Swabhiman – Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 18

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The next morning Meghna woke up at 6 am. She found herself in Kunals arms on their bed and smiled to herself. She got up and slowly got ready for work, once she came out if their washroom she saw Kunal was awake.
Kunal: Good Morning Jaan.
He kissed her forehead and headed to the washroom.
Meghna changed her saree and did her hair sitting at the dressing table.
Kunals came out and put her sindoor on.
Meghna: Kunal?
Kunal: Yes.
Kunal had started putting on his shirt.
Meghna: Did you change my saree yesterday?
Kunal: Yeah , I didn’t want you to sleep uncomfortably in the other saree.
Meghna: Thank you.
Kunal: Meghna , you’re my wife and it’s my duty.
Meghna got up and put Kunals cufflinks on.
Kunal: You must be hungry , you slept on an empty stomach, let’s get some breakfast.
They walked downstairs and saw Karan putting food on the dining table.
Meghna: Karan? What are you doing up this early.
Karan: Making breakfast for you both.
Kunal: I think I’ll miss your breakfast , I want to live another day.
Meghna: Kunal , I’m sure Karan can make better food than you.
Karan: Thank you Bhabi.
Meghna saras down and Karan served her.
Meghna: This is amazing!
Karan smiled: Really?
Meghna: Yeah , taste some.
Meghna fed Karan and then fed Kunal.
Kunal: Wow that’s actually good.
Karan: Hmm, not bad.
The two of them joined Meghna and ate together.

Half an hour later Kunal and Meghna a left for work.
Kunal arrived to his office and started his work. His office phone rang.
Kunal: Hello.
Caller: Hello sir, there’s someone here to see you.
Kunal: Who is it?
Caller: Rohan?
Kunal: Yeah , send him up.
Rohan came into Kunals office. They shook hands and sat down.
Kunal: You could’ve called me.
Rohan: My phone was stolen.
Kunal: What?
Rohan: Yeah , don’t worry about it.
Kunal: What can I do for you?
Rohan: Actually, what I’m about to tell you is something I’ve found out for a while now and I need to share it with a friend.
Kunal: Rohan , you can trust me.
Rohan: I’ve found out that my son is alive.
Kunal: What? How is that possible?
Rohan: The police never found my son’s body when the accident happened. Ever since that day they’ve been looking for him.
Kunal: When did they tell you this?
Rohan: They called me the night of the Sangeet, 3 years after the accident.
Kunal: How old was your son the day of the accident?
Rohan: Ayush was 1.
Kunal: So that’d make him 4 now?
Rohan nodded.
Rohan: I came to you today because the police caked my house phone today morning telling me that they’ve found a location of where he is.
Kunal: Where’s that?
Rohan: Arjun a care home.
Kunal: When are you going to see him?
Rohan: I haven’t set a date yet.
Kunal: Why not?
Rohan: I don’t know, I’m scared. I’m a stranger to him.
Kunal: Rohan , you need to go and see him.
Rohan: Could you come with me?
Kunals smiled: I would love to.
Rohan: Thank you so much.
Kunal: That’s what friend are for.
Rohan: How does tomorrow sound?
Kunal: Sounds great.

Kunals&Meghna had lunch with Rohan that day and we’re chatting.
Rohan: I hope they’ll let him live with me soon.
Meghna: I’m sure they will.
Kunal: Yeah, there won’t be anything stopping them make the decision.
Rohan: Actually, there is.
Kunal: What’s that?
Rohan: A mother for Ayush.
Meghna: Have you ever thought about getting remarried?
Rohan: I don’t think I can make such a big move.
Kunal: Not even for Ayush?
Rohan: Who would I marry?
Meghna: We could find someone for you.
Kunal: We could.
Meghna: If you would like us to.
Rohan: I’ll think about it.

The next day, Rohan and Kunal went to the care home.
Lady: Rohan , your son will be here in a few minutes.
Rohan: Thank you.
Rohan and Kunal were sat in the office while the lady left to get Ayush.
The door opened and in came little Ayush holding the care workers hand.
Rohan smiled.
Lady: Ayush , that’s Daddy.
Ayush slowly walked to Rohan.
Ayush: Papa?
Rohan picked up Ayush: Yes , I’m your Papa.
Kunal was standing a few steps away.
Ayush printed at Kunal: Who dat? (Baby talk)
Rohan: Uncle.
Ayush: Anku?
Kunal stepped closer and held Ayush little hand: Yes, I’m your Anku.
The three of them spent some together.
Rohan went to talk to the woman who was supervising.
Rohan: How long do you think it’ll be until I can take him home with me?
Lady: Maybe a month or longer, you can have regular visits and once all the paperwork is done then you can take him home with you.
Rohan: Thank you so much.
Lady: You’re welcome, I’ll need to take Ayush for a nap now.
Rohan: I’ll just say bye.
Lady: Sure , take your time.
Rohan knelt down to Ayush.
Rohan: Ayush , Papa has to go now but I’ll be back tomorrow.
Ayush: Okay Papa.
Ayush hugged Rohan and Rohan held Ayush.
They broke the hug and Kunal gave a quick hug to Ayush.
They left the care home and Kunal and Rohan drove to Rohans office.
Meghna was sat at her desk and looked up to see Kunal and Rohan.
Meghna: How was it?
Kunal: Really good , Ayush is a very cute kid.
Rohan: Yeah , they said I could meet him on a regular basis and then in month or so he’ll be home with me.
Meghna: That’s great news.
Rohan: It really is.

Kunal and Meghna got home and started making a list of all the things they’ll need to buy for their vacation.
Meghna: Now, what about Karan?
Kunal: I’ll call him.
Kunal picked up his phone.
Meghna: Kunal , he’s in his room.
Kunal: I don’t want to go all the way over there.
Meghna: I’ll go then.
Kunal: No no no , I’ll go.
Meghna smiled and Kunal went to Karans room.
Kunal: Karan…
Karan was sitting at his piano with his headphones plugged in.
Kunal was about to leave.
Karan: What can I do for you Bhai?
Kunal turned around: Your Bhabis calling you.
Karan and Kunal into the Kunal&Meghnas room and saw Meghna on her laptop.
The three of them made a full checklist.

The next few days consisted of work and shopping. Arjun would also accompany hem on the shopping trips. It was Saturday and tonight is Yuvraj&Radikas wedding.

The went to pick Naina up.

Meghnas outfit:Click Here

Nainas outfit:Click Here

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The four of them arrived at the venue and greeted the happy couple. After all the rituals he couples danced to various songs. Rohan had been talking to them all about Ayush and showing them pictures.
Naina: He’s just adorable!
Meghna: His cheeks!!!
Rohan: Calm down now you two.
After the wedding was over Rohan went home and the rest headed to Nainas dorm.
Sadna was there.
Sadna: Hi Meghna Di!
Sadna hugged Meghna.
Meghna: Hey, how have you been?
Sadna: I’ve been great, can’t wait for tomorrow.
Meghna: This is my husband Kunal and my brother-in-law Karan.
Kunal&Karan: Hi.
Sadna: Hello, you guys take a seat I’ll be back.
Meghna: Naina , are you done packing?
Naina but her lip: Almost.
Meghna: You haven’t even started have you?
Naina nodded no.
Kunal: Not to worry , we can help you.
Meghna: I’ll end up doing everything.
Kunal: Of course you will.
They all started packing and having fun.
Meghna: That’s all done , now set all your alarms okay?
Naina: I will.
Meghna: Ticket and passport are in your hand bag, remember that okay?
Naina: I will.
Meghna: You’ll call me when you get to the airport?
Naina: I will.
Kunal: Meghna , don’t go crazy!
Naina: She will.
They all laughed while Meghna sat there grinning.
Meghna: Whatever, you need to sleep so let’s go home.
Meghna hugged Naina.
Meghna: Chiku, we’ll see you in a few days.
Naina: I know Di , don’t worry about me.
Meghna: I will.
Meghna kissed Naina head.
Kunal gave Naina a hug.
Kunal: Remember to take pictures while you’re in the plane.
Naina: Don’t worry Jeeju , I won’t forget that.
Kunal: Good girl.
Kunal and Meghna left the room with Karan and Naina in there alone.
Karan: Have a safe flight and enjoy the your time.
Naina: Well , I’ll be seeing you in a few days and I’m sure we’ll have fun together.
Karan smiled: Yeah , we will.
Naina hugged Karan who hugged her back.
Naina: See you Karan.
Karan: See you Naina.
Karan left the room and went to meet Meghna&Kunal down in the car.

Sunday morning Meghna was awake and was waiting for Nain to call. Kunal was also awake with her. They sat together and read a book. Meghna phone rang.
Meghna: Chiku?
Naina: Good Morning Di.
Meghna: Good Morning, are you a the airport?
Naina: Yes, just waiting to get in the plane.
Meghna: How long do you think you’ll have to wait?
Naina m: Half an hour or so.
Meghna: Okay , did you get anything to eat?
Naina: I ate a cereal bar and some milkshake.
Meghna: Okay, that’s good.
Naina: Is Jeeju awake?
Kunal: Of course I’m here, hello Naina.
Naina: Hi Jeeju.
Kunal: Ready for flying?
Naina: Yes, it’ll be my first time flying so I can’t wait.
Kunal: It’s really fun.
Meghna: Okay Chiku , make sure you text me when you board the plane.
Naina: Okay Di , bye guys.
Kunal: Bye Naina.
Meghna: Bye Chiku.
Meghna put her phone down.
Kunal: Don’t worry Meghna , she’ll be fine.
Meghna: I know , she’s by herself and that’s why I’m worried.
Kunal: She’s got her friends with her.
Meghna: I guess.
Kunal: Come one, let’s get up.
Meghna: How comes?
Kunal: You wanna go for a jog?
Meghna: Yeah , that’ll be nice.
Kunal and Meghna went for a jog and came back an hour later.
They both showered and came downstairs.
Meghna did the Puja and then they all had breakfast. After breakfast Meghna joined Dadaji to the local Mandir.
At the Mandir Dadaji met with his friends and Meghna greeted them. Meghna was lookin around and thought she saw Khyati with a boy.
Meghna(mind): Is that Khyati? It can’t be, she’s at college.
Meghna shook her head and looked away.
Dadaji: Come one Meghna , let’s go home.

Tuesday morning was Kunal, Meghna and Karans flight. Everyone went to the airport to drop them off.
Arjun: Have fun guys, make sure you bring us something back.
Kunal: We will, don’t worry.
Nirmala: Take care of yourselves.
Karan: Mom , don’t worry about us.
Shekher: She’s a mother, you kids just have a good time.
Dadaji: Take loads of pictures.
They took the elders blessings and left.
On the plane Kunal took the window seat and then it was Meghna and next to Meghna sat Karan.
Meghna fell asleep straight away placing her head on Kunals shoulder, Kunal went to sleep a few minutes later putting his on top of Meghnas head. Karan took a picture and then started working on some music on his laptop.
Once the flight was over the trio headed to their penthouse. They explored the house and the garden and then they all sat in the living area. Meghna in Kunals arm and Karan on the single sofa.
Karan: Pretty good.
Kunal: Yeah , Dad wanted to sell it , good thing he didn’t.
Meghna: The view from our room is beautiful.
Karan: I told Naina that we’re here.
Kunal smiled: Of course you did.
Karan: What’s that supposed to mean?
Kunal: I don’t know, you tell me.
Karan: Bhabi , could you please translate what your husband said.
Meghna laughed: Karan , he means “of course you did because you’re eager to see her”, right?
Kunal nodded yes.
Karan: It’s not like that.
Meghna&Kunal: Then what’s it like?
Karan: You guys are crazy.
Kunal: But you’re crazy in love!
He shouted as Karan was leaving the living room.
Karan: I can’t hear you!
Meghna: Leave Karan alone , I’m sure he’ll tell her soon.
Kunal: At this rate Naina might tell him first.
Meghna: There’s nothing wrong with that.
Kunal: Girls can confess of course but it’d be nice to see Karan tell Naina.
Meghna: It really would.
Kunal: Did Naina let you know whether she could stay with us?
Meghna: Not yet , we should ask Karan, he might know.
Karan: I heard that! And no she didn’t tell me anything.
Kunal and Meghna laughed.

The rest of the day was chilled out, they unpacked and tidy up because the next few weeks this was their home. Kunal ordered in food. It was 8pm and there was a knock on the door.
Karan: Who can that be?
Meghna: I have no idea.
Kunal got up and opened the door to see Naina.
Kunal: Hello stranger.
Naina: Hi Jeeju!
Kunal hugged Naina and then took her suitcase with him.
Kunal: We’re all sitting up there.
Naina: Thanks.
Naina walked up into the living area with Kunal following behind her.
Meghna and Karan saw Naina.
Meghna: Chiku?!
Naina: Surprise Di!
Naina hugged her sister.
Meghna: Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?
Naina: I would’ve ruined the surprise. Duh!
Karan: We can count on you to do that.
Naina: Ha-Ha(!)
Meghna: We’re glad you could come.
Kunal: I’ll order up some more food.
Naina: It’s okay Jeeju, I ate before I came.
Kunal: Nonsense, I’m ordering.
The next few hours went by with them all eating and watching a film.
It was 12 am, Meghna&Kunal headed to their room to get some sleep. Karan and Naina soon went to their rooms to sleep but couldn’t.

Karan got out of bed and started singing in his room.

Pehle kabhi, haan haan pehle kabhi
Na mera haal aisa hua
Meri neend gayi, chain khone laga
Kuch to hone laga, haan kuch to hone laga

Naina was in her room and started singing.

Pehle kabhi, haan haan pehle kabhi
Na mera haal aisa hua
Meri neend gayi, chain khone laga
Kuch to hone laga, haan kuch to hone laga

Kunal and Meghna came out if their room. And saw Karan walking into the living room.

Pehli mohabbat ka ehsaas hai yeh

Hey hey hey

Pehli mohabbat ka ehsaas hai yeh
Kaise bataaoon ke kya pyaas hai yeh

Naina also came into the living room.

Kyoon tadapne laga, kyoon dhadakne laga
Koi sapna mera dil sanjone laga
Kuch to hone laga, haan haan kuch to hone laga

Naina and Karan started walking towards each other but Naina ran.

Mehboob chaahat ki raahon mein milke

Hey hey hey

Mehboob chaahat ki raahon mein milke
Poore hue saare armaan dil ke

Karan walked behind Naina.

Ab sanam darmiyaan na rahi dooriyaan
Teri zulfon tale main to sone laga
Kuch to hone laga, haan kuch to hone laga

The two were facing each other now.

Pehle kabhi, haan haan pehle kabhi
Na mera haal aisa hua

Meri neend gayi, chain khone laga

Kuch to hone laga

Haan kuch to hone laga

Haan haan kuch to hone laga

Haan kuch to hone laga

Haan kuch to hone laga

Haan kuch to hone laga

When they stopped singing they heard clapping.
Kunal: Finally!
Naina and Karan backed a way from each other but Meghna and Kunal pushed them back together.
Meghna: You guys finish up, come Kunal let’s go.
Kunal: I don’t wanna go.
Meghna held Kunals hand and pulled him away.
Meghna: See you in the morning you two!

They were alone in their room now.
Karan held Nainas face and removed a strand away from her face.
Karan: Why didn’t you say anything?
Naina was looking down.
Karan held her chin and made her look up.
Naina: I don’t know , I didn’t know you felt the same way about me. Why did it take you so long to tell me?
Karan smiled: You know me.
Naina smiled back: I do.
Karan: I didn’t know that I could feel what I felt.
Naina: What feeling is that?
Karan: Love.
Naina held Karans hand: As long as I’m with you and you’re with me , that’s all you’re going to feel.
Karan: I look forward to that life.
Karan kissed Nainas cheek.
Karan: I’ll drop you to your room.
Naina: Thanks.
Karan and Naina walked hand in hand to Nainas room.
Karan: Goodnight.
Naina: Goodnight.

Karan went to his room and fell back onto his bed with the biggest smile on his face.

Naina threw the cushions in the air as she sat on her bed , all smiles.

Karan closed his eyes and saw all the memories with Naina.
Karan: Naina.

Naina was lying on her bed and also had the same flashbacks.
Naina: Karan.

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