SWABHIMAN- the eternal loves (CHAPTER 5)

It was already morning. Both naina and karan were sleeping
Suddenly karan wakes up on someone coughing, it was naina. She was puking.
Karan at the door of the bathroom- naina! What’s happening? Are you ok?
Naina gets out of the bathroom
Naina- I’m not feeling well. I am feeling nauseous; my head is heavy and spinning.
She falls unconscious in karan’s arm.
Karan- naina!
He throws some water on naina’s face.
Karan saying gently- naina, are you ok?
He offers her some water.
Naina- I am better now
Karan- do you want to go to the doctor?
Naina- no I am ok. I think this was because of acidity as I haven’t eaten since yesterday’s lunch!
She gets up and walks towards the door to go in her room but she was stumbling so karan requested her to rest on his bed while he went to bring naina’s things
While going to her room karan doubted if naina was pregnant of her ex boyfriend child as these are symptoms of pregnancy and maybe she didn’t love karan and still love her boyfriend.

Khyati bumps into vishal and all her things fall down.
Vishal helps khyati in picking up her things and they have an eyelock.
Vishal- I am sorry
Khyati – it’s ok. I am khyati and you?
Vishal- I am vishal
Khyati- are you new here?
Vishal- actually, I don’t live here but I often come to Agra due to work. So you are a lawyer?
Khyati – how do you know?
Vishal – your attire is telling me!
Khyati –oh yes! And you?
Vishal- I am a doctor.
They keep chatting and conclude that they are staying at the same hotel.

Meghna and kunal go on a date and it is the first time kunal is proposing to meghna.
Kunal ask meghna to close her eyes until they reach their destination. Upon reaching:
Meghna- this place is so beautiful and magical.
Kunal- I’ve decorated it myself just for you
Kunal has cooked meghna’s favorite food and she realize that kunal is a superb chef. They dance and then kunal propose to meghna. He gave her a beautiful diamond ring which was as beautiful as meghna

The families are in jaipur preparing for meghna’s and kunal’s engagement.

sorry for being too short(i am busy cuz i have my exams approaching…). hope you like this ff.

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