Swabhimaan-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 4

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Sunday morning came quick for everyone, Meghna woke up at 7:30 am leaving Kunal to sleep for a little longer. She formed a quick Puja at the house Mandir and then set an Arti for Dadaji to take to his Mandir. She started to make breakfast and slowly everyone was down. Dadaji had a quick cup of tea and then went to the Mandir with Kunal and Nirmala. Karan had his breakfast and went upstairs straight away. Sandhya and NK were in the study planning for Mondays big guests. Naina was helping Meghna tidy and then they both sat in the living room doing Nainas work.
Naina: Di, how’s work?
Meghna: I like it , being the only girl in my group makes me realise that it’s a great opportunity for me to settle an example.
Naina: That’s true.
Meghna: The guys don’t even treat me differently , they know I’m married and have priorities but they don’t make me feel like an outcast.
Naina: You’re s lucky Di , I’m so happy for you.
Meghna smiled.
Naina: Oh yeah Di! I have a trio to Switzerland next month I’ll been going for 2 weeks.
Meghna: That’s awesome , which are you with going with?
Naina: Their class.
Meghna: Have you done any shopping for it?
Naina: Just bits and bobs.
Meghna: Why don’t I take you today?Then I can drop you off to your dorm .
Kunal walked in with Nirmala.
Kunal: Meghna why are you going , wherever you’re going?
Meghna smirked: To get away from you.
Kunal: Very funny, who’d wanna do that?
Nirmala sat next to Meghna while Kunal stood behind Meghna and bent forward his face next to hers.
Naina smiled: Jeeju , I have a trip to Switzerland next month and Di wants to take me shopping then drop me off home.
Kunal: That’s sounds fun , I’ll tag along.
Nirmala: Atcha , I see how it is!
Kunal: See what Mom?
Nirmala: When I wanna take you shopping you say no but because Meghna is going you’ll tag along.
Kunal: It’s not like that Mom.
Nirmala laughed: I know it’s not like that but look at how red my Bahu is!

Everyone looked at Meghna who was as red as a tomato.
Meghna: Red?
She touched her cheek and felt it burning up.
Naina: Di! You never get shy!
Meghna: I’m not getting shy.
Kunal: Oh meri topper! No point lying.
Meghna looked at Nirmala: Maa , I’m not shying away.
Kunal was getting scared and he went to sit in front of Meghna.
Nirmala: Betaa, your skin is really red.
Kunal cupped Meghnas face: Does it hurt?
Meghna shook her head no.
Kunal: What are you allergic to?
Naina: Daisy’s ! Auntie, you’re perfume!
Nirmala: Oh no! I’m so sorry betaa
Meghna held Nirmalas hand: Don’t be silly Maa, it’s not your fault.
Kunal: How do you get rid of it?
Naina: Di needs fresh air.
Nirmala: I’ll go and throw this saree away and all the daisy perfumes.
Meghna: No Maa , why would you do that.
Nirmala: It’s harmful to you.
Meghna: But…
Nirmala: No buts, Kunal , take Meghna to the garden.
Kunal held Meghnas hand and took her to the garden.
Kunal: Don’t worry , there are no daisy’s here, just cacti.
They both laughed.

The couple sat there for half an hour and Meghnas skin cleared up and Naina came.
Naina: Di, you okay?
Meghna: Yes, completely fine Chiku.
Kunal: Should we go shopping?
Meghna: Come on , let’s have some fun.
The sisters got ready while Kunal waited downstairs. Naina had bid goodbye to everyone but Karan. Meghna and Naina came hand in hand downstairs laughing. Naina had bid goodbye to everyone but Karan.
Kunal (mind): God bless that bond! If only Karan and I were like that again.
Kunal: Ready girls?
Meghna: Girls?
Kunal: Sorry your highness! Ladies!
Naina: Yes Jeeju!
The three went shopping and spent a few hours there then went to eat. After eating Kunal and Meghna dropped Naina home. The duo also arrived home and thee time was 5pm.
Dadaji: Did you guys have fun?
Kunal: Yes Dadu , we did a load of shopping for Naina.
Meghna: I also bought some things for you Dadu.
Meghna unpacked the gifts she got and distributed them. She looked around the room in search for Karan.
Kunal: Meghna , he’ll be in his room.
Meghna smiled at Kunal, he knew.
Kunal smiled back and nudged his head telling her to go upstairs.
Meghna took the bag which had the gifts for Karan. She knocked on his open door.
Karan was sitting on his computer desk and turned around to see Meghna.
Karan: Come in Bhabi.
Meghna went to his desk and showed him the bag.
Karan: What’s this?
Meghna: Their gifts.
Karan: For what Bhabi?

Meghna: Do I need a reason to give my brother-in-law gifts? No , I don’t so now open them.
Karan opened the first gift which was a mini statue head of Mozart.
Meghna: Since you love music and you’re into classical type w chose that for you, I thought you could put it on top of your piano?
Karan: Wow, this is really special.
Meghna was touched.
Meghna: Kunal thought of it.
Karans smiled slowly grew smaller.
Karan: I see.
Meghna: Karan, your brother means well.
Karan: I’m sure he does, that’s why he sent you to give the gift.
Meghna: That’s not true , he’s busy downstairs.
Karan: Okay.
Meghna: Open the next one.
Karan saw a sweater.
Meghna: Naina chose that for you, and she isn’t here to give it to you because she’s gone home.
Karan looked up with a hint of sadness in his eyes.
Karan: When did she go?
Meghna: We did our shopping and then we dropped her off home.
Karan: Oh okay, tell her I said thanks for the sweater.
Meghna: Karan, you can let her know yourself , you are friends now aren’t you?
Karan was confused: How do you know?
Meghna: I just know, also there’s one last gift.
Karan brought the last thing out of the bag and saw a photo frame with a picture of him and Kunal when they were younger.

Meghna: I was going through the photo album I thought that it needed to be framed.
Karan: Thank you Bhabi , I know you’re trying to make things better between us but…
Meghna: It will take time, I understand and I’m glad you’re trying because that’s the most important thing.
Karan smiled at Meghna who smiled back.
Meghna: If you ever feel like sharing something with anyone, we’re all here. Everyone.
Karan: You’re different Bhabi , that’s why I like you and I’m happy that both you and Bhai are happy.
Meghna: Thank you Karan, I’ll see you downstairs.
Karan nodded.
Meghna went downstairs.
Meghna: Kunal , did you give Maa the perfumes?
Nirmala: Yes he did, why did you buy so many?
Meghna: Maa , you threw away your Daisy perfume because of me.
Sandhya: What do you mean Meghna?
Kunal: Masi Maa , Meghna is allergic to Daisy’s.
Sandhya: Really?
Meghna: It’s not that serious.
Kunal: Her face gets red.
Meghna: If I take tablets then I won’t get affected.
NK: Make sure you take the medication , just in case.
Meghna smiled: Sure Papa.
Nirmala: I’ll go and get everybody tea.
Meghna: No , you sit.
Nirmala: I said I’ll make it.
Meghna gave up and Nirmala went to the kitchen and made tea.
Sandhya: Meghna I love the saree you bought me.
Meghna: I’m glad you liked it , Papa how do you like your gift?
NK: The cufflinks are very smart , thank you.
Meghna: You’re welcome.

Everyone packed their things and put them away and came back to drink tea.
Nirmala distributed the tea.
Meghna: Maa , I’ll give Dadu and Karans tea.
She took a tray and a bag which had the gifts she bought for him. She climbed the stairs and went to Karans room first.
Meghna: Karan, tea?
Karan: Yes please.
Meghna placed the tea cup on the table.
Meghna: Enjoy.
Karan: Thank you.
Meghna left and headed to Dadajis room , she saw him looking out of the window , so she placed the cup of tea on the table.
Meghna: Dadu , your tea.
Meghna she was kneeling down near the table and looked up.
Dadaji was lost looking out if the window.
Meghna: Dadu?

She walked up and put a hand on his shoulder.
Dadaji looked behind him.
Dadaji: Oh Meghna betaa, when did you come in?
Meghna: A minute ago, with your tea.
Dadaji: Oh , thank you.
He sat in the chair and started drinking his tea.
Meghna: Dadu , is everything okay?
Dadaji: Yes , everything’s perfect.
Meghna keeled down and kept her hand on Dadajis hands.
Meghna: Dadu , you can’t lie to me.
Dadaji: Meghna Betaa , I’ve been thinking about Karan.
Meghna: What about him?
Dadaji: His past.
Meghna: Dadu , I don’t know what had happened and I don’t think I have the need to.
Dadaji: You have every right to know, so does Kunal. Kunal has no idea what happened to his baby brother and he still doesn’t.
Meghna: Dadu , you don’t need to share it now.
Dadaji: I want to, you call Kunal into my room.
Meghna: Okay Dadu.
Meghna left and saw Kunal wasn’t downstairs so she went to their room and found him on his laptop.
Meghna: Kunal, are you busy?
Kunal: Not for your.
He out his laptop to one side.
Kunal: What can I do for you?
Meghna: Dadu is calling us.
Kunal: Okay, let’s go.
They entered Dadajis room.
Kunal: Dadu, is everything okay? You look worried.
Dadaji: You two down.

They sat on the bed.
Dadji: I wanted to tell you about Karan, you both need to know.
Kunal and Meghna exchanged looks.
Dadaji: It all started when Karan started missing days of school when he was 9 years old and you were 10 years old and started boarding school.
We didn’t know happened but one day he came home really late , his hair was messy and there was mud all over his clothes. We thought he was messing about after school but when Nirmala went to give him a bath we saw a purple hand print on his hand.
Kunal: A bruise?
Dadaji: That’s what we thought, but went to the doctors and they told us that there was a skin condition that he developed.
Meghna: How so?
Dadaji: We didn’t know, neither did the doctors, we tested many different type of medication but nothing worked. My son would get angry because of the money he needed to spend and then all the time he “wasted” on his treatment.
Kunal: Dadu , what medicine worked in the end?
Dadaji: None of them , I decided to send him to an Ashram where they took care of the sick people. Your father disagreed , but your Dadi explained to him that Karan would be suffering if nothing was done. After that NK kept on getting angry

at everything Karan did, a bitter hatred grew in him. He tried making Karan feel useless because he wouldn’t get a proper education and then who’ll take care of his business?
Kunal: Me.
Dadaji nodded: NK needed an heir to his business, he thought he’d have two sons who’d do him proud but that wasn’t the case.
Meghna: Dadu , Papa has changed now.
Dadaji: He has, I know he has. But the past that made Karan so bitter towards Kunal was because of NK.
Kunal: What I don’t understand is how Karan got that skin disease.
Dadaji: No one does but I think someone at the ashram would know.
Meghna: What do you mean?
Dadaji: I think the women who took care of Karan knows what a happened but never wanted to share it with us.
Kunal: It’s because of that illness , Karan doesn’t like making contact with anyone.
Dadaji: It’s how he had to be, away from everyone.
Meghna: Thank you for telling us Dadu, it makes me feel better knowing that Karan is going to get back to normal very soon.
Kunal was confused: How?
Meghna smiled at Kunal and then at Dadaji.

Later that night when everyone was in their rooms , Meghna was on the laptop skyping her family and then Naina on another call. Kunal also joined and they started chatting. After an hour of talking Meghna and Kunal got ready to sleep. Kunal held Meghna in his arms as they were lying down.
Kunal: Excited for tomorrow?
Meghna: Yes , very excited. How about you?
Kunal: Yeah , little nervous about meeting the visitors.
Meghna: Kunal and nerves? Never knew!
Kunal laughed: Yeah , I’m human.
Meghna: Well human, you should get some sleep.
Meghna turned around and so did Kunal and he nuzzled his face into her neck.
Meghna: Kunal, your stubble!
She said laughing.
Kunal started tickling her more with his facial hair and soon they fell asleep.

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