Swabhimaan-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 15

Wednesday Morning:
Meghna was sitting at her desk completing her work. Sheila walked to her.
Sheila: Hi Meghna , how are you feeling?
Meghna: Hi Sheila , I’m feeling better.
Sheila: That’s good to hear.
Meghna: Thank you for yesterday.
Sheila: For what?
Meghna: Keeping me calm.
Sheila: That’s what friends are for.

Meghna smiled.
Sheila: Rohan Sir isn’t in today, after yesterday’s situation the police are on his case.
Meghna: That’s crazy, we know it wasn’t him.
Sheila: They think the girl on the CCTV and Sir had been working together.
Meghna: That girl is nothing but trouble.
Sheila : You know her?
Meghna explained what happened at the sangeet.
Sheila: Has Kunal found out anything yet?
Meghna: I’m not sure, I’ll see him at lunch and find out then.
Sheila: All the best for everything.
Meghna: Thank you, I’ll keep you posted.
Sheila: Thanks, I’ll see you around.
Meghna: See you.

Meghna was at the reception waiting for Kunal and saw him come in.
Meghna: He’s here Radika, I’ll see you later yeah?
Radika smiled: Have fun!
Meghna held Kunals hand they walked to the car.
Meghna: Are we going to your office?
Kunal: Yeah , the others are still there.
Meghna: Even Khyati?
Kunal smiled: Even Khyati.
Meghna: Well that’s good.
Kunal: Mh hm.
Meghna noticed Kunal wasn’t very talkative.
Meghna: Kunal? Are you okay?
Kunal: Yeah , all good.
Meghna: You can’t lie to me.
Kunal: I know.
Kunal stopped outside his office building.
Kunal: The Niha girl.
Meghna: What about her?
Kunal: Yuvraj told me that she works with him.
Meghna: Really?
Kunal: Yeah , apparently she didn’t show up for work this yesterday or today.
Meghna: What? Did you get an address?
Kunal: I did, I’ll go with Karan after I drop you off after lunch.
Meghna: Kunal , you can’t leave me.
Kunal: Meghna , I’m not going to let anything to you
Meghna: Kunal, she can’t do anything to me. I mean what’s the worst she could do?
Kunal: Try to kill you!
Kunal shouted.
Meghna: Kunal , what’s going on?
Kunal held Meghnas face.
Kunal: She’s dangerous.
Meghna: What happened?
Kunal: Yuvraj found this on her desk.
Kunal gave Meghna a piece of paper with a cartoon drawing of a girl hanging from the ceiling and then a happy couple. The girl hanging was labeled “Meghna” and the happy couple were labeled “Niha and Kunal”
Meghna: This…
A few seconds of silence went by.
Meghna: This is silly.
Kunal: I don’t care , I’m not risking that psycho coming near you.
Meghna: Kunal , calm down. If I come then you’ll know I’m safe because I’ll be with you and Karan.
Kunal: But…
Meghna: I know that both of you will keep me safe.
Meghna cupped Kunals face.
Meghna: Please let me come with you.
Kunal looked into Meghnas eyes: Fine!
Meghna smiled and then kissed Kunals forehead.
Meghna: The others will be waiting for us, let’s get in.
Kunal: Come on then.
They both got to Kunals office and saw the 3 others practicing.
Meghna: You guys are doing really well.
Karan: Hopefully Bhai doesn’t ruin it with his singing.
Kunal: Haha! So funny(!)
Khyati: Seriously Kunal Bhai , have you been practicing?
Kunal: I always sing to Meghna.
Khyati: Kya baat hai! How romantic of Bhai!
Meghna: He sings well actually so don’t worry Karan.
Karan: I’ll take your word Bhabi.
Arjun: Come on then Kunal Bhai sing for us.
They four of them started playing their instruments an started singing as Meghna recorded everything.

Kunal and Karan drove to pick Meghna up from work and made their way to visit Niha.
Karan: So we just show up at her door?
Kunal: Yep.
Meghna: What do we say or do?
Kunal: Leave that to me.
Karan: Okay boss.
When they arrived at the address Kunal rang the doorbell.
Niha opened the door and smiled.
Niha: Kunal Chauhan? At my house?
Karan and Meghna stood on each side of Kunal.
Niha: Along with some guests.
Kunal: My wife.
He held Meghnas by the waist and close to him.
Kunal: And my brother.
Karan: Don’t pull me closer to you please Bhai.
Meghna giggled.
Niha: Why are you?
Kunal: Aren’t you going to invite us in?
Niha: Come on in then.
The house was small and a little messy. The three stood together.
Niha: You can take a seat.
Karan: I rather not.
Kunal and Meghna took a seat on the sofa.
Niha: What brings you here then?
Kunal handed Niha the pictures of the CCTV footage, Niha looked at them and seemed a little worried.
Meghna: What’s wrong Niha?
Niha: Nothing , what are these?
Kunal: You tell us.
Karan: Why did you steal that car?
Niha: I didn’t steal it.
Meghna: Oh so it’s your car?
Niha: No , I just too it for a spin.
Kunal: Do you know who’s car it was?
Niha: A friend of yours.
Kunal: Why did you take it?
Niha: For fun.
Meghna: Listen Niha , you’re in a lot of trouble and you’re only making it worse by not telling us the truth. So you better saying something useful before you end up in a prison cell for drunk driving and killing a couple.
Niha: Woah! Murder?!
Kunal and Karan exchanged looks.
Karan: You should be a lawyer Bhabi.
Meghna smiled.
Kunal: Give us some answers.
Niha: Okay, listen. I followed your friend in hopes to maybe see Kunal and then saw his garage door open. The car was staring at me and I was a little tipsy, I wasn’t thinking straight.
Karan: So you drive?
Niha: I didn’t drive that far, I was stopped by a police officer and he took the car from me.
Kunal: What?
Niha: Yeah.
Meghna: Did the officer give you a ticket or anything?
Niha: No , I was surprised.
Kunal: This is crazy , what was his name? If you remember.
Niha: I don’t know, he didn’t show me his badge.
Karan: That’s not right.
Meghna: He wasn’t a police officer was he?
Kunal: I don’t think he was.
Niha: Guys , what happened?
Karan explained to her about the car crash.
Niha: I’ll go to the station tomorrow and tell them my side of the story, I do remember how he looks.
Meghna: Really?
Niha: Well , I remember key features , I’m sure a sketch would help the police.
Karan: That’d be really helpful.
Niha: Anything to help the poor boy.
Meghna: We appreciate it.
Niha: No problem.
Kunal: Actually, I have a question.
Kunal took out the paper of the cartoon she drew.
Niha: That…
Kunal: Listen Niha , you have to move on because I have.
Niha smiled: I’m sorry, it’s just I guess I didn’t know you’d get married that quickly and you know how it is.
Kunal: I do, I chased Meghna all these years and she’s mine because of destiny.
Niha: Congratulations to both of you.
Kunals&Meghna: Thank you.
Niha: I’ll be back.
A few minutes later Niha came back with Kunals college jersey jacket.
Kunal and Meghna got up.
Niha passed the jersey jacket to Meghna.
Niha: A jocks jersey jacket goes to his girl.
Kunal: Not girl , life.
Meghna: Thank you Niha.
Niha hugged Meghna.

Kunals, Meghna and Karan headed home. It was dinner time and everyone was sat at their places. Shekher sat with his Dad and Kunal whilst everyone was at the table. Meghna was serving Kunal when she was stumbling. Kunal was talking to Shekher but then saw Meghna about to fall, he ran to her and caught her I’m his arms. Everyone turned to see Meghna in Kunals arms.
Kunal: Meghna!
Meghna wasn’t waking up.
Shekher: Kunal , you take Meghna to your room and I’ll call the doctor.
Once the doctor came she tested Meghna.
Doctor: Not too worry , Meghna is just feeling a little weak, I’ll prescribe some vitamins. Kunal makes sure you take of her.
Kunal: Don’t worry, I will.
Dadaji: Thank you doctor.
Doctor: You’re welcome, Meghna should wake up in a while.
Shekher: I’ll show you out.
Kunal sat next to Meghna and Nirmala sat on the other side.
Nirmala: I’ll get some food for Meghna.
Dadaji: Yes , we should let her rest for a while. Kunal you stay.
Kunal: Haan Dadu.
Dadaji put his hand on Meghnas head and then on Kunals shoulder and left the room.
Karan and Arjun held Kunals shoulders.
Arjun: She’ll be fine Bhai.
Karan: We’ve all seen how she puts up a fight.
Khyati hugged her brother: You look so worried Bhai!
Kunal: She was about to fall and I couldn’t let that happen.
Arjun: You didn’t, you saved her.
Khyati: She’s lucky to have you.
Kunal smiled: She’s my everything
Karan: Let’s go guys.

20 minutes later NK and Nirmala entered the room.
NK: I heard what happened, you should’ve called me.
Kunal: Not to worry Dad , you were at work.
Nirmala: Haan.
Meghna was moving her hand that Kunal was holding. Kunal looked at Meghna.
Kunal: Meghna?
Meghna opened her eyes slowly.
Meghna: Kunal? What happened?
Kunal helped Meghna sit up.
Meghna: Maa? Papa?
Kunal: You fainted.
Meghna: What?
Kunal: The doctor said you were weak.
Nirmala: She sad you need to take some vitamins which your Taauji is getting.
NK: You need to eat your dinner before the medicine.
Nirmala passed the tray to Kunal.
Nirmala: Feed her.
NK: Well come later to check whether you’ve finished everything off.
Meghna smiled.
NK&Nirmala left the room.
Kunal started feeding Meghna who ate everything without saying anything.
Meghna: Why are you not saying anything?
Kunal: I don’t know what to say.
Meghna: For the first time.
Meghna giggled.
Kunal: Meghna , you scared me.
He held her hand with both of his hands.
Kunal: When I saw you falling my heart dropped.
Meghna: Kunal.
She held his face with her free hand.
Kunal kissed the hand held.
Kunal: I love you so much Meghna, I won’t be able to survive without you.
Meghna: I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.
Kunal hugged Meghna by putting his head on her stomach and holding her waist. Meghna held Kunals head.
(Meghnas still in the sitting position, hope you can imagine the hug I’m talking about)
Karan was at door and took a picture.
Karan(mind): I’ll have to show Naina this, her heart will melt.

Karan went to his room and called Naina.
Naina: Hi Karan.
Karan: Hi, I’m sending you a picture you need to see it.
Naina: Okay.
Naina opened the picture and smiled at her phone.
Naina: Aaw!
Karan: I knew your heart will melt after seeing that.
Naina: Of course it would, they look so cute!
Karan: They do, they’re in love.
Naina: Wow , never thought you’d know what love was!

Just then Khyati was walking past Karans room.

Karan: Naina, I know what love is!

Khyati(mind): Since when did Karan Bhai talk to Naina?
She walked to her own room.

Naina: Really?
Karan: Yes, I just don’t know how to put it in words.
Naina: Of course you don’t.
Karan: What are you doing now?
Naina: Have an assignment to finish off but I was watching the video Di sent me , it was you guys practicing the performance for Saturday.
Karan: How were we?
Naina: My opinion doesn’t matter.
Karan: It does to me.
Nainas heart started beating fast.
Karan: Tell me.
Naina: I think you guys were good. You sing really well.
Karan: Thank you, Bhabi told me you sing as well.
Naina: I try.
Karan: I look forward to hearing you some day.
Naina: Some day.
Karan: It’s getting late.
Naina: Yeah , goodnight.
Karan: Goodnight Naina.
Karan put his phone down and went to bed.

Karan woke up to see a few text messages.
He opened them all and then got out of bed. It was 9 am, Karan had breakfast with Arjun. Arjun had started to get tutored after the death of his parents. He enjoyed it because it was at his own pace and he didn’t need to be around as many people. He missed his friends but did meet with them when Karan would take him to his outside leisure activities. Khyati would wake up late, it was her break from college and she enjoyed it by lying in. Nirmala spent her days doing her own chores and visiting places with Dadaji. Sandhya wasn’t back from her trip yet. Shekher went to the office along with NK.

Naina was sitting in her lecture and taking down notes, she receive a text from Karan. They spoke through text. When Nainas lecture was over Karan called her.
Naina: Hi.
Karan: Hey , how was your lecture?
Naina: Boring but it’s the last lecture if the week.
Karan: Are you going to come over this weekend?
Naina: I’m going to come to the party on Saturday that’s all.
Karan: Oh, do you want me to come with the driver.
Naina (mind): Sorry Karan but I can’t let you.
Naina: No , don’t worry about me, I’ll make my own way.
Karan: I see, well I guess I’ll see you Saturday?
Naina: Yeah, listen Karan…
Karan: Sorry Naina, I’m a little busy I’ll talk later.
Karan hung up the phone.
Naina: He didn’t even say bye.

Karan was speaking to himself: Way to go, now you look desperate! Karan understand that she’s doesn’t like you.

Naina: Maybe he doesn’t like me.

Karan put his phone down and started tidying his room. Then his phone rang.
Karan: Hi Bhai, what’s up?
Kunal: Hey Karan, I wanted to let you in on a secret.
Karan: What is it?
Kunal: Saturday morning I’m going to pick up Maa and Naina for the party.
Karan: That’s why she refused my offer.
Kunal: Who? Naina?
Karan: Yeah , she said she’ll make her own way but I guess it was a secret that Auntie and her were coming together.
Kunal: Yeah , I wanted to surprise Meghna.
Karan: That’s nice of you.
Kunal: I know , you can’t let Meghna know okay?
Karan: Don’t worry, I can keep a secret.
Kunal: Thanks Karan , I’ll talk to you later yeah?
Karan: Yeah , see ya.

Friday night:
Everyone was sat in Kunals&Meghnas room.
Khyati: So when and where do I take Mom and Dad?
Meghna: Take them both shopping.
Kunal: You know dad will take you if you ask.
Karan: Yeah , daddy’s girl.
Meghna: As soon as you guys leave, the decorators and caterers will be here.
Arjun: We’ll need to build the stage as well.
Karan: We have Taauji to help us as well.
Kunal: Well that’s good, everyone knows what they need to do so goodnight everyone.
Khyati: Kunal Bhai , why are you kicking us out?
Arjun: Di…
Khyati: Oh! Sorry!
Karan: Let’s go before you say something stupid Khyati.
Meghna: What did she say?
Arjun: Nothing Bhabi , goodnight.
The three of them left.
Kunal: I’m going to sleep now , I have an early start tomorrow.
Meghna: Not just you , me too.
Kunal (mind): So you think Meghna.
Kunal: Yeah , we all do.
Kunal&Meghna fell asleep holding each other.

The next morning Kunal woke up at 4am. Meghna was sleeping on his chest and he smiled at her.
Kunal (mind): I would love for you to stay here but to put a bigger smile on your face I need to leave you sleeping by yourself.
Kunal got out of bed slowly , he showered and got ready. He kissed Meghnas head and left the room. He had his tea and then left the house at 5 am.

Meghna woke up at 7am and saw Kunal nowhere to be found.
Meghna: Kunal?!
She got out if bed and checked their bathroom but Kunal wasn’t there. Meghna saw a not left on Meghnas dressing table.

Meghna, I’m sorry I’m not here to see you wake up. Today I have an important errand to run and I’ll be back a few hours before the party. Don’t stress over the party preparations because Taauji , Karan, Arjun and Khyati are there to help plus the workers will do their part. I will call to ask if you’ve taken your medicine. Also I know I couldn’t put your Sindoor on while you sat at your dressing table so I put it on while you were sleeping.

Meghna looked at the mirror and touched the Sindoor.

Please don’t be mad at me for leaving without telling.
Love you, Your Kunal.

Meghna: Where are you?

It was 1 pm and Khyati took NK and Nirmala shopping. The decorators came and started doing their job. Arjun and Taauji had started building the stage. Karan was waiting for the caterers to come.
Meghna was also decorating the house.
Karan got a call from Kunal.
Karan: Haan Bhai , Bhabi has taken her medicine I gave it to her myself.
Kunal: Thank you Karan, is she mad at me?
Meghna was walking past.
Meghna: Is that your brother?
Karan: Yes.
Kunal: She’s mad at me?
Karan: No Bhai , talk to Bhabi.
Karan passed the phone to Meghna.
Meghna: It’s okay Karan , he’s got something important to so and so have I so I’ll talk to him whenever he arrives.
Meghna walked away.
Karan: Heard that Bhai?
Kunal: Yeah , don’t worry about it. I’m with Maa and Naina.
Karan: Tell them I said Hi.
Kunal: I will, has Dadu gone to get Masi Maa from the airport?
Karan: Yeah , he’s also going to the Mandir after.
Kunal: Okay, well be here within the hour.
Karan: See you there then.

It was 2:30 pm, Meghna was looking around the living room where the party will take place, making sure everything looked good.
Kunal: I’m home.
Meghna was tuned away from the door.
Meghna: About time! There’s two and a half hours left till the party and everyone has done everything. Dadu and Masi Maa aren’t here yet, the decorators have left and the caterers are still in the kitchen. Poor Taauji and Arjun had to build the stage by themselves because you weren’t here and Karan and I were busy.
Kunal: Offo, didn’t I tell you Maa?
Meghna: Maa?
Meghna turned around to see Sharda and Naina at the front door along with Kunal.
Meghna ran to hug her Mother and her little sister.
Sharda: Ghudiya!
Naina: Hi Di!
Meghna broke away from the hug and looked at Kunal.
Meghna: This was your important errand?
Kunal nodded yes.
Sharda: Yes, now don’t go scolding at him.
Naina: Haan Di, Jeeju wanted to surprise you.
Kunal: And I guess I did.

Karan walked to Sharda and took her blessing.
Karan: I was waiting for a while now.
Meghna: Karan knew?
Karan: Sorry Bhabi, Bhai told me to keep it a secret.
Meghna: Is okay.
Karan: Come Auntie , I’ll take you and your bags to the guestroom.
Sharda: Thank you betaa.
Karan held the bags and went upstairs followed by Naina and Sharda.

Kunal pulled Meghna closer to him and held her waist. Meghna put her a Mrs around Kunals neck.
Kunal: Did you like my surprise?
Meghna: I did.
They looked at each other for a while.
Meghna: Thank you and sorry for saying all those things.
Kunal out a finger to Meghnas lips: Don’t be sorry, I did it so I could see that big smile.
Meghna smiled: I always smile like that.
Kunal: But when you see Maa it’s different.
Meghna kissed Kunals cheek: Thank you for the surprise now let finish everything off before the guests come.
Kunal: Let’s go.

Upstairs Karan and Naina were unpacking their bags while Sharda was downstairs.
Karan: I didn’t know Bhai was going to get you.
Naina: I know , Jeeju told us it was a surprise. I wanted to tell you that day but you said you were busy and hung.
Karan: Yeah , sorry about that.
Naina: Don’t be sorry, I’m sure you had other things to be doing than talking to me.
Karan: No , nothing better than talking to you.
Karan and Naina looked at each other.
There was a knock at the door.
Arjun: Hey guys.
Karan: Arjun , come in.
Naina: Hi Arjun.

Naina and Arjun shook hands.
Arjun: Hi Naina Di.
Naina: How are you?
Arjun: Good , very excited about performing later.
Naina: I can’t wait to see it.
Karan: Wonder how it’ll turn out.
Naina: You guys will be great.
Arjun: Hope so, Bhabi has been helping us a lot and don’t want to let her down.
Karan: Yeah , it was her idea and I want to make her proud.
Naina: Trust me Di will love it, so will Uncle and Auntie.

It was 5pm and the guests started coming. Dadaji, Taauji and sharda were greeting guests , while Karan and Sandhya were showing guests their seats. Naina and Arjun were adding the final touches to the stage. Meghna and Kunal were waiting outside greeting guests at the gate.
Kunal: Khyati said they’re coming back.
Meghna: I think everyone is inside as well , so when they arrive we’ll blindfold them and lead them into the hall.
Kunal: We sound like kidnappers.
Meghna a laughed and playfully punched Kunal.
Kunal: Ouch.
Meghna: Baby.
Kunal held Meghnas hand: Your baby.
Meghna looked at Kunals eyes: Haan.
They both heard the car pulling up to the gate.
Meghna: They’re here.
They both went to the car.
Kunal: Mom , Dad get out of the car.
NK: What’s going on?
Khyati came out of the car.
Khyati: I’ll go and get ready.
Nirmala: Ready for what?
Meghna: Maa , Papa you’ll find out soon.
NK and Nirmala got out of the car and the car went to park.
Kunal: You’ll have to wear a blindfold.
Nirmala: Aree…
Kunal: Mom please?
NK: Okay, let them Nirmala.
Kunal tied a cloth around his father’s eyes whilst Meghna tied the cloth around Nirmalas eyes.
They helped hem walk to the door. As they entered everyone popped their party poppers. They took off the blindfolds.
Everyone: Happy anniversary!
Nirmala: Oh my gosh!
NK: This… this is amazing.
Kunal: You like it?
NK: We love it.
Nirmala: Thank you so much.
Karan and Khyati came hugged their parents along with Kunal.
NK: Arjun, won’t you give your parents a hug?
Arjun had a tear in his eye and joined the family group hug.
NK and Nirmala took Dadajis blessing.
Dadaji: Live long my children may God keep you both safe and happy.
NK: Thank you Babuji.
Nirmala: Thank you Bauji.
Sandhya hugged her best friend.
Sandhya: Oh Nirmala! Happy anniversary.
Nirmala: Thank you Sandhya.
Sandhya: Happy anniversary Bhaisab.
NK: Thank you Sandhya Ji.
Shekher: Congratulations to my brother and his beautiful wife!
Shekher hugged NK and Nirmala.
NK&Nirmala: Thank you Bhai.

Naina came to them with a bag each.
Naina: Happy anniversary, in the bag there’s a gift for you each and the outfit Karan chose for you both to wear this evening.
NK: Thank you Naina.
Nirmala: You and Karan have become quiet the party planners.
Naina: Auntie , this time Di , Jeeju,Karan and Arjun did most of the work.
Nirmala: I see.
Meghna: Maa , Papa you guys get ready quickly.
Kunal: Yes , he gave another surprise.
NK held Nirmalas hand: Come on then.
Everyone smiled at the couple.
After 20 minutes NK and Nirmala came down and met with all the guests.
NK: Sharda Ji, we’re happy to see you here.
Nirmala: Thank you for the present and for being here.
Sharda: Your son is very persuasive.
Nirmala held Shardas hand: Our son.
Sharda smiled.
The lights went dim and everyone took a seat.
Meghna was on stage with the spotlight on her.
Meghna: Thank you all for joining us to celebrate the anniversary of our wonderful parents.
Everyone clapped.
Meghna: I have the honour of introducing 4 talented people to give a spectacular performance for the happy couple, so please welcome them on stage.
Everyone clapped.
As everything went silent the lights brightened the stage to show Kunal , Karan , Khyati and Arjun.
Khyati started playing the piano slowly, Karan was playing the guitar and Arjun was on the drums. Kunal stood with a mic and started singing.
Yeh to sach hai ki bhagwan hai
Hai magar phir bhee anjan hai
Yeh to sach hai ki bhagwan hai
Hai magar phir bhee anjan hai
Dharati pe roop ma bap ka
Us vidhata ki pehchan hai
Yeh to sach hai ki bhagwan hai
Janmdata hai jo nam jinse mila
Thamkar jinaki unglee hai bachpan chala
Kandhe par baithke jinke dekha jahan
Gyan jinse mila kya bura kya bhala
Itne upkar hain kya kahe
Yeh batana naa aasan hai
Dharatee pe rup ma bap ka
Us vidhata ki pehchan hai
Yeh to sach hai ki bhagwan hai…
Janam deti hai jo ma jise jag kahe
Apanee santan mein pran jiske rahe
Loriya hothon par sapne bunatee najar
Nind jo var de, hanske har dukh sahe
Mamta ke rup me hai prabhu
Aapse paya vardan hai
Dharati pe rup ma bap ka
Us vidhata ki pehchan hai
Yeh to sach hai ki bhagwan hai..
Aapke khwab ham aaj hokar jawan
Us param shakti se karte hain prarthna
Unki chhaya rahe, rehatee duneeya talak
Ek pal reh sake ham naa jinke bina
Aap dono salamat rahe
Sabke dil me yeh arman hai
Dharati pe rup ma bap ka
Us vidhata ki pehchan hai
Meghna held NK and Nirmalas hand bring them both on stage.
Yeh to sach hai ki bhagwan hai
Hai magar phir bhee anjan hai
Yeh to sach hai ki bhagwan hai
Hai magar phir bhee anjan hai
Dharati pe roop ma bap ka
Us vidhata ki pehchan hai
At the end of the performance everyone clapped at the wonderful family.
NK: Thank you, for making this an amazing day.
Meghna: Papa , you’re our parents and this is the least we could do for you.

Sharda was sitting with Naina and Dadaji.
Dadaji: Bari Bahu is an angel, you must be a proud mother Betaa Ji.
Sharda: Haan Bauji , I really am. My Ghudiya has been able to make her in laws her own.
Naina held her mother.
Shekher: Meghna really is a great daughter.
Sandhya: Sharda Ji has two daughters to be proud of.
Sharda: Thank you both.

Kunal: Papa?
Everyone looked at Kunal.
Kunal: I mean Dad. I’m used to hearing Meghna anyway , aren’t you going to give Mom the gift?
NK: Oh yes.
Karan: What is the gift?
Meghna: I’ll go and get it.
Meghna came back with a small bag.
NK: Nirmala, could you close your eyes for a second?
Nirmala: Again?
NK: Please?
Nirmala smiled and closed her eyes.
NK brought the gift out the bag.
It was Sindoor and a Mangalsutra. He put both on Nirmala. When he put the Mangalsutra it felt like a normal necklace but when NK applied the Sindoor Nirmala opened her eyes.
NK: I know you never wore either of these because of me but you have the right to.
Nirmala had tears in her eyes and touched her head.
NK wiped the tears that came down Nirmalas face.
Khyati: Dad, that’s a great gift.
NK: It was Meghna Bahus idea.
Kunal side hugged Meghna and kissed her head.
Nirmala held Meghnas hand: Thank you Betaa.
Meghna: Maa…
Nirmala: No Meghna , this gift is the best gift I’ve received after this family.
Dadaji , Shekher and Sandhya joined them on stage.
Nirmala: I hope that you and Kunal have a wonderful wedded life together.
Meghna looked at her elders: With all your blessings.
Both Kunal and Meghna took everyone’s blessings, they got off stage to take Shardas as well.
Sharda: Give me a hug you two.
The three if them hugged.
Sharda held each of their cheek with her palms: I wish nothing but the best for you both, all happiness and success.
KunalMeghna: Thank you Maa.

Arjun was on stage and took the microphone to make an announcement: Okay everyone please enjoy the rest of the evening especially the food!
Everyone laughed.

There was music playing in her background and everyone was dancing. Naina and Karan saw Rohan talking to Yuvraj and Radika and decided to ask him about the honeymoon.

Karan: Hi guys, this is Naina , Meghna Bhabis younger sister.
Rohan&Yuvraj&Radika: Hi Naina.
Naina: Hi.
Karan: Rohan we were wondering if we could talk to you?
Rohan: Sure.
The three of them went to one side.
Rohan: What can I do for you?
Naina explained what Karan and her were up to.
Rohan: Wow that’s really nice of you guys.
Naina: We want them to have a break and spend more time together.
Rohan: I understand, I just can’t believe they still haven’t gone on their honeymoon yet.
Karan: Bhabi just started the job and didn’t to miss out or ask for a holiday straight away.
Rohan: Meghna does deserve a holiday and she’s already asked for one.
Karan&Naina: What?!
Rohan saw Kunal&Meghna standing behind Karan&Naina.
Rohan: Yeah, she’s behind you.
Rohan walked away and Karan&Naina tuned around to see Kunal&Meghna.

Precap: Niha causes trouble

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