Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 77


Part 77:

Karan was in his bed and Naina was next to him in her space, she rested her head into his chest.
Naina: Karan.
Karan: Yes?
Naina: Is everything okay?
Karan: Yeah, everything is perfect.
Naina: I just thought about how you were acting a bit off.
Karan smiled: I guess you know why?
Naina: Because of Aman?
Karan: I thought there was something between you two but he told me everything.
Naina: About Sanjana?
Karan: Yeah, he’s a good person and I’m glad I met him.
Naina: I’m glad you met him too, he’s always been a good friend to me.
Karan: You’re lucky you have each other.
Naina: But I’m luckier to have you Karan.
Karan kissed Nainas head.
Naina: I love you.
Karan: I love you too.

The wedding day was over. Everyone was sat in the living area.
Kunal&Meghnas outfit:

Karan&Nainas outfit:

Aman had bonded with Kunal, Karan and Arjun very well.
The elders were sat with the twins while Meghna and Naina went to get everyone tea.
Meghna distributed tea to the elders while Naina gave it to the men.
Naina passed Arjun his tea but her hand was shaking.
Arjun: Bhabi?
Naina: Haan?
Arjun: Are you okay?
Naina smiled: I’m fine.
Arjun wasn’t convinced.
Arjun: Bhabi, give me the tray.
Naina: Arjun, I’m fine.
Karan looked up and saw the duo talking he saw Arjun take the tray off Naina and then Naina was loosing her balance. He ran to her.
Karan: Naina!
Everyone’s attention as at the couple.
Naina fainted into Karans arms.
Meghna: Chiku?
Aman: Karan, take her to your room.
Kunal: I’ll call the doctor.
Karan to Naina to their room with Meghan who followed behind. The two sat next to Naina and then the doctor came and did a quick check up.
Naina slowly woke up.
Naina: What happened?
Doctor: Congratulations, you’re going to be a mother.
Karan was shocked: A mother! I’m going to be a mother!
Kunal held his brothers shoulder: No, Naina will be the mother and you’ll be the father.
Karan: I’m going to be a father!
Karan hugged Naina.
Aman: I’ll show you out Doctor.
Aman left the room along with the doctor.
Karan let go of Naina and kissed her cheek.
Meghna held her sisters hand: Congratulations you two!
Naina: Thank you Di.
Meghna hugged Naina.
Kunal: Welcome to parenthood Mh brother.
Karan hugged Kunal.
Dadaji took a seat next to Naina.
Dadaji: Congratulations Choti Bahu.
Naina: Thank you Dadu.
Nirmala hugged Naina: Another little baby will be here soon.
NK: Congratulations.
Karan hugged his Dad.
Aman walked in answer shook Karans hand.
Aman: Congratulations my friend.
Karan: Thank you Aman.
Aman looked at Naina and then gave her a hug.
Aman: Nainu! You’re going to be a mother.
Naina: I know, I can’t believe it.
Arjun: Well I am very excited!
Sandhya: Me too, I wonder if it’ll be another surprise and instead of twins you guys will have triplets!
Meghna: That would be such a great surprise.
They all sat in the room for until Nirmala suggested they let Naina rest.

It was late at night, Kunal and Meghna were in their room. Meghna was sitting on her laptop while Kunal was massaging her head.
Meghna: I can’t believe we’re going to have another baby in the house.
Kunal: I know, I’m going to be an uncle.
Meghna: Karan and Chiku will be great parents.
Kunal: They’ve had a lot of experience with our ones.
They both looked at the twins sleeping away in their crib.
There was a knock at their door.
Kunal: I’ll get it.
Kunal got up and opened the door to see Karan.
Kunal: What are you doing here this late?
Karan: I couldn’t sleep and saw your light on, I need to talk to you and Bhabi.
Karan walked in and sat next to Meghna.
Meghna: Karan? What’s wrong?
Kunal shut the dort and then sat back in his seat.
Karan: Bhai, Bhabi I need you to tell me everything about pregnancy.
Meghna: Karan…
Karan: I need to be prepared for the 40 or so weeks ahead of me.
Kunal: Karan, you first need to keep calm.
Karan: Okay. I can do that.
Meghna saw that Karan had a notebook and pen with him.
Meghna: You want to take notes?
Karan: Yeah, of course.
Kunal: Wow, I can see you going crazy for the next 9 months so.
Meghna: Kunal.
Kunal smirked.
Karan: I will go crazy only if you guys don’t give me information I need to know.
Kunal: Okay then, get your pension ready.
For the next 2 hours Meghna and Kunal gave Karan a lesson he won’t forget, they told him everything and anything about pregnancy.
Karan: You guys are the best! I don’t know how to thank you.
Kunal: We accept money or chocolate.
Meghna: We’re happy to help Karan, now are there any question you have?
Karan: Yes I do, if we have twins or triplets do I need to feed Naina two or three times the amount of food?
Kunal and Meghna looked at each other then back at Karan, they both started laughing.
Meghna (while laugjing): Kunal, we need to keep quiet, everyone’s asleep
Kunal (while laughing): I can’t stop laughing!
Karan: Yaar! Guys! It’s a serious question.
The couple were still laughing.
Karan: So I guess it’s a silly question?
Meghna slowly pulled herself together.
Meghna: Oh Karan! The answer to your question is no, you just feed her the usual amounts.
Kunal: Even I knew that before we had our twins.
Karan: Of course.
Meghna: I’m sorry Karan, I didn’t mean to laugh…
Karan smiled: Bhabi, don’t be sorry. I’m glad I made you laugh.
Kunal: Seriously, it was a good one.
Karan rolled his eyes.
Meghna: It’s getting late, you should head to bed Karan.
Karan: Good night and thank you Bhabi.
Meghna: Goodnight and you’re welcome.
Kunal: Where is my goodnight and thank you?
Karan: Goodnight Bhai and thanks.
Kunal: Good night to you too and you’re very welcome.
Karan walked to the door and Kunal followed behind him.
Kunal: Karan.
Karan turned back.
Kunal: You’re going to be a great dad Karan.
Karan smiled: I learn from the best.
Meghna smiled at the brothers.


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  1. Inu

    so sweet epi. feeling happy for nairan. Last scene was so amazing dear.

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      Thank you so much! ? I’m so happy you liked that! ❤?

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    Awwwwwwww! The chapter was super cute! ??? I loved everything in the chapter! Everything!
    I find it cute when naina was loosing her balance and karan was their for her rescue!
    Then the family congratulating the couple and then karan saying J an going to be a mother lol! He was so excited that he didnt knew what he was saying!
    Then karan going to meghnals room and taking notes and that food question! Will have triplets and feed thrice wow! The chapter was so funny and so cute!
    I seriously loved it ???
    Thanks for the chapter!
    It made my day!
    Loads of love~KOMAL ??

    1. Tamihna0808

      OMG! ? feeling so happy and smiley reading this comment! You’re so sweet! I’m glad this chapter made your day! ??? thank you for being so kind ? I really love making it fun and cute as well as lovey and all that stuff ? I really hope you enjoy what’s to come, very interesting things coming up. Loads of love ?❤

  3. Titli

    Its an awe epi.. i so loved it.. excited fr the next one.. post soon..❤️?

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      Fav part, starting nairan and ending meghnal+karan.. karan being so hilarious..!!!??

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      Thank you so much! ? I loved writing it ? I make Karan like Samridh, Samridh is really funny and just super cute! Next one will be up tomorrow ?❤

  4. Pregnancy scene was so cute and especially Karen tuition class for pregnancy. Last bit make me more laugh. I really enjoyed

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      Thank you so much! ? I’m really glad you liked that part! Wanted to add funny scenes! ?❤


    1. Tamihna0808

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  6. Shruthy

    HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! ???????
    I never believed to have the pregnancy news this quick. And more, I never expected anything so. ??
    Karan is such a cute baby. “I am going to become a mother ?” ?? He got so tensed about Naina fainting that he lost his mind. ?? But… his happiness knowing he is also going to have his own baby. ☺️ This is so heartwarming. ?
    And then that cute sa Bhai-Bhai and Bhabhi-Devar scene. ?? Karan came literally with a notebook and a pen. How cute! And that’s even cuter the way he actually got to MeghNal to know about to be during pregnancy time, not even elders. ??❤️ Thanks for bringing one MeghNal-Karan scene Tami. ? I literally missed them. Thank you thank you ???
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    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaaw! Thank you! ? I don’t know how to respond to such a sweet and lovely comment! I genuinely loved writing yh is because it was super funny and cute! In my FF I’m writing Karan as Samridh, funny and just such a caring personalitya ? thank you for all the love! You’re right Karan is going to be super caring and just a great husband while Naina is pregnant! I hope you enjoy what’s to come! ?❤ thank you so very much! ? next part will be up tomorrow so not a long wait! ?? loads of love ?

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    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaaw! Thank you! ?I’m so happy I made you laugh! ? Karan is a funny man! ? thank you for yhe compliment! Really means a lot, I can’t wait for your next part! ?❤

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      I didn’t really make it explicit but in previous chapters I did mention it along the lines.

  15. Thank You Tami Di for adding this into the FF as it is interesting to see if Naina will handle being a mother as well as meghna (I’m sure she will) Love you loads and also sorry for not commenting in a long time I am just always so tired with school and then there’s h/w but dw i always read every word of your FF’s 🙂

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much Zaynab! ?You’re so sweet, I really want to thank all of you for being so sweet all the time! Naina will be a great mother! ? I know how tired and stressful school is and I’m so glad you make time to read my FF. I really appreciate the love and support. Thank you! Hope all is well and love you too! ?❤

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    It was balle balle episode….
    I know I’m being kiddish but really it amazing in expressing the feeling n expressions of a person…
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      Aaaw! Thank you ? you can be as kiddish as you wish to be, I love it when you guys really express the way you feel! Thank you so much! Yep Karan being a mother was a really funny part ?! Thank you once again! ?❤

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