Swabhimaan-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 5

It was early Monday morning , both Kunal and Meghna woke up and did their usual routine, Kunal applied Meghnas Sindoor and Meghna out on Kunals cufflinks. Without each of them doing this ritual the day felt incomplete. They both headed to work, Kunal dropped Meghna off first.
Kunal: I’ll pick you up for lunch?
Meghna: See you.
Kunal kissed Meghnas cheek and then got into the car to head to his workplace.
Meghna was greeted by the receptionist , Radika.
Radika: Good Morning Meghna.
Meghna: Good Morning Radika , how was your weekend?

Radika lifted her hand to show Meghna an engagement ring.
Meghna was so happy: Finally! When did he do it?
Radika was laughing: Yuvraj proposed on Saturday evening.
Meghna: Aaw.

Meghna gave Radika a hug: Congratulations! So happy for you.
Radika: Thank you! Well catch up later yeah?
Meghna: Definitely.
Meghna left Radika and headed upstairs to her floor where she was greeted by her team.
Meghna got off for her link early and went to chat with Radika.
Radika: You and your husband must come to the sangeet and wedding when the days are finalised.
Meghna: I’ll try to, Kunals very busy these days.

Meghnas phone rang, it was Kunal.
Meghna: Speaking about the devil.
Radika laughed.
Meghna picked up the phone: Hi Kunal.
Kunal: Should I come in the building or will you come out?
Meghna: You come in.
Kunal: Okay give me a minute.
Kunal parked outside and came in to see Meghna sitting with her friend.
Kunal: Hi ladies.
Meghna: Kunal , this is Radika and Radika this is Kunal.
Kunal: Hi Radika , how are you?
Radika: Hi Kunal, I’m well how are you?
Kunal: Very well , thank you.
Meghna: Radika got engaged over the weekend.

Kunal: Congratulations.
Radika: Thank you.
Radika looked at Kunal and thought she’d seen him before.
Radika: I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before, not the news , you’re always on the news.
Kunal chuckled.
Meghna: Where could you have seen him?
Radika recalled a photo she’d seen in Yuvraj house.
Radika: Di you know a Yuvraj Mehta?

Kunal: Yeah , I remember a Yuvraj from college.
Radika. You’re the Kunal he’s always on about!
Kunal was confused.
Radika: My fiancé is your friend from college.
Radika showed a picture of Yuvraj.
Kunal: That is him , I haven’t seen him since we got our results from college.
Meghna: That’s great then, now we have to attend the Sangeet and Wedding.
Kunal: For sure.
Radika: It was great catching up with you both, now go and get your lunch.
The couple left and got into the car.

Meghna: Kunal , do you wanna go to the Ashram now or after work?
Kunal: Let’s go after work , I’m starving now.
Meghna giggled: Okay, let’s eat then.
They went the restaurant they’ve been since Meghna started her new job. They ate and started chatting.
Meghna: So how were your guests?
Kunal: Great, they were pleased with our progress.
Meghna: How long are they here for?
Kunal: They’ll stay for about a week , snooping around the workplace and a the end of the week they’ll finalise a deal with us.
Meghna: I’m sure they’ll love what they see.
Kunal: Yeah , they already love me.
Meghna whacked Kunals arm.
After eating they went back to work.

Naina was in her lecture and was taking notes and when she looked up she saw Karan sitting at the front table with his umbrella open. Her eyes widened.
Naina whispered to herself: Karan?
She shut her eyes and shook her head. Then opened them to see no one there.
Teacher: Naina?
Naina didn’t hear.
Teacher: Miss Solanki?!
Naina: Sorry Sir.

Teacher: Are you okay?
Naina: I’m not feeling well.
Teacher: Would you like to go back to your Dorm?
Naina: May I?
Teacher: Yes.
Naina left and went to her room she sat on her bed and looked at her phone.
Naina: Should I call?
Yes or No?
Naina: No , he can call if he wants to.

Naina wandered around in her room waiting for him to call.
Naina: Naina , a watched phone never rings!
She told herself.
She waited for half an hour and then heard her phone ring. She ran to the phone and smiled.
Naina: Hello?
Karan: You didn’t say bye to your new friend.
Naina: Woh… actually…
Karan: Can’t think of an excuse?
Naina: No , I mean…
Karan: You mean?
Naina: I mean I forgot.
Karan: Like I said.
Naina: Did you see the gift?

Karan was holding the sweater.
Karan: Yes, it’s really nice , thank you.
Naina: You’re welcome.
Karan: Do you a lesson or a lecture?
Niana: No , I just left one.
Karan: Oh I see.

The duo kept talking for a good half an hour, small talk leading to long conversation.
Karan: I should leave you to it.
Naina: Sure , it was nice talking to you.
Karan: You too.
Karan hung up and looked at his phone with a smile.

Naina held her phone close to her chest.
Naina: Why does this heart beat so fast when I think about you?

It was 5pm and Kunal was waiting for Meghna in the reception area as he saw her walk down. He gazed at her thinking: I’m the luckiest guy in the world.
He smiled to himself and Meghna looked at him raising an eyebrow as she walked towards him.
Meghna: What’s with the dorky smile?
Kunal: You.
Meghna held his arm and they walked out together and got into the car.
Meghna: We can’t stay too long at the Ashram , also did you let Maa know we’ll be late?
Kunal: Yes, I told her, don’t worry too much.
They got to the address that Dadaji gave but when they looked for the building there was nothing there.

Meghna: This is the Ashram?
Kunal: Dadu gave this address, let’s ask someone.
Kunal and Meghna got out of the car and approached a women in a nearby shop.
Meghna: Hi , I was wondering if you could tell us what happened to the Ashram there?
Meghna pointed at the empty space.
Lady: That Ashram closed around 7 years ago.
Kunal: 7 years ago?
Lad: Yes.
Kunal: Thank you for your help.

The couple walked back to the car and stood near the door.
Meghna: 7 years ago? When did Karan leave this place?
Kunals faced dropped: Around 7 years ago , they said he should move to another city that’s why we couldn’t visit him.
Meghna: Who did visit him?
Kunal: Because of my studies , Maa and Dadu would go.
Meghna: We need to ask Dadu about why Karan moved and why the Ashram closed down.

It was 9pm, Meghna and Kunal were in Dadajis room after dinner.
Dadaji: Closed down?
Meghna: Haan Dadu, the woman said 7 years ago.
Kunal: And that was around the time Karan moved to…
Dadaji: Moved to Delhi. I never spoke to the people after the move.
Kunal: So, we have no clue to why they closed down? And we don’t know where any of the staff are?
Dadaji: I don’t, I’m sure there’s a way to find out.
Meghna: We can try looking online , see if there’s anything there.
Kunal: Good idea.
Kunal grabbed his laptop and searched “Jaipur Ashram”.

Meghna: There, that’s an article posted 7 years ago.
Kunal clicked on the article and the headline read “Jaipur Ashram shuts down after gas leak burns down building”
Meghna: Oh my gosh.
Kunal: No deaths but serious injuries.
Dadaji saw the pictures on the side: That’s the women.
Meghna and Kunal also saw the picture.
Meghna: Her?
Dadaji: That’s her.
Kunal: Dadu , that’s the women we spoke to about the Ashram.
Dadaji: What? She didn’t give you any other information?
Kunal: No.

Meghna: We need to speak to her tomorrow , also let’s print the picture out just in case.
Kunal: Sure.

It was 3 am and Naina was sleeping in her room, she shared her room with her very close friend Sadna. Naina was mumbling something in her sleep and then shot up.
Naina: Di!
Sadna heard Naina and woke up, she got out if her bed and went to Nainas.
Sadna: Naina? What’s wrong?
Naina: Woh.. Di.
Nainas head started hurting.
Sadna: What happened to Meghna Di?
Naina: I don’t know, I just saw her falling.

Sadna: Naina , it was just a nightmare.
Naina: But… it felt so real.
Sadna: I’m sure Meghna Di is fine , you can’t call her now to check if she’s okay but when we wake up later I’ll call myself and can talk to her.
Naina: Thanks Sadna.
Sadna: Don’t be silly Naina, you’re my friend , now come on get some sleep.
Sadna retreated to her bed and left a much calmer Naina lying down.
The morning came quick, it was 7:30 am.

Sadna: Naina , here I called Meghna Di and speak to her.
Naina: Thanks.
Naina held the phone to her ear.
Meghna: Hi Chiku , how are you?
Naina: Di , how are you? Are you okay? Did anything happen to you?
Meghna: Chiku slow down, I’m fine. What’s the matter , why are you so worried?
Naina explained the nightmare she had.
Meghna: I’m alright, don’t need to worry about me.
Kunal took the phone off Meghna and put it on loud speaker: Hi Naina!

Naina: Hi Jeeju, how are you?
Kunal: I’m great, now what’s this about you being worried?
Naina: I had a really bad nightmare about Di.
Kunal: What? The fact that she was the nightmare?
Kunal and Naina laughed and Meghna smacked Kunals arm.
Meghna: Very funny!
Naina: No Jeeju , I saw Di falling and then I woke up.
Kunal: Listen Naina , as long I’m with your Di, I’ll never let her fall.
Naina: Promise?
Kunal: Pakka promise, so now relax.

Naina: Thank You so much Jeeju, I feel much better.
Meghna: Good , now get ready for class.
Naina: Bye you two.
Meghna&Kunal: Bye.
Naina put the phone down and smiled.
Sadna was next to her: See! All good!
Naina hugged Sadna.

It was lunchtime and as usual Kunal went to pick up Meghna. He received a call from Meghna.
Kunal: Yes, meri Jaan.
Meghna: Kunal come inside, there’s someone waiting for you.
Kunal: For me?
Meghna: Yes, now hurry!

Kunal: Okay.
Kunal parked his car and entered the building to his Meghna standing next to Radika and there was a man facing his back towards Kunal.
Meghna saw Kuna: Kunal , come here.
The man turned around.
Kunal: Yaar , Yuvraj!
Kunal and Yuvraj hugged.
Yuvraj: How have you been?

Kunal: I’ve been great , what about you?
Yuvraj: All is well.
Kunal: Congratulations on the engagement.
Yuvraj: Thanks and you on the wedding.
Meghna: Thank you Yuvraj , now come on guys let’s get lunch together.
Radika: Sounds like a plan.
The 2 couples headed outside and went to their cars and drove to Kunal and Meghnas restaurant. They ate lunch and chatted and after they headed back to drop the ladies off to work.
Yuvraj: Today was really fun.

Meghna: Let’s do it again , some time soon.
Kunal: Definitely.
Radika: The dates for the sangeet and wedding are yet to be finalised but we’ll let you guys know as soon as possible.
Meghna: Come on Radika , breaks over.
They bid farewell and headed their separate ways.

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