Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 65

Hey guys. I’m so sorry for such a late upload but I haven’t been able to write properly due to life problems. That’s going to be used a lot as an excuse but there’s a lot of things happening right now and I have to kind of focus in those things. I hope you understand understand and can show me your continuous support. ❤ thank you for all the lovely comment, I truly feel lucky! ❤ the next chapter will be uploaded in a few days so you don’t need to constantly check for an upload tomorrow or the day after, I’ll upload on Wednesday, sorry again for being very late! Thank you so much ?

Part 65:
Trishna: What are you doing here?
Naina: I came looking for Nikhil.
Trishna: Well you found him so you can go.
Naina: What’s going on here?
Trishna: Why wild we tell you?
Nikhil: Mom, we can tell Naina. She’s got nothing to lose.
Trishna laughed: You’re right.

Nikhil: Her so called family don’t speak to her and then now if we tell her then what harm will it do to us?
Trishna: You’re right, she won’t be able to stop it. But first we have to take precautions.
Trishna clicked her fingers signaling the men to come and tie Naina into the chair.
Naina: Not yet!
She shouted as the men touched her arm.
She was telling Karan, Kunal and Meghna as she knew they’d want to come in and save her then and there.

Nikhil: What are you saying?
Naina: Don’t tie me yet, I need some water first.
Nikhil: I’ll get you some.
Nikhil gave Naina a glass of water and then the men tied her hands together and made her sit in a chair.
Naina: So what is it that you’re doing?

Nikhil: The plan is to plant these drugs into your office, at NK Chauhans office. Then we’ll call the police and then the media will cover the great scandal.
Trishna: Only way to bring you all down.
Naina: Why?
Trishna: He didn’t give me what I wanted so I’m taking everything so close to his heart.
Naina: You can’t do this.
Nikhil: Watch us.

Just then the police came in breaking down the doors and with them were Kunal, Meghna and Karan.
Trishna: What!
Nikhil: Mom!
Policeman: Don’t try running.
The policemen took all the workers and handcuffed them then they came to Trishna and Nikhil. Karan and Meghna ran to untie Naina.
Karan: Naina, you’re okay right?
Meghna: They didn’t tie you to tight did they?
Karan: Does your hand hurt?
Meghna: We’ll get you out as soon as possible.
Naina laughed: Guys, I’m fine.
Karan held Nainas hand and lifted her off the chair.

Meghna stood watching them.
Kunal was making his way slowly to the three of them.
Nikhil grew angry as the policeman was cuffing his hands so he grabbed the gun from the policeman and aimed it at Karan and Naina who were hugging.
Meghna saw and got in front off the couple.
Nikhil took the shot.
Meghna had her eyes closed as the bullet went off.
Karan and Naina got out of their hug and looked behind them.
Meghna opened her eyes and saw she was facing Kunal.
Meghna: Kunal?!
Kunal held Meghnas forearm.
Kunal: Meghna…

He said in a whisper and then fell back into the ground.
The policeman took away Trishna and Nikhil.
Meghan feel to the ground.
Meghna: Kunal! Why did you do that! Why did you come in front! Kunal!
Karan and Naina fell next to Kunal.
Kunal held Meghnas hand: As long as I’m alive I won’t let anything happen to you.
Meghna was crying: Kunal…
Karan held his brothers other hand: Bhai, it’s okay. We’ll take you to the hospital okay?
Kunals eyes closed.

Meghna: Kunal!! Kunal!!! Open yours eyes.
Naina: Di?
Karan checked Kunals pulse.
Karan: Officer! We need you to take Bhai to the hospital, his pulse is weak and …
Policeman: Hurry, let’s get him to my car.
They got into the car and headed straight for the hospital.
Kunal waa unconscious as they took him the a room.
Meghna was sitting outside with Naina consoling her. Karan was pacing up and down.
Karan: I need to let everyone at home know.
Naina shook her head.

Karan called home and told everyone to come.
30 minutes later the rest of the family rushed in. Nirmala and Sandhya went straight to Meghna.
Meghna: Maa! Masi Maa!
Nirmala a hugged her daughter.
Nirmala: He’s going to be okay.
Sandhya: He’ll be just fine.
Dadaji and NK were stabbing with Karan.
NK: Di they say anything yet.
Karan: Not yet Dad, I don’t know when they will.
Meghna looked around: Where are the twins and Arjun?
Dadaji walked to Meghna and sat with her, he held her hand: Badi Bahu, the three of them are at home. We didn’t want to bring the twins here, I know you want to…
Meghna: No Dadu, you did the right thing.
Naina was kneeling down in front of her sister.

Naina: Di? Can I get you anything? Water or anything.
Karan: Naina, get some water. She might not want it but she needs it.
Naina: Okay. Dadu, Papa, Maa, Masi Maa? Can I get you anything?
Dadaji: Nahi Choti Bahu, I’m fine.

NK: Me too, I’ll just wait here.
Nirmala: I don’t want anything, but get something for yourself and Karan.
Sandhya: I’ll come with you Naina.
Naina and Sandhya went to the cafeteria, they came back with water for Meghna and coffee for Karan and themselves.
Karan: Thank you Naina.
Naina smiled.
They all waited for another 2 hours.
Karan: It’s getting very late, Dad I think you should take Dadu, Maa and Masi Maa home along with Naina and Bhabi.
Meghna: I’m not going anywhere, I can’t.

Naina: Di, you need rest and then the babies.
Meghna: I can’t leave without knowing what’s happened to Kunal.
Dadaji: Badi Bahu should stay, she’ll feel better and we’re all there to take care of the babies.
Nirmala: Bauji is right.
NK: Okay, let’s all go.

Sandhya: Take care of yourselves you two.
Karan: Don’t worry Masi Maa.
Karan hugged everyone has they left , Naina was the last person he hugged.
Naina: Please..
Karan: Bhabi will be fine okay? We’ll both be fine, you take care of everyone okay.
Naina kissed Karan cheek and Karan kissed her forehead.
Naina gave her sister a tight hug.
Naina: I love you Di!
Meghna: I love you too Chiku.
Naina: I need to justify be strong okay? You’ll listen to me nah?
Meghna: Of course I will! Give the babies a kiss from their Mumma and Baba.
Naina: I will.

Karan and Meghna were still sitting outside waiting for the doctor to come and say something. It was 3 am and neither of them got any sleep, they saw a doctor come out of the room and they both rushed towards her.
Karan: Doctor, anything?
Doctor: He’s still unconscious, we’ve taken the bullet out and we’re running some tests.
Meghna: When will he wake up?
Doctor: Only time will tell, he hasn’t slipped into a coma but he hasn’t woken up.
Meghna held the doctors hand: I need to see him.
Doctor: I understand, you can sit with him for a while but not too long.
Meghna: Thank you so much.

Meghna looked at Karan.
Karan: You sit with Bhai for a bit and I’ll wait here.
Meghna smiled: Okay.

(In this scene I think you should listen to Sun Ra Hai Na Tu- female version)
Meghna opened the door and walked in. She saw Kunal just lying there with his oxygen mask. He was still breathing. She slowly walked towards him thinking about everything; the moments the spent together and then the moment she saw him collapse onto the floor. She took a seat in the chair next to him and held his hand. She was crying and she looked at him.
Meghna: Kunal, I need you. Please wake up. Please….
She put her head onto his hand that she held.
Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro rahi hun main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro raha hun main

She looked up at him, she stood and then caressed his hair.
Meghna: I’m not going to leave until you wake up.
She kissed his forehead.
Kunals closed eyes started moving.
Meghna could feel something happening.
She saw Kunal waking up slowly.
Meghna: Nurse! Doctor!
Karan walked in and saw the twins of them, the doctor and nurse came into the room.
Doctor: Meghna, Karan you have to leave now.
Meghna: But…
Karan held Meghnas hand: Come on Bhabi, let’s go.
They left the room.

Meghna: He’s waking up.
Meghna smiled with ears in her eyes.
Karan: Yeah, he is!
Karan was so happy, his brother was waking up and his Bhabi was smiling again. A genuine smile.
Karan: I’ll call everyone.
Meghna: Yeah, you do that.
Karan called Nainas phone which she answered in an instant.
Naina: Is everything okay?
Karan: Yes! Everything is absolutely okay, Bhai is waking up.
Naina: Really? !
Karan: Yes! You need to tell everyone.
Naina: We’ll see you soon.

Karan: See you soon.
Naina out her phone down.
Naina: I’m so happy! Thank you for giving back my Di’s love back.
She said looking at the Mandir she was sitting in front of.
Naina informed everyone and then they all got ready. The twins also joined them to see their Mother, Father and uncle.

They reached the hospital. Nirmala hugged her children.
Nirmala: See everything is fine.
Dadaji: Haan Badi Bahu, our Kunal is back.
Naina hugged her sister.
Naina: Your babies are here.

Meghna: Thank you for bringing them here.
Meghna hugged and kissed her twins.
Sandhya: They’ve missed you too.
Arjun: They’ve been good though.
NK: They were being such Angels.
Meghna smiled.
Dadaji: When will we be able to see Kunal?
Karan: I dint know Dadu, they still haven’t told us anything.
Meghna: It’s been a while, they haven’t come our yet.
Sandhya: They’re running tests and all that, don’t worry too much.
20 minutes later the Doctor came out.
Everyone went to the doctor.
Dadaji: Doctor, Kunal is awake isn’t he?
Doctor: He is.
Nirmala: Can we see him?
NK: We’ll go in one by one if need be but we really want to see him.
Arjun: Yeah doctor, his babies miss him.
Doctor: You can’t see him.
They were all confused.
Karan: Doctor?
Naina: Why not?
The doctor didn’t say anything.
Meghna held the doctors hand.
Meghna: Doctor? Is everything okay?
Doctor: Meghna, Kunal… he… Kunal is temporarily paralysed from the waist below.
She said quickly.
Meghna: Kya?!
She said without any life left in her, stumbling backwards but Karan and Naina held her.
Doctor: I’m sorry Meghna, I really am.
NK: You said temporarily.
Doctor: Yes, it will take a lot of patience and you will all have to help him walk again.
Sandhya: Of course we will.
Nirmala: We will do everything we can.
Arjun: Doctor, you said we couldn’t see him, why not?
Doctor: Actually, Kunal said he doesn’t want to see anyone.
Karan: What?

Naina: Why?
Doctor: He said he doesn’t anyone seeing him in his condition; Weak and helpless.
Dadaji: Doctor you have to let Badi Bahu see him.
Doctor: Dadaji, I want to but Kunal…
Meghna: Doctor, he needs me and I need him.
Karan: Please let Bhabi see Bhai.
Naina: Please.
The doctor’s heart melted, she knew she couldn’t hurt them anymore.
Doctor: Okay Meghna.
Meghna: Thank you so much.

I know what you’re thinking another great twist but don’t worry, things will get better! Thank you for your love and I hope you enjoyed it! See you guys on Wednesday! ?❤??

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  1. Speechless….ur ff r breathtaking…they r so real…love the meghnal twist!!Di Sorry for my previous comment if u felt bad??

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  2. Shruthy

    Twists ki queen! ❤️??
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    Loved the wonderful ending of that Trishna stuff. ?
    Awww NaiRan’s milan finally after days. Both Meghna and Karan were so adorable questioning Naina if she was hurt or not. ☺️?
    But damn, I loved how Kunal walked in slowly. It was like a hero entry in the scene. ? And actually he was the hero of the episode for me. He saved not only his wifey Meghna, but his brother Karan and saali Naina. ? He didn’t hesitate to take that bullet for even a second. ?? Superb! I felt emosh when he fell down and the three gathered around him all tensed. ? Bechara !
    And now he is physicially paralysed for a temporary period. ? This is going to be a wonderful MeghNal love track. The way the family will help him recover, and the two kids with him. Waiting for some wonderful/cute “Kunal Singh Chauhan Family” scenes. ❤️ But first, that one hospital scene where Meghna is finally accepted to see Kunal while he would feel so weak and helpless to even meet his family. ???
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    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you. Just a big thank you to you! Yes Nairan are finally together! I thought of getting Karan shit but he’d already been shot ? and Kunal loves those 3 so much that he’d give himself up for their safety. I love the nickname you’ve given! ?❤ don’t worry Kunal will be walking soon obviously there will be obstacles! I’ll try my best to upload on Wednesday! Need to write some stuff up and have it prepared for you lot! Appreciate you and your support! I’ll definitely pop up if I need a chat! ❤?? Thank you ❤

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      Aaaw! Thank you so very much! You’re super sweet and cannot wait for what you think of gehri next parts to come! Don’t worry if you can’t always comment! Happy to know you’re still reading!! Haven’t shared this with anyone in my family or friends actually so you guys on tellyupdates are the only people reading it! Don’t go to school anymore and I wasn’t good at creative writing so all the love you’re showing me truly means a lot! See ya on Wednesday! ❤??

  4. Wow! What a twist! Kunal paralysed below the waist! I so want to use emojis but I am not able to because I am commenting from my laptop! It seriously feels so bad without emojis!!! And you write so well di…I could actually imagine Kunal collapsing and Meghna fall into the ground! I am so excited to see a few Meghnal scenes coming up! Sun Raha Hai Na Tu is one of the songs I listen to when I kind of feel down and the song was so apt for the Meghnal scene! I am in a way happy that you will be posting the next part only on Wednesday. We have a really important ceremony on Wednesday and we will be kept really busy preparing and practising for it so there wouldn’t really be time to check for the fan fiction and in the end I would just feel very guilty about not reading especially as we have our assessment starting next week…Waiting for a few MeghNalMaaIra scenes! Love you!

    1. *Meghna falling on the ground

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      I know! Emojis are just ? I’m so happy you’re enjoying this! I was thinking about that scene and I knew that song would go so well with it! I’m glad you’ll be waiting for Wednesday! Meghnal and Nairan scenes will both be coming up! Meghnal will get through this problem together, with their family! Thank you for your amazing comment! Super happy!! ?❤? Thank youuuuu and love you too! ❤

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    Loved it.. i heart the epi.. ❤️
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    1. Titli

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      Thank you so much! Don’t worry more twists as well as happy things coming up! Thank you again! ❤??

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    Hey diii…. It was awsm…… I love it to the core….. U r an amazing writer an amazing person…. U r the best…. Dii please forgive me I’ll not be able comment for some days even I’ll not be able to post my next chapter because I m suffering from a eyes infection…. Even my brother read today’s episode for me…. I m really sorry dii but the Epi was awsm….. I m really feeling bad

    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaw! Thank you so much and honey, don’t be sorry for not commenting! I hope you’re feeling better and I feel so thankful you’re so interested in the FF that you’ve brought your brother to read it as well! ❤ don’t ever say sorry! I know you love this FF and I just hope you continue loving it! Thank you for always being such a sweetheart! ❤??

  7. Hepsibha

    Wowww. ..Superb Episode …its just like so realistic. .tnk u 4 nice update. ..feel sad 4 magnal. ..?

    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaaw! Thank you so much! I wanted the twists to be realistic and just relatable I guess because I know life has struggles, I think the show on TV is tackling some of the real life situations really well! Thank you for commenting and I hope you enjoy what’s to come! Don’t worry Meghnal will be fine soon! ??❤


    1. Tamihna0808

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  9. Inu

    Superb epi but plzzz don’t add such sad twists yaar. Make everything fine soooo soon.

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    Love u

    1. Tamihna0808

      Hello stranger! Of course I remember you! You were the first person to comment when I first uploaded this FF! I’ll always remember you! Don’t be sorry, I know how life gets in the way. I’m so happy you’re back and just happy you’ve taken the time to read and comment! I’m trying to make this FF longer so it won’t be ending soon! ? Thank you so much for being so nice I really hope you continue to love it! Love you too! ❤??

  11. Such am emotional episode whata fate for our poor kunal
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      Very emotional but I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Things will get better don’t worry! ❤??

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        All the best with everything in life!
        Best wishes! ☺?
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      2. Tamihna0808

        I agree! Karan definitely has feelings for Naina, waiting for the beautiful love story to start soon, love the current track. Thank you for the wishes and you can call me Tami! I’ll write more about me on the next update because I don’t think I’ve shared a lot with the audience! The next part will be up soon! ?☺❤

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