Swabhimaan-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 7

Wednesday morning , Meghna woke up earlier than Kunal today to shower. She got out of bed grabbed her things and headed to the bathroom. While putting her things in place Meghna felt someone behind her, she turned around and found nobody there. While in the shower with the water running she saw a shadow pass.
Meghna: Good Morning Kunal.
Kunal was still in bed and slowly woke up to find an empty space next to him.
Kunal: Meghna?
Back in the shower Meghna was talking to who she thought was Kunal.
Kunal got out of bed and then knocked on the bathroom door.
Meghna anwered: Who is it?
Kunal: It’s me Kunal, who else would it be?
Meghna froze: Kunal
Kunal: Is everything going okay?
There was no answer.
Kunal: Meghna!
Kunal opened the door and saw Meghna standing with the water running, he grabbed her robe and put it on her and helped her walk out. He sat her down on the chair, her hair dripping in water. Kunal grabbed a towel and dried the wet hair to become a little damp. Then he sat on the floor in front of her.

Kunal: Meghna , honey, are you okay?
Meghna couldn’t speak, still in shock.
Kunal: Meghna , please you’re scaring me.
Kunal had tears in his eyes.
Meghna finally tried speaking: There… someone…
Kunal: Someone?
Meghna: Was in the shower with me.
Kunal: Meghna , it’s okay , I’m here now.
Meghna fell on the floor to hug Kunal. Kunal held on to her with all the love he had for her.
Meghna was crying her eyes out: Kunal! They were in there and I thought it was you. I was taking to them.
Kunal held back his tears and stroked Meghnas hair: Shh , it’s okay, I’m right here okay? You’re in my arms , you’re safe.

After 20 minutes of sitting together Kunal held Meghna up and helped her get dressed. He helped out on her saree , her Sindoor and Mangalsutra. He dried and combed her hair. Kunal went to the bathroom and washed his face , he left the door open just in case. Meghna took out his clothes.
Kunal: We’re taking a day off.
Meghna: No, I can’t do that.
Kunal: You’re not in the right state of mind to work.
Meghna: What about you? You can’t just do everything for me.
Kunal: I can and I will.
Meghna: Kunal , please don’t.
Kunal: I’m staying and that’s final.
It was 8 am and Kunal and Meghna went downstairs. Nirmala, Dadaji and Karan were sitting at the table having their breakfast.
Nirmala saw the couple coming down: Are you not going to work today?
Kunak: No Mom, Meghna isn’t feeling very well.
Nirmala walked up to Meghna and touched her forehead.
Nirmala: You’re burning up.
Meghna: Maa , I’m fine.
Dadaji also felt Meghnas forehead: You’ve got a fever.
Nirmala: Meghna, go to your room now, Kunal will take your breakfast upstairs to you.
Nirmala and Dadaji went back to the table. Kunal headed to the table but was stopped by Meghnas grip. He looked back and saw Meghnas eyes telling me not to leave her alone. Karan was watching.
Karan: Bhai , you take Bhabi up and I’ll come with breakfast for both of you.
Meghna smiled and Karan who smiled back.
Kunal: Thanks Karan.
Karan: Anytime.
Kunal and Meghna sat in their room.
Meghna: We need to talk to Karan.
Kunal: I was thinking the same, where do we start?
Meghna: Ask him what he remembers.
Kunal: He won’t give us the answers that easily.
Meghna: Then we tell him what happened today morning.
Karan knocked on the open door.
Meghna: Come in.
Karan placed the tray of food on the table in front of Meghna and Kunal.
Kunal: Karan , take a seat. We need to talk to you.
Karan: Sure.
Karan sat down.
Meghna: Something happened today morning.

The couple explained the event leaving Karan shocked.
Karan: Bhabi , you’re okay right?
Meghna: Just a little scared.
Kunal: Karan , what we’re going to say won’t make any sense but you have to trust us.
Meghna: Yesterday…
Again the couple explained the events of yesterday , how a man told them where they’d find Parvati and so on.
Karan: Who is this woman?
Kunal went to the laptop and showed Karan the picture.
Kunal: Do you know her?
Karan: No.
Meghna and Kunal exchanged looks.
Meghna: She knows you and she’s waiting for you , that’s what she claims.
Karan: But she’s dead , so who did you see?
Kunal: I think he spirit or something.
No one said anything.
Kunal: I sound crazy but there’s no other explanation.
Meghna: You’re right Kunal , it’s crazy but it’s the only explanation we have.
Karan: You guys eat breakfast , I have to let this sink into my head.
Karan left the room.
Meghna: I hope he’s okay.
Kunal: He’ll be fine , now eat so you can take some medicine.
Kunal fed Meghna and then gave her some medicine. After he finished eating he went downstairs and put the tray away. Meghna was in her room, feeling much better. She was sat on the bed with blanket over her. Karan knocked on the door which was open.
Meghna: Come in Karan, take a seat.
Karan sat near Meghna on the bed.
Karan: I’m sorry about what happened.
Meghna: You have nothing to apologise for.
Karan: This woman was after me and now she’s after you and Bhai.
Kunal came in and took a seat on his space on the bed.
Kunal: She can come for us now but sooner or later we’ll find out what she wants and what she really is.
Meghna: We need to find out who was behind all of this.
Kunal grabbed his laptop and looked started researching Parvati.
Karan: It’s one of Dad’s enemies, which is a long list.
Meghna: How do we find this long list?
Karan: Rival companies?
Meghna: Yes let’s start there, Karan could you pass me my laptop.
Karan gave Meghna her laptop and they searched. Nirmala came in and saw all three of them sitting together.
Nirmala: What are you guys doing?

The three of them looked at one another.
Kunal: Research.
Nirmala: For what?
Karan: A secret.
Nirmala: And you won’t share it with your own mother?
Kunal: It’s for you.
Nirmala: Me?
Meghna didn’t wanna say anything so she just sat there.
Nirmala: Anyway, I’ve come to check on Meghna.
Meghna: I’m feeling much better Maa.
Nirmala: Good, I’ll be downstairs if anyone needs me.
Kunal: Sure Mom.
Nirmala left.
Karan: That was close, we can’t let anyone else know about this.
Kunal: Yeah , until we have some sort of evidence to back it up.
They continued their work and found everything out. Kunals research was much harder but he looked hard. 2 hours later they stopped.
Kunal: Okay , what have you guys got?
Karan: So dad’s company rivals can’t be the person behind this all.
Meghna: Their companies are doing well , and they speak highly of Papas company.
Karan: Strange. We do know however that Dad maybe the reason to cause disputes between other companies.
Meghna: Thought that doesn’t give us much to work on, we’ve come to a conclusion that the enemy isn’t work related but someone in his personal life.
Karan: What do you have?
Kunal: Well , this Parvati woman gave us no surname so I had to search just the first name along with the Ashram. Now the Ashram was founded by Parvati’s great grandfather.
Meghna: Interesting.
Kunal: What’s even more interesting is that Parvati’s father passed away in a fire and her mother passed soon after that.
Karan: What?
Kunal: Accidental fire from a gas leak.
Meghna: Just like how it got destroyed 7 years ago.
Kunal: Exactly.
Karan: Neither of them were accidental were they?
Kunal: No one knows and Parvati has no family, she was an only child, never married and no parents.
Meghna: Poor woman.
Kunal: She was taken care of in that Ashram since the age 10 of and thats all I got.
Meghna: We need more information, the more information we get the closer we’ll be to the person who harmed Karan as a child.
Karan: How did she know I was harmed? How did she know I was cursed?
Kunal: We have no clue, we need to find out how the fire started as well.
Meghna: Someone set the gas to leak.
Karan: I think we should visit the Mandir again , this time I’ll go.
Meghna: It’s too dangerous for you to go.
Kunal: Meghnas right, Karan we can’t take you with us.
Karan: If I’m there she’ll give us answers , she’s been waiting for me.
Kunal and Meghna looked at each other.
Kunal: Meghna?
Meghna: Fine.
Karan smiled and held Meghnas hand: Bhabi I promise nothing bad will happen.
Meghnna smiled: Good , when should we go?
Kunal: After lunch we’ll go.
Kunal felt Meghnas forehead: Your fever is gone as well.
Karan: Awesome.
Meghna: I feel bad for hiding the truth from Maa.
Kunal: Don’t worry, when the time comes we’ll tell everyone everything.
Karan: Let’s go downstairs.
They went downstairs and saw with Nirmala who was looking through some photos from an album.
Meghna and Karan beside Nirmala on each side and Kunal sat on the floor between Meghna and Nirmalas feet.
Meghna: What album is this Maa?
Nirmala: It’s my family album.
They all sat together and went through the album together and Nirmala told Meghna about each and every family member. Kunal came across a photo of a man and woman.

Kunal: Mom , who’s this?
Kunal took the photo out and gave it to Nirmala.
Nirmala: I don’t know actually, I’ve never seen this photo before. Nirmala gave back the photo and Kunal put it in his pocket and Meghna saw.
Meghna (mind): Why did he put that in his pocket?
Karan: Mom , I’m hungry.
Meghna: I’ll get lunch ready.
Nirmala: No betaa , you’re not feeling well.
Kunal held Meghnas hand: You sit.
Nirmala: See, Kunal wants you stay with him.
Nirmala left. Kunal then sat in the sofa where Nirmala was sitting , in between Karan and Meghna. He took out the photo.
Kunal: This is Parvati’s Father and I’m going that’s her Mother.
Karan: How did that picture get in there?
Meghna: Kunal , get the picture you saw online.
Kunal brought his phone out and searched for the photo he’d come across before.
Meghna looked at both photos.
Meghna: Kunal, Parvati was l wearing the same thing as her mother is in both photos.
Kunal: I didn’t notice.
Karan: How did it get there?
Kunal: We’ll find out very soon.

After lunch , Dadaji went into the offic, Nirmala went to her friends house and the trio stayed home. Meghna received a message from Radika: Missing you! Get well soon.
Meghna replied back: Don’t worry I’ll back tomorrow.
Karan and Kunal were packing for their venture ahead.
Kunal: We’ll leave later instead of now.
Karan: We should go when you guys were there yesterday.
Kunal: We got there around 6pm
Meghna: We didn’t stay very long.
Karan: We’ll leave at 5pm and we’ll have to scope the place out.
Kunal: Sounds good.

It was 5pm Kunal, Meghna and Karan left the house, leaving the workers to keep an eye on the place and let everyone else know that they’ll be late.
Kunal was driving with Meghna sitting on his left and Karan at the back seat with the two backpacks they packed.
Meghna: Make sure you park the same place as last time, I wanna see if that man is there and what he remembers.
Kunal: Sure.
The drive was 20 minutes they got out of the car, Kunal and Karan put on their backpacks. Kunal walked to the stall where they found the man yesterday.
Kunal: Hello, did you remember us?
Man: Yes , you asked me about a woman?
Meghna: Yes , we did.
Man: I didn’t know the woman and I still haven’t seen her since she’s dead.
Meghna: Yeah , she’s dead.
Kunal: Thank you.
They walked to the Mandir but didn’t go up the stairs.
Karan: Split up and meet here in 10?
Kunal: No , Meghna you’re coming with me.
Meghna raised an eyebrow: Kunal , remember our vows?
Kunal: You’re not well and I don’t want anything happening to you.
Meghna cupped Kunals cheek: Nothing will happen, I promise.
She kissed his forehead.
Karan: Really?
Kunal kissed Meghnas cheek: Yes really Karan , you’ll understand one day.
Karan: Of course.
They went their separate ways looking around for anything unusual. After 10 minutes they all got back together.
Kunal: Meghna, you okay?
Meghna: Perfectly fine.
Karan: Me too Bhai , I’m fine.
Kunal: Yes yes , anyone find anything?
Meghna: I found nothing.
Karan: Me neither , you?
Kunal: Nada.
Meghna: Well , if she or it is a spirit they can’t exactly leave anything behind. Can they?
Kunal: Not sure.
Karan check his watch and saw it was 5:30 pm.
Karan: It’s half five, should we go up or wait for a bit.
Meghna: Let’s go up, first pray and then we do what we came to do.
They went up together and prayed. Kunal Meghna and Karan, they stood in that order and put their hands together.
After the finished praying and then sat down. Around 20 minutes later everyone was leaving.
Kunal: This is what a happened yesterday.
Karan: Everyone left?
Meghna: Yeah , I think she’s coming.
They looked at the spot she was in yesterday and saw no one.
Karan: So, how long do we wait.
Meghna: I don’t know, she’ll be here soon.
Kunal was looking around when he saw Parvati making her way up the stairs.
Kunal: Guys she’s coming.
Karan: Stay relaxed, we’re here visiting the Mandir.
Parvati sat in the same spot she sat in yesterday. A few minutes went in silence.
Parvati: I knew you’d come.
She turned around and stood up. Kunal helped Meghna up and Karan got up as well.
Parvati: I was waiting for you.
She was slowly approaching them.
Kunal: Karan? Or all of us?
Parvati: Well , I’ve been waiting for Karan the longest and I knew you and your wife would come again today.
Meghna: What did you want with Karan?
Parvati: I just wanted to see him.
Karan: Why?
Parvati: Because I missed you , didn’t you miss me?
Karan was about to tell her that he didn’t know who she was but instead: Of course I missed you , I left you all those years ago and you were the one that took care of me.
Parvati smiled: Yes , you left me all alone.
Meghna held Karans hand. He looked at her and gave her a reassuring look. Karan then walked to Parvati.
Karan: I didn’t know the Ashram was going to burn down, otherwise I would’ve taken you with me.
Parvati: No, I let you go.
Karan: Why?
Parvati: Because I made the fire happen and I didn’t want you to get hurt.
Karan: Why did you set the fire?
Parvati: Actually, I made you get the gas leak.
Kunal: Why would you do that?
Parves grew angry: Because Karan was telling same innocent child as me when I made the gas leak and killed my father.
Meghna and Kunal looked at each other. Karan stepped back.
Karan: You killed your own father?
Parvati: It was an accident but everyone thought I was crazy so I had to stay here for all those years.
Meghna: Why did you do it the second time?
Parvati: I thought it would get me out and I knew Karan wasn’t happy there so he could also get out. But…
A few seconds of silence.
Kunal: But what?
Parvati’s eyes turned black and then back to normal: I got out of that place and the world too.
Karan: You’re a spirit?
Parvati: Yes.
Meghna: Why did you come back?
Parvati: To help you.
Kunal: How will you help us?
Parvati: By telling Karan who cursed him.
Meghna: Why can’t you tell us?
Parvati: I need to get Karan to remember everything first and then I can tell him, whether or not he will tell you is his choice.
Karan: I want everyone to know, just tell us now.
Parvati: Are you sure?
Kunal: Karan , bhai this is your choice think about it.
Meghna: Haan Karan , don’t be hasty.
Karan: It’s okay guys , I want her to tell us now.
Parvati: The person that made you ‘ill’ was your Dad’s older brothers wife.
Kunal,Meghna and Karan: What?
Kunal: Dad doesn’t have an older brother.
Parvati: Oh he does, he doesn’t want anything to do with him, he wiped out his whole existence.
Meghna: Why would Papa do that?
Karan: And no one told us about Taauji
Parvati: Your father kicked your Taauji out of the house they get up in and your Dadu wasn’t there. Your Taauji never came back home and NK told your Dadu that Shekher left himself and didn’t want to live with them anymore and your Dadu erased Shekher from his life as well.
Meghna: But Papa isn’t the same bad person anymore and Dadu doesn’t know he truth.
Parvati: Of course , everyone changes.
Kunal: I can’t believe this, why did TaaiiJi do it?
Parvati: They had no children and she wanted to make sure that you and Karan wouldn’t get along and so this time the older brother gets the success and the fathers love.
Karan: Papa did compare us all the time, Kunal Bhai was never there to hear it.
Parvati: I know.
Meghna: Why didn’t you tell us this yesterday?
Parvati: I didn’t because I wanted you 3 to come to me. I went to your house yesterday and knocked on your window.
Kunal: That was you?
Parvati: Yes , then by opening the window to check who was out there you let me in. And Meghna I’m truly sorry for scaring you.
Meghna: In the shower?!
Kunal: You didn’t need to do that.
Parvati: I needed you to have a reason to come here.
Karan: You planted that picture of your parents as well didn’t you?
Parvati: Yes, I saw all your detective work, pretty good.
Karan: So now what do we do?
Parvati: You go home and let everyone else know or you go home and do nothing about it.
Meghna: Where are TaauJi and Taaiji now?
Parvati: After your TaauJi found our about his wife doing the heinous act he left her and I don’t know where he is now.
Karan: We need to find him.
Meghna: Thank you for all your help.
Kunal: One thing, yesterday we asked a man…
Parvati: That man was me.
Kunal: Of course it was.
Parvati: Now children , get home safe. If you need anything then let me know, you know where you’ll find me.
Karan went to her: I’m sorry, I don’t remember you.
Parvati touched his hair: It’s not your fault.
Karan: Thank you once again.
Paravti: All the best with everything.

Kunal, Meghna and Karan got down to the car and drove home.
Kunal: Karan , it’s upto you, if you want to tell everyone.
Karan: Do you think is should Bhai?
Kunal: I don’t know , I think it’s important to make sure you get answers.
Karan: I want to tell everyone, and I want you both to be there.
Meghna: Of course we will.
When they arrived home thy saw Dadaji, NK , Nirmala and Sandhya sitting in the front room.
NK: Where we’re you guys? Meghna I hope you’re feeling better.
Meghna: Haan Papa , I’m feeling much better.
Karan: We were at the Mandir.
Kunal was getting angry and it didn’t go unnoticed by Meghna. His hands fisted into a ball and she held his hand, making him feel relaxed. He looked at her and with her eyes she said “Calm down”
Nirmala: What are you guys doing standing there, come and sit.
They all took a seat on the sofa sitting in the same order they always sat in. Kunal, Meghna and then Karan.
Dadaji: Are you all okay?
Sandhya: Yeah , you seem tense.
The three looked at each other.
NK: What’s wrong?
Karan: We need to tell you something, well I do.
Nirmala: What’s this about?
Karan: About me.
Sandhya: What about you?
Karan: Bhai and Bhabi found out about how I came ill.
NK: How did they do that?
Kunal: Dadu told us about the day Karan came home and how Mom saw a mark on his back.
Meghna: How no one knew what it was and he stayed at an Ashram.
Karan: Dadu told Bhai and Bhabi that a woman at the Ashram would know about my condition.
All three of them explained everything. About yesterday and today morning then ended off with what Parvati told them today.
Kunal: So Dad , who is our uncle? How haven’t you told us about him?
Dadaji: Kunal , he left us and your father did everything to stop him.
NK got up and stood near the dining table.
Kunal stood up: That’s not the truth.
Meghna got up and stood next to Kunal. Karan also stood and went to his Dadu.
Dadaji: What are you saying Kunal?
Kunal: Dad has been lying to you. Dadaji , Nirmala and Sandhya all got up from their seats.
Normal had tears in her eyes and then went to Kunal: Please Kunal…
Kunal held his mother’s hand: Not today Maa.
Karan: Dadu , TaauJi never left us, Dad kicked him out.
Dadaji: NK would never do that.
Kunals eyes were red his anger and hiding the tears back.
Kunal: He did Dadu!
Meghna: Kunal, please calm down.
Kunal: Why? Look at him, standing away from the truth.
Dadaji went to Nirmala: Bahu , what is Kunal saying? You tell me.
Nirmala had tears streaming down her face.
Nirmala: Bauji, I… I’m sorry.
Nirmala fell to the floor, Kunal and Meghna fell to her and Karan and Sandhya ran to Nirmalas side.
Dadaji stood there shocked.
Kunal got back up and held his Dadu shoulder.
Kunal: I’m sorry Dadu , your son lied to you for all these years.
Karan came and held Dadajis other shoulder: Dadu , say something.
Dadaji: NK!
NK looked back to see his dad eyes filled with sorrow. He walked slowly to him. Once they were face to face.
NK: Papa…
Dadaji slapped NK.
Meghna, Nirmala and Sandhya looked up. Meghna stood up.
Meghna: Dadu…
Meghna stood in front of Kunal and next to NK.
Meghna: This isn’t right.
Dadaji: And what he did 25 years ago was right?
Meghna: No , but Dadu , that was the old Papa.
Kunal: The old him didn’t tell his own children that they had an uncle and the new him didn’t either!
Karan: Why not Dad?
Kunal: You created a mess of our lives. You betrayed your own brother and that’s why his wife ruined my brothers life.
Meghna: Papa , please say something.
NK: I have nothing to say.
Kunal: No , tell us why you hated your older brother.
NK: I didn’t hate him.
Karan: Then why did you kick him out?
NK: I had no reason to kick Shekher Bhai out of the house.
Dadaji: “Shekher Bhai” how did you get that out of your mouth? All these years went by and you didn’t even utter a single word about him.
Sandhya: Bauji, you need to relax other wise you’ll health will be affected.
Dadaji: We’ll know who’s responsible for that matter.
Dadaji went up to his room.
Sandhya helped Nirmala up: Come on Nirmala, lets get you to your room.
Meghna helped Sandhya take Nirmala to the stairs.
Sandhya: Meghna, you say here and handle the situation, I can take Nirmala upstairs.
Meghna: Are you sure?
Sandhya gave Meghna a look of reassurance.
Meghna went back and saw all three men depart in three directions.
Meghna: What’s happening?

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