Swabhimaan-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 3

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Dadaji , Nirmala , Karan and Naina were still sitting in the living area.
Nirmala: Naina don’t take Kunals dad’s words seriously.
Naina: I understand Auntie , after the wedding nothing has changed.
Karan: He was always an ignorant and rude person.
Nirmala: Karan…
Karan: It’s true.
Dadaji: Let’s stop taking about NK now.
Kunal came into the living area with Meghna following in behind him.
Kunal: Naina , Meghna told me that you need some stuff form your dorm room?
Naina: Haan Jeeju, my work is there.
Kunal: Karan could you go with Naina and take a driver with you?
Karan: Sure.
Kunal smiled and looked at Meghna.
Karan: Do you wanna go now?
Naina: If you don’t mind.
Karan: Let’s go.
Naina and Karan left.

Meghna went upstairs to NK ad Nirmalas room with some fruits and knocked.
NK was sitting on his chair and saw Meghna at the door.
Meghna: Papa , can I come in?
NK: Come in.
Meghna put the tray down.
She stood there: Papa , I’m sorry for what happened downstairs.
NK: Why are you sorry?
Meghna: For what Kunal said
NK: Then he should apologise.
Meghna: He’s my husband and I’m speaking on behalf of him. I know he didn’t mean time be rude.
NK: I’m sure he didn’t either but he was. We all know why.
Meghna: I spoke to him but he won’t listen.
NK smiled: That’s a first, we all know how much he loves you.
Meghna smiles and kneels down: Papa , I promise I’ll make everything right again.
She got up and left.
NK to himself: I wish you could dear.

Karan and Naina were sitting at the back of the car in silence. As they got to the hostel Naina got out and grabbed her stuff from her room and came down with a big bag and some books on her hand. Karan saw her struggling and went to help her. He took the bag and put it in the boot and Naina sat in the car with the books. The drive home was also silent but Naina was looking outside and saw an ice cream stand and was reminded about her and Meghnas trips and how they’d always get ice cream from the road.
Naina excitedly: Di let’s get…
She looked to her left and saw Karan.
Naina: Sorry.
Karan: What did you want?
Naina: Ice cream.
She posted out if the window.
Karan to the driver: Could you stop here for a few minutes.
Driver: Yes sir.
Naina smiled.
Karan: You can get your ice cream , just eat it outside and let me know ow when you’re done.
Naina: You come as well.
Karan: Why?
Naina didn’t say anything but Karan thought he knew why.
Karan: Are you still…
Naina: No! Not scared , you need to live a little.
Karan: Living a little is eating ice cream from the middle of the road?
Naina: Yes!
Karan: Come on then.
Naina: Wow , you’re agreeing to come? Nice.
Karan: Unless you don’t want me to.
Naina: No no no , just come.
They both get out and Naina runs to the stall.
Karan: Pagal.
He walks slowly and sees Naina has already chosen what she wants.
Naina: What will you get?
Karan: Same as you I guess.
Karan pays the man and then Naina sits on a rock while Karan stands.
Naina: Sit?
Karan: I’m already eating this.
Naina rolled her eyes.
The ate their ice cream and then headed to the car. Karan looked at Naina and saw some ice cream on her cheek.
Karan: You’ve got a bit of ice cream there.
He pointed at her cheek. Naina cleaned it off but no properly.
Karan: Still there, let me.
Karan got a tissue from his pocket and wiped it off.
Karan: Done.
Naina: Thanks , for the ice cream as well.
Karan nodded and then they left.

Once they got home they found Meghna and Nirmala along with Sandhya making flower garlands.
Naina walked in and asked what they were making it for.
Sandhya: On Monday we have people from New York and Sydney visiting the office so we’re hand making the garlands to greet them with.
Naina: That’s a really good idea.
Meghna smiled: It was Maa’s idea
Naina: I’ll go keep my things away and then come to help.
Naina ran with her things and organised them in guestroom then went downstairs and started making the garlands.
The ladies were chatting and making the garlands when Kunal walked in and sat in the floor beside Meghna.
Meghna: Do you need something?
Kunal: Nope , just wanted to sit with you.
Sandhya: Just with Meghna or us as well?
Kunal: Mmmm just Meghna.
Meghna started blushing.
Naina: Oh Di is blushing!
Nirmala: Leave her alone Kunal.
Kunal: Why?
Meghna: Whilst you’re here why don’t you help?
Kunal: With what?
Meghna: Making the garlands.
Kunal: Okay , teach me.
Meghna showed him how to do it.
Kunal: Easy!
Kunal gave a shot and did well.
Nirmala: Wow , good job Kunal.
Kunal: Thanks you thank you.
Then he pricked his finger.
Kunal: Ouch!
Meghna grabbed his finger worryingly and then saw there was nothing there.
Kunal was laughing: Gotchaa!
Meghna got up and grabbed a cushion and hit him with it.
Sandhya: Kunal run!
Kunal got up and started running around with Meghna chasing behind him. The others were spectating and laughing. Kunal ran upstairs and hid in their room. Meghna looked around but couldn’t see him. Suddenly Kunal grabbed her and she hit his chest and they were facing each other.
Kunal: You found me.
Meghna: No, you gave up.
Kunal: True.
Meghna: You lied.
Kunal: I didn’t.
Meghna: I saw your finger.
Kunal: You can’t see my heart though.
Kunals face saddened and Meghna cupped his face: What’s wrong?
Kunal: Meghna , I don’t know, I just feel like my heart is sinking.
Meghna: Kunal , you were okay a few minutes ago and now?
Kunal: Making the Garlands reminds me of Dadi.
Meghna: I’m so sorry Kunal, I never knew, I wouldn’t have made you sit there and…
Kunal: No Meghna, it’s not your fault. I just miss her a lot.
Meghna: You should to Papa about it.
Kunal moved Meghnas hands away from his cheeks and moved away from her turning his back towards her but Meghna grabbed his hand before he could get away.
Meghna: You can’t hold a grudge like this forever.
Kunal turned to Meghna: Why not? He’s no Dad , he’s not even a decent person. Meghna after all he said and did to call off our wedding! I don’t want a Father like him.
Meghna: At least you have a Father Kunal!
Meghna shouted.
Kunals eyes softened as he looked at Meghna: Meghna , I didn’t…
Meghna: I know you didn’t, but Kunal please talk to Papa once.
Meghna held his hand and then let go, leaving the room with tears streaming down.
Kunal broke down and was on the floor: Why?! I’m sorry Meghna! Im so sorry.

It was 7 pm and Kunal decided to go to speak to NK. He knocked in the door and NK opened it with a surprised look on his face.
Kunal: Can I come in Dad?
NK: Sure , come in.
They took a seat on the bed.
NK: What brings you here?
Kunal: Meghna.
NK: I see.
Kunal: Dad , Meghna made me realise how important you are to me , she doesn’t have her Dad but she never let it make her feel or become weak. You taught me a lot and I’m grateful for it.
NK: Kunal , I’m sorry for the things I did, I just never knew you wanted to marry Meghna for who she was, you mentioned the business idea and that stuck in my head.
Kunal: I love Meghna, always have and always will.
NK: I’m glad and happy for both of you.
Kunal: I’m sorry for misbehaving.
NK: No son , you had every right to.
They got up and hugged. Dadaji was at the door along with Meghna.
Dadaji: I’m of proud of you Meghna betaa!
Meghna hugged her Dadu and smiled widely at her father and husband hugging.
Kunal came out and saw Dadaji and Meghna. NK called Meghna and she went inside.
Meghna: Ji Papa?
NK: Thank you for bringing my son back to me and sorry for all the wrong things I’ve done , I’m lucky to have you as a daughter-in-law.
Meghna smiled and took NK’s blessing.
Meghna: Papa , never say thank you or sorry for anything ever again.
NK smiled and hugged Meghna.
Kunal and Dadaji watched and soon joined the hug. They all went downstairs and started chatting and laughing. Naina and Meghna were in the kitchen preparing dinner.
Naina: Di , you’re this houses lucky charm!
Meghna giggled: How?
Naina: First you got the impossible Karan get back to his normal self and then patched things up between Uncle and Jeeju.
Meghna: That’s my duty Naina, Maa taught us to have self respect as well as respect other, this house isn’t another house but my second family who are my responsibility and I vow to make sure no harm comes anyone in anyway.
Naina: I’m so happy for you Di!
Meghna: Thank you Chiku!
Kunal walked: Naina , could I talk to Meghna for a second?
Naina: She’s all yours.
Naina winked at the couple and left.
Kunal walked to Meghna: Thank you Meghna.
Meghna: Kunal…
Kunal: No , I say it time and time again but I have to because you’re the best thing that happened to me , I’m blessed to have you in my life.
Meghnal smiled.
Kunal: You’ve made me realise so many things, before I met you I was so stupid.
Meghna: Was stupid?
Kunal grinned: Haha!
Meghna held Kunals hands: I’m your wife , your better half and I’ll do whatever I can to make your life better.
They hugged.
The couple broke apart and saw Dadaji standing.
Kunal: Oh it’s only Dadu!
Kunal side hugged Meghna.
Meghnna: Kunal…
Kunal looked at Meghna and smirked.
Dadaji: What do you mean ‘only Dadu’? No shame?
Kunal: Dadu , you’re a cool Dadu , also what’s the shame in hugging your wife?
Dadaji: True , but how’s dinner getting along?
Meghna: Dadu it’s okay but your grandson got rid of my helper.
Kunal: Well , I can be your helper.
Meghna: Please, I’ll probably turn my head away from the stove and you’ll end up burning something.
Kunal: Mrs Meghna Solanki Kunal Singh Chauhan , I’m quite the chef.
Meghna: I’ll believe it when I see it.
Dadaji: Wah! Today’s food will be made by our very own power couple!
Dadaji left the kitchen and let Kunal and Meghna continue with preparing dinner. Dinner was served at 8pm and the food was delicious , everyone loved it. After dinner Dadaji headed to his room where Meghna gave him his tea and he turned in for an early night. Everyone else wanted to watch a film, Naina chose an oldy but a goody ; Mujhse Dosti Karoge.
Naina: It’s been forever since I watched this!
Sandhya: Same, a film with meaning and amazing songs.
Karan: Well , you guys enjoy.
Nirmala: Karan?
Meghna: Papa , why don’t you tell Karan stay?
Karan looked at his Dad.
NK: Karan, sit with us nah? It’ll be fun.
Karan gave a little smile and everyone was happy that he decided to sit an watch the film, Kunal and NK bought snacks. Kunal, Meghna and Naina sat on the floor while the rest sat on the sofa. It was 1 am and the film finished everyone headed to their rooms.

Naina was in the guestroom getting ready for bed , Meghna walks in.
Naina: Di? Why are you here?
Meghna: Won’t be afraid?
Naina: Offo Di! Jeeju couldn’t sleep without you and dad I feel bad for that! So good back to your room.
Meghna crossed her arms: You didn’t answer my question.
Naina: I won’t be scared Di.
Meghna: Chiku, are you sure?
Naina: I am, now go.
Meghna let Naina get into bed then tuned the light off and headed to her room.
Kunal: Missing me already?
Meghna: Very funny, Chiku didn’t want me to stay with her cause she didn’t want you to sleep alone.
Kunal smiled: Naina’s a sweet girl.
Meghna got in bed and sat up. Kunal put his head on Meghnas lap and Meghna stroked his hair.
Kunal: What’s wrong?
Meghna was too deep into her thoughts.
Kunal clicked his fingers.
Meghna: Sorry?
Kunal: What’s wrong? You seem distracted.
Meghna: I’m just thinking about Karan.
Kunal: What about him?
Meghna: How he never speaks to Papa. Just listens or ignores him.
Kunal: They’ve always been like that.
Meghna: Why?
Kunal got up and faced away from Meghna.
Meghna: Kunal , what are you hiding?
Kunal looked straight into Meghnas eyes: It’s not what hiding, it’s what everyone else is hiding away from me.
Meghna: What do you mean?
Kunal held both of Meghnas hands: I don’t know why and how Karan became who he is.
Meghna: Wasn’t he always like that? The OCD?
Kunal shook his head ‘No’: I remember when him and I would play in the mud all day and how we’d run around in the sun then go into the swimming pool , then one day he left to go to and Ashram.
Meghna: Ashram?
Kunal: I don’t know what for but he was gone for a while and came back differently.
Meghna: Don’t worry Kunal, we’ll find out soon.
They both went to sleep in a hugging position.

Naina woke up at 3 am and looked at the bedside table for a glass of water. She saw an empty jug so she got up and went to the kitchen and filled up the jug. As she was leaving she bumped into Karan. Naina as slipping and instead letting her fall this time Karan held onto her back and lifted her up straight and he took the jug so it didn’t fall.
Karan: Are you okay?
Naina: Yeah , thank you.
Karan gave her the jug and then headed to the fridge.
Naina: Hungry?
Karan. Peckish.
Naina placed the jug on the kitchen top.
Naina: After all those snacks?
Karan: Yes, I have a high metabolism.
Naina: Oh , we all learn something everyday.
Karan took out a cheesecake and places it on the kitchen top.
Karan: Wanna share?
Naina smiled: Sure.
Karan grabbed two forks and passed one to Naina and they dug in.
Naina: This is delicious.
Karan: Bhabi made it.
Naina: I knew it tasted similar!
Karan: Keep it down , everyone else is sleeping.
Naina whispered: Sorry.
After talking for a few minutes. Karan put the cheesecake away and was heading out just when Naina stopped him.
Naina: Karan.
Karan turned around and saw Nainas hand out.
Naina: Mujhse Dosti Karoge?
Karan wrapped his hand around with his T-shirt sleeve and shook Nainas hand.
Karan: You should watch less films.
Naina smiled and Karan grinned. They went upstairs together and headed to their respective bedrooms.

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