Swabhimaan OS “I dare you will never become my lover” (part 03 finale)

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Mine are where naina bluest in front of her team mates and karan saved her from bad girls 😀

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Swabhimaan OS “I dare you will never become my lover”
(part 03 finale)

“Finally… exams are over” nili was super excited ,

“And we are graduating soon” Mithila sounds disappointed.

Naian and aish looked at each other in a sad mood. Since this is their final year end exam there is no more uni life. Past three years they enjoyed a lot, share many things, fight with each other, laugh with other ect ect ect…
Now they have to choose a path and walk alone. Each and everyone have their own dreams and accomplishing them up to the person. Naina and
Aisha look really confident about their dreams since other two didn’t dream much.

“Make sure you guys come day after tomorrow for my engagement” Mithila was going to get married.

“Sure… we will be there” naian hold mithilas hand

“Don’t forget to bring karan and warun” Mithila looked at naina and aisha. Time can change many things while naina and karan was out of the town cupid hit another arrow to best friends.

“there is one paper end of this week for them I don’t know really Mithila” Naina was concerning about karans anger when he was serious and there
are two thing one is sport and other one is studying.

“we will come” Karan and Warun was behind them

“are you serious” Mithila was super excited but naina felt something fishy

‘ooo I really hate when you do the opposite. I definitely know something cooking in your mind, what is it karan’ naina was thinking while staring at karan

On their way back home naina turns to karan

“What’s on your mind karan?”

“How do you know?” but karan doesn’t looked surprise because he know naina will doubt on him with his action


“ ok ok… I want you to do something for me actually two”

“ haaa…”

“ one I want you to select suet for me”

“ next one”

“since your exams are over tomorrow I want you to help me with my studies”

“I know nothing about your subject what do you expect me to do”

“Good question I want you to bring a picnic bucket filled with yummie foods”

“I know you look really fishy then let’s go today I can fulfill your first need”

Both went to a huge shopping mall and naina was busy with selecting dresses while karan was busy with staring at her.

Shop keeper came to karan “sir are you looking for wedding suet”

“ohh ya”

“for your wedding”

“no no for one of my friends engagement”

“this way” shop keeper took naina and karan to other side of the shop and naina select nice outfit fully black except the shirt it was white which

gave a perfect look for karan.

“wow sir your wife I guess have an amazing taste of fashion”

Naina “actually we are n..”

“she is my fiancé and thank you”

Naina looked at karan with a confusing face through her eyes she was telling ‘are you crazy?’

Karan gave a big smile and put his arm around nainas shoulders .

“let’s go my wify…”

“shut up will you” naina was blushing with the embracement

Green grace and blue sky look really beautiful . on the middle of that green ground under a small tree there was a red and white patched sheet and couple was laying on it. Karan was busy with studying and naina was just looking at the sky. Naina sat near the tree and rest her head on it while

karan was resting his head on nainas lap and looking at his notes.

“ karan”



“hmmm” he was busy with his studies and naina was unconsciously making his hair messy. Then she looked at him and saw what she has done.

“I’m hungry” karan put away his notes and sat face to face. His messy hair made naina smile.


“no no let’s just eat”

Both having their delicious lunch which brought by naina. She was more concern about karans health and brought healthy food and this move touched karans heart

‘why naina… I really want to lose now… warun was right I will be the one learn the great lesson’

While karan was silently eating which naina served for him naina also thinking about him

‘ I really want to lose karan, I never had such a feeling but what if you reject me… I know why you want to do this, since today is our last day as a couple’

“ I am done eating” karan wipe his hands on nainas precious handkerchief.

“hey…. Don’t do that give it to me”

“No… if you can take it from me” karan start to run while teasing naina who follow him like crazy. Finaly naina cached karan but hard to reach to
rescue her handkerchief. Both of them looking up suddenly karan looked at naina and he was totally lost in her and also lost his balance both fell
down to the ground. Now naina was on top of karan . both lost in each other.

Karan slowly put nainas hair behind her ear which disturbed him



“ you are too heavy”


Naina started to hit karan while karan grabbed her hands and hugged her

“It’s time to go home, see you tomorrow” naina was totally got freeze after hearing this.

Engagement held in the evening. All mithilas family, friend and her future in laws were gathered including her beloved future husband vishal and his
bunch of cousins.

Naina and Aisha entered to the Mithilas room who was chating with Nili.

“HI… girls….” Naina scream with the happiness. Everyone hugged each other.

“Oh My God you look gorgeous Mithi…. I am so happy for you” naina looking at the dress that she designed for Mithila. All her friends dresses designed by naina.

“ of course who designed all this our future fashion designer…” Mithila also show off her dress.

“guys I wanted to tell you something. I got a call”

Three friends looked at each other and suddenly started to scream

“AAAAAA OMG OMG OMG….. congratz naina…” everyone hugged naina.

Flash back of the call

Naina got a call while she was putting makeup , it was a forign number


“Hello Miss Naina Sulonki?”

“yes specking”

“Hi miss I am calling from Raphael, congratulation ma’am your application has been accepted”

“ooo wait what???”

“ Ma’am we need you here as soon as possible, it will be good enough if you choose this week”

“What.. that’s too early.. no problem I will discuss with my parents and inform if it’s fine”

“sure ma’am please inform fast so we can arrange everything for you”

“thank you so much for giving me this opportunity thank you…”

“no problem have a nice day ma’am”

Flash back ends naina was sitting with her friends , aish hold nainas hand

“I am so happy for you naina finally your dream has come true, designer in Parise Wow…”

Then Aisha got a text message “they are here” Aisha stand with the excitement but naina looks like she doesn’t want to see them.

“common Naina Karan is here don’t you want to see him”

“I will come down with Mithila not now”

“oooo looks like someone is going to confess her love”

“aaaaaaaa” other two was mocking naina

Aisha ran to Warun who was stand with karan and both of them looks like in trouble because all the aunties gather around them and having fun.

“Hi Warun Hi karan…. And excuse me aunties” Asha saved boys.

“wooo thank you Aisha… where is my cupcake??” karans’ eyes searching naina

“your Cupcake really busy right now , have to wait for a while”

“really then I will look for real cupcakes” karan walked away to search naina.

Warun took Aisha closer “ looks like he really miss her a lot like I did too”

“aaaa…. Their relationship is just amazing but I am bit afraid what will happen if karan wanted to win”

“ that’s the deal one who fall in love first will be the looser, I hope nainas’ ego also don’t jump in front of them”

Aisha hit Warun “let’s hope”

Third party of this conversation just listen to what warun and Aisha was talking secretly, then that person tell himself

“Naina…. Naina sulonki dating Karan Chauhan… for a deal interesting”

Vishal and Mithila exchanged their rings. Everyone clapped but karan was just looking at naina then someone tapped his shoulder, karan turned to
see who was that

“Hello Man long time no see”

“Rohan what you doing here man?”

“Actually that question should be mine, vishal is my cousin brother of course I should be here, you?”

“AA Mithila is one of my friends”

Karan and Rohan talked a lot about their school life and present things

“I heard something interesting about you”

“like what”

“like you are dating for a deal”

Karan got confused, Rohan and Karan were best friends during their school time and Rohan was the always bright and attractive one than the
karan. Power always moving on both hands so both doesn’t wanted to lose to each other.

“how did you know..?”

“aaa I just heard some where… man you are awesome soo I think you will definitely win”

“heheheh…. Thanx man… this karan Chauhan never lose to anyone you know it”

“know what” someone was behind them and that was nainas voice, karan got panicked he turns to see nainas face.

“ooooo then its’s you… the one karan was dating” rohan raise his voice before karan. Naina looked at him some how she felt familiar about his features.

“Karan is that the way you really thought about us… I thought … I thought….”

“He will love you… looks like you are in love with him not him”

Karan was still in shocked he couldn’t utter a single word, every person have their weakness and karans was Rohan who always controlled him.
Naina felt her surrounding was spinning and rohans words just hit her heart, then she remebar who was Rohan

“You..” naina pointed her finger to Rohan that sound made Rohan realize naina remebar him, he had a smile on his face. Nina pushed rohan a side just like she did to him three years ago when he proposed her and try to make her as his girlfriend. Naina try to go to karan

“ karan why can’t you speak….”

Karan was still silent his head was clue less , he didn’t know what should he do

“nai..na.. i..was… just….”

“accept it naina you lose to him” karan s silent hurts than Rohans rude smile

Naina slowly stepped back… tears rolling on her eyes she ran down stairs. Rhohan hugged karan “you are so cool just like when we were schooling”

“Rohan???? What you doing here” it was Aisha, she saw naina was running out of the hall but she didn’t notice that naina was crying

Karan looked at Aisha “you know him?”

“of course naina reject him three years ago”

“ohh common Aisha that’s past we should be celebrating right now… karan won”

“WHAT??” warun and Aisha were shocked to hear that. Warun hold Karans choler

“you can’t be seriouse man… karan come to your séance” tears coming from karan

“I lost her Warun”

“Ohhh common karan it’s just a game” rohan try to change karans mind just then someone slaped him it was non other than Aisha who was
burning in anger

“you Bugger if I see you again trust me I will definitely kill you just leave you LOOSER”

“me looser???? Hahahah… it’s naina not me”

“ohh really now I know why she reject you that day even you were forcing her”

“FORCING????” both karan and warun looked at him


“you are not a man but a cowered who don’t have a self-respect”

Karan hold Rohans choler and hit him as much as he wanted while Aisha and Warun try stop him beating up rohan

Naina was just walking alone on the road each and every word of Rohan encoring nainas ears. Naina took a call,

“Hello Raphael’s are hear how can I help you?”

“I am Naina Sulonki”

“yes ma’am I guess you have desided the date”

“ya… first flight of tomorrow I am ready to come”

“wow…. We will arrange everything as soon as possible , ma’am your flight will be tomorrow 6.30 am”

“ok thank you…” call ended

She started to cry hurder and sat down on the road suddenly sky also started to share nainas pain. Naina ran to her home, shardha opened the door and got surpriced to see her daughter got all wet. Naina hugged her and started to cry.

One year after naina left,
Meghanas wedding got placed karan was too busy with helping his brothers. Playful karan completely changed in to a
man with responsibilities. This change gave a pain to his family as well his friends but no one knows where is naina except meghana and Aisha, all
the others think naina was in Parise but karan found out that was a lie.

Karan bump in to Aisha but she ignored him

“aisha wait” he stopped her and aisha turned to him with an angry face

“What do you want karan?”

“where is she?”

“you already know”

“ya I already know that was a lie”

“just leave her alone karan you know you are already late to apologise”

“ but still I want to”

“then ask from Meghana di, she will tell you”

Karan ran to meghanas room, Meghana turns to see the person. Karans and Meghanas eyes met with each other.

First snow fall in Tokyo Japan, naina left her office saying good night to the security, she is the main designer of Raphael in Tokyo, her code name was Naira, everyone knows her under that code not her real name.

Naina was passing the bridge then she felt someone following her, she turns to see the person and got shocked it was Karan Chauhan. Both kept

silent for while then naina turns to walk away

“naina I am sorry”

Naina didn’t reply and start to walk,

“if you don’t forgive me I will definitely jump from here” still no reply then nain heard someone jump over the bridge and clash with the water. Whole

world stopped infront of her, nainas heart start beats fast she ran to where karan was standing. He wasn’t there. Then she bend down from the
fence “KARAN….” Tears are falling in her eyes then

“AAA finally…… still you know my name”

She looked down and saw karan was hanging to last bar of the fence. Then he slowly climb up and stand on the bridge. Naina start hit karans
chest while crying , karan was enduring all the hits

“I hate you…. Why did you do that” naina wiped her tears and looked at karan

“what do you want?’’

“ I want my wish to be granted, you still owned me”

Then naina remembered their deal one who lose must grant the wish of other person. She can’t escaped from it,

“what is it?’’

“ I want you to be with me until my last breath ”

Naina was shoked to hear this

“do I look like a toy to you”

“so it’s a no then but what should I do it’s my one and only wish, then I will just jump from here with my last wish” karan walked to the edge of the bridge”

“Karan stop that are you crazy….” Naina hold his hand pushed him away from the edge

“ya… naina I am about to go crazy…. Without you … I love you naina….. I am madly in love with you from the beginning”
Naina looked at him then karan kneel in front of her with a beautiful ring

“Naina Sulonki will you marry?”

naina closed her mouth with her both hands and start to cry she can’t explain her mixed feelings. Is it a love hate anger happy sad whatever the feeling she know he is the one for her. Karan hugged her after putting the ring.

There life will be changed but the love for each other will never will be change coz they also discovered it in a painful way.


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  1. Wow superb…a fantastic story… i loved it verymuch…thankyou for this wonderfull story??best of luck for your exam…and my favourite parts one is karan save naina from that girls and the climax scene…superb

    1. Threemaimai

      hi jis… thank you so much and glad you like the end.
      and thank you dear for the wish 🙂

  2. Minerva

    What an episode….
    Seriously Mai this episode was just exemplary. The huge rush of feelings that I nurture right now is just undescribable. The episode was a huge plethora of diverse and myriad emotions which were beautifully captured. The conceptualisation and presentation was just beyond the ordinary. The grandeur of your writing cannot be rightly-appreciated through mere words. The way you composed this episode makes me come to the ultimate conclusion that you are seriously ethereal. Because only a demi-god or divine power could have the skills to compile such a wonderful masterpiece…

  3. Minerva

    Leaving a place you basically lived in is never easy. And this fact was meticulously highlighted by the magical bond shared by nili-mithila-aisha-naina. Their friendship and fantastic conversations were extremely well-written and presented. Karan’s entry along with warun was seriously amazing along with his unexpected request of naina..
    The picnic scene was just perfect. All the feelings nurtured by karan and naina were presented in the best possible way. Their inner turmoils and strifes were described meticulously.
    Mithila’s engagement….
    This was the best part of the story. The huge amounts of reveleations and drama that this engagement brought to the story is just magnificent. Rohan’s entry and his role as the villain surely made me go into hysterics. His ways and words with karan are surely worth damnation. The way in which he wronged naina and degraded karan before her has seriously made me hate him more than I hate nk in the serial. Karan’s desperation and naina’s broken heart made my eyes well up for sure. The way in which she ran out, called up raphael and left from india is seriously admirable….

    And now the confession. How do I express it in words?
    The beauty and aura radiated by ‘that’ couple on the tokyo bridge has soothed by gaze here in india. The confession was beyond petfect. All the words spoken by karan and naina’s thoughts were just superb. The confession was far from the cliché things we are used to and was plain awesome. Your way of making them confess has made me fall for Nairan yet again…
    A great end to a wonderful story. Though I wish for an epilogue to this but never mind. We may make do with this. The wordplay and talents you showcased through this story is just magnificent. Your way with words is just beautiful. The story had an amazing storyline and wonderful concept and was composed by one of the most gifted persons on earth. Immense amounts of gratitude and reverence…

    1. Threemaimai

      OOO you are so sweet and thank you so much for the compliment Minerva. To be honest i was totally lost in your words and my heart was beating really fast because right now i am over flowing with the happiness. best thing writer can gain is the compliment and feedback of the readers and you made my day with your comment 🙂
      thank you so much dear you nicely described the whole ep in such an intelligent way and trust me i am really touched 🙂

  4. Shashi


    1. Threemaimai

      thank you shashi 🙂

  5. Threemaimai

    SOOOOO what do you say? tell me tell me….

  6. Amazing……
    all the best for ur exams…….

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you dear….. 🙂

  7. You rocked it. I loved it very much.The part I liked the best was the scene during the marriage
    .I will really miss your unique ff and your writting
    All the best for your exams
    Come up with a new ff of nairan please a unique one
    Love you very much

    1. Threemaimai

      hey thanx nanda…. it’s really means a lot for me… 🙂

  8. Titli

    Just one word, stupendous.. it is awesome.. if it was ff, then it would hav been better.. hehe.. loved it.. all the best fr ur xams ahead..

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you titli…. if it was a ff i will definitely ran out of ideas 😉
      i will be back…
      with a short ff in this july… 🙂

      1. Titli

        Will be waiting??

  9. Superb update. Waiting for your next os or ff

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you dear…..
      you will have to wait for long time to see my next ff…. hope you don’t mind the time 🙂

  10. it was a wonderful ff………loved it

    1. Threemaimai

      hey sruthi thank you 🙂

  11. Nila

    wow superb ending but ithna jaldi? it’s OK do well ur exam yaar and come soon

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you nila…. this is actually for show my gratitude towards all of you for the support you have given me.
      i will not be able to post any ff in near future… that’s why.. 🙂
      and thank you dear….

  12. Seyal

    l just missed it till today???oh no……,any ways loved it to the core,pls try to post another one if u can…

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you dear…. I will try but can’t promise 🙂

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