Swabhiman – Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 21

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Part 21

The four of them walked back into the living room and shared the news with everyone. After dinner everyone went to their rooms. Meghna and Kunal out Ayush to sleep and left Naina to supervise him. Meghna and Kunal went to the guest room where Hard a and Naina were staying.
Meghna: Mumma?
Sharda: Come in you two.
Meghna&Kunal entered the room and sat with Sharda.

Kunal: We wanted to talk to you about Karan.
Sharda: Karan?
Meghna: Yeah , what do you think of him?
Sharda: He’s a good kid, why are you asking me that?
Meghna: Karan and Naina like each other and Karan wants to marry Naina.
Kunal: Only after Naina finishes this last year of college.
Sharda smiled: Really?
Meghna: Haan Mumma.
Sharda: Ghudiya , Kunal I’m really happy to hear this news.

Kunal and Meghna smiled at each other.
Kunal: We’re happy your happy Ma , in the morning me and Meghna will talk to Dadu , Dad and Mom.
Meghna: Why don’t we gather all the grown ups now and talk to them?
Sharda: It’s a little late now isn’t it?
Kunal: I’m aReally they’re all awake, come let’s go to Dadus room.
The three went to Dadajis room to see Shekher, NK and Nirmala already there.
Meghna: Good you’re all here, I’ll go get Masi Maa.
Kunak: Sure.
Kunal and Sharda took a seat next to Nirmala.
NK: What’s going on?

Kunal: Let’s wait for Meghna and Masi Maa to come.
Shekher: Okay.
Sandhya and Meghna came in the room and Meghna closed the door behind her.
Sandhya: What’s this meeting for?
Kunal stood up and Sandhya sat down.
Kunal and Meghna stood next to each other.
Nirmala: Will you share the news with us?

Kunal and Meghna smiled.
Kunal: You guys are so impatient, anyway so the news is about Karan and Naina.
Dadaji: Is it what I think it is? What I told you?
Meghna: Haan Dadu.
Kunal: Karan and Naina both like each other.
Sandhya: Really? That’s great news.
Shekher: I’m proud of Karan , he’s really changed.
Naina: Have they both told you?
Kunal: Yes Mom , me and Meghna had our suspicions but didn’t say anything to anyone.
Meghna: We wanted them to confess their love for each other and they did.
Kunal: And Karan told us that he wants to marry Naina.
NK: Our Karan wants to get married?!
NK said excited.
Meghna nodded: Haan Papa!
Nirmala: Why didn’t he come to us?

Kunal: With everything that happened today , he said he wanted wait.
Sharda: Where are they now?
Meghna: Naina is in our room and Karan is with Vishal and Arjun.
Dadaji: Go call everyone else.
Meghna: I’ll got get them and stay with Ayush.
Kunal: No I’ll go.
Meghna: Kunal , you stay and I’ll go.
Kunal: Meghnaaaa
Meghna: Kunaaal
The elders laughed at the couple.

Meghna and Kunal looked at then and smiled.
Kunal: I’m going.
Meghna: Fine.
A few minutes the children walked in.
Karan: You called us all?
Naina stood next to Meghna and Karan was on the other side of Meghna.
Vishal and Arjun were standing on the other side.
The elders had a serious face on.
Arjun: Dadu?
Dadaji: We called you all here but specifically needed to speak to Karan and Naina.
Karan&Naina: Us?
Naina and Karan looked at each other.
Dadaji: Haan , is there anything you both would like to share with us?
Karan: I don’t think so.
Karan(mind): What is going on?
Shekher: Karan , we know you’re hiding something.
Karan: What would that be Taauji?
NK: Your love for Naina?
Karan and Naina exchanged looks.
Sandhya laughed: I’m sorry, I can’t stay serious!
Nirmala: They both look so scared.
Vishal: What’s going on?
Dadaji: Vishal Betaa , your little sister and Karan are going to get married.
Arjun: Karan Bhai is getting married?
Vishal: When?

Sharda: Why don’t you tell us Karan?
Karan walked closer to the elders: I would like Naina to first finish off her studies and marry her.
Meghna held Naina: What do you say Naina?
Naina she’d away and hid her face in Meghnas arm.
Meghna hugged her sister.
Meghna: That’s a yes from her.
NK: And a yes from everyone else as well.

They all congratulated each other.
Vishal and Arjun hugged Karan.
Naina and Karan took blessings of the elders.
Dadaji: Stay happy and live long.
Kunal walked in with Ayush in his arms and stood next to Meghna.
Kunal: What happened while we were gone?
Nirmala: We’ve decided that after Naina finishes off college in the summer well get the Karan and Naina married.
Sharda: The wedding will happen in Boondi.

Kunal: Yay , we’re going back to Boondi.
Shekher: When did Ayush betaa wake up?
Kunal: I was sat there and he just woke up so I thought we’d visit you all.
Ayush: Mumma…
Ayush held his hand out to Meghna and Meghna took hold of Ayush.
Meghna: Mumma is right here.
Arjun: After Ayush came there’s been nothing but good news.
Sandhya: I agree, our lucky charm.

Vishal: He really is.
Nirmala walked to Naina and Karan: I’m glad that you’ll be coming into our family Naina.
NK walked behind and stood next to his wife: Yes Naina , I’m sure you and Karan will live a very happy life.
Karan: Thank you Mom and Dad.
Dadaji: Now everyone should get some sleep because tomorrow Meghna Bahu will do the early morning Puja.
Meghna: Haan Dadu.
Everyone left and went to their rooms.

Naina was about to go to her room but someone pulled away. She landed on their chest my, as she looked up she saw Karan.
Karan looked down at Nainas face.
Naina: What are you doing?
Karan: Just meeting my fiancé.
Naina: Not your fiancé yet.

Karan: Well not long left now.
Naina: A few months.
Karan: Yeah , it will fly by.
Naina: I need to go, Mumma will wonder where I’ve gone.
Karan: You can go after…
Naina: After what?
Karan pointed at his cheek.
Naina: Karan…

Karan: I’m waiting…
Naina looked around and then quickly kissed Karans cheek and then ran to her room.
Karan stood there with a smile on his face.
Someone tapped Karans shoulder and Karan came back to reality, he turned around.
Karan: Bhai? Bhabi?
Kunal: What are you doing here?
Karan: Nothing.
Meghna: Really?
Kunak: We saw something.
Karan: Did you? Well I should head to bed and so should you guys.
Karan walked quickly to his room.
Meghna: Young love.
Kunal: Indeed.

The next morning Meghna woke up and saw Ayush and Kunal sleeping the same way. She smiled and the took a picture. She got out of bed, took a shower and got ready. When she came out she saw Kunal and Ayush awake and playing.
Meghna: Good Morning my boys.
Meghna kissed Ayushs head.
Kunal: Where’s mine?
Meghna kissed Kunals cheek.
Ayush laughed.
Kunal: I’ll give Ayush a quick shower while you dry your hair.
Meghna: Sure , and I’ll get him ready and you can shower.
Kunal gave Ayush a shower and carried him to Meghna. Kunal put Sindoor on Meghna then went to have his shower. Meghna clothed Ayush and combed his hair.
The three of them went downstairs. Everyone slowly came downstairs.
Meghna lead the Puja along with Kunal. Meghna offered everyone Prasad after the Puja was over. Naina an Meghna served everyone breakfast. Ayush was siting with Dadaji and Kunal at the sofa. Then would wonder off to meet everyone at the table. Ayush was very innocent and smiled at everyone all the time. Once done eating Sharda, Vishal and Naina got ready to go.
Meghna: I wish you could all stay for longer.

Vishal: We wish we could as well Ghudiya.
Meghna smiled at her brother.
Sharda: You’ll come and visit with Kunal and Ayush.
Kunal: Of course we will Maa.
Vishal picked up his nephew: You’ll come and see us won’t you?
Ayush nodded yes: Yesh.

Naina: Vishal Bhai , give me Ayush.
Naina took Ayush: I’ll miss you! Aren’t you going give me a kiss?
Ayush giggled and kissed Nainas cheek.
Sharda: Come to Naani.
Ayush hugged his Naani and gave
her a big kiss.
Sharda: You be a good boy okay?
Ayush: I am good boy!
Everyone laughed.
Sharda: Don’t trouble Mumma or Papa, or anyone else.
Ayush: No trouble.
Sharda: That’s like my good boy.
Sharda kissed his forehead and gave Ayush to Nirmala.
Meghna hugged her mother, sister and brother goodbye.
Kunal dropped off the three of them while Meghna stayed.

Meghna was in the living area along with Ayush, Karan , Arjun and Nirmala.
Karan: We should face time Khyati.
Arjun: Good idea, she’ll go crazy over how cute Ayush is.
Nirmala: I filled her in on everything and she was ecstatic.
Meghna: I was messaging her earlier on.
Khyati received Karans face time call and was eager to see her nephew.
Khyati: First I’m an older sister and now I’m an aunt!
Nirmala: Lucky girl.
Khyati: I can’t wait to see him soon! I’m going to spoil him so much.
Karan: As you do!
Khyati: Well Karan Bhai, it’s my duty.
Arjun: You are his Bua.
Khyati: Not Bua, Aunt.
Karan: What’s wrong with Bua?
Khyati: Makes me sound old.
Nirmala: And your young and hip aren’t you?
Khyati: I am!
Meghna: I think Bua sounds sophisticated , but it’s your choice.
Khyati: Thank you Bhabi , I’ll stick with aunt.
They were on call for an hour or so until Khyati had to hang up.

It was 4pm and Kunal was home after his long journey.
Ayush ran to his Dad.
Ayush: Papa!
Kunal kneeled down and picked up his son.
Kunal: Papas home!
Nirmala and Sandhya were sat down.
Sandhya: Well that’s going to get some time to get used to!
Nirmala: Definitely.

Days passed along swiftly , they turned into weeks which turned into months. Ayush was part of the family and had started going to preschool. Meghnas family came to visit and spend time with Ayush. Kunal and Meghna were working in the same office and happy that they were together. Karan and Naina were on the phone regularly but Karan made sure he wasn’t interrupting Nainas studies. Khyati also visited twice and was happy to be home. Arjun had finished his school year and was now home with Karan, they both played and wrote music together. Dadaji was always out and about with Shekher.

It was the last day of Nainas college, she went home to her mother and family.
Naina: Mumma , I’m so happy it’s all over!
Sharda: Me too!
Naina: Mumma , have you spoken to Di today?
Sharda: Yes, spoke to her just before you came.
Naina: That’s good , I’m going to go and take Vaibhu for ice cream.
Sharda: Okay, be back soon.
Naina: We will.
Naina and Vaibhu went to the ice cream stall that was a few minutes away from the house.
Naina received a face time call from Meghna.
Naina: Vaibhu, look it’s Meghu Di!
The two of them sat on the side and started talking to Meghna who was home and was sat with Ayush.
Meghna: Chiku! Vaibhu!
Naina: Hi Di , how are you and how’s my favourite Ayush!
Vaibhu: Hi Meghu Di!

Meghna: Hello you two , Ayush is brilliant.
Ayush came to the screen and waved at them.
Vaibhu: Meghu Di Ayush looks so cute.
Naina: Just like you!
Naina squashed Vaibhu cheek.
Meghna: Yes, my two munchkins.
They spoke for a while and then hung up and went back home.

Naina and Vaibhu took ice cream for everyone else.
Vishal: Thank you guys.
Vaibhu: You’re welcome Bhaiya.
Naina: We spoke to Di on Face time.
Vaibhu: We saw Ayush as well.
Vishal: Aaaah , you could’ve called me.
Naina: You were at work.
Vishal: True.
Vaibhu: Don’t worry Bhai , Meghu Di will come with Ayush and everyone else for Naina Dis wedding.
Vishal smiled: That’s true , isn’t it Naina?
Naina blushed and went upstairs.
Sharda walked in.
Sharda: Why’s Chiku running?
Vishal: She got shy.
Vaibhu: Haan Bua, she’s getting married isn’t she?
Sharda laughed: Yes Vaibhu but there’s still a little time left.
Vishal: How long exactly?
Sharda: You’ll wait and find out.

Naina was in her room sat on her bed thinking about Karan and then received a text from him.
Karan: Hi Naina, what are you doing?
Naina: Nothing , just spoke to Di and had ice cream with Vaibhu.
Karan: How is Vaibhu?
Naina: Very well, he was talking about seeing Ayush.
Karan: Not too long left now , because of our wedding coming up.
Naina: That’s what he said as well.
Karan: He wasn’t wrong.
Naina didn’t know what to say.

Karan knew she was just sitting there so he called her.
Naina: Why did you call?
Karan: I wanted to hear your voice.
Naina smiled to herself: You’ll get sick of it one day.
Karan: Never!
Naina: Are you sure?
Karan: 100% positive.
Naina: Good, because you know I talk too much.

Karan: That’s what I love about you.
Naina: Me too!
Sharda called Naina from downstairs.
Karan: You should go.
Naina: I’ll talk to you later.
Karan: Talk later.

Karan put his phone down and went downstairs.
He saw Nirmala and Sandhya sitting down and drinking tea.
Sandhya: Karan , join us.
Karan took a seat.
Nirmala: Guess what we were talking about?
Karan: What were you talking about?
Sandhya smiled: Your wedding.
Karan: What about it?
Nirmala: We’ve called the Pandit Ji to come later and sort out a date for everything.
Karan: Nice.
Sandhya: That’s all you have to say?
Meghna&Kunal walked in with Ayush.
Kunal: Yaar, seem a little more excited.
They took a seat.
Ayush sat on Karans lap.
Karan: Bhai , we’re not all like you.
Kunal: What do you mean by that?
Karan: You get happy over everything.
Kunal: True , but everything’s exciting, not my fault.
Karan: Of course.
Meghna: What the is the Pandit Ji coming?
Sandhya: He’ll be here in 2 hours.
Meghna: I’ll go and freshen up and come downstairs.
Kunal: Me too.
Karan: I’ll stay here with Ayush.

It was 7pm and the Pandit had come.
Dadaji , Shekher , NK and Nirmala sat on one sofa and Kunal and Meghna sat on the sofa with Sandhya. Arjun and Karan here upstairs with Ayush.
Pandit: There are 2 dates for the the auspicious occasion.
Dadaji: What are they?
Pandit: One is in a week and the next one is in 2 years.
Karan was standing at the stairs: 2 years!
Everyone looked at him and smiled.
Karan: I mean 2 years?
Kunal: Pandit Ji I think 2 years will be a great date.

Nirmala: Yes , I agree.
Karan: Bhai? Mom? What are you guys saying?
NK: Babuji , what do you say?
Dadaji: Well it will give us a great deal of time to prepare.
Karan: Guys, 2 years?
They all laughed and Karan sat down next to Meghna.
Karan: Bhabi? Please talk some sense into these people.
Sandhya: Haan Meghna , Karan wants Naina as soon as possible.
Karan: It’s not like that Masi Maa.
Meghna: Really Karan?

Karan: Well…
Meghna: Don’t worry Karan , they’re all joking around with you.
Karan: That’s good.
Kunal: Yaar , what if we weren’t joking.
Karan: Then Bhabi will be on my side won’t she?
Meghna: Of course will.
Karan and Meghna high fived.
Dadaji: So I guess we leave for Boondi soon?
Sandhya: I’ll call Sharda Ji and make all the arrangements.
Nirmala: Let’s get to work then!

Karan was in his room and got a call from Naina.
Karan: I was just about to call!
Naina: I know, that’s why I called first.
Karan: Did you hear the news?
Naina: Yes , Masi Maa and Mumma are still on the phone.
Karan: I’ll be seeing you soon.
Naina smiled to herself: You will.
Karan: I can’t wait.
Naina: I want to talk to Di, is she near by?
Karan: I’ll call Bhabi.
Karan went to Arjuns room and saw Ayush and Meghna there.
Karan: Bhabi , Naina.
He said pointing at his phone.
Meghna smiled: You called her quickly.
Karan: Not me this time Bhabi.
Meghna widened her eyes: Chiku?

Karan passed Meghna the phone.
Meghna: Chiku, are you happy?
Naina: Di!
Meghna: I’m really happy it’s happening so quickly.
Naina: Me too.
Meghna laughed.
Naina: Because I’ll get to see you all.
Meghna: In particular Karan?
Naina: No , Ayush!
Meghna and Naina laughed.

Precap: Going to Boondi!!!

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