SWABHIMAN- the eternal loves (CHAPTER 4)

2 weeks passed by.
Nairan is in Canada because of their project. They are now friends and they have also begun to feel for each other.
Nairan is in a restaurant for lunch:
Karan- what will you like to have?
Naina- I’m not starving but I’ll like to have a Mediterranean salad
Karan – ok. I’ll have some waffles
They were having lunch when suddenly naina got a call. She went away from the table to talk to that mysterious someone.
When she returned ,she was trembling and sweating heavily.
Karan- are you okay?
Naina,scared- yes. I want to go back to the hotel
Karan –ok
(I wonder why she is so tensed after she got phone calls since the past week)

Nirmala- I am so glad to see you again
Sharda- I am too. How are you?
n.k- we are fine. Sorry we couldn’t keepin touch with you
ajay- what sorry! Couldn’t you even tell us you are in india? Anyway, let’s concentrate on the wedding of our children
nirmala- I am so happy that meghna is going to be part of our family.
Sharda- I’ve heard you have a daughter, the famous lawyer!
N.k- yes she is actually in Agra due to her work
Ajay- my son, vishal is also in agra and how many children do youhave ?
n.k- you already know my elder son and daughter and my youngest son is in England, at the oxford university completing his studies. He will then join us in our business
ajay- my youngest daughter is also finishing her studies at the oxford university
nirmala- how many coincidences!
Sharda- is your youngest son named karan?
Nirmala- yes . do you know him?
Sharda- I was actually talking with my daughter some days ago and she told me that some karan had pranked her and she is now doing a project with him
Nirmala- karan is vey mischievous.
n.k – so they already know each other
they continue talking…

Naina- hi di how are you?
Meghna- yes. I called you to tell you that my wedding has been fixed and I am getting engaged next week
Naina- that’s great di. But I won’t be able to assist your engagement as I have an ongoing project.
Meghna- but cheeku… wait I have a solution, you can assist my engagement, through a video call
Naina- di you are a genius. Anyway, tell me who is that lucky guy?
Meghna- kunal chauhan, the great business man
Naina- chauhan?
Meghna- yes why?
Naina – does he have a little brother?
Meghna- I think yes. Why?
Naina- I think I know him!
They were just talking when suddenly naina saw a silhouette of someone in the balcony of her room
Naina- di I will call you back
Naina went to the balcony and shocked to see her ex boyfriend. He had been threatening her since the past few weeks.he grabbed naina by the neck and threatened to kill her. Afraid, naina shouted karan ‘s name
Karan- did someone call me? I think I am hallucinating
When he heard his name again, he hurried to naina’s room. He was shocked to see naina in danger. He saved naina heroically. Naina then hugged him and he hugged her back.
Karan- who was he and why he was here?
Naina- he is my ex boyfriend and he wanted to kill me
Karan- kill you? Why? Did you messed with him? And since when did you have a boyfriend?
Naina- can we stop talking about him. Anyway I broke up with him, it’s been a year.
Naina stopped crying.
Naina- hey, you didn’t tell me you have a brother. And congrats
Karan – how do you know about my brother’s wedding? Oh so you are my bhabhi’s sister. And you didn’t tell me you are the daughter of the famous business man
Naina- oh karan!…
They continued chatting and that night naina slept in karan’s room and karan slept on a sofa as she was feeling insecure.

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  1. Shrilatha

    Hey Raina I hate swabhiman because it replaced swaragini and I don’t watch it but seriously naina and karan r such lovely couple I actually watch sometimes their scenes only…and u r ff loved it

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    This is absolutely amazing! Nainas ex will make another appearance soon won’t he?! Can’t wait! Well written as always! ?❤?loved how Nairan are getting close! ☺

  3. Raina123

    thanks for such sweet comments

  4. Raina123

    shrilatha , i am sure that you will like swabhiman!


  6. Threemaimai

    ooooo i can smell another fun love story on the way….. 🙂 waiting read that… hope you know what am talking about 😉

  7. OMG nainas ex boyfriend that’s really a good idea i love it now naina and karan will get close to each other. Please post next chapter as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer

  8. Prettypreeti

    Ohh raina it was cool part..like tye convo of nairann.really u r rockind day by day
    Loved it.
    Post soon

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