Swabhimaan-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 9

Friday afternoon Karan went to pick Naina up from her dorm.
Karan stood outside the car with his umbrella open as it was raining. Naina walked to him a little fast with all her bags. He stepped closer to her since they both could get under the umbrella.
Naina: First time I’ve seen you use an umbrella when you needed to.
Karan smiled down at her. The winder was strong and Karan couldn’t hold onto the umbrella tight enough and it flew out of his hand. Karan covered himself with his arms. Naina dropped her bags and got her dupatta and put it over both her and Karan. Karan moved his arms and saw Nainas face. A few seconds of silence went by of the two just staring at each other.
Naina: The rain was hitting your face and… you didn’t like it so…
Karan: Thank you.

Karan as driver had come out of the car and gotten another umbrella.
Driver: Sir? Ma’am?
The driver had opened the umbrella and put it over Karan and Naina.
Karan: Thank you Kaka.
Naina moved her dupatta away
Driver: Ma’am should I put your bags in the trunk?
Naina: No, I’ll do it, thank you.
Driver: No Ma’am , I’ll help.
The driver and Naina put her bags in while Karan took a seat. Naina also took a seat and the driver drove home.

At home Meghna was sat at the dining table cutting some vegitabkes while Kunal was sitting in the living room along with everyone else. Meghna was staring at the front door when she saw Karan walk in and behind him was the driver holding some bags.
Meghna spoke to herself: Those are…
She looked a the door and stood up.
Meghna: Chiku!?
Naina walked in and Meghna ran to hug her.
Everyone smiled at the two sisters.
Naina: Hi Meghu Di!
Meghna let Naina go: What are you doing here?
Naina: Karan brought me here.
Meghna: Why?
Karan: Dadu and Mom thought it’d be a nice surprise after everything.
Meghna: Thank you so much Karan.
Karan: It’s the least I could do.
Dadaji: Aree , where’s my thank you?
Meghna took Dadajis blessing: Thank you so much.
Then went to Nirmala, took her blessings: Thanks you Maa.
Nirmala hugged Meghna: You’re welcome.
Naina took very ones blessings and greeted everyone.
Naina: Hi Jeeju!
Kunal hugged Naina: How are you?
Naina: I’m very good, how are you?

Kunal: I’m tired.
Sandhya: It’s only 5:45pm.
Kunal: I know , even Dadu has more energy than me.
Meghna: Of course he does, he’s much more fit than you.
Meghna said while taking a seat next to Dadaji and hugging his arm.
Kunal: Since my new job , I haven’t got the time to go for a jog.
Meghna: Excuses excuses.
Kunal: Alright then, from tomorrow you and I both will start jogging early morning and let’s see who gives up first.
Meghna: You’re on!
NK: Kya baat hai? A competition!
Dadaji: Watch how Meghna Bahu wins this.
Meghna and Dadaji high five days each other.
Kunal: That’s nor fair Dadu , you can’t take sides.

Meghna: Yes he can.
Nirmala: Come on now children , calm down. Naina? You go freshen up.
Meghna: Yeah I’ll bring your things up.
Meghna grabbed both bags and was headed up the stairs behind Naina when she felt Kunal taking the bags from her.
Meghna: What are you doing?
Kunal: Helping my wife.
Meghna: You think you’re sweet?
Kunal: I know I am.
They walked into the guestroom, Naina heading into the washroom and Kunal placed the bags on the floor near the bed.
Kunal: I was also making sure you wouldn’t blame the heavy lifting for you backing out tomorrow.
Meghna squinted her eyes: You!

Kunal laughed and was walking out when he felt a cushion hit his back.
Kunal slowly turned around.
Meghna: Sorry, I forgot about your old man back aches!
Meghna laughed.
Kunal walked slowly towards Meghna and Meghna walked backwards when she tripped on the bags and was about to fall into the bed but held onto Kunals T-shirt and brought him down along with her. Kunal tuned over so he was on the bed and Meghna was on his chest. Meghna tried getting up but Kunal held onto her.
Meghna: Kunal, let go.
Kunal: Why?

Meghna: Because Chiku will come out of the washroom any minute and I don’t want her to see us like this.
Kunal kissed Meghnas nose making her laugh.
Kunal: Fair point.
Meghna got up and helped Kunal up.
Just then Naina got out.
Kunal whispered into Meghnas ear: We’ll continue this later.
Then walked out.
Naina: What was that?

Meghna: That was nothing.
Naina: Of course.
Naina said with a grin.
Meghna: Shut up! I need to go back and do a few errands, you wanna come?
Naina: Don’t worry I’ll just do a little worried here and then be down in 20 minutes.
Meghna: Okay.
Meghna left the room and Naina grabbed her notebook and went to Karans room.
She locked on the door and Karan opened it.
Karan: What’s with the notebook?
Naina: My ideas for the honeymoon.
Karan: Okay.
Naina: Should we call Auntie or Dadu?
Karan: Why?
Naina: Because me being in your room all alone with the door closed could raise a few questions.
Karan: Oh. I’ll call Mom.
Naina smiled: Okay.
Naina was waiting outside Karans room as she saw Nirmala and Karan come up the stairs.
Nirmala: Naina , have you got any ideas then?
Naina showed Nirmala her notebook: All written here.
Nirmala: That’s great , Karan told me about Meghna not being able to take her holidays yet.
Karan: So should we continue planning?
Nirmala: Yes, have it done in advance so when the time comes all we need to do is book the tickets.
Naina: Okay auntie.

Karan: Come on Mom , sit with us.
The three of them started making arrangements. After a while Nirmala left the room.
Karan: This is great , I’ve got 2 things to plan.
Naina: Your honeymoon as well?!
Karan: Very funny , but it’s Mom and Dads anniversary in two weeks, Kunal Bhai, Bhabi and me are planning a party.
Naina: Oh, how exciting! I could help.
Karan: You’re at college most of the time.
Naina: True, but when the day comes I’ll help with the arrangements.
Karan: Sounds good.

It was dinner time and everyone ate together. After dinner Kunal. And Meghna went to their room. Everyone else sat in the living room.
Sandhya: So how are the arrangements going?
Karan: What arrangements?
Sandhya: The honeymoon plans.
Karan: Oh that one.
Nirmala: There’s only one.
Naina and Karan exchanged looks.
Naina: They’re going well.
NK: That’s good. Karan, Arjun will come on Monday around 10 am.
Karan: Arjun?
NK: The boy, student for piano lessons.
Karan: Oh yeah , I’ll be ready for then.

Upstairs , Kunal and Meghna were making calls for the party. Kunal was on food duty whole Meghna was on decor duty. After many phone calls they had made the decisions booked everything.
Meghna: Well, now that’s all done we need to choose a design for the invitations.
Kunal: I’ve narrowed the choices down to 2.
Kunal showed Meghna the cards. One was a white and blue one and the other was red and gold.
Meghna: Blue and white one, the gold and red look…
Kunal: Like an actual wedding card.
Meghna nodded.
Kunal: Karan has made the guest list.
Meghna: Awesome , so we’ll order those cards and I’ll write up the names.
Kunal made the order for the cards.
Meghna: Oh yeah , Radika and Yuvrajs sangeet is next week.

Kunal: That’s really quick.
Meghna: Yeah , the wedding is a week after Maa and Papa’s party.
Kunal: That’s good, at least nothing will be clashing
Meghna: Yeah , we need to go gift shopping.
Kunal: We’ll do that tomorrow.
Meghna: If you’re not to tired after the jog.
Kunal: See , you know I’ll wake up to jog.
Meghna: Yeah , maybe.
There was a knock on their door, Meghna put all the papers which had the plans for the party written on. And Kunal opened the door.
Kunal: It’s only you 2!
Karan: What a way to feel important(!)

Kunal: Come in, we hid the papers thinking it was Mom or Dad.
Naina: How is the planning going?
Karan: I told Naina.
Meghna: You shouldn’t have, that girl can’t keep secrets.
Karan: Really?
Meghna: Yeah! Every year before Mummas birthday she’d tell Mumma about the surprise party we were planning for her.
Naina: I can keep secrets! I’m…
Karan interrupted before she would spill the honeymoon plans: I’m sure she’s grown up enough to keep this secret.
Kunal: Yeah , Naina isn’t here all the time to give anything away unfortunately.
Kunal put his arm around Nainas neck on her shoulder.
Kunal: We’re going shopping for presents tomorrow.

Naina: Sounds so fun.
Kunal: It will be.
Meghna: Yeah yeah , Karan?
Karan: Yes Bhabi , I’ve got the guest list.

He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and gave it to Meghna
Meghna: Thank you!
Karan: Is everything else sorted out?
Meghna: Yes, all done.
Meghna picked up the invitation card.
Meghna: What do you guys think?
Karan&Naina: Very pretty.
Naina and Karan looked at each other.

Meghna noticed: Very pretty indeed.
Kunal was looking at Meghna confused.
Naina broke the silence.
Naina: Di wanna watch a movie with the rest of us?
Meghna: I can’t , I’m just going to check if anyone needs anything downstairs and then head to sleep.
Kunal: She’s scared she won’t wake up early enough for the jog.
Naina: Actually Jeeju , Di wakes up really early if she wants.
Karan: I wish I could say the same for Bhai , he always wakes up after 8 on a weekend.
Kunal: Wait, when are you waking up Meghna?
Meghna: Early.
Meghna said walking out of the room. Kunal was following her.
Kunal: Early? When’s early? 8 am is early!
Karan and Naina laughed as they watched Kunal walk out asking his questions.
Karan: So what movie today?
Naina: I don’t know.
Karan: Let’s go down and ask the rest.

Downstairs everyone was sat in the living room, Meghna had made everyone tea and sat down with everyone for a whole. It was 10 pm, everyone but Naina and Karan went to bed.
Karan: Wow , they must be tired.
Naina: I guess they had work and all.
Karan: That’s true.
Naina come two films: Kuch Kuch Hota Hain OR Chori Chori Chupke Chupke?
Karan: I don’t mind , Rani’s in both.
Naina: She’s your favourite actress?

Karan: Yeah.
Naina: She’s Di’s favourite too , I love Kareena! Let’s watch Chori Chori Chupke Chupke.
Karan: Let’s.
They were an hour into the film and eardrum someone come downstairs.
Meghna whispered: You didn’t tell me you’re watching Chori Chori Chupke Chupke!
She took a seat in between Naina and Karan.
Karan: Don’t worry , you didn’t miss a lot.
The three of them watched the film and as the film ended Nainas head fell on Meghnas shoulder. Karan went to turn off the TV.
Meghna: Naina , let’s go.
Meghna looked at her shoulder and saw Naina sleeping. Meghna smiled to herself and slowly tried picking her up. Karan saw Meghna struggling so decided to pick Naina in his arms.
Karan: Don’t worry Bhabi, I’ll take her.
Meghna walked in front of Karan and opened the guestroom door. Karan laid Naina down on her place. Meghna placed the duvet over her. As Karan was about to leave he felt something pulling him back. Meghna was walking out of the room. Karan looked back and saw his watch had caught onto Nainas dupatta, he walked closer to the bed and untangled the dupatta off his watch. Meghna saw this from outside and was happy to see this cliché she caused. That’s right, Meghna had gotten Nainas dupatta to tangle on Karans watch.

Karan walked out and saw Meghna standing there.
Meghna: Thank you Karan.
Karan: No need to thank me Bhabi, you should get some sleep otherwise you might be sleeping whilst Bhai wakes up before you and goes jogging without you.
Meghna: No time for jokes Karan.
Karan laughed: I know.
Meghna: Goodnight Karan.
Karan: Goodnight Bhabi.
They both headed to their rooms.

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