Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF – Chapter 85

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Part 85:

They were sat in the living area.
Naina was sitting and thinking about the tape, she was thinking and thinking her eyes were closed.
Naina: I got it!
Meghna: What is it?
Naina: That man wasn’t Aman and I know how we can prove it.
Karan: How?
Naina: That man in the tape was right handed and Aman is left handed.
Aman: How didn’t I think of that?
Meghna got the remote: Catch Aman
Meghna threw it at Aman who caught it with his left hand.
Arjun: We can show them at the court.
Meghna: I don’t think they’ll believe us like that.
Nirmala: Then how do we prove that Aman is left handed?
Sandhya: They don’t keep a record anywhere do they?
Meghna: Yes they do!
Naina: Di! Are you thinking about what I’m thinking about?
Karan: Share with the rest of the class.
Aman: I think Naina and Meghu Di should be the lawyers.
They all laugehd.

Naina: Aman, you’ve got such a bad memory. Don’t you remember that time you received a Guinness world record?
Meghna: For the longest wire shock game played with left hand.
Karan: You’re a man of many talents.
Aman smiled.
NK; What a convinient record to hold.
Naina: Do you have the certificate?
Aman: Should be somewhere at home.
Dadaji: Betaa you should get that.
Karan: Yeah and I’ve got a plan to prove Bhais innocence.
Aman: Awesome, let’s hear it.
Karan: The thing is you enforce the law.
Naina: And Karans plan goes against the law doesn’t it?
Karan: Yep.
Aman: Okay, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear how you’re going to go against the law and I’ll go get my certificate.
Aman left.
Karam shared his plan with everyone.
Karan: Malayka set up cameras so there must be actual footage of when Aman went in.
Arjun: How do we know she didn’t place the camera afterwards?
Naina: Good question but the man looked exactly like Aman which means she must have had images to make masks which the man wore.
Arjun: So we break into her house and look for the tapes?
Karan: Exactly and then Aman will have a package signed anonymous with those tapes as his evidence.
Meghna: Wow, great plan.
Naina: Sounds dangerous.
Karan: Promise it won’t be.
Karan: So Arjun gear up.
Aman walked in: For the plan?
Arjun: Yep.

Karan and Arjun left late at night and made sure they wouldn’t be seen. The rest of the family were awake and waiting for them to come back.
Aman was in his room still awake, he couldn’t know about it.
Karan and Arjun walked into the house.
Naina: You got it?
Karan lifted a bag: All of them are here.
Meghna went and hugged Karan and Arjun: You guys are the best!
Arjun: Anything to get Bhai back for you Bhabi.
Meghna: For all of us.
Nirmala: This time he will be back right?
NK held Nirmalas hand: He will, I’m sure of it.
Naina: Let’s get this in a parcel and sign it to Aman.
Arjun packed the tapes in a box and put it in front of the house where all the mail is kept.

The next morning Meghna gave the box to Aman.
Meghna: There’s mail for you Aman.
They were all sat in the living room
Arjun: I wonder what it is (!)
He spoke with sarcasm.
Aman opened it.
Karan: Looks like it isn’t signed who it’s from(!)
Acting surprised.
Aman: Very surprising guys, it was your illegal plan right?
Naina: Well done detective(!)
Dadaji: So you’ve got your evidence betaa.
Aman: Haan Dadu, I need to look through them all and in tomorrow’s final trial I promise you Jeeju will be home.
Meghna: I hope you’re right Aman.
Nirmala hugged Meghna.

It was the day of the trial.
The whole Chauhan family were there, including the twins.
Judge: Mr Aman, you have to prove your innocence and then you can go to prove Mr Chauhans innocence.
Aman: Yes your honor.
Aman got up and gave the judge a certificate which he read.
Judge: What does this have anything to do with?
Aman: Your honour, two days ago when the tape of “me” threathening Miss Malayka was played the man in that tape wasn’t me. The man was holding the knife to Miss Malaykas neck with his right hand but I’m left handed and that certificate proves it.
The judge smiled: Continue with your clients case.
Aman smiled: Thank you your honor.
Aman got out a bunch of tapes.
Aman: These were sent to me anonymously, no name and no prints. The people who sent it to me believed in Kunal Chauhans innocence just like me.
Kunal was standing on the stand and looked and Karan and Arjun who smirked, his little brothers came to his rescue.
Aman: Unlike the “rape” there is evidence that Miss Malayka faked me threathening her as well as the real conversation between her and I when she admitted that the rape was in fact all her master plan.
The tapes were played and all the evidence was there (don’t want to bore you with details)
Malayka and her lawyer were in shock, they knew it was over.
AN: To the Jury I have a few words. I know now that it’s obvious that Kunal Chauhan is innocent and my lord has also decided his innocence, I just wanted to say that Miss Malayka had used a very sensitive topic and made it a joke. Rape isn’t something someone can cry Wolf about, it isn’t right at all. Rape victims will be very saddened by Miss Malaykas act. Kunal Chauhan is a grandson, son, brother, father and husband. He loves his family a lot and has many important women in his life, he would never do such a heinous act. Thank you.
Meghna had tears in her eyes, Naina held her hand.
There was a few minutes of silence while the Judge wrote up his official statement.
Judge: I have concluded that Mr Kunal Singh Chauhan is innocent, a free man. Miss Malayka will pay a fine of 1 lakh because of the time wasted along with 2 years community service.
Malayka: What! This is so unfair!

Judge: Court adjourned!
The judge and everyone started to leave. The police hand cuffed Malayka.
Kunal was free, he hugged everyone. He waited last time hug Meghna.
Kunal looked at Meghna and held her tight in his arms.
Meghna: You’re back.
Kunal: I’ll always come back to you!
He kissed her forehead.
Malayka saw them and shouted: Get a life!
Meghna and Kunal let go. Meghna walked to Malayka and smiled at her.
Meghna: Honey, you’re the one who needs to get a life. I have mine right here, beside me. Where as yours?… well your sister is in prison and your mother and father don’t even know where you are. What a life(!)
Meghna turned to walk
Malayka: You blo*dy bi…
Meghna turned around and slapped Malayka.
Meghna; Mind your language! Take her way.
Arjun: Barassie Bhabi
Meghna smiled.
Kunal went to Aman and hugged him
Aman: It’s good to have you back Jeeju.
Kunal: All thanks to you.
Aman: I had some help.
Aman said while looking at the family.
Meghna: Thank you so much Aman, you’re a good man.
Aman; Thank you Meghu Di.
Dadaji: Come on now everyone let’s get home.

Everyone went home, it was lunchtime and everyone was sat eating. Khyati had come over with Rahul. Meghna and Khyati served everyone.
Karan: Never thought Khyati would be serving us food!
Kunal: Now that she’s a daughter-in-law she has a load of responsibilities.
Khyati: I do!
Meghna: Rahul?
Rahul: Haan Bhabi?
Meghna: How well does our Khyati cook?
She said in a teasing manner.
Rahul: Actually…
Arjun interrupted: I bet Jeeju avoids Dis cooking.
Naina: Arjun!
Naina said smiling at Arjun.
Khyati: From now on Arjun, you should avoid my food. Who knows when I’ll poison it for you.
She said ending it with a big smile.
Kunal: So Rahul?
Rahul: She cooks really well.
Sandhya: Are you saying that just because she’s here?
Khyati: Masi Maa!

Nirmala and Sandhya laughed.
NK: Don’t tease my little girl like that.
Khyati stood behind her father and wrapped her arms around him.
Khyati: Thank you Dad!
She kissed NKs cheek.
Dadaji was sitting in seat and just watched his family smiling, which made him smile.
Meghna looked at Dadaji and sat next to him.
Meghna: Is everything okay Dadu?
Dadaji: It’s perfect Badi Bahu, everything is just perfect.
Naina saw and tried to get up but Meghna held her up and then sat on one side of Dadaji while Meghna sat on the other side.
Naina: Dadu, we’re happy to see you smiling.
Dadaji: I have you both for that, bringing me all the happiness into this family.
Meghna: No Dadu, you don’t have to thank us.
Naina: Dadu, it’s our right to keep our family happy.
Meghna and Naina are hugged Dadaji from both sides.


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  1. Threemaimai

    thats mind blowing… early morning something happens good and i am so happy. it’s really interesting how you create your story line with lots of emotions.
    I really wish i don’t see that smart case in future 😉 . you should give her a good life… just kidding… i love your ff no matter what you do with it 🙂

    1. Tamihna0808

      Omg! Thank you so much! ? So happy you’re enjoying it and don’t worry about malayka! She’s gone for good…I think! ? you never know who I’ll bring back! Thank you again! Loads of love ❤?

  2. Komal123

    Again I will repeat the same! No words can compare your ff! Its really amazing for how you write! I am still wondering about where do you get such ideas from! I need to get tutions from you! You have great writing skills!
    My favourite part was the court room trial! And when meghna slapped that b*t*h malayka! What a fun it was! I so loved it!
    Loads of love and hugs and kisses~KOMAL??

    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaaw Komal! ? why are you so sweet for?!?! I’ll tutor you dont worry! It’s going to be expensive though! ? just joking! Yesss! I loved writing the part when Meghna slapped that Malayka! After that Arjun was meant to say Baddass Bhabhi not Barassie Bhabi! Don’t know what auto correct was doing! ?thank you once again! Loads of love! ❤?

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    1. Tamihna0808

      Hey! Thank you for supporting me! ? it means so much when silent readers come forward to tell me that they enjoy my work! Sorry for the later reply! I’v been really busy! I hope to see you in the comment section more often! Yesss out Meghna is one feisty girl! ? thank you again and loads of love! ❤?

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    This epi made my day tamihna….
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      Aaaw! Thank you ? you’ve got to love some family sweet and funny moments! ? thank you and loads of love! ❤?

  5. Oh tamu somuch ideas in your mind..you are really awessome…and i dont tell anything about episode..becoz i know that will lezz for your ff…keep writing?
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    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much Jisu! ? You’re so kind! Yesss Meghna is too strong and that Malayka deserved that slap! ? thank you once again, loads of love ❤?

  6. Tammy it brilliant. Awesome episode keep writing

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much! ? hope you enjoy what’s you to come! Loads of love ?❤

  7. Titli

    Lovely.. just superb… next part pls..

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      Thank you! ? the next part will be up soon! Hope you enjoy it ? loads of love ❤?

  8. Roli-Sid-Krishna-Saiyyam

    It was awesome sis
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      Yaay! Thank you so much for the love ? I really am happy that you enjoy all the parts? love you too! ?❤

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      Thank you so much Seyal ? truth always wins! Yep no more Malayka… for now ? thank you for loving everything! Means a loooot ? yeah I love the end part too ? loads of love ?❤

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      Aaaw! Thank you soooo much ? our Chauhans are smart you know! ? so glad you’re enjoying it! Love you too girl! ?❤

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    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you! ? makes me so happy you enjoyed it ? yes our boys are innocent and Naina is Amans best friend! She knows him very well ? love family moments! Thank you and loads of love ❤?

  12. Aadya

    Nice one yaar the whole chapter was my favourite. Loads of love to you…??

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much ? really glad it loved it! Loads of love to you toooo ?❤

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    Hey Tammu… Today I am really very busy so really for late and short cmnt it was really sweet chapter ?❤? Keep going girl love you

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      Hey Aru! I’ve been so busy too! Just replying to all the comments! Thank you for taking your time to comment!? I’m falling behind on reading your FF and posting! Will do everything tomorrow! ? thanks for the love! Love you girl! ?❤

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    Truly marvellous. The way in which you conceptualised and presented this episode is indeed commendable. It was dangerously high on the emotional front for sure. The usage of words and portrayal of actions and dialogues was absolutely stunning.
    The plan for the twin acquittals was nurtured and brought about in a truly magnificent way. It was indeed an amazing plan by karan and MeghNa. It had absolutely no flaws and the execution was praiseworthy. Glad of malayka’s arrest and return of joy and peace to the well-deserving chauhans.

    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaw! ? I am so pleased with the response I’m getting from everyone, I’m glad you enjoyed reading the way I proved the innocence of Kuanl and Aman. Family always have each others backs! ? thank you for the very kind words, I appreciate them a lot ?❤

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      Hey Inu! Yes they’re very smart! ?so happy you enjoyed it! Loads of love ?❤

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        Aaaw sweety! It’s okay that you havant had time to read and comment regularly! I know how busy you can get! Thank you for taking your time to read my updates and also answer all the previous questions! I loved reading your answers, you and I are very alike and don’t worry, it’s okay to share your qualities with me! The fact that you think I should become a deceive gives me reassurance that we’re very alike ? seriously though thank u out r supporting me! Loads of love ❤?

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