Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 84

Hey guys! So I’d like to start off with telling you all about myself. Well, I describe myself as: Mature, caring and free. From a young age I was told that I never acted my age, I acted older and more responsible. I think its a good quality of mine actually, although sometimes I contradict with the whole acting older because I act like a little child????
I’d say caring because I was always the girl to go up to the new kid in school and make friends with them. I would always babysit my cousins and make sure they’re always smiling and having fun
And finally if say I’m free because I have my free will which I am able to act upon and I’m very lucky for that.
I want to say a huge thank you to you all for sharing a few things about yourself! I really appreciate it and enjoy reading the living comments! I love you all dearly! ❤?

Part 84:

Aman was long gone, he drove back to the Chauhan house here everyone was waiting for him.
Meghna: Aman? Did you get it?
Aman held up a mic.
Karan: Awesome.
Naina: Let’s play it and then get it together for evidence.
Kunal: Do you think you could forward the trial date for tomorrow?
Aman: I could but that would mean you have to go back today.
Kunal: As long as it’s the last night I have to spend there then I don’t mind.
Aman nodded.
Aman: I’ll go arrange it.

Kunal went back to the prison for the night.
Naina and Karan were sat in their room.
Karan: That Malayka will get what she deserves tomorrow.
Naina: Don’t worry Karan, everything will be fine. Jeeju will be back for good and his innocence will be proven.
There was a knock on the door.
Karan opened it.
Karan: Bhabi?
Meghna: Hi Karan.
Karan: Come in.
Naina: Di, come and sit.

Naina was getting up but Meghna went to stop her.
Meghna: Chiku, you stay seated.
Naina: Is everything okay?
Meghna: Yeah, I wanted to check on you.

Naina: I’m fine Di.
Meghna: You’re pregnant and then all of this is happening, it isn’t fair to you or your baby.
Naina: No Di, I’m fine because I know everything will be just fine.
Karan: Bhabi, you don’t need to worry about Naina.
Karan looked at Naina.
Karan: She has me.
Meghna cupped Nainas face: She is very lucky to have you.

Naina: I know.
Meghna: I’ll leave you two, if you need anything then let me know.
Karan: Thanks Bhabi, goodnight.
Naina hugged Meghna: Goodnight Di.
Meghna: Goodnight.

Meghna left the room
Karan helped Naina get into bed and then also went to his space. Naina fell asleep but Karan was still awake, he thought about everything that he and Naina gone through. He knew that life had obstacles and he’d go through them all along with Naina and now their baby. He’d save them from anything and everything.

Everyone was present at the trial apart from Aman.
Malayka was sat with her Lawyer. Kunal was waiting for Aman.
Aman walked into the courtroom and all eyes were on, he was wearing the shades he wore to Malaykas flat.
Malayka was shocked.
Aman smirked at her.
He took off his shades and then the trial had started.
Kunal was brought to the stand. Aman spoke to him.

Aman: Mr Chauhan, are you guilty or not guilty of raping Malayka.
Kunal: Not guilty.
Aman: Everyone in this room will be shocked to hear that there wasn’t any evidence supporting Mr Chauhans claim.
The jury were listening carefully.
Aman: That’s right, there was no CCTV footage to show us that Mr Chauhan had rapped Malayka. It didn’t look like Mr Chauhan was telling us the truth until yesterday.
Aman tuned around and looked at Malayka.
Aman: I have a confession from Miss Malayka herself that she’d faked the whole thing.
The audience were shocked and started whispering.
Judge: Order! Order! Silence in the courtroom
There was silence once again.

Judge: Where is your evidence?
Aman picked up a USB: This has the recording.
The tape was played and everyone was convinced.
Aman: That’s all there is.

He looked at the Jury.
Aman: I hope you are convinced that the accused is innocent. Thank you.
Kunal was sat back along with Aman.
Malaykas Lawyer(ML): I would like to call up my client onto stand.
Malayka stood into the stand.

ML: Your honor, the Jury I would like you share with you all that you were given only half of the truth.
Aman was confused(mind): What is going on?
ML: Malayka, tell me what you told me today morning.
Malayka: Yesterday a man came to my flat and threatened me to say those words. He had a knife to my throat. That man was none other than Lawyer Aman.
Aman was shocked he stood up.
Aman: What! Where is the evidence?!

Judge: Mr Aman, please stay seated.
ML: Here is the evidence, a recording from Miss Malaykas flat.
Meghna was sat with Arjun, Naina and Karan. Dadaji and NK were also there, Nirmala and Sandhya were at home with the babies.
Meghna: Cameras?
Karan: She had cameras in her flat.
Naina: If it is true then?

Arjun: Then Aman Bhais career depends on it.
The recording was played: It was Aman who was standing with a knife at Malaykas throat telling her to say Kunal didn’t rape her and it was fake.
ML: That’s all you honor
Aman: Objection!

Judge: Overruled.
Malayk faked tears: Thank you, your honor
She sent back to her seat.
Judge: This hearing is over for today, Mr Kunal Chauhan will have to find another Lawyer because Aman you have committed a crime…
Aman: My lord I will prove my innocence. Let me prove both our innocence! Please.
The judge was hesitant but saw Amans passion.
Judge: Okay, but you have 2 days. If neither of you are proven innocent then there will be consequences.
Everyone left apart from the Chauhan family.
Meghna went to Kunal who was cuffed, she hugged him.

Meghna: Kunal.
Kunal: It’s okay, give my babies a kiss.
He kissed her forehead and then was taken away.
Dadji went on Meghna.
Dadaji: It’s okay Badi Bahu.

Aman walked to Meghna.
Aman: Meghu Di , I’m sorry.
Meghna: No Aman, it’s not your fault.
Naina: Yeah Aman, that Malayka is just a little too smart for us.
Karan: Let’s go home and think about it.
NK: I agree, there’s no point thinking about what happened, we need to think about how we clear your name Aman as well as Kunals.
They all went home.


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  1. Inu

    superb epi tamu. Your villans are smart tamu so make everyone extra smart to defeat them. My fav number is 7.

    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaw, thank you you so much Inu! ? you’ll see how smart our Chauhans are ? my brothers favourite number is 7 as well!
      Loads of love! ❤?

  2. Still problems are continuing in meghnal life. Feeling bad for aman. Keep writing please post as soon as possible. Coming to your question my lucky number is 10

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you Afshan! ? next chapter will be very good don’t worry! Things will turn out to be the way we all want it to be! ? ooh lucky 10!
      Loads of love! ❤?

  3. Komal123

    I always say it! But I wont mind repeating it again! Amazing, wonderful are just small words for what you write! Its so peaceful to read your writings! I still wonder where you get such ideas from! Totally worth reading!
    And I loved your nature! Somewhere my sister is of the same nature as you!
    My fav no. Is 1!
    Loads of love and hugs and kisses~KOMAL??

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much Komal! ? You’re so sweet, I really don’t know how I come up with these things ?
      Aaaw! Thank you for being so sweet about my nature ? ooh your sister? Older or younger?
      Ooh you like being no.1 hey? ??who doesn’t!
      Thank you again loads of love! ❤?

      1. Komal123

        I have an elder sister and a yonger brother! I am a middle child so I am the who always get stuck in their fights ???

      2. Tamihna0808

        I’m kind of in the middle as well! ? when I was younger I used to be stuck in the fights! Tough times ?

  4. Threemaimai

    aaà that girl 🙁 … wow thami you really brought the feeling in a Court room…. i am almost sweating…
    waiting for next ep… 🙂
    love it so much.
    you are such a sweet and nice person who know how to take responsibility. I really like your caring nature.
    and we both have one thing in common both of us never acted to our age 😉

    1. Threemaimai

      my favorite number is 3 since my name also start with three 😀

    2. Tamihna0808

      Aaw thank you Mai ? I’m really happy you enjoyed that court scene! I was writing it and thinking is it too complicated ?!?! But you enjoyed it so I’m very happy! ? aaaw Maaaaiii why are you so kind?! ????
      Thank you for being just the sweetest!
      Yeah we do have that in common ?? it’s a good thing I think ?
      3 is a good number ?
      Loads of love ❤?

  5. Roli-Sid-Krishna-Saiyyam

    Sis it was super malayka acted too smart
    Hope soon Aman prove they are innocinnocent
    My favourite number is 5 cause my name is t
    5 letter
    Have nice day sis bye ??

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much much Anisa! ? Don’t worry they’ll get out of the trouble very quickly! ? high five we both like 5 ? haha high FIVE get it?!?! I’m going to stop now! ?
      Hope you have a good day too!
      Loads of love ❤?

  6. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Today’s epi was fab….court scene was amazing…

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you! ? really glad you enjoyed that part.
      Loads of love ❤?

  7. The courtroom drama was fab di….each and every dialogue …just perfect di !! That malayka she is too smart ….but Kunal ?….As said earlier that u really have great writing skills !!
    Coming to ur ques my fav no is 9 as it is also lucky for me ?

    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaaw Nia! ? thank you so very much! I mentioned to Mai that when I was writing the court scene, I thought it was going to be complicated but I’m sooooo happy you liked it! ? you’re so kind thank you!
      Oooh 9! Interesting number!
      Loads of love! ❤?

  8. Really di…you became a mastermind in making twist in stories..I just loved it…what a twist!!!???I just love the way you write….
    Just today only I saw ur question…
    My favourite number is 1

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thanks Sakshi! ? really happy you’re enjoying the twists and thank you for loving the way I write! Number 1? Very niiice.
      Loads of love ❤?

  9. Arushi

    It was awsm Tammu… I love ? it hopefully all this drama ends well…. You are just like me truly yrr but only one difference I am not at all mature ??? I never ever think before any work and then many times I have to regret that work (I am still regretting for the question I asked in my new chapter now I am thinking ki kaash na puchha hota Hehehehehehe I am a mad person) Love uhh keep writing ?❤?

    1. Arushi

      My lucky number is 2 because I always come second…. Now I have started believing that 2nd is my janam sidh adhikar????

      1. Tamihna0808

        2 is your favourite? ? being second isn’t always bad! But you’re the first Aru I know! ?❤?

    2. Tamihna0808

      Aaaw! ? thank you so much! You’re such a sweetheart! Thank you for such a lovely comment? haha! We are the same but I understand that you’re not mature! It’s good to be young and crazy! ?? I have been so busy today, replying to the comments very slowly throughout the day! I still haven’t read your new chapter yet! I’ll read it tomorrow and will answer you question! Thank you again Aru! Loads of love! ❤?

  10. Aadya

    Nice one yaar, can’t wait to read how A man and Kunal free themselves..

    1. Tamihna0808

      Hey! Long time no see! Thank you so much for your kind words! ? Aman and Kunal will be free soon! ? thank you once again! Loads of love! ❤?

  11. Minerva

    Was this for true?
    This episode has surely taken my mortality away and has left me in such deep thoughts that I have presently transformed into a living statue. It has surely shook my brain and left my grey cells in hysterics. I really cant come to believe the fact that a person can be so evil and sly. I am in serious admiration of malayka’s evil brain and great intelligence. However, I feel disgusted that she being a woman cannot administer the gravity of the offence whose blame she is imposing upon kunal. I am utterly dumbstruck and disgusted by her behaviour.
    Amazing episode in all. It has presented a courtroom drama in the best possible way. Immensely realistic and awesome. Looking forward to the subsequent episodes and the twin acquittals…

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much Shivani! ? Really happy that this chapter made you think about all the wrong people out there that are the likes of Malayka. I appreciate the appreciation of the courtroom scene, I wanted it to be as realistic as can be and you and other found that to be very well done, so thank you! Can’t wait for you to read what’s coming ahead! Than you once again! Loads of love! ❤?

  12. Tamu you are really awessome dear..such a fantastic writer you are…i loved your ff very much…thnkyou for this tamu?post soon..eagerly waiting to know how aman and kunal will prove their innocense..
    Now my favrt number is 1..my birth date also 1…and i relly loved the number one..

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you Jisu! ? Aman and Kunals innocence will be proven really quickly in the next chapter, I hope you enjoy it ?Ooh another number 1?! Thank you for sharing! Loads of love ❤?

  13. sry di…l wasn’t able to comment yesterday,l’ll say about it later.this episode is really nice.but Kunal went again to jail???????oh l can’t hold it more…that malayka devil….l’ll kill her.l think she is smarter than her sister…update soon di
    lots of love -seyal

    1. Tamihna0808

      Hey! Don’t worry about it. Yes kunal was on bail for 2 days but he’s back in jail until he’s proven innocent or guilty. Don’t worry about Malayka she’ll be gone soon! Thank you for your lovely comment! Loads of love ❤?



    1. Tamihna0808

      Hey Shree! Thank you for the lovely comment! ? Really glad you liked the court scene! ? don’t worry Malayka will be gone soon!
      You like 1 as well?! Thank you for sharing loads of love! ❤?

  15. and my favourite number is 5,same as urs???????

    1. Tamihna0808

      High five! ? see what I did there! High FIVE! ?

  16. Titli

    Hey, the chappy is so good siso.. loved it.. my fav no. Ummm its 7.. coz am a crazy fan of msd.. and his jersey no is 7..??

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much Titli! ? Really gold you enjoyed it! Oooh big fan of MSD! How cute! Loads of love! ❤?

  17. Vidya23

    My fav number is 4 and 20 and omds how did this problem come now aman in jail not fair who r they gonna get to make them get out feeling so sad for them ? But excellent ff today aswell even if it is short

    1. Tamihna0808

      Hey Vidya! Thank you so much! ? Aman isn’t in jail, he’s going to go home and try to prove him and Kunal innocent. ? 4 and 20? Very interesting! Thank you and loads of love! ❤? I’ll try to get the next part longer! ?

  18. hi Tammi how r u…sort for lat comment dear..epi WS amazing court scene was interesting…iwish malayaka get punisment till the end…my fev no is 7

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