Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 63

Part 63:

Naina went downstairs and told everyone she convinced Karan to stay. Nikhil wad confused so he held her hand and took her to one side.
Nikhil: Why did you do that?
Naina: It didn’t affect your plan did it?
Nikhil: No, but you can’t go doing all of this.
Naina: I have my free will.
Nikhil smirked: Sure you do.
Naina got out of Nikhils grip and left.

The next morning Sharda and Vishal left to go back home.
Vishal hugged Meghna: Let me know what happen okay?
Meghna: I will, take care of Mumma.
Vishal: I will.
They all said goodbyes and then left.
Naina wasn’t there to say goodbye, she didn’t know how long she’ll have to treat those she loved with this much hate.
Naina looked back at the text that Nikhil had sent her, for her to meet him at the xyz cafe.
Naina: Why does he want me to him there?
Naina got ready and left to meet him.
Meghna and Kunal were sitting in the living room with the twins, Dadaji and Nirmala. They saw Naina walked out.
Meghna wanted to also leave.
Meghna: Maa, Dadu I’m going to xyz cafe.
Kunal: She’s going there to meet a friend.
Dadaji: By yourself?
Meghna: Don’t worry Dadu, I’ll be fine.
Nirmala: When will you be back.
Meghna: Within the hour.
Nirmala: Alright, have fun.
Meghna: Bye.

Meghna got into her car and drove to the place she wanted to meet Naina. She got out and waked to the cafe and saw Naina standing around and looking for someone.
Meghna walked to Naina.
Naina: What are you doing here?
Meghna: Meeting you.
Naina: What?
Meghna: Nikhil didn’t send that text to you, Kunal did. Me, Kunal, Vishal and Arjun got the phone and sent you that text. We knew that was the only way you’d listen to us, if we became Nikhil.
Naina: Why did you want to meet me here?
Meghna: Because no one else is here, strangers yes but no Nikhil to stop you from telling me what you wanted to tell me yesterday.
Naina: You knew?
Meghna: Chiku, I told you I’m your Di. Now you tell me what is going on.
Naina: Di!

Naina hugged her older sister, Megha held her younger sister tightly in her embrace.
Meghna: It’s okay, I’m here.
Naina let go: Let’s take a seat.
Meghna and Naina took a seat.
Meghna: Now tell me everything.
Naina: Di, it started the day of Khyati and Rahuls sangeet, when Trishna came to perform and Nikhil went upstairs. Nikhil told Karan and Jeeju that he’d done what he came to do.
Meghna: Yeah, but we don’t know what he did.
Naina: Di, he fitted a bomb on the twins cots.
Meghna was shocked:What?! He wanted to…
Naina held her sister hand: Di, it’s okay. They’re safe. After he left he kept on sending me emails about if I didn’t follow his instructions then he’d activate the bomb.
Meghna: It wasn’t activated?

Naina: No, the day you all went shopping I stayed home trying to figure what he’d done and then when the emails came he showed me what he’d done.
Meghna: He took a picture of the bomb that was in our room.
Naina: He took a picture of your room from where the bomb was. The bomb had a camera attached to it.
Meghna: He saw everything?
Naina: Fortunately it was just a visual and not audio, he couldn’t hear anything we did.
Meghna: Is it still there?
Naina: Not anymore, he told me after I put the note in the cot and he’d see your reaction then I could take it off.
Meghna: You mean, he didn’t put that threat note in the cot? He made you do it.
Naina: Yes Di, he made me do everything. And now he’s threatening Karans life.
Meghna: That’s why you agreed to marry him?
Naina: This marriage is a fake, he has another plan with his mother and I don’t know what it is. I have to be ‘married’ to him to find out.

Meghna: Chiku, I can’t believe you hid this from us all, you’re doing this all by yourself.
Naina: Di, I can’t let anything happen to this family. I won’t let anything wrong happen.
Meghna: So Nikhil isn’t your husband and you didn’t get a divorce with Karan?
Naina: No, me and Karan are still married.
Meghna: When are you going to tell Karan?
Naina: He already knows.
Naina got up and pointed behind Meghna to see Karan who was standing there.
Meghna: Karan?
Karan walked to them.
Karan: Sorry I didn’t tell you Bhabi, I had to keep it to myself and had to act as though I didn’t know for this plan to work.

Meghna: Don’t be sorry, I know that if you’re together then everything would be fine.
Naina ran to Karan and hugged him tight. Karan held Naina close to him.
Naina: I miss you!
Karan: I miss you too.
Meghna stood there watching them with a smile on her face, she was glad to see them together.
Karan let go of Naina and held her hand: So, what’s our next move?
Naina: I need to get back to the house before Nikhil asks me any questions.
Meghna: What will he say?
Naina: I don’t know, but I’ll inform you somehow.
Meghna: Okay, be careful okay?
Naina nodded and left.
Karan: Bhabi, do we tell Bhai?
Meghna: I will, but I can’t talk to him in our room.
Karan: Don’t worry, we’ll think of something.

Karan and Meghna came home and saw that Khyati and Rahul arrived. Khyati got up and hugged Karan.
Khyati: Bhai!
Karan: Hey Khyati.
Khyati let go and looked at Karan: Are you okay?
Karan: I’m fine.
Khyati saw Meghna and hugged her as well.
After hugging they all sat together in the living area.
Rahul and Kunal were walking whilst engaging with the twins as they walked around.
Maahir saw Naina coming down the stairs and then walked to her, she walked off and so he followed her and caught her dupatta and tugged onto it. Naina turned around and kneeled down to Maahir level.
Naina: What do you want?
Maahir touched his cheek indicating a kiss.
Naina smiled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Maahir smiled and walked to Karan.
Karan kissed the same cheek Naina kissed.

In the evening Kunal and Meghna came to Karans room, Karan and Meghna explained everything that had happened.
Kunal: That son of a gun!
Meghna: Kunal, calm down.
Karan: Trust me when I say I’m angry as well.
Kunal: So what did we do now?
Meghna: We have to wait for Chiku, she needs to get closer to Nikhil and find it what he and his mother are planning.
Karan: Do you think Mr Rathore, Arohi’s father is in on it?
Kunal: I don’t think he is.
Karan: Why do you think that?
Kunal: Think about it, he told Arohi to stay away from Arjun.
Karan: He did.
Meghna: Yeah Arjun told us yesterday.

Karan: So if he wanted to get anything he’ll was Arohi to be with Arjun and not away?
Kunal: Exactly, he doesn’t want his daughter to be in any danger.
Meghna: We need to find out what this danger is.
Karan: But the other day, Kaka said that Ms Gupta and Mr Rathore are planning something big and wrong.
Kunal: Maybe it’s not Mr Rathore, maybe it’s just Ms Gupta.
Meghna: So what do you want to do?
Karan: For now we’ll wait.
Kunal: Naina should have something for us.
Meghna: Okay, we should get to bed, Arjuns with the babies.
Kunal: You’re right.
Karan: Goodnight guys.
Kunal&Meghna: Goodnight.

Naina was about to walk initial her new room until she heard Nikhil whispering into his phone.
Nikhil: Mom, I know I shouldn’t be talking to you now but if I go into the office tomorrow what do I do?
Naina could barely make out what Nikhil was saying.
Nikhil: But Mom! I don’t want to go to the office!
Naina smiled and thought to herself: I’ll make sure you do.
Nikhil: I don’t think she’ll even suggest it. Why would she, she can’t tolerate me in the house.
There was a pause.
Nikhil: Mom, what I don’t understand is why I need to go to the office if our main plan is to rip this family apart.
Naina (mind): So that’s what they want to do.
Nikhil: Alright Mom, I have to go.
Nikhil hung up his phone and went into the washroom.
Naina walked into the room.
She got her things and slept on the

Disclaimer: This is my work and I would appreciate it if you consult with me before wanting to post it else where. Otherwise it would be plagiarism. Thank you.


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    HEY GIRL! ❤️??
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    I loved that last scene in the 62nd episode, where Naina comes to “provoke” Karan not to go from there, for the family, and to prove he is an “asli mard”. ? And then the ending with NaiRan both back facing the door, and their mind saying what they actually want to express to each other. ? That was a very beautiful moment actually. Emotional and damn cute. ?
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    That restaurant scene tho! Naina revealing Karan being with her always. The way she ran and hugged him emotionally missing his presence for 2/3 days. ?❤️ That was hella cute. ? And then that little Karan-Maahir-Naina moment. I don’t know if Karan intentionally kissed on that same cheek but DAMN, it was so romantic (though filmy but mujhe filmy cheezein bohot pasand hai????).
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  13. I loved the episode especially when naina confessed that she was not actually married to nikhil to meghna as the sister bond is amaaaazing and i personally never want it to enddd but sorry tami di for not commenting as i went singapore for 1 week and then am currently in helsinki but i will never stop reading the ff’s so love uuuu 🙂

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