Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF – Chapter 80

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Part 80:


Kunal: I didn’t do anything and now I don’t know what will happen.
Aman: Jeeju, nothing will happen.
Just then the police walked in.
Policeman: Kunal Chauhan!
Everyone got up and saw the policemen at the door.
NK: What do you want with my son?
Policeman: We’re here to arrest him for the rape of Malayka Sinha.
Malayka walked in from behind the policemen.
Meghna: NO! My husband hasn’t done anything.
Policeman: Well, we’ll find out once we get him to the station for questioning.
Karan: You’ve got it all wrong.
Nirmala: You can’t just take him away like that.
Policeman: Ma’am, please let us do our job.
Naina was standing beside Sandhya who was holding her.
Naina: Masi Maa, this isn’t right.
Sandhya: I know Naina.
Dadaji: Listen, my grandson would never do such a thing.
Policeman: You never know. For now you need to get yourself a lawyer who can bail him out.
Sandhya: I’ll get a hold of the lawyer.
Meghna looked at the Malayka with anger.
Meghna: How dare you? How dare you think you’ll get away with this?
She was about to walk to her but Kunal stopped her.
Kunal: Meghna.
Meghna turned back to Kunal. Kunal cupped her face.
Kunal: You believe me right?
Meghna: Of course!
Meghna held the hand on her face and then cupped Kunals face with the other hand.
Kunal: You’re with me right.
Meghna couldn’t say anything, tears came streaming out so she nodded.

Kunal: That’s all I need, I need you by my side.
The policemen came and handcuffed kunal away, Meghna held onto Kunals hand but he was being taken away, Meghna walked along behind them but then their hands slipped away from each others. Meghna fell to the ground.
Meghna: Kunal!
Karan and Aman held Meghna back up.
Karan: Bhabi, you can’t break down like this, we need you to be strong.
Meghna looked at Karan: Karan, I can’t… They’ve taken him away… I don’t know how I’ll get him back.
Karan hugged Meghna.
Karan: We’ll find a way Bhabi we will. I promise.
Aman: I’ll bring him back home.
Meghna let go of Karan.
Meghna: You will?
Aman: I’ll be Jeejus lawyer.
Naina walked to her sister and held her hands.
Naina: Di, Aman is a good lawyer and he’ll get Jeeju out of this mess.
Meghna: Thank…
Aman: Meghu Di, you’re my Di. It’s my duty to stand up for what is right. As a lawyer you have to believe your client and I know Jeeju is telling us the truth. We’ll bring him home.
Dadaji walked to Aman: Betaa Aman, you’re a good man.
Aman: Dadaji, Jeeju doesn’t deserve to be taken away. I will get him out at any cost.
Naina hugged her sister and Meghna held onto Naina so tight.
Naina: Everything will be fine Di.
Meghna let go of Naina.
Meghna: I need to be alone for a while.
Everyone watched Meghna head up to her room.
Nirmala: This isn’t right.
Naina went and stood by Nirmala.
Naina: Maa, Jeeju will be home soon and we’ll get to the bottom of what’s happening.
Sandhya: That girl, we need information about her and we need to get Kunal out.
Arjun: I can’t believe she’s faked… she faked it and accused Kunal Bhai of something that’s actually serious.
NK: She thinks she’s smart, she knows if she uses the excuse of… well what she accused Kunal of then the police will definitely take her side.
Karan: She won’t get away with it.

(Background song – Jo Bheji Thi Dua)
(The scene happens as the above lyrics are sang)

Kise Puchu Hai Aisa Kyu
Bejubaan Saa Ye Jahaan Ha
Meghna walked into her room. She walked around and looked at the photos that were hung in their walls. It was family photos, the whole family and their little family. The four of them.

Khushi Ke Pal Kahaan Dhundoo
Benishaan Sa Waqt Bhi Yahaan Hai
Kunal was sat in the cell. He closed his eyes and saw all the sweet memories of him with his family. The twins. Meghna.

Jaane Kitne Labon Pe Gile Hai
Meghna held Kunals photo frame in her hand and dropped to the floor. She dropped her head onto the bed and poured her soul out and hugged the photo.

Zindagi Se Kai Faasle Hai
Kunal rolled his sleeve up and looked at Meghnas bracket he wore. He kissed it.

Base Jitte Hai Sapne Kyun Aankhon Me
Lakire Jab Chhoote In Haathon Se Yun Bewajah
The screen split to show Meghna and Kunal crying out for each other.
Jo Bheji Thi Duaa
Woh Jaake Aasmaan
Se Yun Takra Gayi
Ki Aa Gayi Hai Laut Ke Sadaa
Jo Bheji Thi Duaa
Woh Jaake Aasmaan
Se Yun Takra Gayi
Ki Aa Gayi Hai Laut Ke Sadaa
Karan and Naina were sitting in their room. Naina had her head on Karans shoulder, Karan held Nainas hand. Naina was staid ng up slowly to go but Karan held her and with his eyes he told her to stay. Naina sat on Karans lap, they sat in each others embrace. Comforting one another.
Saanson Ne Kahaan Rukh Mod Liya
Koi Raah Nazar Mein Naa Aaye
Dhadkan Ne Kahaan Dil Chhod Diya
Kahaan Chhode In Jismon Mein Saye
Meghna stood back up and went to the twins crib, she saw them sleep and thought of Kunal standing behind she smiled and looked behind but no one was there. She was alone.

Yahi Baar Baar Sochta Hu Tanha Main Yahaan
Mere Saath Saath Chal Raha Hai Yaado Ka Dhuaa
Kunal had his eyes closed and could feel Meghna brush his hair with her hand and he smiled but when he opened his eyes, there was no one there. He was alone.

Jo Bheji Thi Dua
Woh Jaake Aasmaan Se Yun Takra Gayi
Ki Aa Gayi Hai Laut Ke Sadaa
Jo Bheji Thi Dua
Woh Jaake Aasmaan Se Yun Takra Gayi
Ki Aa Gayi Hai Laut Ke Sadaa
Karan was laying down on Nainas lap and she caressed his hair. They were both thinking about Kunal and Meghna.
Jo Bheji Thi Duaaaa…..
Woh Jaake Aasmaan…
Jo Bheji Thi Duaaaa…
The gaurds called Kunal and took him in for questioning, they weren’t satisfied with his answers so they took him into another room and had beaten him up. As they hit him he shouted out Meghnas name.
Kunal: Meghna!
Bheji Thi Duaaaa..
Bheji Thi Duaaaa…
Bheji Thi Duaaaa….
Bheji Thi Duaaaa…
The wind was blowing into their room and Meghna looked back, she saw the curtains flying everywhere. Then her sindoor pot was about to fall and she ran to catch it and it landed in her palm.

Meghna: Kunal?!

Karan and Naina ran into the room. Aman followed behind them.
Karan: Bhabi?
Naina went to Meghna and sat her down.
Naina: What’s wrong Di?
Meghna: I don’t know Chiku, I have a bad feeling.
Aman: About Jeeju?
Meghna nodded yes.
Naina: I’m sure he’s fine.
Karan: Aman is getting Bhai out tomorrow.
Aman: Haan Meghu Di, tomorrow morning we’re going to get him back home.
Meghna: We are?
Karan sat next to Meghna: Haan Bhabi, so you should get sleep.
Naina: You don’t want Jeeju to see you all tired.
Meghna: Okay, I’m sorry guys.
Aman: Don’t be sorry.
Naina: Haan, your Chiku will be by your side tonight.
Meghna: No, you need to go and sleep in your room, why are you upstairs anyway?
Naina: We don’t want you to be alone.
Meghna smiled: I’ve got the twins.
Karan: Bhabi, I’ll take the sofa, you and Naina will take the bed okay? You might need us or we might need you.
Aman: I’ll take the sofa with you Karan.
Karan: We don’t want to give Naina any wrong ideas though.
Naina laughed and Meghna smiled a little.
Naina: Like I care about what you two have going on.
Karan kissed Nainas cheek: Goodnight.
Meghna and Karan helped Naina into bed, she slept in Meghnas space while Meghna slept in Kunals space. Karan and Aman got themselves comfortable on the sofa in Meghna and Kunals room. Naina fell asleep quickly, Meghna sat up and stroked Nainas hair. She saw Karan and Aman had fallen asleep, she smiled as she saw them look very cuddly. She got up and put a blanket on them and then went back to bed and fell asleep.

The morning came, Karan woke up and then felt sonneones head on his chest.
Karan mumbled: Naina?
Aman: Hmm
Karans eyes shot open.
Karan: Aman!
Aman woke up with a jolt.
Aman: Where’s the fire?
Meghna and Naina were sat watching the two of them, they laughed.
Meghna: Did you both have a good night sleep?
Aman: I slept like a baby.
Karan: Of course you did.
Naina: You looked very comfortable.
Aman: Karans chest is a good pillow.
Karan smacked Amans arm.
Aman: But Naina already knows that.
Meghna: Let’s all freshen up, I’ll go prepare breakfast.

HOW WAS IT?!?! PLEASE COMMENT WHAT YOU LIKED! AND WHAT YOUR FAVOURITE PART WAS! TODAY’S QUESTION IS YOUR FAVE SAD SONG! ANY SAD SONG YOU LOVE LISTENING TO! I HAVE MAANNY BUT I LOVE A MASHUP ” The break up mash up 2014- DJ Chetas” has so many sad hindi songs all in one! Have a listen and let me know what you think of it!

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  1. Yay!!first to comment!! Love the way u adjust nairan and meghnal scenes in every Ff!!it is really good..and i have nothing to say bout ur ff,they r always awesome…each scene was well written…that ending scene was ?? loved the humour u have put in these serious scenes..waiting for nxt epi!!keep posting soon!!and yes need something GRAND on ur 100th epi..i knw its faaaaaaarrrrr……but still…and yes CONGRATS!on ur 80th epi…u write one of the best FF on telly updates ?hope u post the nxt ff soon and god bless u with good health and prosperity..

    1. Tamihna0808

      Yaaay! You’re first! ? Thank you so so so so sooooo much! ? comments like these just give me such a huge smile and I just feel so happy and grateful! You don’t understand that when I say thanks you guys I really mean it from the bottom of my heart! Every single comment I read makes me feel very special to have such great people in my life! I’m really glad you’re enjoying all these scenes! I can’t wait to reach 100! May God bless you too sweetie! Thank you and so much love for you! ?❤

  2. Threemaimai

    hey psychic… after a long time… today i read all the recent eps and all of them are just wonderful . this new track is pretty interesting..i love it so much. many things happen finally naina got pregnant. i hope triplets will be born like three boys will be awesome.
    sad songs???? hmmmm…. normaly i am not interesting to listen lyrics. sound tracks are my favorite. i like mission of love in DOTS. I guess title of the track is correct just cant remember 😀 and goodbye in bridle mask

    1. Tamihna0808

      Heeey girl! You read my hidden word! ?so good seeing you around! So happy you’re enjoying my current track which gets more interesting! Thank you for the kind words and for answering my questions! I’ll try and have a listen when I can! ?❤

  3. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Nice epi Di….pls update the next part asap..

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much! ? I’ll update tomorrow! ?

  4. Vidya23

    Omds A-MAZE-ING wth do u have magic fingers im literally so blessed to read ur ff it is soo good and enjoyable mmm I love how Meghan knew how kunal was in pain? AND THANKYOU FOR THIS FF

    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaaw! ? why are you so sweet!?! ??? THANK YOU! for the kind words and courage that allows me to continue to write for you! The love is just phenomenal! Thank you so much! Don’t worry our Kunal and Meghna will be back together soon! Loads of love! ?❤

  5. Arushi

    Awsm update di My eyes were tearing up but I love ? it my fav part that song ji bheji thi dua just loved it and my fav slow sad song there are so many Aa bhi ja tu kahi se, Chal Wahan Jaate Hain, Alah wariyan, Tum bin (Sanam re)…….. Non ending list… Love you keep writing ??❤……. And can’t understand how should I use “PSYCHIC”

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you Arushi!? I felt so emotional writing while listening to the song! Thank you so much for giving me a list of songs I need to check out! You found my hidden word! ? Thank you for the love! ?❤

  6. Komal123

    Omg how do you do this! Wonderful, amazing, beautiful! All the words are less for your writings! I can feel the emotions for meghna and kunal! I feel sad for kunal amd I know he will be out soon! Aman and karan scenes were funny lol! The chapter was indeed ur best chapter!
    And yes it has to mentioned “PSYCHIC” ???
    Loads of love~KOMAL ??

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much Komal! ? Such a sweet comment and compliment! ??? I loved writing that scene! I was listening to the song as they wrote everything and it just got me so emotional as well! I wanted to add a funny scene because Karan and Aman really want to see Meghna smile? a thank you once again! So happy you saw my hidden word! ? loads of love! ?❤

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    Superb tamu. I hope everything gets normal soon. Nice description of emotions tamu.

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much girl! ? so sweet of you! Everything will be fine very soon ? I’m really happy you liked the way I wrote the emotional scene! ? loads of love ?❤

  8. Aadya

    Hey first of all Congratulations for your 80th epi. I am very sorry that I cannot comment on each part but I read them all.

    1. Tamihna0808

      Heeey girl! Long time no see! ? thank you for the sweet and kind words! I’m really glad you’re still reading and you’ve commented today! ? put a smile on my face! Many interesting things coming up! Hope you enjoy it! Loads of love! ?❤

  9. hey di… nice epi. l loved that last part of karan and aman.wow..aman is soo funny??.my favorite sadsong is in Malayalam.it is katte nee veesharuthipol… may be you don’t know this song.anyways l would love to say onething u are a great writer.and agreat writer will always be a great psychic???.hope u like it?

    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaaw! Thank you so much! ?I haven’t heard that song! You’re so sweet! Love the way you in cooperated the hidden word! ?? smooth! Thank you for the kind words, made me smile! Loads of love! ?❤

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    Hey Tami di sorry for the late cmnt the episode was awsm as always I love the part of Karan and Aman it was funny, and that song part too that was quite emotional Just Love the way you wrote the special bonding between Meghnal just Love it
    Now to your question di u know na how much I love songs so there is a big list – Abhi mujhme kahi, Agar tu hota, Allah Wariyan, Ashq na ho, Tum bin jiya jaye kese, Give me some shine, Naina(Dangal), Naina (Khoobsurat), Chal waha jate h….. So on never ending list… Ohk now your word PSYCHIC….. Keep writing di… ? ? ?

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much Aarzu! ? You’re so kind! I really wanted to write an emotional scene and had to add Karan and Aman tying to make Meghna smiled! ?Love the list if songs! Thank you for adding the hidden the word! ????loads of love! ?❤

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    The unique concept and all of the characters are exemplary in all respects and make this storyline a wonderful one. All of the episodes have great actions, dialogues and expressed feelings. This story is really one of a kind and the best piece of prose I have ever come across…

    1. Tamihna0808

      I am in awe. Thank you so much for making me smile. The things you’ve written make me feel like a critique has read my work and given me the best feedback ever! ? This is a reply to both of your comments, giving me such a great compliment; correction, many compliments. I never thought I’d ever get such great appreciation for what I write and I hope to only get better. Thank you so much for reading my story! Thank you for the time you take to read and comment! I really don’t know what else to say! Loads of love! ?❤

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    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you! Thank you so much! I’m truly touched by words! ? I can’t use words to describe how I felt reading both of your comments. Ironic; you love my writing and give it great importance. Feeling so blessed right now, thank you! ❤?

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      Heeey! Thank you so much! Really appreciate the sweet comment! Loads of love! ❤?

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    OMG this was such a beautiful emotional chapter girl! ?❤️????
    The pain of MeghNal was indeed obvious, the way both kept remembering all their moments and smile. That was so gorgeous. ?
    The song sequence was very well described and given. It’s better when you indeed describe what happens in the scene giving the lyrics. As a reader, it’s easier for us to imagine the same way you did writing the scene. ☺️?? So that was a big plus point for me. ?
    And you even added some NaiRan
    moments in the song sequence, which I didn’t expect. I thought you would make it only MeghNal’s. So that was also cute. The way Karan made her sit on his laps and they were consoling each other in their embrace. I so could imagine the entire stuff from A to Z. Meghna heavily crying at the bed foot, hugging tightly Kunal’s picture, then the two children being not yet aware of it and Meghna looking at them. She found some peace in them. ☺️
    And poor Kunal also. Getting beaten up for telling the truth. ? Like seriously, they can’t punish the real culprits and once one generous gets caught… ??‍♀️ But I really appreciate the trust of Kunal, that makes him believe he will get justice soon. And thank God, Aman got to be a lawyer. ? Nice twist girl! So it will be easier for Chauhans to save him. And that was sweet how finally Meghna got quite reassured after talking to NaiRan and Aman ; and how the trio gave her company for the night.
    Coming to that point, what was that Karan-Aman thing girl ? ?? Your creativity was hilarious. Like Karan teasing Naina that she would believe something happens between the guys, and then te morning… I seriously fell laughing loud on my bed when Aman was literally sleeping on Karan’s chest. ???
    K (mumbled) : Naina…
    A : Hmm
    ?? I so imagined Karan calling her name and then shocked to hear one male voice. I actually wished to have one such encounter with Kunal, the four sharing the room, reading the scene. But Aman being there was as funny. ? So that was the funny moment after the emotional side.
    Loving the “switch on switch off” you often bring in your episodes, so that it doesn’t become so dramatic. Because the guys finally made Meghna smile a bit 🙂
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    And then there are many more which are actually Tamil ones so… in Hindi,
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    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaaw Shruthy! Thank you so much! I’m really happy that you could imagine the words I have written! Means a lot to me! Aman will be the saviour! I try my best to create humour! ? the bromance is real! ? I’m such an emotional person so this chapter was all over the place for me! So happy you’re enjoying it! There’s so much more to come! Thank you for this super comment and can’t wait for all the others to come! You used the word and gave me and answered my question! Thank you! Loads of love girl! ?❤

      1. Shruthy

        It’s so easy when you really feel the story reading. ☺️ And that’s always what I do when the story really touches my heart. ?
        Do keep with your humour girl. I’m lovin it ??? HAHA bromance is what I love the most. Especially as Samridh&Sahil are really close, and that you make Karan someone more like Samridh, I guess we can expect loads of stuff ??
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        Others… you mean comments ? ?? Trying my best to comment yaar. I didn’t even expect this one to be this long. And when I just checked rolling down, I was astonished ??
        Loads of love to you too ??

      2. Tamihna0808

        Thank you once again! My comment is really short because I don’t know how to thank you! Seriously I wish I could just get you guys all together and throw a party! ?? yes I am waiting for loads of comments from you girl! ? I’m writing a new and interesting track that will Rock your boat! You’re going to LOVE it! ? see you in the next chapter! ?❤

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      Yaay! Thank you so much! ? I love those songs too! Thank you for answering my question! ? loads of love! ❤

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    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you! You’re so sweet!! Love Meghnal! ❤?

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    Coming to the 80th episode! Can’t believe that I wrote so much!? I felt so sad seeing Kunal and Meghna like this!? I hope the track ends soon! Jo Bheji Thi Dua is such a lovely song! Practically all of my favourite songs are sad songs(I have 8 of them). My favourite sad songs would be Bhula Dena Mujhe(Aashique 2), Hamari Adhuri Kahani and Hasi Ban Gaye(female version) from Hamari Adhuri Kahani, Zaroorat from Ek Villain, Ab Mujh Me Kahin from Agneepath, Jeena Jeena from Badlapur, Jag Soona Soona Lage from Om Shanti Om and
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      Thank you! ? I’m so gold to have you back! ? really love how you told me your fave parts of all those chapters! I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! Thank you for giving a great lost if songs! And the hidden the word ? really appreciate your support! Can’t wait till you’re free as well! Loads of love! ?❤

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    Hi sis i am really sorry after a long time i have commented
    I am was too busy
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    Big respect and love from Finland to you
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    1. Tamihna0808

      Heeey! Thank you so much! Don’t worry, things will get better! Next time I’ll translate the lyrics for you! ? thank you so much for commenting! ?❤

  19. Roli-Sid-Krishna-Saiyyam

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    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you! ? love being emotional! Aman and karam bromance ??? I’ll definitely add funny things! Thank you and loads of love! ?❤

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      Sorry for making its sad! Glad you liked it though! ? need to have a listen to that song. Thanks ❤?

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