Swabhiman – Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 16

Meghna: What’s wrong guys?
Kunal: You thought we didn’t know?
Karan: Huh? Know what? We don’t know what you’re talking about.
Meghna: Give it up, Naina left a piece of paper in our room when she was over.
Kunal: Titled “Di&Jeejus perfect getaway”
Karan: Oh God!
Kunal&Meghna laughed.
Naina: Oh no.
Naina bit her lip.
Meghna: I told you she couldn’t keep a secret.
Karan: I dint want to believe you.
Kunal: Well now we all know.

Naina: I didn’t blurt it out or anything, just a silly mistake and I didn’t spill this anniversary party secret out.
Meghna: Yeah, good job (!)
Nain: Di!
Meghna: You guys are really sweet though, we appreciate it all.
Kunal: But we’ve chosen where we want to go and when.
Karan: Well , I guess that’s okay.
Naina: Where did you pick?
Kunal: We’re going to Switzerland.
Meghna: After Yuvraj and Radikas wedding
Naina: I’ll be there as well!
Meghna: Along with a few other people.
Karan: What?

Kunal: Yes , the Mrs wants to bring you along with us.
Meghna: I waned the bring Arjun and Khyati but they have school and college.
Karan: Really Bhabi?
He said excited.
Kunal: You want to come?
Karan realised how excited he sounded but he only wanted to go because Naina would be there.
Karan: Bhabi, it’s your and Bhais honeymoon, I don’t want to impose.
Meghna: Don’t be silly.
Karan: Okay, I’ll coke because you’re insisting.
Meghna looked at Kunal who both knew he agreed because of Naina also being in Switzerland.
They all got back to the party and we’re dancing, changing partners a few seconds later each time. Meghna was dancing and saw Karan just standing and watching everyone else, she left the dance floor and went to Karans and held her hand out.
Meghna: Karan? Would you like to dance?
Karan: Bhabi, I…

Meghna: You don’t need to touch me , just keep your hands in the air but positioned where they’re mentioned to be?
Karan smiled and held Meghnas hand which surprised Meghna.
Karan: I’d love to dance Bhabi.
Everyone saw how relaxed Karan had become as they watched him dance.
Meghna made sure that when they would switch partners Karan would end up with Naina.
Kunal was dancing with Naina and signalled Meghna.
Meghna and Kunal were dancing together and Karan and Naina were together. Kunal was holding Meghnas waist and they moved to one side so they could spy on Karan and Naina.
Naina was holding Karans shoulders and Karan was holding Naina waist. They didn’t move for a minute and just kept looking into each others eyes. The whole world stopped for them , everyone was dancing around them. Karan kept one hand on Nainas waist and the other on her back, he closed the big gap between them making Naina circle her arms around Karans neck. They swayed to the music. Karan twirled Naina around and then they continued dancing. Meghna and Kunal were smiling as they watched the two dance. Once the music stopped everyone let go of each other and clapped. Karan and Naina were still holding each other and only let go when they heard everyone clap.
The party had come to an end and the guest were leaving. When Naina was closing the door there was someone trying to come in.
Naina: Sorry, the party is over.
Niha: I don’t think so.
Karan and Meghna looked at the door.
Meghna: Niha?

Meghna walked over to Naina and Niha.
Niha: Hi Meghna.
Meghna: What brings you here at this time?
Niha: Just wanted to bring a present over for the happy couple.
Meghna and Naina smiled and let Niha in.
Dadaji , Taauji , NK, Nirmala and Sandhya were sat on the sofa chatting.
Kunal was standing talking to Arjun and Rohan while Karan was sat next to Sharda and Khyati.
Meghna and Naina came into the living area bring Niha behind them.
Meghna: Maa , Papa this is Niha , she’s here to give you notice an anniversary present.
Niha: No Meghna, you’re mistaken.
Everyone was confused.
Naina: You said you had a gift for the happy couple?
Niha: They’re not the happy couple.
Niha brought out a gun from her bag and pointed it at Meghna.
Everyone got up out of their seats and Kunal was walking towards Meghna.
Kunal: What the hell are you’d ping Niha?!
Niha: No Kunal , I wouldn’t take another step closer Meghna if I were you.
Meghna was standing a foot away right in front of Niha with Naina beside her.
Meghna looked at Naina: Chiku, go to Mumma.
Naina: No Di.

Naina took a step closer to Meghna.
Meghna: Karan!
Meghna pushed Naina and Karan caught her and took her to Sharda.
Sharda: Let my Daughter go!
Nirmala and Sandhya were standing with Sharda and Naina.
Karan: Niha what game are you playing?
Niha laughed: Game? Your calling my love a game?!
NK: Love?
Niha: My love for Kunal.
Dadaji: Listen , what you’re sing isn’t love.
Niha grew angry and Meghna noticed.
Meghna: Niha , what do you want? Maybe I can help.
Meghna said taking a small step away from Niha.
Niha: Can you?
Rohan: Let us try?
Niha: Your car is the one I stole wasn’t it?
Shekher: What is going on?
Kunal explained everything to everyone.
Arjun was angry and upset, Rohan was holding him.
Arjun: You called my parents?!
Niha: It was an accident.
Rohan: Arjun , everything will be fine okay?
Rohan was walking to Kunal and whispered something to him.
Kunal: Niha , you need to put that gun away.
Niha: No Kunal , I’ll get rid of anything and everything in our way.
Naina: Di!

Meghna: You’ll pull the trigger?
Niha: If I want to.
Meghna: Can you though?
Niha: Don’t make me.
Meghna: Why haven’t you done it yet.
Khyati: Bhabi, what are you saying?
Meghna: Khyati, she doesn’t even have the guts to pull it.
Kunal: Meghna, please.
Meghna: Kunal , I don’t even think the gun has any bullets.
Kunal and Rohan ran to their positions. Kunal ran to hold Meghna with the gun held towards his back. Niha pulled the trigger. Rohan held Niha and took the gun out her hand and threw it to Arjun.

Precap: Surprise!
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