Swabhiman – Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 19

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In the morning Meghna and Kunal got up to have their breakfast, 20 minutes later Karan walked to the table.
Karan: What’s for breakfast?
Meghna: Last night’s leftovers.
Kunal: There’s no actual food here so we’ll need to head out and shop.
Karan: I see.
Meghna and Kunal were staring at Karan.
Karan: What are you guys looking at?
Kunal: Yaar, won’t you tell us?
Karan: Tell you what?
Meghna: About yesterday night!
Karan: Oh.
Kunal: Oh what?
Karan: There’s nothing to say.
Meghna: Really?
Karan: Bhabi , nothing happened I mean we now know we both feel the same way for each other.
Kunal: That’s all?
Karan: Were you expecting any more?
Kunal: I don’t know to be honest.
Meghna: I for one am happy both of you have told each other , now there won’t be that tension in the air.
Kunal: That’s true.
Meghna: I’ve got an idea, why don’t me and Kunal set you guys on a date!?
Karan: A date?
Kunal: Yeah, dinner and you guys can chat and really get to know each other.
Karan: I guess that would be nice.
Meghna: Perfect, how does tonight sound?
Karan: Tonight? How will you plan everything so quickly?
Kunal: You don’t worry, we’ll sort it out.
Meghna: Haan, now eat your breakfast, I’ll call Chiku , we need to do the shopping asap.
Kunal: I’ll call for Dad’s car.

Meghna woke Naina up and they all got ready to head to the supermarket market.
They spent a few hours grabbing the essential items for the house. When they got back Meghna and Naina started making lunch. Kunal was taking a swim in the pool that was outside their room and Karan was sat in his room writing down some music. Once lunch was ready they all sat together and ate. Naina was heading out to do some sight seeing along with Sadna.
Meghna: Why don’t you and Karan go as well?
She asked Kunal.
Kunal: Sounds fun.
Karan: I don’t…
Naina: It’ll be fun Karan , just come.
Karan: Fine.
They four of them left Meghna who started planning a lovely evening for Karan and Naina. She picked out outfits for the couple, the perfect restaurant for them to eat at and then a boat ride to end off the date.

The evening came quick.
Meghna: Okay, Chiku come with me and Kunal you get Karan ready.
Naina: Ready?
Meghna: Come na?
Naina came to her room to see a lovely dress laid out in her bed along with accessories.
Naina: Di? What’s all of this?
Meghna: I planned a date for you and Karan.
Naina: You…
Meghna: I’ve known about you two from the beginning, so did Kunal and we’re both happy for the both of you.
Naina hugged her sister: Thank you Di!
Meghna: Pagli , let me get you ready!

(saw this dress and thought Naina -Ankita would look gorgeous in this!)

Meghna: You look gorgeous Chiku!
Naina: Thank you Di, I love it.
Meghna and Naina walked out and went into the living room where they saw Kunal and Karan waiting, Kunal was doing Karans tie up.
Karan stood there wearing a black suit with a white shirt and black tie.
Kunal looked at Naina: You look like a princess Naina!
Karan looked at Naina and was taken away.
Naina: Thanks you Jeeju.
The car honked outside.
Kunal: Your carriage awaits.
Karan walked to Naina and held his hand out.
Karan: Shall we?
Naina held his hand: Let’s.
Meghna and Kunal stood holding each other as they watched the couple walked out.
Meghna: Have fun!
Kunal: Don’t stay out too late!
Karan: We will and we won’t.

Karan and Naina arrived outside the restaurant, Karan opened the door for Naina to get out of the car and walked into the restaurant.
They sat opposite each other and ordered their food.
Naina: It was really nice of Di to do this for us.
Karan: Yeah , she’s got a few other things planned as well.
Naina: Like what?
Karan smiled: It’s a surprise.
Naina giggled.

Back at the house Meghna was sat in the living room while Kunal was in the kitchen.
Meghna: Kunal! What are you doing in there?!
She shouted so Kunal could hear.
Kunal walked out and sat next to Meghna.
Kunal: Well Mrs Chauhan, you planned the perfect evening for Karan and Naina so I thought I’d plan a fun evening for us.
Meghna: Really? So what have you got planned?
Kunal held Meghnas hands and got her off the sofa: Come and see.
He held Meghna by the waist leading her into the kitchen.
Meghna: What’s all of this?
Kunal: I thought we could make the food of love.
Meghna: And what would that be?
Kunal: Pizza!
Meghna laughed.

Karan and Naina chatted and ate their food.
Naina: That was really yummy.
Karan: Hopefully you’ve got room for dessert.
Naina: Depends where you take me.
The left the restaurant and went into a fancy desert place.
Karan: What would you like?
Naina: Anything with Chocolate.
Karan: You really enjoy chocolate?
Naina: Yes , I remember how Di and Vishal Bhai would hide any chocolate that was brought into the house, but Mumma and Gopal Mamu would always find it and give it to me.
Karan smiled at Naina as she told many more stories.
Naina: Aree , I’m going on and on and on, why don’t you stop me?
Karan: Why should I? I like it when you talk.
Naina blushed.
Naina: Why don’t you tell me some stories.
Karan: I don’t have many to share.
Naina remembered that Karan didn’t have a proper childhood and so quickly changed the subject.
Naina: Did I tell you the time…
Naina started another story of her college days.

Meghna and Kunal were busy in the kitchen making the pizza.
Kunal: This is so annoying.
There was flour all over Kunal and Meghna looked at him and started laughing.
Kunal: You find it funny?
Kunal got flour and threw it onto Meghnas face.
Kunal started laughing.
Meghna squinted her eyes and then grabbed the tomato sauce and squeezed the bottle making a mess on Kunals face .
Meghna: Oh!
Meghna ran out of the with Kunal chasing her.
Kunal: I’ll get you!
Meghna: No Kunal!!
Kunal got a hold of Meghna and pulled her into his chest, Meghna stepped backwards and then bumped into the wall, Kunal trapped her.
Kunal: Where will you go now?
Meghna: Kunal…
Kunal moved his face closer and brushed his messy cheek onto Meghnas clean cheek. He rubbed the sauce onto Meghnas cheek making Meghna shiver at his touch. He pulled away and saw Meghnas closed eyes.
Kunal: You look good in red.
Meghna opened her eyes and the couple started laughing.

Karan and Nainas end to the evening was a boat ride. They both sat next to each other on the boat and looked at the wonderful view.
Naina: Absolutely gorgeous.
Karan was looking at Naina: Just gorgeous.
Naina looked at Karan who was staring into her eyes.
Naina: What’s wrong?
Karan: Nothing, everything is perfect.
Naina smiled: I’m glad you think so.
Karan held Nainas hand and Naina rested her head on Karans arm.

Kunal and Meghna were tidying the mess they made in the kitchen and then Kunal went into the shower to wash off. Meghna walked into the bathroom and washed her hands.
Meghna: Kunal , hurry up. I need to go too.
Kunal: How about you join me?
Meghna: Huh?
Kunal opened the shower door and pulled Meghna in.
Meghna: Kunal!!

The couple were sat on the boat when Karan felt a droplet of water fall on his face.
Karan: I think it’s starting to rain.
Driver: I’ll get back to the land sir.
They quickly got back and now the rain was a little heavier.
Karan held Nainas hand and ran to the shelter but Naina ran back out.
Karan: Naina! What are you doing?
Naina was spinning and around in the rain.
Karan: You’ll catch a cold.
Naina: Karan, live a little!
Karan laughed at Naina and went back out to the rain.

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Kunal and Meghna were still standing in the shower with the water pouring down. Kunal placed his hands on Meghnas waist and Meghnas hands were on Kunals chest.

Karan and Naina danced in the rain. Karan held Nainas hand and waist while Naina held Karans hand and shoulder.

Meghna turned around so her back hit Kunals chest.

Karan twirled Naina around and she ended up spinning into his chest.
Karan looked into Nainas eyes but a strand of hair was in the way, he moved it away.

Meghna got out of the shower and Kunal wrapped a towel around his waist and followed her.
Meghna ran into their room and stood at the door leading into the swimming pool.
Kunal stood behind her and put his arms around her.

Naina and Karan hugged each other. After breaking the hug Naina tried running away but Karan held her hand and pulled her and she twirled back to him. He cupped her face.
Karan: I love you Naina.
Naina: I love you too Karan.
They shared a soft kiss.

Kunal kissed Meghnas neck and Meghna held Kunals head. She turned around facing him.
Kunal: Meghna?
Meghna: Yes.
Kunal: Are you sure?
Meghna kissed Kunal , giving him the answer.
The camera blurs away from the couple.

Karan and Naina walked around for a while hand in hand and the rain stopped.
Karan: Naina , I’m glad that you came into my life. I never fell in love before.
Naina: That’s makes two of us.
Karan: We should head home.
Naina: Yeah , it’s getting a little late.
Karan pulled out his phone and called the driver.
An hour and half later the two walked in home.
It was 12 am.
Karan and Naina headed to their rooms.
Naina looked at the mirror and saw herself blush as she thought about today.
Karan went to his cupboard and took out a dupatta that belong to Naina and held it to his chest.
Karan: I’ll give it back soon.
He said to himself.

The next morning Meghna woke up to see her on Kunals chest. She slowly got up and remembered she only had a blanket on her. She nudged Kunal to wake up.
Kunak: Meghnaaaa
Meghna: Kunal, get up!
Kunal opened his eyes and sat up on the bed.
Kunal: What’s wrong?
Meghna: Look at yourself.
Kunal looked at himself: What?
Meghna widened her eyes.
Kunal: Oh!
Meghna: Get up then.
Kunal: You can go to the bathroom like that.
Meghna: Kunal , only one of us can take the blanket or you can come with me.
Kunal held onto the blanket: I’ll stay her with the blanket.
Meghna blushed: Kunal!
Kunal smirked at Meghna: Come one then.
The two got out bed with the blanket around them.
Meghna: Let me get my things.
They went to the cupboard and got a new set of clothes to wear and then headed to the bathroom to shower and change.
Meghna came out of the shower first and then dried her hair.
Kunal came out 10 minutes later and out Sindoor on Meghnas forehead.
The both of them walked out of their room and went into the dining area to see Karan and Naina bring in breakfast.
Meghna: Good Morning guys.
Kunal: So love birds when did you get home?
Naina: Good Morning Di and Jeeju.
Karan: Good Morning Bhabi and Bhai we got in around 12.
Meghna: Did you have fun?
Naina: It was really fun Di.
Karan: Haan Bhabi , thank you for planning such an amazing evening.
Kunal: Next time Karan , you’ll be on your own.
Karan: I’ll keep that in mind.
The four if them had breakfast and then headed out to do some fun things.

The days turned into weeks and it was their last day.
Karan: Bhabi , could you please help me pack?
Meghna: Sure.
Karan and Meghna went into Karans room.
Naina and Kunal were playing a video game in the living area.

Meghna: Karan? Your stuff is already packed.
Karan: I know , I needed an excuse to talk to you about Naina.
Meghna: What is it?
Karan: I want to tell Dadu, Dad and Mom about marrying Naina.
Meghna smiled: Really?!
Karan: Yeah but I’m kind…
Meghna: Scared?
Karan: I’d use the word nervous.
Meghna: Oh Karan , I can’t believe this is really happening!
Karan: Not just yet Bhabi, I want Naina to complete her final year of college.
Meghna smiled: You really like her.
Karan: I’d use the word Love.
Meghna hugged Karan who hugged her back.
Karan: Thank you for everything Bhabi.
Meghna: It’s my duty Karan.
Karan: I’ll call Bhai and tell him otherwise he’ll get jealous I told you first.
Meghna laughed: I’ll go get him
Meghna went to the living area and saw Nainas and Kunal playing.
Meghna: Kunal, let me play, Karan is calling you.
Kunal: Wait 2 minutes.
Meghna squinted her eyes and went to hold Kunals ear.
Kunal: Ouch ouch ouch!
Kunal got up and then gave his controller to Meghna.
Kunal: Not fair play Meghna.
Kunal left the room rubbings his ear and Meghna&Naina laughing.
A few minutes Kunal and Karan walked out of them.
Kunal had a wide smile on his face, Meghna saw and knew Kunal know knew Karans plan.

In the evening Naina and Kunal prepared dinner while Karan and Meghna were setting up the dinner table. After dinner Meghna and Kunal headed to bed while Karan and Naina went into the garden.
They were sat in the swing.
Karan: The trip is over.
Naina: Time flies when you have fun.
Karan: And when you have the right company.
Naina smiled and looked at Karan.
Karan: When will you come over to ours again?
Naina: Probably after all the exams.
Karan: I see.
Naina: A few months away.
Karan: Seems like a long way away.
Naina: We have our phones.
Karan: It won’t be the same.
Naina: I know.
Karan: I’ll miss you.
Naina put her head on Karans shoulder.
Naina: I’ll miss you more.
Karan held Nainas hand.
They sat there in each others presence and Meghna and Kunal saw them from a distance.
Meghna: They look so peaceful.
Kunal: They’ll be with each other soon.
Meghna: Yeah.

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