Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 88

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Part 88:

Naina: Jeeju, where did you find Sanju? And why don’t she say anything when she saw me?
Kunal: Naina, take sa seat.
Naina sat down and Kunal sat beside her.
Kunal: Me and Meghna were leaving the office building to get lunch when Sanjana bumped into Meghna and told her she needed help, some one was going to take her away. Meghna saw that it was Sanjana and took her to the car. I saw the people who were following Sanjana. They were nurses, Sanjana escaped from a mental hospital.
Naina: What?! How did she get there and…
Kunal: We don’t know anymore than that. The nurses asked me if I saw her, they don’t me belongs in the hospital and she’s dangerous but I didn’t tell them, I gave them the wrong directions.
Naina: Thank you Jeeju, but I don’t understand how she was there? For how long?
Kunal: Naina, don’t wRrh about that. You’ve got your friend back and you need to spend some time with her.
Naina: I have to tell Aman.
Kunal: Yeah, he’ll be over the moon.
Kunal and Naina looked at Sanjana who was smiling as she saw the babies crawling.

It was late evening. Naina helped Sanjana have a bath, she gave her a new set of clothes and combed her hair. She was sat at Nainas dressing table and admired herself in the mirror.
Naina: Do you like it?
She said referring to the braid.
Sanjana nodded happily: Thank you best friend.
Naina: You’re welcome, now come let’s go downstairs.
They went downstairs, Naina introduced Sanjana to Dadaji and Sandhya.
Naina: Masi Maa, where’s Papa?
Sandhya: He left the office a fee minutes after me, he’ll be here soon.
Naina: Okay.
Karan walked in and saw Sanjana. He walked to Kunal.
Karan: Bhai?
Kunal: Yes Karan?
Karan: Sanjana? Amans girlfriend?
Kunal explained the whole story to Karan.
Karan: Quite a day.
Kunal smiled: Yep.
Karan: Where is Bhabi?
He looked around. Meghna came out of the kitchen with a tray of juice for everyone.
Kunal: There she is.
Meghna distributed the juices.
Naina saw Karan.
Naina: Karan come and say hi.
Karan was about to walk but Sanjana looked his direction and started screaming.
Naina: Sanjana? What’s wrong?
Sanjana was screaming and then lifted her hand and pointed at Karan and Kunal direction.
The two men followed the finger but it didn’t point at either of them. It posted at NK who just walked in.
Meghna: Papa?
She whispered to herself.
Meghna stood in front of NK and Sanjana stopped screaming.
Dadaji: What was that?
Nirmala: I think she just got scared seeing a new face?
Sandhya: Yeah, that’s probably true.

Meghna had her back to NK.
Meghna: Papa, I think you should go to the study.
Kunal: Meghna, I’ll hide Dad, you talk to Naina.
Karan: Let’s both hide Dad.
Meghna: Okay.
Kunal, Karan and NK discretely walked into the study.
Meghna stood in front of Sanjana and Naina.
Meghna: Chiku, you stay here and I’ll go and give Papa his juice okay.
Naina nodded: Okay.
Meghna picked up a glass and went to the study.

NK was sitting at the desk.
Kunal: Dad, what was that?
Karan: Why was she screaming when she saw you?
NK: I don’t know.
NK was confused.
Meghna walked in.
Meghna: Papa, juice?
NK: Yes please. Thank you.
Meghna placed the glass onto the desk in front of NK. She her eyebrows at Kunal and Karan in a “So, what’s up ” manner.
Kunal nodded negative.
Meghna: Papa, did you see Sanjana anywhere? Ever?
NK wasn’t sure and so nodded no softly until he stopped and widened his eyes.
NK: I did.
Karan: What? When?
NK: It was a long time ago.
NK closed his eyes trying to recall it.
NK: I remember. I hit her with my car.
Kunal: You what?
NK: It was an accident. It was a late rainy night and I was driving the car and drove it hit someone. She looked at me just before I hit her and then when I got out of the car to see what happened I didn’t find her.
Meghna: Where we’re you driving?
NK: Near the college campus, it was a quiet road. I was a road above the water.
Kunal: You were driving on a Bridge.
Karan: That means…?
NK: She fell into the water. I didn’t know that then and I was in such a panic that I left, I thought I was seeing things.
Meghna: Don’t worry Papa. It’s not your fault.
Karan: Yeah Dad, it was an accident. So guys, we can’t tell Naina.
Naina: Why not?
They all turned around and saw Naina standing at the door.
Karan: Naina?
Naina: Why are you so shocked?
Kunal: We’re not shocked we just thought you’d be with Sanjana.
Naina: She’s with Maa and the rest.
NK: How is she now?
Naina: She’s better.
Meghna: Let’s all go to her then.
Naina: No.
Meghna: Why not Chiku?
Naina: I’m not stupid. I heard what you were talking about. So Karan, when did you want to tell me?
Meghna: Chiku, you need to…
Naina: I was talking to Karan.
Meghna: And I’m talking to you Naina. You need to calm down.
Naina: I am calm, all I want to know is, why my husband wanted to hide such a big thing from me.
Karan: Naina, it’s not a big deal. You were happy with Sanjana and I didn’t want you to feel bad in any way.
Naina: So hiding the fact that Papa is responsible for Sanjanas state would make me feel any better?
Kunal: Naina, the whole thing was an accident.
Naina: Yeah right.
Meghna: What’s that meant to mean Naina?
Naina: You tell me.
Meghna: Listen Naina, I don’t understand why you’re being like this.
Naina: Of course you don’t.
Naina left in anger.
Kunal: Karan?
Karan: I’ll check on her.
NK: I deserved that.
Karan: No Dad, Nainas isn’t in the right sate if mind and she said all of that.
They all left and went to their rooms.

Karan walked into his room and saw Naina putting the twins to sleep.
Karan: Are they asleep?
Naina didn’t answer.
Karan held her arm and turned her around.
Karan: Naina?
Naina held Karans hand and let it go.
Karan: Naina, what’s wrong with you? Why are acting like this? You’re not understanding what we’re trying to say.
Naina: You guys aren’t understanding me.
Karan: Bhabi tried talking to you but..
Naina: I was asking you a question, she didn’t need to answer.
Karan: She’s your sister, she knows how you’d react and that’s why she spoke, you’re blowing this out of proportion.
Naina: Me? I’m blowing it out of proportion? You’re the one who wanted to hide this from me.
Karan: Naina, I understand how you feel. You lost your freind and…
Naina: No you don’t! The only ever friend you’ve had was me, you don’t have any other friends!
Karan did respond.
They both stood there in silence.
Naina tried walking to Karan but instead he went to their bed and grabbed a pillow.
Naina: Karan…
Karan: No, you’re right.
He laughed softly but his eyes showed how hurt he was.
Karan: I’m going to just go.
Naina: Karan please.
Karan kissed Nainas cheek.
Karan: Good night.
Naina closed her eyes and then opened it to see Karan gone.
Naina started crying.
Naina: What did you do Naina?

How’d you like it?! Little tension between Nairan but it won’t last too long don’t worry! ? let me know what you thought also!!! Meghna finally knows about Karan! About time! Many Meghnal moment coming and I’m so excited! How about you guys?
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  1. Hi tamu..as always superb…nairan scene was super..hope everything will be fine..and wants to know aman’s reaction after seeing sanjana..waiting for next
    Love you too tamu?have a fantastic day

    1. Yaa..meghna find out karan’s illnes…stupid sandhya..mbut ok..this is must that she knows about karan..but i dont think karan have any illness..may be all drama of that sandhya..

    2. Tamihna0808

      Heeey Jisu! ? Thank you so much for the love girl! I’m writing Amans little scene right now and you’ll love it! ? the next part will be up soon! Love you too ? hope you’re having a wonderful day!
      Today’s episode will be the little rage scene of Meghna! I saw yesterday’s episode! Omg a Meghna wasn’t saying very nice things about Karan and I felt so bad! ? it’s cause of her anger and protective side was showing. But Karan will talk to Meghna and things will get better! Can’t wait for all that’s to come in the show! It’s doing so well.
      Loads of love to you again Jisu! Thank you for being truly sweet! ?❤

  2. Minerva

    Dangerously high on the emotional front…
    This episode was a wonderful blend of the best mortal emotions and presented them in an amazing way. The conversations and actions were apt for every scene. Be it naina’s care or her anger, everything was described meticulously. Naina’s ways with sanjana and all of the family’s support for the same was superb in every aspect. The revelation by nandkishore is truly shocking and disturbing for sure. Naina’s disappointment with karan is justifiable but not to such a extent.
    I just cannot find words to put my thoughts down here. Its all so muddled up right now. The last scene however was truly fantastic and adorable. Hope for naina’s emotional breakdown (dont get me wrong) which in turn will bring karan back to her for sure…

    1. Hi minerva dear…you are such a wonderfull supporter for all writers…really your every words ars inspiring…when i see your comment i too think to write ff..but i dont want to irritate you all???so i dont write ff…by the way sorry tamu…i snatched your reply section

      1. Tamihna0808

        Trust me Jisu! I couldn’t agree more with you! You can comment whereever and whenever girl! You need to write and FF! I work be waiting for it. ❤??

    2. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much Shivani! I know what you mean, this is all a little jumbled up because Naina has found her best freind after after ll these years after and then she has her family who she loves but they wanted to hide things from her. I hope you’ll enjoy the cute Nairan make up scene! Karan is a loving husband and that’s why he kissed her before going to sleep else where. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I agree with Jisu you really do show us writers such great support and it makes want to write in and on! I hope I don’t disappoint when I end this FF! Thank you once again! Loads of love ?❤

  3. Roli-Sid-Krishna-Saiyyam

    Sis after long time you came back
    It was super but little bit sad of nairan
    Hope soon sanjana became fine
    I lovet that sanjana is playing tejaswi
    Also she is my favourite actress
    Eagerly awaiting to now what will happen next chapter
    Have a nice day
    Hope soon next chapter you will update
    Can’t wait so long
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    1. Tamihna0808

      Hey! Sorry for taking a break but I think I will be uploading every two or three days because it’s been very busy. I’m really glad you’re enjoying it. Don’t worry about our Nairan! They’ll be just fine ? Yesssss I love Tejaswi as well! I thought if it was my show I can picture her as Sanjana so well! ? the next part will be up soon. Hope you’re having a real day too! Love you loads. ??

  4. Arushi

    Tammuuuuuu I missed you so much, I missed your ff, I missed your questions, now u have to post next part soon…. Ohk now coming back to your chapter it was awsm and quite emotional Sisters fight, tension between Nairan…. Ufff….. hope everything gets better soon, why Naina is behaving like this I know it was matter of her best friend but still, ohk I know everything is going to be good soon, hope Sanjana and Aman unite soon, and now finally to your question, oh no Meghna will came to know about Karan’s illness now there will be a rift between both the couples Meghnal and Nairan and between both the sisters too , But yeah in all this 1 good thing is going to happen bond between two brothers will get stronger…. I just Love the track.

    1. Arushi

      Oops sorry Meghna know about Karan’s illness now…. I haven’t watched tomorrow’s episode yet so that’s why… Uh know na I m silly ?

    2. Tamihna0808

      Omg Aaaru!!! I missed you too!? I’ve been trying to keep up with your FF while I’m being busy! ?? I’ll be posting every 2/3 days after and I hope that isn’t a problem. Thank you for showing your support. This chapter has so much tension and I think needed it to be like that. Nairan will be just fine and Aman and Sanjana union will happen veeeeery soon! Yess I’m loving the current track! The promo for Meghna pulling Naina away was a little exaggerated, Meghna only says things and she just wants Naina to be safe and Karan will reassure Meghna! I really wanted that Bhabi-Devar scene! Meghnal and Nairan relationship will be tested and it will just get stronger along with the brothers bond. The next track will be with Nirmala and the awesome foursome get together! ? thus show keeps getting better and better! Thank you again Aru! Loads of love for youuuu ❤?

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    Hi Di.I liked it a lot.Nairan in tension it was quite sad for me but as you told it won’t last too long so I am happy.Keep writing and loads of love.Current track about meghna knowing everything is really interesting.Dont know what she will do.Please update ASAP.

    1. Tamihna0808

      Hey! I’m so happy you’re liking it! Yep a Nairan will be fine again in the next chapter! I hope you’ll enjoy it! ? Thank you for the 3 love and support ? Meghna will go crazy but she’ll calm down and I’m looking forward to it! This week will be a hectic week! Loads of love ❤?

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      Thank you so much Seyaaal! ? Nairan will be United again and Meghnal will pay a very cute part to it! I hope you enjoy it! Amans reaction will leave you so emotional! That’s how I felt writing it! ? thank you for the love, really love you and the support! ❤?

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      Omg yesss! There will be very cute scenes between them! You’ll just have to wait for what I have in store?? I know you’ll just love it! ❤

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      Omg Rupa!! ?You’re comment left me so smiley and teary! I’m so grateful for you and your friends and everyone else who reads my FF. You’re a medical student!!! Must be crazy hard!?!?! I’m so happy to know that my FF is timepass in lessons! ? it’s a good and bad distraction! Tell your freinds they should comment and let me know if they’re enjoying it! Seriously, I’m so glad you commented! ? love to you all you gorgeous people! ?Thank you so much for the support, I don’t think I can say you enough! The compliments you guys give me makes me feel so warm and just relaxed! Thank you! Loads of love! ❤? I hope you’ll comment more often and hope you enjoy all the future updates!

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