SWABHIMAN- the eternal loves (CHAPTER 3)


NAIRAN’s side:
The next day,
Karan had forgotten everything but naina was still hurt:
Naina reached the class late and the only place which was unoccupied was beside karan. Having no options, naina had to sit next to karan with a heavy heart.
Adding fuel to fire, the lecturer announced that naina and karan are going to do a project together, leaving naina and karan have an opened mouth.

They both looked at each other thinking how they were going to cope with each other.
Naina started biting her nails but karan began smiling and was quite enthusiastic to do this project, perhaps because he wanted to become naina’s friend or …
At the end of the class , naina hurried out of the class and karan followed her.
Karan- naina!

Naina- what do you want? Still want to play with my emotions?
Karan- no. it was just for fun
Naina- so playing with someone’s emotion is fun for you
Karan- naina you are misunderstanding. Anyway I am sorry. Please forgive me!
Naina walked away without responding!

MEGHNAL’s side:
Reaching lucknow, meghna sees a handsome guy waiting for her. she seemed to recognize him.
Meghna approached him, saying in her mind- is this kunal
Meghna gently patted him on his shoulder and when he turned around, meghna eyes widened . it was kunal, kunal whom she loved during her college life. She was ecstatic.

Kunal was exuberant seeing his teenage love.
They both had an eye lock . then,
Meghna- am I dreaming? Are you kunal?
Karan- yes meghna. I am so glad to see you after so much time.
Meghna- I can’t believe you are standing right before me.
They shared a hug and then made their way to chauhan’s mansion

CHAUHAN family:
Nirmala- n.k , we need to find for a life partner for our khyati
n.k- yes . I forgot about that completely.i will tell kunal to search for the good looking, reputed guys for her. Her life partner must be one in a million
nirmala- you are absolutely right.
Khyati- but dad I’ve already told you that I don’t want to get married right now.
n.k- a search wont do anything
khyati- whatever

i know this ff is short but i hope you like it

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  1. Prettypreeti

    Ohh raina i wished for a long part but ok i liked it though…good onr..keep it upp.interesting..loved it by heary
    Post soon

  2. Nice post soon

  3. Raina123

    thanks dear
    i cant believe you r liking my ff so much

  4. Raina u( have a nice name!!) FF was awesome but please write a long one…waiting for next episode


  6. Threemaimai

    awesome… I like it

  7. Raina123

    thanks Sneha &
    thanks for such sweets comments

  8. Raina123

    can someone tell me whats the next twist for nairan in swabhiman?
    i am really excited to know

  9. Tamihna0808

    Hey! This was amazing! Karan trying to be friends with Naina! Loved Meghnal reunion! ❤ this was really good! I absolutely cannot wait for the next part ❤?? and the next twist in Nairan’s life is Naina will ask Karan to go for ice cream but he refuses. I think she follows him and finds him teaching little village children music. From a distance Naina sees and smiles. Karan was having fun and didn’t know Naina was there and later he sees her there and there will be a cute scene there. Hope that made sense! ? looking forward to the upcoming episodes of Swabhiman! ?

  10. Raina123

    thanks tamihna a lot for the twist and also for the comments

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