Swabhimaan-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 2

Kunal left and went to his room , he saw a suit and shirt left hanged on the door. And he smiled. He got into bed and tried sleeping. It was 1:30 am and Kunal couldn’t sleep.
Kunal: Meghnaaaa.
He got up and out of bed and started reading a book. An hour later Kunal was staring at the book.
Kunal: What am I doing?
He was pacing around until he left the room.

In the guestroom Meghna was also awake. She sat up and drank some water but as she put the glass down she saw the door open. She got up and walked slowly towards the door. Kunal opened the door and saw Meghna standing right in front of him.
Thy started whispering.
Kunal: I couldn’t sleep.
Meghna: So you come creeping around here?
Kunal: Yeah.
Meghna: Weirdo.
Kunal: And why are you still awake?
Meghna: Couldn’t sleep.
Kunal: Missing me?
Meghna: Yes, is that a crime?
Kunal: I missed you too.
Meghna: Now you saw my face go back and try to sleep.
Kunal: No , let me come in and then you go to sleep then I’ll go back.
Meghna: Kunal…
Kunal: Pleeaaase.
Meghna: Fine.
Meghna go into bed and Kunal sat on the floor holding her hand as she went to sleep. Soon he too dosed off to sleep. Meghna was holding Kunals hand as Kunal sat on the floor hugging her arm that held his hand.

The next morning Naina woke up and realised she wasn’t in her room. She recalled that she was in Chauhan household. She saw the clock that read 7:05 am. She sat up on the bed and saw Meghna beside her and Kunal still on the floor holding one another’s hand. She felt so guilty keeping them apart.
Naina: I’m sorry Di and Jeeju.
Naina got out of bed and put a blanket on Kunal. She got into the washroom and freshened up. Meghna heard the around of running water and woke up. She could feel Kunals hand and then saw him on the floor. She smiled and saw his innocent sleeping face. Then looked beside her to check for Naina. When she didn’t see Naina , Meghnas heart dropped. Then out of the washroom Naina popped out.
Meghna whispered: Naina , you scared me.
Naina sat next to Meghna: Sorry Di, I just went to freshen up.
Meghna: It’s okay , how are you feeling?
Naina: Better but I feel bad.
Meghna: Why? What’s wrong?
Naina: You and Jeeju. You had to sleep here while poor Jeeju couldn’t sleep by himself and he’s sleeping on the floor.
Meghna: Don’t worry Naina , he looks pretty comfortable to me.
Naina: Only because he’s still holding onto you.
Meghna and Naina laughed.
Kunal opened his eyes and saw the duo sat there laughing. He got up and moved Meghna over and sat on the bed.
Meghna: Good Morning to you too.
Naina: Sorry Jeeju for keeping you awake from Di.
Kunal: Good Morning and Naina I was here all night so don’t worry.
Meghna: He slept like a baby.
Kunal: Yeah , tell me what kind of baby needs to be at the office in 40 minutes?
Meghna: A big baby like you.
Naina: Di, don’t be mean to Jeeju.
Kunal: Yeah , don’t be mean to Jeeju.
Meghna: Come on Kunal, you need to get ready.
Meghna got off the bed and pulled Kunal up and pushed him out of the room with her also behind him. Leaving Naina sat there laughing at her loving sister and brother-in-law.
Naina: I hope this love just grows for you both. You both deserve the world’s happiness.

Kunal & Meghnas room:
Meghna wore the sarees she usually wears at home. Kunal was doing his cufflinks and couldn’t do it. Meghna saw this and helped him.
Kunal smiled: Coming to my rescue.
Meghna: Obviously , don’t I always?
Kunal and Meghna looked into each others eyes. Kunal pulled Meghna closer.
Kunal: I didn’t do the cufflinks on purpose.
Meghna: I know.
Kunal: Sindoor time.
Meghna sat at the dressing table and Kunal applied the Sindoor.
Meghna: Thank you.
Kunal held her hand: Always.
Meghna: You get down for breakfast, I’ll come down with Naina.
Kunal: Okay.
Naina was at the door and she knocked.
Kunal: Naina come in.
Naina came in and Kunal went downstairs.
Naina: Di , aren’t you going downstairs?
Meghna: Yes Chiku , do you need anything before we go?
Naina: Do you have another dupatta?
Meghna went to her wardrobe and took one out.
Naina: Thanks Di , this one has some dirt on it.
Meghna: Don’t worry , I’ll wash it for you.
They walked downstairs and saw Kunal at the breakfast table.
Kunal: Naina sit.
Kunal got up and grabbed a plate for Naina.
Naina: Jeeju , no need to do that for me.
Kunal: And why not?
Naina: You’re my Jeeju.
Kunal: Exactly, I have the right.

He got a piece of toast and buttered it and spread the strawberry jam on it.
Kunal: Meghna mentioned how you love jam.
Naina smiled.
Nirmala and Meghna walked in and saw the pair.
Nirmala: Well done Naina , that’s what Jeeju’s are for.
Kunal: Didn’t I tell you?
Meghna: Kunal you eat , I’ll serve Chiku , Maa you sit as well I’ll serve you.
Nirmala smiled and took a seat next to Naina.
Meghna gave everyone their food.
Meghna: Maa, Papa and Massi Ma are at work but where is Dadu?
Nirmala: I don’t Betaa , he didn’t mention anything to me.
Kunal: That’s weird.
Meghna: He doesn’t go to the Mandir this early on Saturday.
Nirmala: I’ll call and check.
Meghna: No Maa , I’ll call. You guys eat I’ll be back.
Kunal: Meghna, glass of juice please?
Meghna poured Kunal a glass of juice and then went to her phone which was in the kitchen.
Meghna: Dadu , answer.
She called a few times but still no answer and started panicking
She came back to the breakfast table.
Meghna: No answer.

At the front door Karan and Dadaji walked in.
Meghna saw then and felt relieved , she walked to them.
Meghna: Dadu, I was so worried.
Dadaji: What’s wrong?
Meghna: Without telling anyone you went. And then I called your phone and you didn’t answer. And…
Dadaji: Calm down Betaa , I was with Karan and my phone was left in my room.
Meghna: Sorry Dadu , I was just scared.
Dadaji touched Meghnas head: Betaa , I understand, I’m glad you care for me.
Karan: Bhabi , Dadu went to get something from a friend.
Meghna: I see, now why don’t you both take a seat and I’ll get you breakfast.
Dadaji: Sounds good to me.
Karan and Dadaji both head towards the table but Karan stops as he sees Naina. He walks up the stairs and into his room. Dadaji sees Naina and is very happy, unaware of yesterday’s events he has a normal conversation. Meghna comes out of the kitchen to see Karan missing. She serves Dadaji and clears the other plates. Kunal gets up and walks to the door. Meghna was behind.
Kunal: Have a good day.
Meghna: You too, you’ll do great in the meeting.
Kunal: As long as you’re in my life.
Meghna smiles. Kunal kisses Meghnas forehead and winks.
Kunal: Bye everyone.
He shouts out.
Everyone: Bye.
Meghna: You’ll be home for lunch?
Kunal: Yes.
They wave goodbye to each other and head their separate ways.

Nirmala: Meghna, now you eat, I’ll serve you.
Naina: Aunty, I’ll do it, you and Dadaji relax.
Nirmala: Thank you Naina.
Naina makes Meghna sit down and fills her plate with food.
Meghna: Naina , not that much.
Naina: Di , you need the food.
They sit and chat for a while. Karan walks down and notices the sisters having fun , he turns around to leave but just then Meghna calls out his name.
Meghna: Karan!
Karan turns back: Bhabi?
Meghna: Karan come and sit for breakfast.
Karan: Bhabi, I’m not hungry.
Meghna: Come and sit.
Karan takes a seat.
Meghna: Naina , could you serve Karan , I’ll be back from the kitchen.
Naina nods yes.
Meghna leaves the couple. Karan sits there silently while Naina serves him his food.
Karan: How are you?
Naina: I’m good.
Karan: That’s good.
A few seconds later.
Naina: Thank you for yesterday… I was being silly and I didn’t need to be so dramatic and if I wasn’t dramatic nothing would’ve happened and then you wouldn’t have gotten hurt and I wouldn’t be here and…
Karan: It’s not your fault and I’m glad you’re okay.
Meghna was listening to everything from a distance and then decides to join them.
Meghna: Karan is there anything you need?
Karan nodes no.
Naina: I’ll be in the guestroom Di.
Naina quickly headed upstairs.
Karans eyes were following Naina and Meghna saw this.
Meghna: Karan is everything okay?
Karan: Of course , why wouldn’t it be?
Meghna: I don’t know, Nainas being weird.
Karan: How so?
Meghna: She’s quiet.
Karan: That is strange.
Meghna laughed and Karan smiled.
Meghna: You like her don’t you?
Karan choked on his food and Meghna passed him some water.
Karan: What do mean Bhabi?
Meghna: I mean , you act like you can’t stand her but she’s a good person and you like her.
Karan: Oh as a person!
Meghna: What did you think I meant?
Meghna raised an eyebrow.
Karan: Nothing.
Meghna smirked: Okay, I need to go and do some work for the office now , if you or anyone need me I’ll be in my room.

Meghna went upstairs and sat on the dressing table working on her laptop. She started work last week Monday and has been loving her job , Kunal always drops and picks her up from work. She comes home and does all the household chores as well as completing assignments. Nirmala and Dadaji are very supportive of her job. NK and Sandhya don’t really speak anything bad of her having a job nor good. While Meghna was doing her work Naina walked in and started chatting to each other. Naina hadn’t gotten her laptop to do her own work so just started making notes of what she learnt the past week. Meghna was helping Naina as well as doing her own work. Dadaji passed Meghna Kunals room to see the two sisters hard at work.
Dadaji(Mind): Bless these two girls, for doing their best for themselves and their family.
Meghna saw Dadaji and got up.
Meghna: Dadu, come in.
Dadaji walked in.
Meghna: Is there anything I can do for?
Dadaji: No betaa, I just came to see what you are doing.
Meghna: I just finished of my work and I’m helping Naina with hers.
Dadaji: That’s good , you girls continue.
Dadaji left the room and went downstairs.
Meghna and Naina continued working and around 11 am Meghna went downstairs to prepare lunch.
Naina was sitting and doing her work when she just kept on recalling yesterday’s events, she shrugged the thoughts off and then went downstairs to help Meghna.

Karan was in his room creating new music. He couldn’t concentrate so tried occupying himself with so piano playing. He sat and played for a good half an hour.
Karan: Why can’t I write?
Naina: Maybe you’re hungry?
Karan looked around and found no sign of Naina. He shook his head.
Karan: Get out of my head.
Naina: Why?
Karan: Because…
Naina: Why don’t you stop thinking about me?
Karan: I can’t.
Naina: Then I can’t go.
Karan closed his eyes and then heard a knock at the door.
Karan: I know you’re just in my head Naina!
Nirmala: It’s your mother Karan.
Karan looked up and saw Nirmala standing at the door with a smile. Karan got up and Nirmala walked towards him.
Nirmala: What’s wrong Karan?
Karan: Nothing Mom.
Nirmala: You’re thinking about Naina.
Karan: What happened yesterday, I can’t stop thinking about it.
Nirmala: Betaa , why?
Karan: Because it was my fault , Bhai and Bhabi tried convincing me that it wasn’t but Mom…
Nirmala: Kunal and Meghna are right , you didn’t do anything.
Karan closed his eyes and sighed heavily.
Nirmala touched Karan cheek. A tear streamed down her face.
Nirmala: After all these years you’ve let me touch you.
Karan opened his eyes and hugged his mother.
Karan: I’m sorry Mom!
Outside stood Meghna and Kunal watching their mother and brother. Meghna started crying and Kunal held her in his arms.
Kunal: It’s all okay Meghna , Karans back.
Meghna: Maa is so happy.

After the hugs and tears everyone was downstairs eating lunch and soon after everyone finished they all sat in the living area. NK and Sandhya walked in home at 2pm and everyone was chatting away. Meghna saw them walk in and went to get NK a glass of water.
NK took a seat and Meghna gave him his water.
Meghna: Papa.
He took the water.
NK: Thank you.
Sandhya saw Naina sitting near Nirmala: And who do we have here?
Naina: Namaste Uncle , Namaste Sandhya Aunty.
Sandhya: Hello.
NK: When did you come?
Kunal: She came last night.
NK nodded.
NK: When are you leaving?
Dadaji: You just walked in and you’re driving the girl out? What’s wrong with you?
NK: Papa Ji, it’s just a question.
Meghna: Papa, I wanted Naina to stay the weekend if there wasn’t a problem.
NK: Our house isn’t a hotel.
Karans hand formed a fist.
Nirmala: Why are you saying that?
Meghna: Papa , Naina is my sister , she’s not a guest visiting a hotel.
Kunal: Meghna!
Kunal walked to Meghna and held her hand: You don’t need to give any reasoning to why Naina should stay.
He looked at Naina and then his Dad.
Kunal: Nainas staying and that’s final.
NK got up and walked away.
Naina: I should go.
Karan: No!
Everyone looked at Karan.
Karan: I mean , Bhai told Dad you’re staying so just stay.
Dadaji: Haan betaa, you stay and relax.
Sandhya: I’ll be in my room.
Kunal was still holding to Meghna and took her to the kitchen.
Kunal: Honey , are you angry? Whatever Dad said just ignore it.
Meghna: Not angry, upset.
Kunal cupped Meghnas face: Don’t be upset, ever since the wedding and the chaos he created he knows I’ll never forgive him that’s why each being so cold.
Meghna held Kunals hand: Please forgive him , he’s your Dad.
Kunal: What he did was wrong , he humiliated Maa(Kunal calls Sharda Maa and Nirmala Mom) , you and your family.
Meghna: Maa forgave Papa.
Kunal: Meghna , I promised you I’d stand by you and your family , you and I are both equal but Dad never respected that, so he doesn’t deserve my forgiveness.
Meghna: But…
Kunal put a finger to her lips: No buts.

Please let me know what you thought! I hope you’re enjoying it so far!! Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

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