Swabhiman – Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 17

The gun was empty.
Kunal held onto Meghna who held onto him, thy had their eyes closed.
Meghna: Kunal?!
Kunal: Meghna are you okay?
Kunal cupped Meghnas face: You don’t how scared I was!
Karan: I’ll call the police.
Rohan and Arjun took hold of Niha and the gun to one side of the room. Everyone joined Kunal and Meghna. Naina and Sharda hugged Meghna.
Naina: Di, how did you know the gun didn’t have any bullets?

Meghna: I took a guess.
Sharda: Pagal Ghudiya! What if something happened to you?
Meghna I knew nothing would happen, didn’t you see how Kunal lept in front of me?
Sharda touches Kunals cheek: I did, but I couldn’t see anything happen to either of you.
Kunal held Shardas hands: Maa , nothing would’ve happened.
Khyati: Bhais the hero of he day.
NK: He sure is.
Meghna saw Arjun sitting to one side and went to him.

Meghna: Arjun?
Arjun looked up and then stood.
Arjun: You’re okay?
Meghna: I’m completely fine and how are you?
Arjun: I’m good.
Arjun started tearing up and hugged Meghna whole held him tightly.
Meghna: It’s okay Arjun, everything will be fine.
Arjun: Bhabi , she took my parents away from me and she wanted to take you away as well.
Meghna: I’m still here Arjun, I’ll never leave you.
Arjun looked at Meghna: Promise?
Meghna: Promise and let’s go to the others.

15 minutes later the police came took Niha away.
Rohan: I should get going.
Kunal: Thank you for today.
Rohan: Don’t thank me , that what’s friends are for.
Rohan bid farewell to everyone and left.
After all the chaos everyone headed to bed.

Kunal and Meghna were in their room and there was a knock on the door. Kunal opened the door to find Dadaji there.
Kunal: Dadu? What brings you here this late?
Dadaji: Why don’t you let me in and I’ll tell you.
Meghna came out of the washroom and saw Dadaji sat in the chair.
Dadaji: Meghna Bahu , Kunal came and sit with me.
Meghna and Kunal sat on each side.
Meghna: What’s wrong Dadu?
Dadaji: Nothings wrong , there hasn’t been a lot of wrong in a while.
Kunal: Dadu, are you sure?
Dadaji: I’m very sure. I came here to tell you both something, I hear that you both as well as Karan will be heading to Switzerland for your honeymoon.
Kunal: Haan , next week is Yuvraj and Radikas wedding and we plan to go a few days after that.
Dadaji: That’s very good, I wanted to tell you children to have, make some memories and to help Karan.
Meghna: Karan?
Dadaji: Haan , I want you to help Karan with love and do maybe getting married.
Kunal: Love? Oh Dadu! Meghna and I have already spoken to Karan about Naina.
Dadaji: Naina?
Meghna smiled: Yes Dadu! Karan likes Naina and Naina likes him but they haven’t told each other.
Dadaji: I thought I saw something between them.
Kunal: You know the reason Meghna wanted to go Switzerland was because she wants to set the two of them up.
Dadaji: Well that’s a good thing.
Meghna: See Dadu’s on my side.
Kunal: He’s always on your side , and I agree it’s a good idea to bring them together but why on our honeymoon.
Dadaji: Oh , I see. Kunal doesn’t anyone disturbing the honeymoon romance.
Meghna blushed slightly.
Kunal: Correct Dadu!
Dadaji: But I’m sure you’ll find a way to do both, you’re a smart kid.
Dadaji got up.
Dadaji: Goodnight you two.
Meghna&Kunal: Goodnight Dadu.

Karan was in his room excited for the vacation. He was thinking about all the times he’d be able to spend with Naina.
Naina wasn’t able to sleep and went downstairs where she saw Khyati sitting at the dining table reading a book and eating some ice cream.
Khyati smiled at Naina: Hi.
Naina: Hey.
Khyati: Wanna join me?

She said picking her spoon up.
Naina smiled: Sure.
Naina grabbed a spoon and they both ate the ice cream.
Khyati: Naina?
Naina: Yes?
Khyati: I wanted to say sorry.
Naina: For what?
Khyati: First what I did at the sangeet and my rude behaviour.
Naina: You don’t need to say for that, you did it because you were protecting Karan, your brother.
Khyati: Yeah , but I should’ve dealt with it differently.
Naina: What happened , happened and now we can move on.
Khyati: We definitely can and now your family we’ll be seeing more of each other.
Naina: Definitely!
Khyati and Naina sat talking for a while and then went to their rooms.

The next morning everyone woke up for the Puja that was led by Meghna.
Meghna along with Naina and Khyati were preparing breakfast for everyone, while everyone was in the living area talking and relaxing.
Kunal joined the two men in the kitchen so did Karan and Arjun.
Arjun: Switzerland is amazing this time of the year! You guys are going to have so much fun.
Kunal: Can’t wait for the snowboarding and everything else.
Naina: Me too!
Meghna: Will you be with your College friends?
Naina: Yeah , we’re in some hotel.
Kunal: Do you think you’ll b able to stay with us at the penthouse?
Meghna: Yeah , your trip is a holiday and we’re family so I’m sure they’d let you.
Naina: I’ll have to ask and find out.
Meghna: Ask quickly okay?
Naina: Sure Di.
Khyati: Wish I had a holiday!
Karan: You’ve had a whole week off.
Khyati: Yeah , I should have been more productive.
Meghna: Don’t worry, your next holiday your Kunal Bhai can take you out and about.
Khyati: He better!

After breakfast Sharda and Naina got ready to go home , they were packing in their room.
Meghna: Mumma , we couldn’t even spend much time together.
Sharda: I know Ghudiya , but you all threw a wonderful party that everyone enjoyed and I saw what you are capable of and how much happiness you brought to this family.
Naina: Don’t worry Di , before you guys on holiday for your honeymoon Jeeju said you’ll go home and then go.
Meghna: Really?
Naina: Yeah , it’s meant to be a surprise so when a Jeeju tells you act surprised.
Meghna laughed: Of course.
Sharda: We should go downstairs, Kunal must be waiting.
The three of them went downstairs and everyone said their goodbyes.
Meghna and Kunal dropped Naina to her dorm and then dropped Sharda home. They had tea and do snacks and left to go back home at 4pm.

On the way back it was raining and Meghna was looking outside.
Kunal: I love the rain.
Meghna: Me too.
The road was empty and Kunal pulled up on the side of the road.
Meghna: What are you doing?
Kunal got out of the car and went to open Meghnas door.
Kunal: I’m going to enjoy the rain with my wife!
Meghna: You’re crazy!
Kunal pulled Meghna out of the car and closed the door behind her.
They walked in the middle of the road and danced about. Kunal was back hugging Meghna.
Meghna: This is nice.
Kunal: It really is.

Meghna: I wanna stay like this forever.
Kunal: Then let’s do that.
Kunal tightened his grip around Meghna who held his arms. A few minutes later Meghna turned around to face Kunal.
Meghna: It’s going to get late , let’s head home.
Kunal: You said you warned to stay like this forever.
Meghna: Yeah , with you not the rain.
Kunal smiled and kissed Meghnas cheek.
Kunal: Let’s go.
They got into the car and drove on, but after 15 minutes Kunal heard a pop.
Kunal: Oh no.
Meghna: What’s wrong?
Kunal: I heard a pop.
Meghna: You mean the tyre?
Kunal nodded.
Meghna: Don’t worry, we can just change it.
Kunal: Well…
Meghna: You have a spare one at the back right?
Kunal: I used them and didn’t replace it.
Meghna: Kunal!
Kunal: I know , I’m sorry.
Meghna: What do we do now?
Kunal: I’ll drive a little further on and see if there’s a house or something near by and you call Karan and tell him to send a car to us.
Meghna: Okay, I’ll send him a screenshot of our location.
Kunal: Do you have any signal?
Meghna: A weak one, I’m sure if we find a house or some building I’ll be able to send the message because I can’t call.
Kunal: That’s fine , I can drive maybe another 5 minutes forward and I see some lights down there.
Kunal and Meghna got out of the car and saw a small cottage(Yes, very cliché but I had to!)
Meghna: Okay , we’re about 2 and a half hours away from home and my message is sending to Karan.
Kunal: He’ll probably get the message in half an hour.
Meghna: Don’t worry, we’ll be fine out here.
They entered the cottage and sat in the floor.
Kunal: Sorry for being an idiot.
Meghna: Don’t worry about it.

Kunal: At least we have some alone time here.
Meghna: Kunal…
They sat together for some time, Meghnas head on Kunals shoulder.
Kunal: You sleepy?
Meghna: Not really , just feel like cosy like this.
Kunal was holding Meghna.
Meghna checked the time on her phone, it was 6:30 pm.
Meghna: My message is still sending.

Kunal: Maybe we should wall outside and check for a better signal.
The both got up and walked out into the forest that surrounded the cottage.
Meghna was holding onto Kunals left arm while his right arm was holding Meghnas phone in the air to get the right signal.
Kunal: Got it!
They stood in the same position for a few seconds until the message completely sent.
Meghna was looking around and saw a snake a foot away from them.
Meghna: Kunal , there’s a snake there.
Kunal looked down and saw the snake moving closer to them.
Kunal: Let’s go back inside slowly.
Meghna: Are you scared?
Kunal: If it bites either one of us we’ll get poisoned so yeah I am a little scared.
They got back to the cottage, closed the sport making sure the snake didn’t follow them.
They sat down.
Meghna: You know I got bitten by a snake when I was younger.
Kunal: Really? Trust you to still be alive.
Meghna elbowed Kunals stomach.
Kunal: Tell me how it happened.
Meghna: Me and Chiku were coming back from school and Chiku was running around and she ran into a forest. I ran after her and saw her sitting on a log. We sat there for ah woke because we were tired and I felt something prick me on my back but didn’t take any notice of it. When we got home I fell on the floor. Mumma and Bade Mama ran to me and picked me up taking me to my room. Chiku told me that the doctor came and took some tests and didn’t find anything.
Kunal: So the snake wasn’t poisonous?
Meghna: Nope , I just fell because of tiredness. So when Mumma was giving me a bath she found a bite mark from a snake.
Kunal: Is it still there?

Meghna: Yeah, wanna see?
Kunal: Yeah.
Meghna moved her hair from the back and put it in the front, she unhooked two of the oops of her blouse with the help of Kunal.
Meghna: It should be there.
Kunal saw the mark: Yeah I see it.
Kunal touched the scar left from the bite. Meghna shivered.
Kunal: Sorry, does it hurt?
Meghna: No , your hands are cold.
Kunal ran his fingers up Meghnas back making her get up. Kunal held her saree to stop her walking away. He got up and walked to her.
Kunal: Where are you going?

Meghna didn’t say anything.
Kunal hooked the blouse hook and put his chin on Meghnas shoulder.
Kunal: You can run away from me.
Meghna: Yeah , you’ll chase me.
Kunal kissed Meghnas neck.
Meghna closed her eyes.
Kunal kissed Meghnas cheek.
Meghna turned around and hugged Kunal.
Kunal held onto her tightly and then held her face. Meghna was looking down.
Kunal: Look into my eyes Meghna.
Meghna slowly looked up at Kunal.
Kunal: I won’t ever do anything you don’t want me to do Meghna. Never.
Meghna smiled at Kunal: I know.
She kissed him slowly.
They broke apart and sat back down.
Kunal had laid down with his head on Meghnas lap and dosed off.
2 hours later Meghna heard the sound of a honking of a car.
Meghna: Kunal?
She shook Kunal.
Kunal: Meghnaaaaa 2 more minutes.
Meghna smiled: Kunal , the cars here to take us home.
Kunal slowly opened his eyes.
Kunal: How long was I out?
Meghna: Aboout 2 hours.
They both got up and walked out into the road.
The driver was still in the car and Karan was standing outside.
Meghna was wearing Kunals jacket.
Karan: You guys okay?
Meghna: Yeah , we’re fine.
Kunal: Thank you for getting us.

Karan: Get in the car , it’s warmer.
Karan was sitting in The passenger seat while Kunal and Meghna were at the back.
Karan: There are some water bottles and food.
Kunal: Thank you! I’m starving.
Kunal grabbed the food and started eating it. He gave some Meghna who refused. Meghna put her head on Kunals shoulder and closed her eyes.
3 hours later they were home. Karan got out if the car and Kunal held a sleeping Meghna in his arms. Shekher opened the door to see the 3 of them.
Nirmala: Is Meghna okay?
Karan: She’s just sleeping.
Kunal headed upstairs and put Meghna to bed. He changed her clothes and made sure she was comfortable. He also changed and went back downstairs to everyone else. After chatting for a while they all went to their rooms.

Thank you guys so much for all the comments! Hope you enjoyed this part as well!

Precap: Honeymoon and NAIRAN!!!

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