Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF – Chapter 78


Part 78:

The next few weeks went by smoothly. Aman had returned home. Naina had been time the office but now that she was 20 weeks pregnant she stayed home along with Meghna.
Karan and Naina went to their doctors appointment, they came home and sat with everyone.
Nirmala: So are you guys going to keep it a secret?
Naina: I didn’t want to know but Karan found out.
Kunal: So Naina, you changed your mind?
Arjun: What do you mean Bhai?
Meghna: She said she’d want to know the gender of the baby.
Karan: Yeah she did!
NK: Well, it’s Choti Bahus choice.
Karan: True, does anyone want to know?
Meghna: I do!
Karan whispered into Meghnas ear.
Meghan smiled: Oh! So exciting!
Kunal: I want to know.
Karan told Kunal.

Kunal: Nice.
Dadaji: Karan, tell me too.
Sandhya: Me as well.
Naina laughed: Okay why don’t I go into the room and you can tell everyone.
Kunal: I’ll help you.
Meghna: Me too.
Meghna and Kunal helped Naina walked into her room and sat with her while Karan told everyone the baby’s gender.
Naina: I feel so tired.
Meghna: Not long left now Chiku.
Kunal: Why don’t you rest while I get Karan to get you some juice?
Naina: Thanks Jeeju.
Meghna was about to leave but Naina held her hand.
Naina: Sit with me Di.
Meghna smiled: Sure Chiku.
5 minutes later Karan walked in and saw Naina sleeping on Meghnas lap.
Karan (whisper): You okay Bhabi?
Meghna nodded yes.
Karan put down the glass of juice.
Meghna: You want to swap?
Karan smiled: Yeah let’s do that.
Meghna slowly got up and Karan sat down, Nainas head was now on Karans lap.
Karan: Thanks Bhabi.
Meghna: It’s alright.
Meghna left the room.
Karan stroked Nainas hair as she was sleeping.
This all he wanted and needed in his life, this happiness, this joy and this woman. He looked down at Nainas angelic face.
Karan: Thank you Naina.

Karan had taken off the next few months off of work, he was a teacher and didn’t get a very long paternity leave but the summer holidays were around the corner and he used all his days off so he could stay home with Naina. His last day at school he came home to see Naina and Meghna laughing and talking as the twins were walking and talking to them.
Karan: What’s going on here?
Naina: Me and Di were just talking about you.
Meghna: Talking? More like laughing
Karan sat next to Naina
Karan: Laughing? About what?
Naina: About the other day.
Meghna: Let’s give him a clue.
Naina: Okay, one word Karan. Massage.
Karan: Oh
Meghna and Naina started laughing.
Kunal walked in.
Kunal: What’s so funny about the word massage?
Karan looked at his brother and scratched his head.
Karan: Um. Well…
Naina: Jeeju, the other day Karan fell asleep while giving me a foot massage.
They all started laughing.
Kunal: My poor brother.

Karan: I was tired.
Meghna pinched Karans cheek: My sweet little Devar!
Karan: I am.
Naina: I guess he was tired of running around.
Kunal: Was that the day he kept walking in and out of the room with different foods and drinks?
Meghna: That’s almost everyday.
Kunal: True.
Karan: I just want everything to be perfect.
Naina held Karans hand
Naina: Everything will be fine.
Karan: Really?
Naina: You’re showing this baby so much love and it’s not here yet.
Meghna: Chiku is right, I wonder how much love you show when the baby comes.
Naina: I can imagine how much.
Kunal: Karan, I know what you’re going through but make sure you breathe.
Karan: Sure.
Naina: I’ll go make some juice for you.
Karan&Meghna&Kunal: No, you’re not!
The trio laughed.
Naina: You guys.
Meghna: I’ll go Chiku, you sit with Karan and Kunal.
Naina: Thank Di.
Meghna got up and went to the kitchen. She was pouring a glass of juice when she felt Kunals arms making way around her waist.
Meghna: Hey you.
Kunal: Hey.
Meghna turned around and put a hand onto his cheek (just like she did when they came back from Boondi? Did anyone notice? When she was wearing the red dress and it was in the living room in front of everyone but no one really noticed. I just loved that so much.)
Meghna: What’s wrong?
Kunal: Nothing, just work overload.
Meghna: Sorry for being home the last few days.
Kunal: Don’t be silly, Naina needs you.
Meghna smiled: Well Karan will be home so I can go to office more often.
Kunal: That would be nice.

Meghna: Of course it will.
Kunal put a strand of hair away from Meghnas face.
Kunal: I love you Meghna.
Meghna: I love you too Kunal.
Kunal kissed her forehead.
Kunal: We haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together.
Meghna: I know, I feel bad.
Kunal: We’ve both had our own things going on.
Meghna: Why don’t we do something tonight?
Kunal smirked: Are you asking me out on a date?
Meghna: Yes I am.
Kunal: What the should we go?
Meghna: We’ll have dinner.
Kunal: Sounds good.
Meghna: Only after everyone else has dinner because I don’t want…
Kunal: You don’t need to explain Meghna, I know you want to make sure that you’ve done your duties as a Bahu of this house.
Meghna smiled: I knew you’d understand.
Kunal: Of course I’d understand.

Later Meghna served everyone dinner and Kunal came down all ready for their dinner.
Nirmala: Kunal, why are you dressed up?
NK: Aren’t you going to have dinner?
Kunal: Actually me and Meghna are going out for dinner.
Dadaji: You are? But Badi Bahu why are you still here?
Meghna: I wanted to give you all dinner and then go.
Karan: Bhabi, I could’ve served everyone.
Naina: You should be gone earlier.
Sandhya: I agree.
Arjun: Well, now Bhabi you to and get ready and go.
Dadaji: Yes, have a good time you two.
Kunal: We will Dadu, Arjun the twins are sleeping in your room.
Arjun: That’s fine with me.
Meghna went and and got ready and the couple left.

It was 12 am. Karan was woken up by Naina.
Karam: Is everything going okay Naina?
Naina: I wanted something.
Karan: What is it?
Naina: I want Mangos.
Karan smiled.
Karan: I’ll go get some.
Karan got up.
Naina: Um Karan, you might need to tame your jacket.
Karan was confused: Jacket? I’m going to the kitchen, it’s not that cold there.
Naina smiled: There aren’t any in the kitchen.
Karan: Ill check the pantry.
Naina still smiling: Karan?
Karan: Yes?
Naina: There’s none on the house.
Karan opened his mouth in an ‘O’ shape.

Karan: I got two big boxes yesterday.
Naina: I kinda finished them. All.
Karan smiled at his wife.
Karan: You’re cute.
He kissed her forehead and grabbed his car keys and his shoes along with a hoodie.
Karan: I’ll be back soon.
Karan left the room and made his way to the front door. He saw Kunal and Meghna walked in.
Kunal: What are you doing up so late?
Karan: Naina wanted mangoes.
Meghna smiled.
Meghna: She finished the last of the 2 boxes you got yesterday.
Karan: She did mention that, I don’t understand how someone so small could eat that many mangoes.
Kunal: Don’t underestimate a pregnant woman.
Meghna laughed: He learnt the hard way Karan.
Karan: Of course he did, I should go and get those mangoes.
Meghna: See you later, also maybe you should get more than 2 boxes.
Kunal: 5 boxes should last her the next few days.
Karan: I have a feeling there’s more than one baby in there.
Meghna whacked his arm: We already know there isn’t, my sister and her baby are just hungry!
Karan and Kunal laughed.
Kunal: Run along now Karan.
Karan: See you guys.

THANK YOU! ??❤??

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  1. Inu

    superb epi tamu. Its so good to see karan’s care for naina.

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you! ?❤

  2. Arushi

    Awesome di,I too want to know whether it’s a boy or a girl, OMG!!!! I am so excited to see which part is similar to real series the Episode was fabulous di

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you! ? I actually haven’t even decided if it’s a boy or girl myself! ? I will decide soon and it will be kept a surprise! ? And the similar part to the show will be revealed in my FF on the 80th chapter, before it happens on TV! Than you for the love I hope you enjoy what’s to come ?❤

  3. di,it’s really amazing.ln the midnight naina asking mangoes and that bhabhi,bhai&devar!wow,they are just fantastic…..update soon di

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much ? the awesome foursome will just get more awesome! ? love these guys and I’m gold you’re loving them as well! ?❤

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you! ?❤

  4. Komal123

    The chapter was so fun and so cute to read! I thoroughly loved reading all the nairan partas and then meghnal and karan part! I specially loved that mango scene! Karan smiling at her cute wife of eating 2 big boxes! And then he saying that she is too small but have a big appetite!
    I loved loved the chapter overall!
    Eagerly waiting for the next!
    Loads of love~KOMAL ?

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much Komal! ? needed to add cute scenes because we’re not seeing much Nairan! ? BUT we will soon! Can’t wait ? I feel like Naina will be like that in the real show if and when she’s pregnant ? and Karan will go running around for her! Thank you once again and loads of love coming right at you! ?❤

  5. Amazing di…… awesome ☺☺☺☺so lovely naina asking karan for mangoes..
    Small request I want to know how are you people putting profile photo..please tell me I even if want to put it

    1. Tamihna0808

      Hey Sakshi, thank you for the love! ? to put a profile picture you need to be a registered member and then you’ll have an actual profile. Registering isn’t very hard or a long process ? hope that helped and I look forward to seeing you next time maybe as a registered member! ? thank you again! ?❤

  6. *I want to put it…(typo error)

  7. Shruthy

    Oh my! ?? I am so much in emosh man. ??? Can you imagine, Karan being so sweet and caring ? Well I was able to imagine, especially reading but… like he is the first one that literally hasn’t made a mad face to go out amd get her mangos. ?? God, get me someone like him. ??
    And now reading all this, who wouldn’t want to have the same scenes in the show ? Like seriously, I am freaky excited for love happening between both now. ?? I don’t get tensed for MeghNal because the way they are in the show, it’s kinda the same in your fanfiction. But NaiRan… ?? I know, even I also love the dosti track. But he being more reassured/consoled by maasimah and not listening to Naina, I…
    You told me you are writing Karan’s character saving Samridh’s image in your mind right ? I might we never have that in the show so honestly, thank you so much. We could experience it in your pen. ?
    Chalo chalo… now let’s about scenes!
    So basically you revealed it’s one child for NaiRan. You would have already chosen the name right ? I mean you even know the gender so it’s easier. Even I am excited to know what it is. I will maintain suspense but already imagining NaiRan with NaiRan baby. He/She will be the youngest of Chauhan house (for the moment) and with also the love of bhaiyaa & di (Maahir & Kaira), baby NaiRan will be so loved. ?? God bless the three, and the others. ??
    Then you mentioned one MeghNal scene reference. Even I noticed it so properly and that was a “aww” moment for me too. ❤️ It looked so usual my God. ☺️ Actually it seemed to be more of their offscreen bonding. Like Sangeita often does this, and is very close to Sahil. ?? YES, I DO SHIP SAHITA AS WELL. In fact I am more fond of SahIta than MeghNal, though love them also. But… AnRidh at the top, please don’t mind. ????
    Poor Karan is being teased by the trio. Aww! He slept massaging his wifey ☺️? Just watching the scene in mind and it actually seems like something cutely funny. ? But still… ?
    Let me come back to the mango (I just woke up and the commentary is all a mess sorry)
    So yeah, Karan didn’t even look annoyed to get her whatever she wanted, but still she made the cutest face expression saying “I ate them. All.” And his reaction “you’re cute.” ?? I’m done…
    Btw saying mangos, it always reminds me “awesome foursome” ivs nowadays. ? So she didn’t share any with Jeeju right ? ????
    I think I need to stop blabbering and end this off.
    Hopefully we get to read the next part very soon. Very soon means, VERY SOON.??
    Oh haan! You saying it, I am now curious to know which actual track of the show you are bringing in your story. I mean all are bad ones such as Karan’s loneliness, Meghna trying to make a plan against NK, and Naina being an obstacle… arent you maybe talking about Kunal being jailed for I dont know what reason ? ? Because Chauhans being negative will be surprising as you made them all positive. ?

    1. Tamihna0808

      Heeey! I’m going to try and tackle and talk about everything you mentioned! ?Yes I need someone like Karan myself! Every girl does! He’s just a cutie pie ?? I genuinely what these things to happen to our Nairan, I love them, they have such cute sevens because of the friendship track but I want more lovey and intimate, emotional scenes which I think are coming up soon! ? and yes Karan in my FF is basically how I think Samridh is, from all the interviews and offscreen segments, he seems so sweet, funny and just a charming guy in general! ? moving onto the baby point, I actually haven’t decided if it’s a girl or boy yet! I do have a name for both though! It will be super sweet! You’ll see when the baby comes ??
      THAT MEGHNAL SCENE WAS DEFINITELY NOT SCRIPTED! Sorry for the caps but I seriously loved it and keep watching it to over and over again! I too shop Sahita! They are just ? don’t worry I understand that there’s always someone more you like and I’d never get offended! ? and finally talking about my up coming track it will involve the one you mentioned about Kuanl…
      No negative Chauhan family member because I wouldn’t know how to make them negative after all this time! ? my brain won’t be able to think anything like that ???
      Don’t worry next part will be up same time! And all will be revealed in chapter 80! Thank you for your love Shruthy! ?❤
      P.S sorry for any typos in this comment, it’s almost as long as yours and you never make any typos! ?

      1. Shruthy

        OMG I am so sorry ???? Really! I am so annoying…
        I know right… he is qyite the perfect ???
        EXACTLYYYYY!!! They deserve such love scenes. And mostly because Samridh loves doing romantic scenes, and Ankitta seems to be quite comfortable with them, and also Samridh thanks to this on screen and offscreen growing friendship. ?? I can already expect some good stuffs. ☺️ I have already witnessed the intimate Samridh, with Rajshri. ??? Aww that’s interesting then. Any help ? ??
        Oh really ? Well if you have choices for both genders, then that’s not a dilemma. If a boy, then it will be two boys, one elder brother and one younger, protective over the sister. If a little princess for NaiRan, then it will one brother overprotective with his sisters. ? Like both options are okay. Baaki, aapki marzi. Because as I always say, you are the one who write and imagine the plot. So it might be your wish and decision. ☺️? UFF you always saying this, it makes me more excited and thrilled man. God!!! ??
        BRUUUUH NOT AT ALL!!! They just caught Sangeita doing so with Sahil in between ??? We found it girl, it was just a random on screen moment that they thought to add in the episode. ??? No yaar I can understand. You are bearing with my silliness, and my LOUD CAPS when it comes to AnRidh/NaiRan. And eve I was like “what did I just see now ?” ?? OMG SahIta, they are goals. The bonding that grown up so fast, just like Samridh-Sahil. So basically the “awesome foursome”. ❤️?
        I KNEW IT! But kyun? ?? Why poor Kunal in jail? ? Why are you doing so to poor Kunal ? ? Just kidding! It’s just that you disn’t have any proper track na ? ? But will it be during Naina’s pregnancy? Like Naina getting very worried for Jeeju, and especially di, and she it may impact her pregnancy :/ Interestingly sad it will be. ???
        Lol I agree. Don’t make them be negative, aisa hi theek hai. ?
        YAAY I WILL BE WAITING! Oh no… I start work early tomorrow. ? Daaaamn! Chapter 80? Which truth to be revealed ? ? So it means in 2 episodes ? Ling wait!
        Oh shush! That happens. And please, even I do typos. ??‍♀️

      2. Tamihna0808

        I love your long comments girl! ? I agree, Samridh and Ankitta are growing closer as co stars, you can tell in their interviews! ? I’ve now decided what their baby will be and I’ve got a name! Hope you guys will like it too! ?I can’t get over that Sahita scene! Next time they do a fans question and answer segment we need to ask if it was scripted or not! I’m so curious ? I’m sure in was improvisation ? Don’t worry about Naina and her baby, they’ll be fine. There will be sad moments but it won’t affect anyone’s health! They be strong ?The next chapter will hint what will happen, I’m going to leave it as a cliffhanger ? cause you guys love cliffhangers ? all love for you guys! ?❤


    1. Tamihna0808

      Haha! Thank you so much! ? you know how pregnant woman are! Them and their cravings! ? hope you enjoy what’s to come, interesting and just fun things coming up! I haven’t decided of the baby is boy or girl yet so when you find out I’ll find out myself! ? sorry for keeping you in the dark! ❤?

  9. Devihaa

    Hi di…My first ever comment for ur FF…It’s soooooooo awesome di…U made curious yaar…Even I want to know whether it is a boy or a girl…Or twins like Meghna …..Soooooooo excited….
    Poor Karan had to go out at this time..?..
    Actually I wanted something like this to happen in the show between NaiRan …But it’s not that easy…. So my wishes r fulfilled by ur FF di…
    Keep smiling & keep writing…
    Update next part asap….

    1. Tamihna0808

      Hey! So glad to see you here! ? thank you for commenting! ? I haven’t decided if it’s a girl or boy but I’m leaning to one. Need to make my decision quick because I write ahead and need to write Nainas delivery part very soon! Love having you all curious and eager to read on! ? thank you first out patience! Trust me I love writing Nairan scenes like that because we don’t have anything close to what we want and I’m so happy that I can write it for you guys who are all Nairan fans! ? Thank you once again and hope to see you in the comments section more often! ?❤

  10. Aarzu

    Hey dii I m speechless so just one thing the episode was ??????????❤????✌????? luv uh di keep writing ? ?

    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaw! Thank you so much dear! ? love you too! ❤?

  11. Titli

    Lovely.. eagerly waiting for the next one.. u knw, am having fever.. so my ff will get delayed a bit.. sorry for the inconvinience.. but yaa loved this part..!!!?❤️?

    1. Tamihna0808

      Hey! Hope you feel better soon! ???? thank you for commenting! So happy you’re enjoying it! ?❤ I can’t wait for you next part, whenever it comes up I’ll run to read it! ???

  12. I just love happy moments

    1. Tamihna0808

      Me too! ? Thank you so much! ?❤

  13. It is awesome episode dil
    I loved it
    I loved Nairan scenes a lot

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you! ? loved writing it ?❤

  14. Sorry
    It’s not dil it’s di

    1. Tamihna0808

      Don’t worry! ? I understood ?❤

  15. well i would be happy if u look towards my suggestion…why can’t u keep triplets or twins just like meghnal?? as i have been reading ur ff since first epi, i hav noticed that u r giving more importance to meghnal. so pls see

    1. Tamihna0808

      I’ve already written up Nainas delivery so you’ll just have to wait and see what u have in store. I did initially wrote it as a Meghnal FF but I wanted to write about Nairan too, which I have been doing. I’m going to be honest that I’m biased towards Meghnal as I’m a much bigger fan of them but I really love Nairan but Meghnal a little more than I love Nairan. I hope you enjoy what’s to come ?

      1. sure i had written wat i just felt…but i must say u r a great writer..

      2. Tamihna0808

        I understand Akanksha ? I’m glad you think I write well! It means a lot! Hope you enjoy what I have in store!… I’m sure you will ?❤

  16. Sakshi2002

    Hi di….Sakshi here…I hate no other option Sakshi name was already used…
    Anyway place update the next chapter….
    I want to know what is new twist in the story ☺☺please update soon

    1. Tamihna0808

      Hey Sakshi! You registeredmust
      ? and my update will be up tomorrow so you’ll have to wait a little while but I know you’ll love it! ?❤ thanks for the love!

  17. Vidya23

    Just catched up on ur ff omds u have done really goood and how naina are 2boxes?? sorry I didn’t comment before is just I was ill sorry and keep going on ur ff

    1. Tamihna0808

      Hey! Nice to see you and feel better soon. Nothing is more important than your health! I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter! ? Our Naina is capable of many things ? thank you for commenting and I hope you enjoy the future tracks! ?❤

  18. Pratha

    Wanna see karan like this

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you! ? I know, we’ll all love to see Karan like this! ?❤

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