bata de Kyu zaalima main keh layi

Kunal was hugging Meghna from the back as the song ended. His hands wrapped around her, keeping her safe.

Kunal: I love you Meghna.
He whispered in her ear , sending her shivers.
Meghna slowly turned around and her hands on his chest and his hands on her waist. Meghna looked into his eyes.
Meghna: I love you too Kunal.
They smiled at each other.
Kunal: I’ve waited a long time to hear that, and it was worth the wait.
Meghna: I know , you’re just the first person I’ve ever felt like this about.
Kunal: Me too, the past is the past but my last 2 years were all about you and now you and I have each other I couldn’t be happier.
Meghna: I couldn’t ask for anything else. I have 2 homes where I have 2 families who love me as much as I love them.
Kunal: I could ask for something.
Meghna raised an eyebrow.
Kunal: A mini you and a mini me.
Meghna smacked Kunals arm and ran off.
Kunal: I love it when you show me your attitude! Oof!
Meghna looked back and laughed at him.

Back at the car. Naina was bored while Karan was entertained on his phone.
Karan: If you’re so bored , why didn’t you just go with Bhai and Bhabi?
Naina: Because they need time alone.
Karan: I need some time alone away from you too.
Naina: Listen, I don’t wanna be stuck with you but Di and Jeeju are newly married and very much in love. I wanted to have some fun.
Karan: How do you know they’re in love?
Naina: Their eyes speak it.
Karan: If you don’t wanna be stuck with me , then go look for them.
Naina: I’m not listening to you.
Karan: Fine , stay here and be bored.
Naina stood outside the car and decided to go and look for Kunal and Meghna. Karan saw her go.
Karan: Good riddance.

Naina started heading down the road but to her dismay there were a group of boys following her. She could feel them walking behind her.
Naina: It’s okay Naina , they’re nothing.
Boy1: Hey s*xy!
Naina grimaced: Disgusting.
Boy2: Don’t ignore us.
He grabbed her wrist and turned her around.
Boy3: It’s rude to ignore someone when they’re calling you.
Naina: You didn’t call my name.
Boy4: We did, s*xy.
Naina: Let go of my hand.
Boy2: And if I don’t?
Naina: Let go!
Boy3: Say sorry.
Naina: No! Let go!
Boy1: I think not.

Karan was behind: I think yes!
The boys looked back and Naina saw Karan , her heart felt warm.

Boy4: Who are you?
Naina: Let go of me!
Karan: Let go and I’ll tell you.
Boy2: If I don’t?
Karan: You don’t wanna know.
Boy1: Haha! What’s with the umbrella?
Karan: Will you let go?
Boy3: No he won’t!

Karan smashed Boy2s hand with the umbrella and Naina fell back but someone caught her. Kunal and Meghna held Naina.
Meghna: Chiku!
Kunal: Naina , are you okay?
Naina hugged Meghna as tightly as she could and Meghna could feel how scared Naina was. Kunal looked to see Karan fighting the goons and ran to help.
Naina: Di! I’m scared. Di!
Tears were streaming down.
Meghna: You’re my brave Chiku!
Meghna wiped the tears away. The brothers beat up the goons and Karan called the police. The police came and took the goons away. Kunal went back to Meghna and Naina who were sitting on a rock holding onto each other.
Kunal put his hand on Naina hair: It’s okay Naina , they’re gone.
Naina got up and hugged Kunal: Jeeju!
Kunal: It’s okay, Shh.
Meghna got up and walked to Karan.
Meghna: Karan, your hand.
She pointed at the cut.
Karan: Don’t worry Bhabi , just a scratch.
Meghna: I have a plaster in the purse.
Karan: Bhabi, you’re purse is in the car and I’m fine.
Meghna: It’ll get infected, you know that.
Kunal walked along with Naina who was wearing Kunals jacket. Kunal was keeping his arm around her to keep her safe.
Kunal: Let’s get to the car.
Meghna held Naina while Karan and Kunal waked behind the sisters. Meghna sat Naina down in the back seat and Kunal gave her some water. Meghna got a plaster out for Karan.
Meghna: Karan, give me your hand.
Karan: But…
Meghna: No arguing with me.
He gave in and Meghna put the plaster on the cut.
Meghna: When we get home I’ll have to apply an ointment then re-plaster.
Karan nodded.
Kunal: Karan, you sit at the front, Naina needs her Di.
Karan: Sure.
The ride back home was silent.
Kunal: Naina will stay at ours today.
Naina: No Jeeju , I can’t.
Kunal: Why not?
Meghna: Chiku you don’t have any lessons tomorrow, it’s the weekend.
Kunal: You’re staying and that’s final.
Naina: Di…
Karan: You’ll feel safer.
Naina looked up at Karan and didn’t argue back. Meghna smiled.

It was 11 pm. They got home and Nirmala opened the door.
Meghna held Naina and next to Meghna was Karan and the other side was Kunal.
Nirmala: Naina! You guys come in.
The four walked in and Nirmala closed the door. She walked to Naina and Meghna.
Nirmala cupped Nainas face: Betaa , are you okay?
Naina nodded: Aunty, I’m fine.
Kunal: Meghna, take Naina to one of the guest rooms.
Meghna walked upstairs either Naina.
Nirmala: What happened?
Karan explained what happened.
Nirmala: Poor Naina.
Kunal: Not to worry Mom , Meghna is with her now and they’re nothing strong girls.
Nirmala: They’re luck to have each other.
Kunal: Very lucky.
Nirmala: No one got hurt right?
Kunal: Karan has a cut.
Nirmala: What?
She steps towards Karan.
Karan: Mom , I’m fine. Bhabi put a plaster on it.
Nirmala: What?!
Kunal came and held his mum’s shoulders from behind: I know , I was shocked as well.
Karan: It’s not a big deal.
He walked off.
Nirmala: Kunal , he let someone put a plaster on him.
Kunal nodded.
Nirmala: When I walked to him he didn’t step away like he usual does.
Kunal nodded.
Nirmala: Meghna is truly a blessing.
Kunal nodded: She sure is.
Kunal: Mom , go and get some sleep.
Nirmala: You too.
Kunal kissed the top of his mother’s head and they both went to their rooms.

Kunal went to his room and changed into his night wear. He headed to Karans room after.
Karan was sitting in his night wear on his bed just thinking. He heard a knock and opened it to see Kunal.
Karan: Come in.
Kunal came in they both sat down on Karans bed.
Kunal: You did another brave thing Karan, I’m proud of you.
Karan: Not really , it was my fault she went and they got to her.
Meghna walked in holding Kunals jacket: No Karan , it’s not your fault.
Karan got up from his bed.
Karan: No Bhabi , I told her to go.
Meghna: Naina wouldn’t listen to you.
Karan: Well , I told her to go but she said she won’t do what I say so I said fine she could stay which made her go.
Kunal got up: Karan, stop blaming yourself. Give yourself some credit.
Meghna: Chiku is safe because of you.
Karan: How is she now?
Meghna: She’s asleep.
Karan nodded.
Meghna gave Kunal his jacket and then looked for a first aid box in Karans room.
She found it within a few seconds.
Meghna: Karan, sit.
He sat on his bed and Meghna sat near him. She took the old plaster off and cleaned the wound then applied an ointment and then put another plaster on it.
Karan: Thank you.
Meghna smiled: It’s my duty.
Karan smiled back.
Meghna put the box away.
Meghna: Goodnight Karan.
Karan: Good night Bhabi, goodnight Bhai.
Kunal: Goodnight Karan.
The couple left.
Meghna and Kunal walked into their room. Meghna put Kunals jacket away and she turned around to see Kunal holding her clothes.
Kunal: Freshen up quick, I’ll see if Naina is okay and then you can sleep in the guestroom with Naina.
Meghna smiled.
Kunal: Naina and you would both sleep better knowing you’re there.
Meghna kissed Kunals cheek: I’m lucky to have you.
Kunal kissed Meghnas cheek: I’m even luckier to have you.
Meghna went to the washroom and changed into her night saree. While Kunal headed to the guestroom and saw Naina sleeping. He sat on the chair checking his phone while glancing up a few times towards Naina. Meghna came into the room 15 minutes later.
Meghna walked to Kunal.
Meghna: It’s getting late, you have to get to the office early as well.
Kunal: Don’t remind me!
Meghna giggled: Sorry.
Kunal kissed Meghnas forehead: Goodnight.
Meghna: Goodnight

Please comment and let me know what you thought of it. Thank you!

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