Swabhiman – Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 20

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Part 20!

The next day early in the morning they all caught their flight back home. When they got to the airport only the driver came to pick Kunal, Karan and Meghna up. Naina and the rest of her classmates had a coach taking them home. Meghna asked Nainas teacher if she could go home with Meghna and then go back to her dorm later that day and she agreed.
Karan: No one came along with you?
Driver: No Sir.
Kunal: That’s really weird.
Karan: There’s always someone with the driver.
Meghna: Maybe they’re busy.
Naina: Yeah , there must be a reason.
Kunal: Let’s get in the Car.
2 hours later the four of them got home. The car parked up and there were 2 police cars parked outside as well.
Kunal: What’s going on?
Karan, Naina, Meghna and Kunal stood at the front door that was open to see the police standing in front of NK and Shekher while Nirmala was sat next to Sandhya and Dadaji with a child on her lap.
The four of them exchanged looks at one another.
Kunal: What’s going on?
Everyone looked at the door way.
The child got off Nirmalas lap and ran to Kunal and hugged him.
Kunal: Ayush?
Kunal and Meghna kneeled down to Ayush.
Meghna smiled at him and then picked him up.

The four of them walked in. Kunal and Karan walked to NK, Shekher and the policemen. Meghna and Naina went to Dadu, Nirmala and Sandhya.
Meghna: Dadu? Maa? Masi Maa?
None of them said anything.
Naina: What’s wrong?
Dadaji: It’s… it’s Rohan.
Meghna: What happened?
Sandhya: He met with an accident and is no more.
Meghna and Naina were shocked.
Meghna: Kya?
Naina: How?
Nirmala had tears in her eyes.
Meghna passed Ayush to Naina.
Meghna: Chiku, you stay here with Ayush.
Naina: Okay Di.
Meghna went to Kunal.
Meghna: Kunal , what’s going on? Masi Maa told me Rohan…
Kunal: Shh Meghna , I’m sorry.
Meghna broke down.
Kunal took Meghna to one side and held her.
Meghna: He’s… he’s gone?
Kunal: Shh…Shh it’s okay.
Meghna: What about Ayush?
Kunal: That’s why they’re here, come one Meghna , I need you right now. We both need each other.

Meghna wiped her tears away and composed herself.
Meghna: Let’s go.
Kunal and Meghna walked over to the policemen.
Kunak: Officer , what did you need from my wife and I?
Policeman1: We need you both to come and identify the body.
Meghna: We’ll go with you.
Kunal held Meghnas hand.
Policeman2: We also have to visit the care home Ayush was in, they have something for you.
Kunal: Sure.
NK: Will you both be okay?
Kunal: We’ll be fine Dad.
Shekher: If you need anything give us a call.
Kunal: We will Taauji, Karan?
Karan: Haan Bhai?
Kunal: Keep up the fort here okay?
Karan: Don’t worry Bhai, Bhabi everything will be fine.
Meghna gave a little smile and Karan.
Meghna: I’m sorry Karan.
Karan: No Bhabi , don’t say sorry. You both should get going.

They left with the police to identify the body and sigh off it what Rohan. After that they went to the care home.
Careworker: Hi Mr&Mrs Chauhan , I’m sorry for your loss. I called you here because of what Rohan left with us.
She grabbed an envelope and gave it to Kunal.
He opened it and read the letter.

I’m writing this letter to you in case anything happens to me. I know me finding Ayush is the best thing to happen to me. I need to make arrangements for if anything ever happens to me and my number one priority is Ayush. If anything ever happens to me I want Ayush to be given to my best friends Kunal Chauhan and Meghna Chauhan. After knowing about my son’s whereabouts they were there for me. I don’t know how old Ayush will be when I’m gone but I hope he’s a teenager or he has children if his own. I want you to also give this to Kunal and Meghna to read so they know that I trust them and I was glad to have known them. Thank you so much to everyone for being part of my life. Kunal and Meghna, I hope my Son has done you proud , thank you for being such a great friend to me. I’m glad to have met you and your family especially your siblings who love you a lot.
Thank you
P.S I hope you didn’t cry reading this.

A tear fell onto the paper from Kunals eyes. Meghna put her head on Kunals shoulder and cried.
Policeman1: Sir , Ma’am we’ll leave you to sort out all the paper work and you can take Ayush home.
Kunal nodded.
Careworker: I’ll give you guys a little time.
Kunal: Thank you.
Kunal held Meghna and they sat on the sofa that was in the office.
10 minutes later Kunal got his phone out and called his father and told him what happened.
Meghna and Kunal had stopped crying and sat there in silence.
The careworker walked in and gave them all the paper work.
Careworker: You can take your time filling the forms in, we’ll need it back in two weeks though.
Meghna: Well have it done by then, thank you.
Careworker: Your welcome, just before you leave it wanted to give you this.
She handed another envelope to them.
Kunal: Is that for Ayush?
Careworker: Yeah , Rohan left it and wanted you to give it to Ayush on his 16th birthday.
Kunal: We’ll give it, don’t worry.
Careworker: Ayush is lucky to have you both, I don’t personally know you utility when Rohan came in he mentioned you both a lot. I’m sure you both will be excellent parents.
Meghna&Kunal: Thank you.
The couple walked out and then drove home.

It was 2pm, Kunal and Meghna walked in the house and saw everyone sat in the living area.
Kunal: I haven’t seen Arjun all day.
Shekher: He went to pick up some stuff for Ayush and now is with him in his room.
Meghna: Has Ayush eaten anything? Has anyone eaten anything?
Naina walked to Meghna and Kunal: We’ve all eaten, Aunty gave Ayush his food, now you both come and eat.
Meghna: No Chiku.
Kunal: I don’t feel like it either.
Dadaji walked to the couple.
Dadaji: I know this all hard to process but you need to be strong.
Naina: You need food to be strong.
Dadaji: That’s right, if not for yourself but for Ayush, your Son.
Meghna and Kunal looked up at Dadaji.
Dadaji: Freshen up, check on Ayush and come down to eat.
The two of them walked upstairs and into their rooms.

Nirmala: I never thought I’d become a grandmother like this.
Dadaji: It may be a sad thing, but we all need to look at this as a new chapter to our lives.
Shekher: Baba Ji is right , Rohan was a good person and we need to be a strong family to help Ayush to grow up just like his father.
Karan: I’ll be back.
Karan got up and went upstairs.
Sandhya: Naina?
Naina: Haan Masi Maa?
Sandhya: Will you help me with making arrangements for Ayush? All of his things and what we’ll need for him.
Naina smiled: Sure.
The two of them went into the study.

Kunal and Meghna walked into Arjuns room and saw Arjun play with Ayush who was sat on the bed. They smiled at the small innocent child.
Arjun looked at the door.
Arjun: Bhai , Bhabi?
He hugged them both.
Arjun: Ayush is fine , he’s just playing with his favourite uncle.
Karan walked in: But he hasn’t played with me yet?
Arjun: Karan Bhai, I’m the favourite uncle.
Karan: Wrong! I am.

Kunal and Meghna smiled at the two and left them arguing to go to Ayush.
Meghna: Hello , Ayush!
Ayush: Hiiii!
Kunal: Do you remember me?
Ayush nodded: Anku?
Kunal remembered the first time he me Ayush.
Kunal: No betaa, I’m Papa.
Ayush: You is Papa?
Kunal nodded yes.
Kunal: And this is Mumma.
He said pointing at Meghna.
Ayush: Mumma?
Meghna smiled, she was a mother.
Meghna: Haan , I’m Mumma.
Ayush put his arm out indicating that he wanted a hug. Meghna pulled him into a hug.
Kunal had his hand on Ayush’s head.
Karan and Arjun saw the small family from a distance, like the photographer he was Karan pulled out his phone and captured this cute moment.

Kunal and Meghna played with Ayush for a while and then went downstairs to eat.
Sandhya and Naina had decided to go shopping for Ayush, Nirmala and NK also joined them. Shekher and Dadaji had gone to arrange Rohans funeral. Karan and Arjun were with their nephew.
The day went by with everyone welcoming a new member into the family. Meghna, Naina and Nirmala were in Meghnals room putting away all the clothes they bought for Ayush. Karan, Kunal and Arjun were putting up safety gates and making the house child friendly.
Meghna was folding away the clothes silently.
Nirmala; Meghna?
Meghna didn’t hear as she was deep in her thoughts.
Nirmala: Meghna?

Meghna get back to reality: Sorry Maa?
Nirmala: Meghna, are you okay?
Meghna smiled a little: I’m fine Maa.
Nirmala held Meghnas hand: Meghna , this is a big change in your life.
Meghna: Maa , it’s just … I… I don’t know.
Nirmala: Meghna , I understand how you feel, this wasn’t planned but I know you’ll do great. You’ll be a great mother to Ayush , just like how you’re a great Bahu to us, a wonderful wife to Kunal.
Naina: Don’t forget the bestest sister ever.
Nirmala: Of course , and the amazing daughter of your mother.
Meghna: I haven’t even spoken to Mumma yet.
Nirmala: Don’t worry , I spoke to her before and she and Vishal are on their way.
Naina: Really?
Meghna: Thank you Maa.
Nirmala: Betaa , at this time I know you’ll need her around.
Meghna hugged Nirmala.
Nirmala: Naina will also be staying, and she can go back to her dorm tomorrow.
Naina: It is a Saturday after all!
Nirmala: That’s the best excuse to use to be around your nephew.
They both laughed and Meghna smiled and them.

It was 7pm and everyone was in the living room.
Ayush was on the floor playing with Karan, Naina and Kunal while Meghna and Nirmala were making snacks for everyone. As Maa-Bahu came out of the kitchen Sharda and Vishal arrived.
Meghna looked at the door and her heart felt warm as she saw Kunal take Ayush to his grandmother and uncle.
Sharda had tears in her eyes.
They all sat together and started talking.
Meghna and Kunal weren’t very talkative and Sharda noticed.
She took them both into the garden and sat outside with them.
Sharda: Ghudiya, Kunal I know what happened is a massive change for you both. You’re feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility you’ve gained and the friend you lost. I know what it’s like to lose a friend, and you’re both young. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you to make memories and do what you wanted to. Ayush has come into your life as a blessing, it’s been over 2 months over you being married and you’ve already become parents.
Kunal: Haan Maa, it’s really eye opening.
Sharda: Having children will make you see everything in life differently, it’s a good thing.
Meghna: Mumma , I just don’t know if I can handle everything.
Sharda: You can, you’ve got Kunal who’s always by your side.
Kunal: I’m not going anywhere Meghna.
Sharda smiled.
Kunal: We’ll both learn about parenthood together and Meghna I know whatever life throws at you take it well.
Meghna smiled at Kunals words.
Sharda: Ghudiya , everything will be fine okay?
Meghna nodded and hugged her mother.
Naina walked out to see the three of them sitting together. A smile grew on her face. Naina walked to them.
Naina: Mumma , Dadaji is calling you.
Sharda wiped the tears away from her face: Come on Chiku, let’s go.

Sharda held Nainas hand and thy both walked in the house.
Meghna put her head on Kunals shoulder and Kunal placed his on top of Meghnas head.
Kunal: We’ll be able to be good parents right?
Meghna: Of course we will.
Kunal: Good, I was starting to doubt myself.
Meghna smiled: We’ll do everything we can to give Ayush the best life ahead.
Kunal: Let’s go inside and see what our son is upto.
Meghna and Kunal walked in to see Dadaji and Sharda make their way to the couple.
Dadaji: Meghna Betaa , we wanted to talk to you.
Meghna: Kya baat hai Dadu?
Dadaji: It’s about your career, now you have Ayush to take care of…
Kunal: Meghna can’t quit working Dadu.
Dadaji smiled: You didn’t let me finish Kunal.
Kunal: Sorry.
Dadaji: I was saying that maybe working Rohan was would be hard for you and you’ll need to around Ayush a little more.
Sharda: Bauji wanted you to work from home alone with Kunal.
Kunal: With me?
Dadaji: Haan , I wanted Meghna to join our office and work along with you but at home instead.
Sharda: How does that sound Ghudiya?
Meghna smiled: Thank you Dadu.
She took Dadajis blessings and then her mothers.
Meghna: I would love to work from home.
Dadaji: I’m glad to hear that.
Kunal: So, Meghna will work at home and I’ll have you go to the office?
Dadaji: Well for the first few weeks I wanted you both to be home and crate a bond with Ayush, then you could both go to the office.
Kunal: That’s a great plan Dadu.

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