Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF – Chapter 79

READ THIS BEFORE YOU READ THE CHAPTER! HEY guys! Thank you for being super sweet and kind. I love reading each comment and replying to you guys! Really makes me happy to see such a great response.This next part will have a major twist! I thought of uploading it as part 80 but then part 79 would be waaaaay too short. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for all the love! The next part will be much more interesting! ?? I really love you all very much! ❤? P. S if you read this then please comment “Kalti” if you know then you know… it’s Sahil Uppals most used phrase. ?

Part 79:

Naina was now 30 weeks pregnant and Meghna decided to throw a baby shower for Naina. She made all the arrangements. The guest had come, Aman attended so did the Boondi family along with Vishal and Sadna of course.
Meghna: Aman! How are you?
Aman: Hi Meghu Di, I’m doing great, how are you.
Meghna: Very busy with all of this.
Aman: Maybe I can help out.
Meghna: Don’t be silly, your the guest.
Aman: Meghu Di? I’m not just a guest.
Meghna: To me you are, now I need to go and see everyone else and then get Chiku out.
Aman: Meghu Di….

Meghna was walking away in a hurry.
Aman smiled as he watched and then spotted Kunal also doing a little running around. He went to Dadaji, NK, Nirmala and Sandhya and greeted them.
Meghna went into Nainas room that was downstairs and saw Khyati and Arohi helping Naina get ready. She just stood at the door and admires the three girls laughing and just being very happy.
Khyati turned around and saw Meghna.
Khyati: Bhabi, why are you standing there?
Arohi: Come here Bhabi.
Meghna walked over and Naina slowly stood up with the help of Khyati and Arohi.

Meghnas outfit:

Nainas outfit:

Naina: Di, how do I look?
Meghna: Like an angel.
Meghna swiped a bit of kajal from her eye with her ring finger and dotted it behind Nainas ear.
Meghna: Kisi ki nazar na lage.
Khyati: Meghna Bhabi, you bring Naina Bhabi out. Come Arohi.
Arohi: Haan, let’s go Khyati Di.
Khyati and Arohi left the room.
Meghna: You ready?
Naina: Yes.
Meghna: Come on then.
Meghna held her sisters hand as she took each step. When they got outside Karan took Meghnas place and held her to her chair where she sat down and the rituals and ceremony began.

It was around 5 pm. Kunal and Meghna had finally been able to take a seat and as the eye sat down Kmals phone rang.
Kunal: Do I have to take it?
Meghna smiled: It might be important.
Kunal answered the phone and walked to a to a quieter place. He came back a few minutes later.
Meghna: What was it?
Kunal: The office, they need me to go in because someone lost the file that was meant to be submitted by midnight tonight.

Meghna: Seriously? That’s crazy, that means if you don’t fnd it you’ll have to remember write the whole thing up?
Kunal: Yeah, let’s hope we do find it.
Meghna: Hope so too.
Kunal kissed Meghnas forehead: I’ll see you soon.
Meghna: See you.
Kunal went to tell the rest where he’d be going and left.
Kunal got to the office and helped everyone looked for it, they searched for a good hour.
Kunal: Guys, we won’t find it. I’ll just have to write it up again.
The workers understood and went back to their duties.
Kunal sat in his office and called Meghna to let her know he’ll be back late as he didn’t find the file.

Meghna had let everyone else know. It was 10 pm and everyone was sat in the living area, the party was over. Only the Chauhans and Aman were present. They were talking and laughing. Meghna got up to get everyone tea. She walked back into the living area but then her eyes caught Kunal who was standing at the front door of the house, he didn’t look like how he left. His hair was messy, his shirt buttons were undone and his face was right either. Something was wrong. Meghnas heart dropped along with the tray of tea. Everyone’s attention drew to Meghna.
Meghna: Kunal!

Meghna ran to Kunal.
The rest saw Meghna run, they were shocked to see Kunal in that state. Meghna held Kunals face.
Meghna: Kunal? What’s going on? Why are you in this state?
Kunal looked into Meghnas eyes that were filled with worry.
Kunal: Meghna?
Meghna: Kunal, say something.
Karan walked to his Bhai and Bhabi.
Karan: Bhai, let’s get you sat down.

Karan and Meghna helped Kunal sit on the sofa.
Meghna sat next to him.
Nirmala sat on the other side.
Sandhya gave Kunal a glass of water but he didn’t notice so he didn’t take it.
Meghna: Thank you Masi Maa.
Meghna took the glass.
NK: Kunal? What’s happened?
Dadaji: Betaa, you need to tell us.
Meghna: Kunal, say something, anything.
Kunal: A girl…
Kunal was sitting in his office typing away on his laptop when someone knocked at his door.
Kunal: Come in.

He said without looking.
Girl: I’ve brought you some coffee sir.
Kunal: Oh, thank you.
Girl: You’re welcome.
Kunal: It’s getting late, you should head home. We don’t want your family worrying.
Kunal was still typing away and didn’t look at her.
Girl: My family? Oh I have no one. Because of you.
Kunal was confused, he stopped typing and then looked up. The girl was about 19 years old, she was unbuttoning her cardigan.
Kunal: What are you doing? And what are you taking about?
Girl: You didn’t ask my name yet.
Kunal: What is your name?

Girl: Since you asked, my name is Malayka.
Kunal: Now tell me what you’re talking about? How do you not have any family because of me?
Malayka: Kunal, you took my sister away from me! Mom and Dad found our what she’d done and disowned her. All these years I’ve been trying to hatch the perfect plan to seek revenge on behalf of my sister.
Kunal: Who is your sister?
Malayka: How don’t you still know? How can you forget someone who loved you? Who would do anything to be with you?
Kunal: Niha?
Malayka: Took you long enough.

Kunal: She’s where she belongs, behind bars because she’s crazy.
Malayka: Don’t you dare.
Kunal got off on his chair and walked to her.
Kunal: You need to go.
Malayka: Not until I finish what I came her to do.
She pushed Kunal on the sofa behind him and she went crashing onto him as well. She started messing his hair up and putting a lipstick stain on his shirt but…
Kunal: Get off!
Kunal pushed her away unfortunately he used a little too much force on her arms causing scratch marks.
Malayka smiled: I’ve got what I needed.
She walked out of the room.
Kunal didn’t know what to do.
He went went home.



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  1. Inu

    Superb. Nice twist in tale. I am eager to read next on. Once again detective chauhans will be back na.

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much! ? and yep! Of course they’re back to solve another mystery! ? you’ll love what I have planned.. I hope! Thank you once again! ?❤

  2. Komal123

    The chapter was cute at first and then it turned interesting and exciting! It was so good to read! Kya karti hai yaar!
    How do you write so goodly good?
    I am so excited whats to come next! And I somewhat imagine niha’s sis doing shit!
    Loads of love~KOMAL ?

    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaw! Thank you Komal! You’re so sweet! ?? I’m glad you could imagine Malayka being bad! Hope you can wait tomorrow for the next update! Loads of love! ?❤

    2. Komal123

      And yes earlier I forgot to write it!
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        Yaay! You saw it! ???

  3. Shruthy

    OH OH ! So this was the new dilemma. Hmmm?
    I seriously forgot about that Niha. ?? So it’s not her sister who we add to the villains’ list. Good good!
    Anyways let’s start from the beginning.
    The baby shower was seriously such a short and sweet moment. Karan taking his wife down, the entire family gathered around. ☺️?
    But it was just the happy moment before thunders coming.
    I guess the file didn’t get lost on its own. ? It’s obviously Malaykaji’s beautiful work, right ?
    Poor Kunal! He is mostly attacked by crazy women. First Niha, then her pagal-as-well sister… Pagal because she really thought her sister loved truly, there was no pagalpan apparently. ?
    So she falls on him like this and tries to … bring him the bad name. Oh God. ??‍♀️ At least, he told everything on time to the family, before he even gets jailed for this.
    Now I am excited to see what you will bring us ??? Waiting waiting !!
    Sorry couldn’t make it for a longer message. I am sleeping on my keyboard. ? .
    Anyways! Post the next part soon! Will be waiting. ?

    1. Tamihna0808

      Yeeeeaaah! This is the new twist in my kahani! ? Niha is ‘suffering’ in prison so her sister comes to take revenge on Kunal. You’re right I keep making. These crazy women go after Kunal! ??? I wanted there to be cute and sweet moments before the actually drama! ? So happy to see you excited! ? I know you’re going to love what I have planned! Thank you so much and loads of love! ?❤

  4. Shruthy

    And yeah I forgot to say …
    “Sun! Kalti… NIKALLL!” ???

    1. Tamihna0808

      ??? Sahil is so funny!

  5. Titli

    Great twist.. loved it basically.. post soon..

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      Thank you! ? really happy you enjoyed it! More interesting things coming up! ?❤

  6. Pratha

    Superb….. Not expected this…
    My god what a twist in tale

    “”Cute to masti to drama to flashbacks””

    Keep updating like this one

    1. Tamihna0808

      Haha! Thank you so much! ? I like to shock everyone with my twists! Loved how summed up the chapter, works really well! ? thank you once again ?❤

  7. Arushi

    Oh no di bechara Kunal oops… But I love the track waiting for other 5 updates….. I’ll not say “KALTI” I’ll say “KESE” (I KNOW I M CRAZY ? FOR SAMRIDH BAWA) and my favorite board game is BUSINESS (I always win the game with everyone but except my father) and Scrabble (I love it)

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    1. Tamihna0808

      Heeey! Thank you so much! ? don’t worry out Kunal will get out of this problem very soon! ?? omg you’re so funny!loved the way you used Kalti!???? I need to play scrabble and Chinese checkers I think I’ve played, don’t really know the different types! Thank you once again! Loads of love! ?❤

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much! ?

  9. Vidya23

    KALTIII?? wow superb ?? your ff is getting interesting ooo and niha sis came oh wow? But can’t wait for next ff u done so good

    1. Tamihna0808

      Kalti!? thank you so much! ? Yes Malayka is here to cause trouble! So happy you’re enjoying it! ?❤

  10. Sakshi2002

    Awww….di awesome twist I knew that you will give his type of twist…that new girl entry was awesome….
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      Thank you Sakshi! ? super happy you’re liking the twists! ?❤

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      1. Tamihna0808

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      1. So sweet of you

  12. Devihaa

    The chapter was so nice di….Lots of twist to come on the way…Loved it…..
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      Thank you so much! ? yep malayka is Niha 2.0 ? hope you enjoy the next part! ?❤

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      Hey! Haha! Kalti! ? I actually thought of this track a few months ago and couldn’t write it out and i started writing it 2 weeka ago! Thank you so much! ? for the love! This case won’t give them a chance to disguise… or will it?! ? You’ll have to find out! Thank you for answering my question! I too love chess! ? loads of love! ?❤

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