Swabhimaan-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 14

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Kunal picked up his phone.
Kunal: Hey Rohan , what’s up?
Rohan: I think you should come to Meghna.
Kunals heart dropped hearing Meghnas name
Kunal: What going on?
Rohan: I don’t know , just get here as soon as possible.
Kunal hung up and ran out of his office.
NK was walking out of his own office and saw Kunal rushing out.
NK (mind): Where is Kunal going?
The workers also saw Kunal and started chatting amongst themselves.
NK asked a worker: What happened?
Worker: I don’t know Sir, Kunal sir got a phone call and then ran out of his office.
NK: Okay, thank you. Everyone get back to work!

Kunal was driving quickly and got to the Meghnas workplace.
Radika was at the front desk.
Radika: Kunal?

Kunal: You need to take me to Meghna.
Radika didn’t know what was happening but led the way up to Meghnas floor.
Rohan saw Kunal and walked to him.
Rohan: She’s in my office with Sheila.
Kunal: What happened?

Rohan: She saw my car and said something about Arjun?
Kunal got into Rohans office and saw Meghna sitting like a statue near Sheila who was holding her hands. Kunal sat next to Meghna and hugged her. Sheila got up and shut the door. It was only Meghna , Kunal and Rohan in the office.
Meghna relaxed a little knowing Kunal was with her.
Kunal: Meghna , honey, I’m here. It’s okay.
Meghna: Kunal , look at the photo.
Rohan: I think she’s talking about this one.
Rohan ousted his phone to Kunal.
Rohan: What is it?
Kunal: Rohan , that’s the car that killed Arjuns parents.
Rohan: What? That car went missing and came to my door on Sunday morning.
Kunal: You didn’t drive it on Saturday?
Rohan: No , I was at home the whole day.
Meghna looked up: That means someone stole your car and killed Mr and Mrs Malhotra on purpose and then returned your car?
Rohan: This is crazy.
Meghna: Kunal , it wasn’t an accident! It was murder!
Meghna said with tears streaming down her face and looking and Kunal.
Kunal: We have to tell the police.
Rohan: I’ll call them now.

After half an hour Meghna was calm but still worried about what they’ll have to say to Arjun. The police arrived an hour later.
Rohan brought them into his office.
Policeman1: So what information do you have about the Malhotra accident.
Kunal: The fact that it wasn’t one.
Meghna: It was murder.
Policman2: How do you know this?
Rohan showed temperature the photo: That’s my car.
Policeman1: That was the car that crashed into the Malhotras car.
Kunal: Yes it did but Rohans the owner and he didn’t drive the car.
Policeman2: Who did?
Rohan: I don’t know , Saturday all day I was home and then I went to my garage and saw that car was missing, I called my caretaker and asked him where it was and he said last he saw it was in the garage Friday morning.
Policeman1: Did you file a stolen item to the police?
Rohan: Yeah , my caretaker went to the station and filed it in and then on Sunday morning I called them to tell them the car is at home.
Policeman1 to Policeman2: Check if what he’s saying is true.
Policeman2: Yes Sir.
Policeman1: Mr?
Rohan: Rohan, just Rohan.
Policeman1: Well Mrs Just Rohan, does your garage have CCTV footage?
Rohan: Yes it does, I’ll make a copy and send it over or you could come now and then I could show you.
Policeman1: Let’s go now.
Rohan: Okay.
Rohan told Sheila to hold the fort while he went home.
Rohan: Kunal, I suggest Meghna should have the rest of the day off.
Meghna: Rohan , I can work.
Kunal: Rohan is right , you’re coming with me.

Rohan left with the police and Kunal took Meghna with him to his office.
NK knocked on the door.
Kunal: Dad?
NK: What’s going on?
Kunal: You should come inside and take a seat.
NK went inside and sat next to Meghna.
NK: Are you okay Meghna?
Meghna nodded her head yes: Haan Papa, I’m fine.
Kunal explained to NK everything that happened.
NK: Murder? Why?
Kunal: We don’t know yet, hopefully they find something at Rohans house.
NK: Poor Rohan , getting dragged into the middle of all of this.
Kunal: I know.
NK: Meghna.
NK placed his hand on Meghna head.
NK: Betaa, don’t worry too much okay? Everything will be fine.
Meghna smiled at NK: Thank you Papa.
NK: I should get back, a lot of work to do. Let me know if you need anything.
Kunal: Will do Dad.
NK: I was talking to Meghna.
Meghna was smiling.
Kunal: Of course you were.
Kunal dropped his Dad to the door: Thanks Dad.
NK: No worries.

Kunal was sitting at his desk doing a few bits of work whilst Meghna was sitting on the sofa.
Kunal: They’ll be here in a bit.
Meghna: Who?
Kunal: The rest of the band.
Meghna: Oh I forgot.
Kunal: Well I ordered in food which should also be here, I’m starving.
Meghna giggled: You’re always hungry.
Kunal: Not really.
A few minutes later Karan and Arjun walked in.
Meghna: Where’s Khyati?
Karan: She’s still sleeping.
Kunal: Oh wow.
Arjun: Yeah, she said she can’t exactly play the piano half awake.
Kunal: Of course.

Meghna put aside what happened earlier on and put on a big smile.
Meghna: So! Kunal you’re on lead vocals, Karan on the guitar and Arjun on the drums.
Karan: While Khyati will play the piano.
Meghna: Yes , you’re all going to be singing of course.
Arjun: I can’t sing.
Kunal: Neither can I but I can’t play an instrument so vocals will have to do.
Karan: Bhabi can sing beautifully so she’ll help you both.
Arjun: Really Bhabi?
Meghna: I try to sing.

Kunal: Don’t be so modest.
They all laughed and then started practicing.
The food arrived half an hour later and they took a break.
Arjun: Guys , when is the party exactly?
Meghna: On Saturday starts at 5pm and it’s at our house.
Arjun: Oh okay , won’t Uncle and Auntie be at home?
Kunal: Nope , Khyati will drag both of them out of the house for a few hours and then they’ll come home to the surprise party.
Arjun: You guys have everything sorted then.
Karan: Of course we have , otherwise things will get messy.
Kunal: We all now how much you hate mess.
Meghna: Yes we do.
Karan: Oh yeah , have you guys given out the invitation cards?
Kunal: Not yet, we’re giving it out today.
Karan: Why don’t me and Arjun do some?
Arjun: Yeah , I haven’t helped much and you guys have work.
Meghna: That’s sweet of you both, thank you.

Around 3 pm Karan and Arjun went home. Kunal was tired and just sat with Meghna.
Kunal: Have you heard back from the woman about Taauji?
Meghna: Not yet, I can call her.
Meghna took her phone and just then received a call.
Meghna: Hello, I was just about to call.
Caller: Hello Ma’am , I just finished going through all of the footage. I found something very interested.
Meghna put the phone on loud speaker.
Meghna: What did you find?
Caller: Your Taauji has been at the train station twice a day 4 days of the week for the last few months.

Meghna: What? What times and what days?
Caller: Tuesdays , Thursdays , Saturdays and Sundays. He’s there in the morning between 9:10-9:20 and in the evening around 18:20-18:40.
Meghna: That evening time falls in between the time stamp on the photo I received.
Caller: Ma’am , I think you can find him there today.
Meghna: It’s Tuesday isn’t it? Thank you so much for all your help.
Caller: You’re welcome Ma’am, it’s my job. I hope you find him.
Meghna: I hope so too , I’ll let you know later today.
Caller: That’ll be great.
Meghna: Bye , have a good day.
Caller: Goodbye and all the best.

Meghna: Thank you.
Meghna hung up the phone.
Kunal: Let’s leave 4pm so we’re at the station earlier.
Meghna: That’s a good idea.
Kunal: I can’t wait to see him.
Meghna smiled and Kunal.
Kunal: I don’t know what he’s like but I want to know.
Meghna: Don’t worry , we’ll see him soon.
Kunal: Meghna, how do I approach him? What do I say to him? What if he ignore me?
Meghna: Kunal, calm down. Firstly, you can’t approach him like a mad man and secondly when we get there and see him , you’ll know what to say.
Kunal: You’re right, I mean of course you’re right.
Meghna laughed: You’re cute.
Kunal hugged Meghna: I am cute.

It was 4pm , Kunal and Meghna made their way to hand out some of the invitation cards then headed to the train station.
Kunal: Great, it’s rush hour.
Meghna: Let’s get out of the car and walk inside.
Kunal: Come on then.
They walked into the station, passed all the people.
Meghna: Now we wait.
Kunal: Okay.
They took a seat and Kunal was shaking his feet. Meghna held onto his knee, signaling him to stop.
Meghna: Kunal , stop being so nervous.
Kunal: It’s just I feel weird, I mean I’m a stranger to him.
Meghna: He’s your Taauji, I’m sure he’ll know.
Kunal: How?
Meghna: Trust me , he’ll know.
Kunal held onto Meghnas hand.
It was 6 pm and the train station was less crowded.
Meghna looked up and saw Shekher.
She stood up and Kunal also stood up.
Kunal: What’s wrong?
Meghna pointed at where Shekher: That’s him.
Kunal followed Meghnas arm and saw Shekher at the ticket stand.
Meghna held Kunals hand and Kunal held onto Meghnas hand tight.
Kunal: Let’s go.
They walked towards him slowly.
Once Shekher got his ticket he walked towards the opposite direction and then bumped into Kunal and Meghna.
Shekhers ticket fell on the floor and both Kunals&Meghna went to pick it up, they also touched his feet , taking his blessing and then got back up again.
Kunal passed the ticket to Shekher.
Shekher: Thank you.
Kunal: You’re welcome.
Shekher was walking away.
Kunal: Shekher Singh Chauhan?
Shekher stopped and turned around to look at them both.
Shekher: It’s just Shekher now.
Kunal: My name is Kunal and this is my wife.
Meghna: Namaste.
Shekher: Namaste. How do you know my name?
Meghna: Your Kunals Taauji.
Shekher froze.
Kunal: Kunal Singh Chauhan, son of Nand Kishore and grandson of Sujan Singh Chauhan.
Meghna: We’ve been looking for you.

Kunal: To take you home.
Shekher: I have a home.
Kunal: Without your brother and dad?
Shekher: I have no family.
Meghna: Please Taauji , don’t say that.
Shekher: Why? Why are you here instead them?
Kunal: What Dad was terrible but Dadu had no idea.
Shekher: What do you mean?
Meghna: Papa told Dadu that you left and he fell ill and never mentioned you again.
Shekher: NK lied to Babuji?

Kunal: Yes , but he’s very sorry and he isn’t the old Nand Kishore.
Meghna: Papa has changed and has been trying to look for you.
Kunal: But me and Meghna are better at this stuff.
Shekher: You’re really here to take me?
Meghna: Haan Taauji.
Kunal held Shekhers hands: Please come home Taauji.
Kunal had tears in his eyes.
Shekher: You’re nothing like your father.
The two men hugged. Meghna was smiling with tears of joy in her eyes.
Meghna got her phone, took a picture then called Karan.
Karan: Hi Bhabi.
Meghna: Hi Karan, I want you to gather everyone in the living area.
Karan: What for?
Meghna: There’s a surprise.
Karan: I’m becoming an uncle?!!
Meghna laughed: Not just yet.
Karan: Oh!
He said sadly.
Karan: Okay , I’ll get everyone together.
Meghna: Thank you, we’ll be home in 40 or so minutes.
Karan: See you then.
They hung up he phone.

Meghna then came back to see Kunal and Shekher talking and laughing.
Meghna: Ghar Chale?
Shekher: Let’s.
The three of them got into the car.
Kunal: You know what it is this weekend?
Shekher: NK and Nirmalas wedding anniversary.
Kunal: Yes, and you’re giving them the perfect gift by coming home.
Meghna: They miss you a lot.
Shekher: I miss them too.

Back at the house everyone was sat in the living room.
Dadaji: Did Meghna Bahu say anything?
Karan: No Dadu , just that there’s a surprise.
Khyati: Is Bhabi….
Karan: No , Bhabi isn’t pregnant yet , unfortunately.
Nirmala: I wonder what it is.

NK: They should be here by now.
Just then the door bell rang and the worker opened the door.
Kunal and Meghna were standing at the door.
Everyone got up and walked to the door.
Arjun: What’s the surprise?
Kunal and Meghna looked at one another then moved to one side to reveal Shekher behind them.
Dadaji: Shekher?
NK: Bhai?

Nirmala: Bhaisab?
Khyati, Karan and Arjun stood together on one side.
Karan: That’s our Taauji.
Dadaji and NK hugged Shekher.
Nirmala was in tears. Meghna gave her the taali to perform the aarti.
Nirmala performed the aarti and then touched Shekhers feet.
Shekher: No Nirmala.
Shekher hugged Nirmala.
Meghna and Kunal stood holding each other.
Dadaji: Where have you been?
NK: I’ve been looking for you everyone?
Shekher: I’m sorry.
NK: Bhai please, don’t say sorry. Forgive me for all the wrong I’ve done.
Shekher: I forgive you, you’re my little brother.
Father and two sons walked into the house and sat down.
Nirmala: Karan and Khyati, that’s your Taauji and now yours Arjun.
The 3 of them took Shekhers blessings.
Karan: Welcome home Taauji.
Khyati hugged her uncle: It’s good I have you home.
Meghna: Maa , should I put dinner together?
Nirmala: I’ll come as well.
Kunal: No Mom , you sit here, I’ll help Meghna.
Nirmala smiled and then sat.
Khyati: Me and Arjun will go and get Taaujis room ready.
Arjun: Come Di.
The duo went upstairs.
Karan: Should I do anything?
Shekher: Yes, sit with us.
Karan: I can do that.
Shekher: Karan , I’m sorry for what happened to you.
Karan: It’s not your fault Taauji , please don’t say sorry.
Shekher smiled: Your children take after you Nirmala.
NK: They do.
After catching up everyone went to bed. Meghna was still in the kitchen cleaning up and putting things away when she felt Kunal wrap his hands around her from behind.
Meghna: Yes Kunal?
Kunal: Nothing.
Meghna held Kunals arms.
Kunal: You know what Arjun was telling me?
Meghna: What?
Kunal: That everyone thought we were becoming parents.
Meghna giggled: Yeah , when I told Karan there was a surprise he asked me hat straight away.
Kunal laughed.
Kunal: Did you see how happy everyone was?
Meghna: I did, their eyes lit up seeing Taauji.
NK and Nirmala walked in the kitchen.
NK: Ahem ahem.
Meghna let go of Kunals hand who then let go of Meghnas waist.
Kunal: Mom , Dad?
Meghna: What brings you both here?
Nirmala: We came to thank you both.
NK: We didn’t know there was any romance going on here…
Nirmala: Aap… Don’t listen to your father.
NK: No , we really do want to say thank you for being bhai home.
Meghna: No Papa , you don’t.
Kunal and Meghna walked to their parents.
Kunal: It was our duty to bring Taauji home , this is where he belongs.
NK: We’re both proud of you both.
Nirmala: Things have just been getting better day by day and it’s mainly because of both of you.
Kunal: We’re proud of ourselves too.
Meghna elbowed Kunals stomach.
Kunal: Ouch!
Meghna: Weakling.
Nirmala: Come one Ji, let’s leave the lovebirds alone.
NK: Good idea.
Kunal: Goodnight.
NK&Nirmala: Goodnight.
Meghna: Goodnight.
NK&Nirmala left the kitchen.

Meghna was leaving the kitchen but Kunal held her making her twirl into his chest.
Meghna: What’s wrong?
Kunal swept aside a strand of hair from Meghnas face.
Kunal: Nothing.
Meghna: Don’t you want to go to sleep?
Kunal: Not really tired.
Meghna brushed her hands through Kunals hair and Kunal closed his eyes.
Meghna: Sleep yet?
Kunal: Mh hm.
Meghna: Come on then , let’s go.
They walked upstairs and saw Karan come downstairs.

Kunal: Karan? Why aren’t you sleeping?
Karan: Couldn’t go to sleep.
Meghna: Do you want anything? Milk? Water?
Karan: Bhabi, I’m fine don’t worry, I’ll get it if I need it. Now you both get some sleep. Just then Kunal received a text from Rohan.
Kunal: Meghna , do you want to tell Karan about what happened today?
Meghna: I think we should, let’s go to the kitchen so no one else can hear.
Kunal: Yeah , let’s go.

They got to the kitchen and Meghna told Karan about Rohans car.
Karan: This is crazy!
Kunal: We know, I’ll call Rohan now and see what happened.
Kunal called Rohan and then on it on loud speaker.
Rohan: Hey Kunal , sorry for texting you so late.
Kunal: Hey , don’t worry about it, your on speaker and I’m with Meghna and Karan.
Rohan: Oh hey guys.
Karan: Hi.
Meghna: Hi , so what happened with the police?
Rohan: They came to my house and saw the CCTV footage and saw someone coming in around 11 pm on Friday.
Karan: Friday?
Rohan: Yeah, I’ll send you some interest I took of the footage.
Kunal: Sure.
Kunal opened the pictures.
Rohan: That’s a girl, do you see her?
Kunal: Only the back unfortunately.
Rohan: I know.
Meghna: What a second, the bottom of the dress looks familiar.
Kunal: So does the jersey jacket.
Kunal zoomed in.
Meghna: That has “KC” on it.
Kunal: That’s my celled jersey.
Karan: That’s the one you got when you joined the basketball team.
Meghna: It is! You’d always wear that.
Kunal: I remember I lost it.
Karan: Looks like someone stole it.
Meghna: OMG.
Rohan: What is it?
Meghna: That girl who spilt the drink on Karan was wearing that dress.
Rohan: Who?
Karan: Niha.
Kunal: She stole my jersey.
Rohan: I have no idea on what you guys are talking about.
Karan: Rohan , the girl who spilt the drink on me at the sangeet, her name is Niha. She had a big crush on Kunal Bhai during college.
Kunal: That evening she didn’t intend to drop the drink on Karan but to drop it on Meghna.
Rohan: Wow.
Karan: I know , the whole evening she was glaring at Bhai and Bhabi, obviously jealous.
Meghna: So she took the car?
Kunal: Rohan , when did you get home on Friday?
Rohan: Around 10:30 pm.
Karan: She might have followed you.
Meghna: Yeah , because she saw you with Kunal and thought she’d see Kunal with you.
Rohan: When we saw the footage she was staggering all over the place.
Kunal: Drunk.
Karan: Careless.

Meghna: What’s happening now?
Rohan: The police have taken my car to look for prints.
Kunal: I think I’ll call Yuvraj tomorrow and find out where Niha lives and what happened that night.
Karan: Good idea.
Rohan: I’ll leave you guys to it , goodnight.
Kunals&Meghna&Karan: Goodnight.
The 3 of them headed to bed after a while.

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Precap: Visit to Niha, surprise party!

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