Swabhiman – Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 22 (actual 22nd episode)

Hey guys! This is the actual part 22! Hope you enjoy it and so sorry for the confusion! Thank you for all the lovely comments!

Part 22:

They spoke for a while and then Meghna went to Dadajis room and saw NK and Nirmala also there.
Meghna: Dadu, Papa, Maa?
Nirmala: Come in Meghna.
Meghna sat next to Nirmala.
Meghna: I wanted to ask for your permission for something.
Dadaji: What is it Bahu?
Meghna: I was wondering if I could stay at Mummas house when we go to Boondi, I know Mumma has made arrangements for us all to stay at a guesthouse, but I wanted to stay with my sister.
NK: There’s no need to ask Meghna, you can definitely stay there.
Meghna: Sachi?

NK smiled: Of course.
Dadaji: Haan Meghna Bahu, you have every right to stay there.
Meghna smiled: Thank you, I’ll run back and fourth to help as an older sister to Naina and Karans Bhabi.
Nirmala: You won’t need to.
Meghna: I do Maa , I have 2 duties.
Kunal walked in with Ayush.
Kunal: I’ll also be staying with Meghna.
Nirmala: Atcha?
Kunal: Of course , wherever Meghna goes I follow.
Dadaji: Well that’s good to hear.
NK: Lucky Meghna.
Meghna: Not really Papa.
They all laughed.

The next day was filled with shopping and preparing for the events. Khyati came home and excited for her brothers wedding.
It was Monday morning and everyone headed to Boondi.
They all arrived at Shardas house and we’re greeted by her. They all sat down, Meghna and Naina made everyone tea and snacks.
Dadaji: How are the preparations going Sharda Betaa?
Sharda: Very well Bauji , with Vishal and everyone else’s help everything is going smoothly.
Kunal: Now that I’ll be here, I’ll be able to help.
Nirmala: Yeah right.
Kunal: I will Mom.
NK: You better, Sharda Ji , if there’s anything you need don’t hesitate to ask.
Sharda: Don’t worry, I’m sure there won’t be a need.
Kunal: Yeah , cause I’ll be here!
Everyone laughed.
In the evening everyone but Meghna&Kunal along with Ayush had left to go to the guesthouse.
Meghna: I’ll see you all tomorrow?
NK: See you Meghna.
NK hugged his grandson.
Ayush: Bye bye Dadu!
They all left.

Naina was in her room standing on the balcony.
Meghna came out to the balcony.
Meghna: Chiku?
Naina: Haan DI?
Meghna: Everything okay?
Naina smiled: Everything’s great, why’d you ask?
Meghna: You seem lost in your thoughts.

Naina: Just thinking about everything.
Meghna held Nainas hands: Your happy Naina, I see it in your eyes. You always smile but this new smile has a brighter light on your face.
Naina: I know Di, I feel so happy these days, with everything.
Meghna: Especially because of Karan?
Naina nodded and then hugged sister.
Naina: Di , could you help me with my things?
Meghna: What things?

Naina: My duvet and pillow.
Meghna raised an eyebrow.
Naina: I’m sleeping in Mummas room while you, Jeeju and Ayush say here.
Meghna: Oh! Come on then.
Kunal walked on with a sleeping Ayush in his arms.
Kunal whispered: Meghna , where should I put him?
Meghna and Naina looked up.
Meghna: Give me a second, I’ll help Chiku with her things and then I’ll put Ayu to bed.
Kunal: I’ll help Naina, you take Ayu.
Meghna took Ayush in her arms and Kunal&Naina left the room.

After helping Naina with her things Kunal brought Naina to the kitchen.
Naina: What’s wrong Jeeju?
Kunal gave Naina a note.
Kunal: This is from lover boy.
Naina smiled.
Kunal: Don’t worry , I didn’t read it.
Naina: Thank you Jeeju.
Kunal: You’re welcome, Good Night.
Naina: Good night.
Kunal left and Naina sat down to read the note.

Naina , it’s not long now until we become Mr&Mrs. I just wanted to tell you that before our wedding on hope I could take you out on a date. I’ll wait for you outside your house at 10 pm.
Love, Your Karan.

Naina looked at the clock, it was 9:15.
Naina: He’ll be here.
Naina went upstairs to her room.
Meghna: What wrong Chiku?
Naina: Di , Karan… he wants…
Meghna: He wants to meet you?
Kunal: This boy learns from me.
Kunal said pulling his collar up.
Meghna and Naina smiled.
Naina: He’ll be wait outside the house at 10 pm.
Meghna: Then we don’t have long to get you ready.
Kunal: I’ll leave you girls to it then.
Kunal left the room.
Meghna: I’ve got the perfect saree.
Naina: Saree?

Meghna: I chose this one for you.
Meghna went to her suitcase and pulled out a gorgeous saree.
Naina: Di , that’s beautiful.
Meghna smiled: I’m glad you like it, an angel needs the perfect outfit to reflect her personality.
Naina smiled: Thank you Di.

Meghna got Naina ready.
It was 10 pm.
Meghna: You look stunning , come on now I’m sure Karan is waiting.
Meghna took Naina downstairs and saw Karan waiting outside the car.
Meghna: Have fun Chiku.
Karan looked at Naina who was walking slowly towards him.
He was mesmerised by her beauty.
Naina: Chale?
Karan opened the door for Naina and then got in to the other side.
Karan brought her to a lovely set up, there was a table for two with roses and gorgeous decorations.
Naina: This looks familiar.
Karan: It’s decorated they way you decorated the day for Bhai and Bhabi.
Naina smiled: It looks absolutely gorgeous, you did a great job.
Karan: Thank you, now let’s sit.
The couple sat, ate and talked about their wedding day.
Karan: I’ve planned our honeymoon as well.
Naina: So where are we going?

Karan: London.
Naina smiled: Really?!
Karan: Yeah , excited?
Naina: Very.
Karan: It won’t be hot unfortunately.
Naina: That doesn’t matter, we’ll go sight seeing and do so many fun things.
Karan: We will.
Naina: Karan , it’s getting late.

Karan: I’ll drop you home.
Karan dropped Naina to her house and headed to the guesthouse he was staying at.
Karan was heading to his room and then heard Shekher on the phone.
Shekher: They don’t know yet , don’t worry.
Karan knocked.
Shekher looked back and saw Karan standing at the door.
Karan: Taauji? You’re still up?

Shekher: I… I was planning something.
Karan: Oh , okay.
Shekher: Well , you should head to sleep.
Karan: Goodnight Taauji.
Shekher: Night.
Karan left the room and went to his room.
Shekher got back on the phone.
Shekher: Sorry, that was him, anyway I’ll meet you after the wedding. Bye.
Shekher out his phone away.
The next morning Meghna had breakfast at her house and then left to go to the guesthouse.

Meghna: Good Morning everyone.
She took Dadajis, NK’s and Nirmalas blessings
Dadaji: Good Morning Bahu , how is everything?
Meghna: Everything’s perfect.
NK: Now that you’re here we can choose the wedding card.
Meghna: Papa , you guys choose it, there’s no need for me to choose it.
NK: As Karans Bhabi you have every right to call the shots.
Meghna: As Karans Papa , you have all rights.
NK skilled at Meghna.
Dadaji: Aree , what about Dadu?

NK: Haan Babuji , you can choose it.
Nirmala: Meghna , is Kunal still sleeping?
Meghna: No Maa, Mumma has taken Vishal and Kunal to the shops.
Nirmala: Where is Ayush?
Meghna: Bade Mami and Choti Mami are with him.
Nirmala: That’s good , Meghna we were thinking that the engagement and sangeet should take place on the same day.
Sandhya walked in: Yeah , to speed up the process for our Karan.
Meghna laughed: That’s a good idea.
Nirmala: Okay , so that’s finalised.

Sandhya: We’ll have the two events the day after tomorrow, the data after will be the haldi and then the grand wedding.
Nirmala: Will we be able to do everything in that short time?
Meghna: We can Maa, don’t worry too much.
Sandhya: Haan Nirmala , now we have Meghna to help us so don’t worry.
Nirmala: Where do we start?
Meghna got out a list of things to do and showed them. They soon started getting things done. Meghna helped Nirmala with the shopping for all of clothes and jewellery for Naina and then went to help Naina and Sharda with the engagement and sangeet outfits.
After a whole day of shopping Meghna came home to see everyone in the living room sitting down and chilling.
Meghna smiled and then sat with Kunal.
Kunal: You’ve been busy today.
Meghna: Yeah , so we’re you, how’s the venue?
Kunal: It’s looking good, the decorators have done a good job.
Meghna: That’s good to hear.
Naina brought Meghna a cup of tea.
Meghna: Thank you Chiku.

Naina: You’re welcome , how’s everyone at home?
Meghna smiled: They’re very well and excited for you to come.
Nainna smiled back: Me too.
Vishal: Ghudiya, we need to practice the dance performances for the sangeet.
Meghna smiled: We have tomorrow to do it.
Sharda: Ghudiya , you go and rest.
Meghna: No, I’m not sleepy.

Sharda: Would you like me to apply oil in your hair?
Meghna nodded and sat in front of her Mother.
Sharda applied oil to Meghnas hair.
She sat there and saw everyone chatting away.
Sharda(mind): Thank you for everything you’ve given me.
She said looking up.
After dinner everyone went to bed.

The next day everyone was practicing the dance performances, both families got together and enjoyed planning. Dadaji, Shekher and NK had work to do so couldn’t join them. Sharda, Nirmala, Sandhya and both Mami’s had gone shopping. Bade Mama and Gopal Mama had gone to arrange the wedding venue. Leaving all the children and Ayush having fun.

That night Kunal had stayed at the guesthouse. He went to Dadajis room.
Kunal: Dadu?
Dadaji: Yes Kunal?
Kunal: I wanted to ask you something.
Dadaji: What’s wrong?
Kunal: Nothings wrong, I wanted to ask you if we could stay here for extra week and celebrate mine and Meghnas anniversary.
Dadaji smiled: I think that’s a good idea.
Kunal: Really Dadu?
Dadaji: Yes.

Kunal: I know how Meghnas working really hard, running around everywhere and then she hasn’t been able to spend much time with everyone.
Dadaji: I understand.
Kunal: I’ll go and tell Mom and Dad.
Dadaji: You go and do that.
Kunal hugged his Dadu: Thank you so much Dadu!.
Kunal ran to his parent’s.
NK: Kunal? Where’s the fire?

Nirmala smilled: Kunal, why are you running?
Kunal: I just asked Dadu if we could stay here to celebrate mine and Meghnas anniversary and Dadu said so I’ve come here to tell you.
He said all in one breath.
NK: And breathe…
Kunal took a deep breath.
Nirmala: We’re glad to be staying to for your anniversary.

NK: Yes , we are. Have you told Meghna yet?
Kunal: Not yet , I’m going to tell her now.
Nirmala: Kunal , she’s at her mother’s house and she’s probably sleeping now.
Kunal: That’s never stopped me before.
NK: What do you mean by that?
Kunal: Nothing dad , I’ll see you guys later!
With that Kunal left.
NK: That boy is crazy!
Nirmala: In love.

Just like the first time he met with Meghna he had met with her now.
He got into the room and saw Meghna sleeping with Ayush hugging her. He slowly walked to them both and kissed Ayush’s head and then Meghna. Meghna slowly woke up.
Meghna: Kunal?
She whispered.

Meghna: What are you doing here? At this time? How did you… I know how.
Kunal smiled.
Kunal: I didn’t mean to wake you, I came to tell you something but you were sleeping peacefully I was going to go.
Meghna sat up on her bed: Don’t worry, so what did you want to tell me?
Kunal: I’ve come to tell you that, we’ll be celebrating our anniversary here.
Meghna was so happy: Sachi?

Kunal: Haan, I asked Dadu and he said he would love to and so did Mom and Dad.
Meghna: Kunal! Thank you so much for giving me such great news!
Kunal: You’re running around doing everything for the wedding that you can’t spend much time with Maa and I Houghton this would be the perfect excuse for spending more time here.
Meghna hugged Kunal: Thank you thank you thank you!
Kunal hugged her back: You’re most welcome my jaan.
Meghna let go of Kunal: As happy as I am to see you here, you should get back to the guest house.
Kunal: You get to sleep and then I’ll go.
Meghna layer down and held Kunals hand as she fell asleep and hugged Ayush.
Kunal was feeling sleepy and put his head on Meghnas stomach and fell asleep.

Next morning Sharda walked into Meghnas room not knowing Kunal was in there. She walked to Meghnas side of the bed and saw Kunal sleeping.
Sharda: Kunal?
She said to herself.
Sharda grabbed a blanket and put it over Kunal.
Kunal mumbled in his sleep: Thank you.
Kunal shot his eyes open and Sharda.
Kunal: Maa?

Kunal sat up and realised that he didn’t get back to the guest house.
Kunal: Woh… Maa..
Sharda smiled: You don’t need to explain yourself Kunal, I understand.
Kunal smiled back: Actually Maa , I came yesterday to tell Meghna we’ll be celebrating our anniversary here, in Boondi.
Sharda was surprised: Really?
Kunal nodded yes: I hope you are okay with that.
Sharda: Okay? I’m very happy that you’ll spend more time here.
Kunal: Me too Maa, well I should get back. The engagement and sangeet is only a few hours away and there’s a lot to do.

Sharda: See you later Kunal.
Kunal got up took Shardas blessings: Bye Maa.

I think it’s a little short but I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you so so much! ????

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