Swabhimaan-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 8

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NK went into the study and sat on the chair.
Kunal was in his room.
Karan was in the kitchen.
Meghna first went upstairs to her husband. She saw sat on the bed and she took a seat next to him.

Meghna: Kunal.
Kunal was looking away. Meghna held his cheek.
Meghna: Look at me, please.
Kunal looked at Meghna whose eyes were soft. Kunals head fell to Meghnas lap and poured his eyes out.
Meghna stroked Kunals hair.
Kunal: Why? Why do I keep finding out he’s a bad person just when I feel like he’s not.

Meghna: He’s not a bad person Kunal, he just made mistakes like everyone does.
Kunal: No Meghna, not mistakes. They were choices he made that suited his ego and his personality.
Meghna: He feels bad for what he did, didn’t you see his eyes?
Kunal: No , those deceiving eyes won’t ever tell the truth.

Meghna lifted Kunals head up, wiped the tears away.
Meghna: You need to be strong.
Kunal: I can’t, he’s responsible for those years I lost with my baby brother.
Meghna: Karan is back and you can make up for lost time , now I’m going to check on everyone else, when I come back you need to go back to the Kunal I fell in love with. The one without any worries and the one that loves his Dad.
Meghna kissed Kunals forehead and left.
Meghnas next stop was to Dadaji. She saw him standing near his window and looking out.

Meghna: Dadu?
He looked behind and smiled at her.
Dadaji: Come in.
She went in and stood next to him.
Dadaji: I’m glad your grandmother isn’t her to see any of this, her son would’ve have been the reason to kill her instead.
Meghna: Dadu, please don’t say such things.
Dadaji: Betaa , I loved my 2 sons equally and I don’t know where I went wrong.
Meghna: You’ve do nothing wrong, you’ve given them everything.
Dadaji: Yet we’re here. You should check on Nirmala Bahu.
Meghna: Sure.
She walked out of the room and looked back. Thinking: Dadu , I promise everything will get better , slowly but surely.
Meghna walked into Nirmalas room and saw her and Sandhya sitting together. Meghna knocked.
Sandhya: No need to knock Meghna , come in.
Meghna sat on the floor in front of Nirmala and Sandhya.
Nirmala: I never wanted to lie to Bauji, he was ill and I couldn’t hurt him.
Meghna held Nirmalas hand: Maa , you did the right thing.
Sandhya: I’ve been telling her to stop blaming herself, how’s everyone else?
Meghna: Kunal and Dadu have gone weak , I’m going to Karan next and then Papa. Maa , please don’t be upset.
Nirmala: I just wanted Shekher Bhai to come back home.

Sandhya: He’ll back, don’t worry.
Meghna was walking out when she looked back. Sandhya mouthed: Thank you.
Meghna smiled back at her. She headed downstairs and debated to herself who she should check on and decided to check on NK and then go to Karan. She made her way into the study but didn’t find anyone there. She looked everywhere and then thought she’d ask Karan who was still in the kitchen.
Meghna: Karan, have you seen Papa? I’ve been looking for him.
Karan: I think I heard him go out.

Meghna: Oh okay. How are you holding up?
Karan: I don’t know, knowing everything and letting everyone know is hard. I feel much better knowing what happened to me but it’s affecting everyone in a negative way.
Karan was sitting in the unit tops and Meghna sat next to him.
Meghna: You needed to know what happened, Dadu let me and Kunal know all he knew so then everyone else could find out, he wanted the family to come together not spilt away in different rooms.
Karan: I know , I feel bad.
Meghna: Do you forgive Papa?
Karan: I don’t know.
Meghna: We need to trust him , I told Kunal and I’m going to tell you, Papa made mistakes and he’s not the same person so he won’t make the mistakes again.
Karan: I can see that, Bhabi?
Meghna: Haan?
Karan: Everything has changed since you came, for better of course.
Meghna smiled.
Karan: Dad’s become nicer and I’ve become a new and improved version of myself.
Meghna: I only want what’s good for this family.
Karan: Thank you for everything.
Meghna: No Karan, it’s my duty.
Karan smiled and Meghna smiled back.
Karan: Bhabi , I don’t want to eat so I’ll just head upstairs.
Meghna: So you’ll take your medicine on an empty stomach? No way.
Karan: It’s only 7 pm.
Meghna: You want to go bed this early? Or avoid this disaster situation?
Karan: Avoid this disaster situation.

Meghna: We need to get everyone together, get things back to normal.
Karan: That’ll be a challenge.
Meghna: Are you up for it?
Karan thought for a few seconds: Yeah , I am.
Meghna took her hand out and Karan shook her hand.

Meghna: Great, now I’ll call Papa and see were he is then I’ll have to check on Kunal , could you check Dadu and Maa?
Karan left and went upstairs. Meghna grabbed her phone and called NK, he didn’t answer. She tried and tried but still no answer. She then went to the study and tried again and saw that his phone was on the desk. While Meghna was calling NK, Karan had checked up on Nirmala and Dadaji. After leaving Dadajis room his phone ran. It was Naina.
Karan: Hi.
Naina: Hi Karan, how are you?

Karan: I’m good.
He lied.
Karan: How are you?
Naina: I’m good , I called Di but her phone was engaged so I tried Jeeju but his phone was switched off, I was getting a little worried. Is everything okay?
Karan was walking to his room listening to Naina and wanted to tell her everything.
Naina: Karan?
Karan: Sorry, nothings fine.
He explained the events of the last few days. Naina was shocked by hearing everything.
Naina: Karan , tell me the truth, are you okay?
Karan: I don’t know, me and Bhabi are trying to make things better.
Naina: But it’s a challenge?
Karan: The biggest I’ve come across.
Naina: Don’t worry too much, my Di will be able to sort everything out.
Karan: She’s the only hope this family has right now.
Meghna came into Karans room.

Meghna: Karan , Papa left his phone in the study.
Meghna said with her breath running out as she ran up the stairs.
Karan: Bhabi , don’t worry, we’ll find him.
Meghna: Who are you on the phone to?
Karan: Naina.
He passed the phone to Meghna.
Meghna: Chiku…
Naina: Don’t worry Di, Karan told me everything. You do what you need to but please call me after everything’s sorted.
Meghna: Thank you Chiku, I love you.

Naina: I love you too Di!
Meghna hung up. And smiled.
Karan: Bhabi , normally when Dad leaves without his phone he goes to one place.
Meghna: Where?
Kunal was at Karans door: To the graveyard to visit Dadi.
Karan looked a the door and Meghna turned to see Kunal.
Kunal walked to the duo.
Kunal: Sorry for being crazy.
Meghna: You had every right to be.
Kunal: Come on Karan , let’s get Dad home.
Karan smiled and then hugged his older brother
. Meghna teared up.
Kunal and Karan told Nirmala, Dadu and Sandhya that they were going to get NK back. They all decided to go as well. Kunal drove himself , Meghna and Karan in his car whilst the driver drove Dadaji, Nirmala and Sandhya in another car. Both cars arrived at the graveyard at the same time. The weather was bad, heavy rain. They all got out of the car and stood under umbrellas.
Kunal: Me and Karan will go and talk to Dad, you guys stay here.
Karan: Haan , please get in the car, the weather is bad.
Kunal and Karan walked to their Dadi’s gravestone, leaving the others behind standing outside the cars.
They saw their father sat on the floor.
Karan: Dad.
NK looked back. He saw his sons holding an umbrella over his head.
Kunal held his Dad up.
Kunal: Karan won’t hug you if you’re all muddy.
They all chuckled and hugged.

The rest of them saw this from a distance and we’re very happy.
Sandhya: You’ve done it again Meghna.
Meghna: No Masi Maa, they did it.
They smiled at each other.

Karan: Dad, please come home and forget everything that happened
Kunal: And forgive me for being so rude.
NK: No, I can’t forget it all because that’s how I was and it’s brought me here and Kunal, I should apologise to both my sons for hiding the truth all these years. I didn’t know Bhabi would that to my son and because of that I almost both of you today.
Karan: We’ll always be here.
Kunal: We can’t leave you.
NK: I’ll never let anything come between us ever again. I promise.
Karan: I know , as long as Meghna Bhabi is here , this family will never break.
NK: Yes, we’re all lucky to have her.
Kunal: Luckiest man on earth.
Kunal, NK and Karan walked back to the car. NK hugged his father.
NK: I’m really sorry Bauji, I’ll make everything right. I promise.
Dadaji: You better!

On the way back home, Kunal, Meghna , Karan and Sandhya were in one car and NK, Dadu and Nirmala were in the other car. Once they got home everyone had dinner and went into their rooms. Kunal was in his parents room and then went to Karans room. Meghna was in her room talking to Naina on loud speaker while she sat on her dressing table.
Naina: I’m proud of my Di!

Meghna: And why is that?
Naina: You’ve accomplished so much so quickly.
Meghna: Naina I’ve told you that it’s my duty.
Naina: But still , you’re a superstar.
Meghna: Pagal.
Naina: Maa would be so proud, have you spoken to her yet?
Meghna: Yeah , I called her before I called you.
Naina: What did she say?
Meghna: I didn’t tell her about Karan , I just told her that everyone is fine and they love me a lot.
Karan: You could’ve told Auntie.

Meghna looked at the door and saw Kunal and Karan standing there.
Kunal: Yaar, you blew our cover.
Naina: Are you eavesdropping?
Kunal: Obviously, I wanna know what my biwi says about me behind my back.
Meghna: Oh ho, so smart.
Naina: Jeeju, that’s bad manners.
Meghna: He has none Chiku.
Kunal came and sat next to Meghna while Karan sat on the bed.
Kunal: Is that so?
Meghna: Yes.
Naina: Di , don’t be mean to Jeeju, he’s only in love with you.
Karan: Ugh.
Kunal: What ‘ugh’?
Meghna: Your face Kunal.
Karan: Yeah, that.
Naina: Trust me Jeeju , Di loves you too, she’s always saying how much of a gentleman you are, your supportive of her every step and you’ve got a heart of gold and your eyes always keep you calm because of the honesty behind them.
Karan: Wow!
Kunal: I know right!
Karan: Bhabi doesn’t know you at all!
Karan laughs, Kunal grabs a cushion and throws it at him.
Kunal: Thanks for sharing Naina.
Naina: Anytime Jeeju.
Meghna: Haan haan, thank you very much!
Naina laughs and Karan smiles listening to the giggles coming through the speaker.
Kunal: It’s nice knowing you compliment me when I’m not with you because you hardly give me any when I’m in front of you.
Karan: And then there’s you, complimenting Bhabi every second of the day.
Meghna: Karan!
Naina: Really!?
Karan: You’re lucky you don’t hear Bhai!
Naina: Hahaha! Aaw Jeeju!
Kunal: Aaw indeed.
The four if them spoke for a another 15 minutes.
Naina: It was nice catching guys, but I’ve got to sleep! Bye!
Meghna&Kunal&Karan: Bye!
Meghna hung up.
Karan: You guys should get to sleep, its already 12 am.
Kunal: Good night.
Karan: Good night
Meghna: Karan , are you feeling better?
Karan: Yeah Bhabi , thanks to you.

Meghna smiled.
Karan: Nainas right for once, you are a superstar, goodnight Bhabi.
Meghna: Thank you Karan , goodnight.
Karan left the room and closed the door behind him. Meghna got up to leave but Kunal held onto her hand and pulled her towards him so she landed on his lap.
Meghna: Kunal?
Kunal: Meghna?
Meghna: What are you doing?
Kunal: Nothing.
Meghna: Let me go, I wanna sleep.
Kunal: Sleep here, I’m not stopping you.

Meghna: You’re impossible!
Meghna leaned back into Kunals chest and rested.
Kunal: Don’t you feel relaxed?
Meghna: Very.
Kunal kissed Meghnas cheek.
Meghna: What was that for?
Kunal: I need a reason to kiss my wife?
Meghna: Well…
Kunal: Well I just wanted to.
Meghna: That’s reason enough.
Kunal: Let’s get to bed.
Kunal cradled Meghna and placed her onto her side if the bed. He moved a hair stand away from her face and they looked at each other. Kunal kissed her forehead and went to his side of the bed. As soon as head laid down Meghna put her head on his chest. Kunal smiled at himself.

Kunal: Why the sudden affection?
Meghna: No reason.
She looked up at him.
Meghna: Just love.
Kunal held onto Meghna as they slept peacefully.

Meanwhile in Karans room , Karan was on his computer looking at the wedding tape. He couldn’t take his eyes off Naina. He wanted to talk to her but he knew she was asleep.
There was a knock on his door and hep opened the door to see NK and Nirmala.
Karan: Mom? Dad? What are you guys doing here so late?
NK: We wanted to talk to you.
Karan: Come in, take a seat.

They took a seat and so did Karan.
Nirmala: We wanted to talk about your career.
NK: We both now you love music and we wanted to know if there’s anything you want us to help you with.
Karan: It’s a hobby and I don’t gain an income from it.
Nirmala: That’s what we wanted to talk about.
NK: I have a friend who’s son wants to learn how to play the piano and we want you to reach him.
Karan: Me? Teaching?
Nirmala: We know it’s very different to what you’re used to but I’m sure you can do it.
NK: It’s only one student and you take your time and think about it.
Karan: Okay, I’ll think about it. But are you sure that’s why you came here this late?
Nirmala: Actually we wanted to ask you something.
NK: Kunal and Meghna haven’t gone anywhere for their honeymoon yet and we wanted to arrange something for them.
Nirmala: Get a whole trip sorted and tell us when you do.
Karan: Me? Planning a romantic honeymoon? For Bhai and Bhabi?
NK: Yes.
Karan: Guys, Dadu told me to set a date for them but I was told I have no clue about what I was doing.
Nirmala: Who told you?
Karan: Naina.
NK: Well then you can both work together and plan something.
Karan: Okay, I’ll do it.
NK and Nirmala left.
Karan: Great!

Thursday morning Karan woke up early and texted Naina.
Karan: Are you awake?
Naina replied: Yes , got a lesson in an hour. Why are you awake so early?
Karan: You busy?
Naina: Not really.
Karan: Yesterday Mom and Dad suggested I do one to one piano lessons with Dad’s friends son.
Nainna: You? Hahaha
Karan: Trust me , it’s funny they also suggested something else.
Naina: What’s that?
Karan: They wanted me to plan a honeymoon trio first Bhai and Bhabi.
Naina: LOL , uncle and auntie are very funny.
Karan: I told them about what happened when I tried setting a simple date for them.
Naina: Did you mention how I saved the day?
Karan: Yeah, not using those words exactly and they said I should team up with you and plan it.
Naina: Now that’s a great idea.
Karan: Really?

Naina: It’d be fun.
Karan: Aren’t you busy with your stuff?
Naina: Trust me planning this would be a treat for me!
Karan: You sure?
Naina: Yeah , now I need to get ready so I’ll call you during my lunch break and we can discuss things then.
Karan: Sure, have a good day.

Naina: You too 
Karan smiled at his phone then went back to sleep.

Karan woke up again at 10 am, he freshened up and went downstairs for breakfast. He saw his Mother and Dadu sitting on the sofa, after eating his breakfast Karan joined them.
Nirmala: So Karan , have you thought about the honeymoon plans?
Karan: Not really, I’ve spoken to Naina about it and she said she’ll help.
Dadaji: That’s good, make sure it’s a trio they’ll remember okay?
Nirmala: Karan , why don’t you get Naina here?
Karan: Why?
Nirmala: It’ll be easier for you both to plan the trip.
Dadaji: That’s a wonderful idea, I’m sure Meghna would also love Naina being here.
Karan: I’ll let her know then.
Dadaji: Don’t let Meghna know, let’s keep it a surprise.
Karan: Sure Dadu , I’ll pick her up tomorrow after college.
Nirmala: Good, also what about tutoring the boy?
Karan: I think I’ll do it, I get bored at home.
Dadaji: Hey! We’re here you know.
Karan: Not like that’d Dadu, I wanna do something productive.
Nirmala: Good , I’ll let your father know and you’ll meet him on Monday.
Karan: Awesome.

Kunal was sitting in his office doing some work on his laptop when he heard a knock on his door.
Kunal: Come in.
He didn’t look up.
The person came in and sat on the chair.
Karan: Hi Bhai.
Kunal: Hi Karan.
Kunal looked up.
Kunal: Karan?!
He said shocked.
Kunal: What are you doing here?
Kunal put his laptop to a side.
Karan: Just visiting.
Kunal: This is your first time here, how did you find my office?
Karan: I asked the lady at the desk.
Kunal: Of course , but seriously , you didn’t need to come.
Karan: I should get out more.
Kunal: I’m glad you are.
Karan: Yeah , Dad got me a job , not an office one don’t worry.
Kunal: I’m not worried, I just hope you’ll enjoy it.
Karan: It’s tutoring a boy to play the piano.
Kunal: That’s awesome , when do you start?
Karan: The boy will visit our house on Monday and I’ll take it from there.
Kunal got up and hugged his brother.
Kunal: I’m so proud of you.
Karan: Thanks.
Kunal: I’m happy to hear it’s to do with music.
Karan: So was I.
Kunal: To celebrate do you wanna come to lunch with me and Meghna
Karan smiled: I’d love to.
Kunal: Good , I’ve got a few things to finish up, won’t take too long and after that I’ll show you around then we’ll pick Meghna up.
Karan: Sounds good.

12 pm, Kunal and Karan arrived at Meghnas work place. Meghna got out and got into the car. She sat in the front as usual.
Karan: Hi Bhabi.

Meghna turned around: Hi Karan , how was your day?
Karan explained the whole day to Meghna.
Meghna: Congratulations on the job , you’re going to be a great teacher.
Karan: Thanks.
When they got to the restaurant they ordered their food. They talked and ate. Karans phone started ringing he pulled the phone out and thought.
Karan (mind): Naina? Oh no! Sorry Naina.
Karan declined the call.

On the other side Naina was shocked.
Naina: He rejected my call!?
Sadna: Who?
Naina: Karan!
Sadna: You need to chill, I’m sure there’s a good reason.
Naina: Maybe.

Back at the restaurant.
Kunal: Who was that?
Karan: Just a friend, I can call later.
Kunal: Alright.
Karan: Do you guys mind if I ask you a quick question?
Meghna: No , shoot.
Karan: How comes you didn’t go on a honeymoon.
Kunal: Because Meghna started work and that was our priority.
Meghna: Yeah, I didn’t want to ask for a holiday as soon as I started.
Karan: Oh, makes sense.
Meghna: Why do you ask?
Karan: No reason, I was just wondering.
Kunal: God knows when Meghna will ask for a holiday.
Meghna: Not anytime soon mister.

Kunal: I was afraid of that.
Karan was planning his way already, all he needed to do was wait for a few weeks and then he and Naina can go to Meghnas boss and ask for a 2 week break.
Karan: Awesome.
He said out loud.
Kunal and Meghna looked at each other and then at Karan.
Meghna: What’s awesome?
Karan: Huh? Oh uh… the food.
Kunal: You sure?
Karan: Yeah…Yum.
He said take another spoonful of his soup.

Meghna: We’re happy to see you happy.
She said giggling.
After lunch Kunal and Karan dropped Meghna off and then headed back to the Kunals office.
Karan: Bhai, you go up, I’ll call my friend.
Kunal: Sure.
Kunal headed up to his office.
Karan called Naina.
Naina: You’re lucky I picked up.
Karan: Sorry for declining your call before, I was having lunch with Bhai and Bhabi.
Naina: Oh, how are they?
Karan: They’re good, I found out that Bhabi can’t take a holiday anytime soon because she just started working.
Naina: Oh , so what now?
Karan: I think we should wait for a another 2 weeks and the go to nm Bhabi boss ourselves.
Naina: That’s a good plan.
Karan: Oh yeah, Mom and Dadu told me to pick you up and bring you to ours for the weekend so we could plan everything.
Naina: Yay , is Meghu Di coming with you?
Karan: Nope, Dadu and Mom thought it’d be nice to surprise her especially because of the week she’s had.
Naina: Okay , so tomorrow I finish at 4pm.
Karan: I’ll come with the driver around 5 pm, see you tomorrow.
Naina: Bye.
They both hung up and got back to what they were doing.

Karan went back to Kunals office.
Kunal: Karan , have you spoken to Khyati yet?
Karan: Yeah , yesterday night and told her everything.
Kunal: That’s good, I’ll talk to her later today.
Karan: She’ll be visiting in a week or 2.
Kunal: Can’t wait to see her, she had to go college a day after the wedding.
Karan: It’ll be nice to spend some time together.
Kunal: Definitely.
Karan: Oh yeah , Naina is coming tomorrow to stay the weekend, make sure you don’t tell Bhabi.

Kunal: Obviously I won’t say anything, I can keep a secret.
Karan: That’s true.
Kunal: Not busy now are you?
Karan: Nope , why?
Kunal: We need to plan Mom and Dads Anniversary party.
Karan: So many things to plan.

Kunal: It’s just one party and we’ll do it together.
Karan: Yeah , one party.
Kunal got a small book put and passed it to Karan.
Kunal: I want you to make the guest list, I’d ask Meghna but you know our family.
Karan: Yeah , sure. That’s why Khyati is coming in 2 weeks.
Kunal: You forgot?
Karan: No, I guess I was thinking about other things.
Kunal: I understand.
Karan: I’ll start with all making the guest list.
Kunal: Awesome.
Karan was sat on the sofa in Kunals office while Kunal was doing his work on his desk.
Once the day of work ended the three headed home.

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