Swabhimaan-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 13

It was Saturday evening and Arjun hadn’t come to his lesson. Karan called Arjun phone plenty of times but he didn’t answer.
Meghna: He’s still not answering?
Karan. No, I asked Dad for Arjuns fathers number.
Kunal: I’ll try Mr Malhotras number, you try Arjuns.
An hour later and still no answer.
NIrmala: I think you should go to their house.
Kunal: Come, Karan let’s go.
Meghna: I’ll come as well.
Dadaji: Driver safe.

The three of them drove to the house and saw the police outside, they fit out and saw Arjun on the floor surrounded by the police.
Karan, Kunal and Meghna ran to Arjun who was crying.
Arjun looked up and got off the floor to hug Meghna.
Meghna: Shh, it’s okay Arjun.
Karan: Officer, what’s going on?
Police Officer: Mr and Mrs Malhotras car has been in an accident, and they are no longer with us.
Kunal: What?! Where was the car?
Police Officer: The car was hit by a drunk driver and then crashed into a tree.
The policeman showed them both cars that was in the accident.
Meghna held Arjun and walked to Kunals car.
Karan: What’s going to happen now.
Police Officer: Well , Arjun should stay with a relative.
Kunal: He has no one, all he had were… his parents.
Karan: He has us, we’ll take Arjun home.
Police Officer: Okay, I’ll need all your details and I’ll have to come with you to your home.
Kunal: That’s fine , my father and Mr Malhotra were business partners as well as friends.
Karan: Bhai , I want to check on Arjun, could you?
Kunal: I’ll handle this stuff , you go and see Arjun.
Karan went to the car and saw Meghna sitting on the floor holding Arjun.
Meghna: Look Arjun , it’s your Karan Bhai.
Arjun looked up, Karan kneeled down making sure he didn’t touch the floor.
Karan: You’re coming home with us , is that okay?
Arjun didn’t say anything.
Kunal made a phone call to let everyone at home know what was happening.
He then came to the car and all four of them got in.
Meghna sat at the back with Arjun and Karan in the passenger seat. The police had followed them home to complete background checks and the paperwork.

They arrived home and it was 10 pm. Meghna came in holding Arjun, Kunal and Karan walked behind them. Nirmala hugged Arjun and both Meghna and Nirmala held Arjun and took him to the guest room. Kunal and NK filed in all the paperwork. Karan and Dadaji went upstairs to see Arjun.

Arjun was sat on the bed with Nirmala.
Megbna: Maa , I’ll get Arjun something to eat and drink.
Nirmala nodded.
Karan and Dadaji were at the door.
Meghna: Dadu? Karan? Why don’t you go in?
Karan: I don’t want him to feel…
Meghna: I understand, but at this moment Arjun is in shock, he needs to surround himself with happy and familiar faces. Dadu , I know you’ll be able to cheer Arjun up.
Dadaji smiled: I’ll try my best.
Meghna left to go downstairs and Dadaji went into the room to sit with Arjun. Karan was still standing outside.
Meghna came up 15 minutes later to see Karan had also gone inside.
Arjun didn’t eat anything until Nirmala fed him.
After he finished Meghna took everything back down, as she exited the kitchen and entered the living room she saw that the police were leaving.
Meghna: Is everything done?
NK: Yeah , from today me and Nirmala are Arjuns legal guardians.
Kunal: Meghna , you and I should go back and pack some things for Arjun.
Meghna: Okay.
NK: I’ll check on Arjun and let Babaji, Karan and Nirmala what’s happened. Kunal, please drive safe.
Kunal: I promise I will.
Meghna: Don’t worry too much Papa.
NK went upstairs.
Meghna: Do you have the keys to the house?
Kunal: No, the officers are still at the house and they’ll let us in.
Meghna: Okay , let’s go.
When they got to the house they didn’t know what was we here but saw a sign on Arjuns bedroom door with Arjuns name on it. They both went in and started to pack some clothes and a photo frame that had a family photo in it.
Kunal: Meghna?
Meghna: Yes Kunal.
Kunal: I’ve never asked but because I know you know how Arjun feel I wanted to ask you about when your Dad passed away, obviously if you don’t want to talk about it then it’s fine, I won’t ever force you.
Meghna smiled and held Kunals hand: Kunal , it’s okay. To be honest with you me and Naina were so young when Papa left us. All I remember was us three crying and then we had to leave the house.
Kunal: Meghna , you don’t need to say anything else if you don’t want to.
Meghna: I want to. Arjun knows what death is now and I didn’t when I lost Papa, I think Arjun is in a worse position now than I was to be honest because he has no one else where was when Papa left us Bade Mama took us with him. While Taauji and TaaiiJi kicked us out of our own house.
Kunal held Meghnas hand tight.
Meghna: Kunal, I remember telling Naina that I never knew I could find happiness in my life. You entered my life and everything changed and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.
Kunal smiled at Meghna: You know, I respect Maa a lot. She has two smart and independent daughters who love her a lot and want to follow in her footsteps.
Meghna: Nothing is more important than my Mummas happiness, but now I have another family who are equally important to me.
Kunal: I know you love Maa a lot.
Meghna: I would do anything for her.
Kunal: I can’t wait for our daughter to be just like you, who’d do anything for us and love us the way we love our parents.
Meghna giggled: Of course you can’t wait.
Kunal wrapped his hands behind Meghna: So when will we have our little princess?
Meghna: Not now, that’s all I know. Now come on , we should go.
Kunal held the bag and Meghnas hand and walked to down the stairs and out if the house. They looked back at the house and then headed to the car.

They got home and saw Dadaji , NK and Nirmala in the living room.
Dadaji: You’re back safe.
Meghna: Haan Dadu , we brought back Arjuns things.
NK: He’s in his room, I mean the guestroom which will be his now.
Nirmala: Karan is sitting with him.
Kunal: Has he said anything on anyone?
Nirmala nodded no: He’s just nodding yes or no.
Kunal: Me and Meghna will go and see if there any change.
NK: Okay.
Meghna: Kunal , you head upstairs I’ll give Dadu , Maa and Papa dinner because I know they didn’t eat.
Dadaji: I don’t want to eat Meghna Betaa.
Meghna went to Dadaji and held his hand: Dadu , please eat for Arjun.
Nirmala: Haan Bauji, come on.
The four of them went to the dining table and Meghna served everyone. Kunal had gone to Arjuns room and saw that Arjun was sleeping and Karan sat next to him.
Kunal entered the room and kept the bag to one side. Karan looked up.
Karan whispered: You’re back?
Kunal whispered: Yeah , why don’t you go down and get something to eat? I’ll sit here.
Karan: Your sure?
Kunal: Of course , go on.
Karan went down and Kunal took a seat on the floor.

Everyone went to bed around 12 am. Kunal and Meghna were sat downstairs talking.
Kunal: Meghna , I think we should postpone the anniversary party.
Meghna: I know what you mean.
Kunal: It just doesn’t seem right.
Meghna: Yeah , good thing we didn’t send the invitational out yet.
Kunal: I agree, when Arjun feels better we’ll do it.
Arjun: No.
Kunal and Meghna looked behind them , Arjun was standing there.
Kunal: Arjun?
Meghna: Did you need something?
Arjun took a seat opposite Meghna and Kunal: What are you guys doing up so late?
Meghna: Nothing.
Arjun: Bhabi, why are you canceling uncle and aunties anniversary party?
Meghna: We don’t want think it’s the right time now.
Arjun: I don’t agree, I want things to go back to normal.
Kunal: Are you sure?
Arjun: Kunal Bhai , I have suffered a loss but that doesn’t mean I don’t move on, I want a little normal.
Meghna: The party will be held next week, don’t you think it’s too soon for normal?
Arjun: I think it’s perfectly fine and now that uncle and auntie will be my legal guardians from now I don’t want to ruin their special day.
Meghna and Kunal exchanged looks.
Arjun: I heard NK uncle tell the others , and I’m glad I have somewhere to stay.
Meghna: Your a strong boy Arjun.
Kunal: You really are.
Arjun smiled: I have to be right? Also I wanted to thank you both for getting my things from my home.
Meghna: It’s the least we could do.
Kunal: You don’t need to thank us.
Arjun: I do and Bhabi, thank you for letting me cry in your shoulder.
Meghna: I’ll always be here.
Kunal: Come one, is getting late , we should go to bed.
Meghna and Kunal dropped Arjun to his room and then went to theirs.

Sunday morning:
Meghna woke up and woke everyone else up for the weekend Puja. After Puja Dadaji went to the Mandir along with NK, Kunal and Karan. Arjun stayed home with Meghna and Nirmala.
Arjun: Auntie , is there anything I can do?
Nirmala: Yes , I would like you to choose your new bedroom colour and then give me a list of anything new you want in your room.
Arjun: I like it the way it is.
Meghna: Arjun, if you pick a colour then today you and I can go get the plant and paint the room ourselves.
Nirmala: That sounds fun.
Arjun: That does, could I choose at the shop?
Meghna: Of course.
Nirmala: Okay then , you two take a driver and go okay?
Meghna: Sure Maa , come on Arjun , you go and get ready.
Arjun went to his room.
Nirmala: That was a good idea Meghna.
Meghna smiled at Nirmala: I remember when me and Chiku came to Bade Mama’s house, he painted the room with us helped us feel happier.
Nirmala: Let’s hope he cheers up soon.
Meghna: I’m sure he will.
Arjun came down and Meghna and him went shopping. At the paint shop Arjun picked out his paint.
Arjun: Bhabi?
Meghna: Yes Arjun.
Arjun: I wanted to get Uncle and Auntie a gift for their anniversary.
Meghna: What would you like to get them?
Arjun: I’m not sure.
Arjun was looking around the shop.
Meghna: I’ve got an idea, why don’t you make them a painting?
Arjun: That’s a really good idea, I love painting.
Meghna: I know , I saw… I…
Arjun: You saw my room.
Meghna: Yeah.
Arjun: Bhabi , don’t be upset, I feel better.
Meghna: You know Arjun , I lost my Papa when I was young.
Meghna explained her life to Arjun.
Arjun: I wouldn’t have guessed that you went through all of that, I mean you’re a very calm person and you’re always so happy.
Meghna: My life has a lot of happiness with a lot people who care for me. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Arjun: I hope to be as happy as you one day.
Meghna: You will be Arjun, you will.
Arjun: Bhabi, what did you get Auntie and Uncle?
Meghna: Well , I actually have to pick it up and it’s a surprise.
Arjun: You won’t even tell me?
Meghna: Well , I guess I could share it with someone, come one let’s get your equipment and then we’ll pick up my gift.
Arjun: Okay.

Once they got home Meghna and Arjun started to paint Arjuns room. Kunal and Karan walked in and Kunal started helping while Karan stood away. The three painters started messing about and pointed each other instead of the walls. Kunal lifted Meghna up and held her so she cold move and Arjun painted Meghnas face.
Meghna: Kunal!!! Let gooo! Arjun please don’t!
Karan was laughing from a distance and his phone started ringing.
Karan: Hello Naina.
Karan left the room.
Naina: Hi Karan , how are you?
Karan: I’m good , how are you?
Naina: Good but you didn’t text or call me to ask how my exam went?!
Karan: Sorry, I was busy.
Naina: Of course , how’s everyone else?
Karan: They’re good.
Naina: What’s up with the short replies?
Karan explained everything that happened to Arjun.
Naina: Oh gosh , how is he now?
Karan: Arjun is much better , he’s with Bhai and Bhabi now.
Naina: Sorry for being a little hasty before.
Karan: It’s okay, you didn’t know.
Karan walked back into the room and took a picture of Arjun , Meghna and Kunal and sent it to Naina.
Karan: Look at the photo I sent you.
Naina saw the photo and smiled.
Naina: They’re having so much fun!
Karan: Yeah , getting dirty.
Naina: You won’t understand.
Karan: I won’t and don’t want to just yet. So are you going to tell me how your exam was?
Naina: Oh yeah , it was good , I don’t want to be confident but Di said I should be because it’s always better to feel good and positive about it.
Karan: You’ve spoken to Bhabi already?
Naina: Yeah , Di always calls me after my exam.
Karan: That’s sweet of Bhabi, oh yeah did she mention what happened at the Sangeet?
Naina: No, what happened?
Karan explained the situation about Niha.
Naina: Who does she think she is?
Karan: I have no idea , but when the drink spilled on me Bhai gave her a rude response and she got the idea that she should stay away.
Naina: Well done to Jeeju, I hope she doesn’t cause any drama on the wedding day.
Karan: Well you’ll be there so you can sort her out if she does.
Naina laughed: I will!
Karan: Naina? Had Bhabi told you what she wants me to give Mom and Dad?
Naina: No , not yet.
Karan: Let’s go and ask now.
Karan went to Arjuns room, he put Naina on loud speaker.
Naina: Hi everyone!
Meghna: Hi Chiku!
Kunal: Hello Naina, how are you?
Naina: I’m good Jeeju , how are you?
Kunal: I’m all painted!
Naina: Karan sent me a photo! You guys are having so much fun.
Arjun: Hi Naina Di.
Naina: Hi Arjun, how are you?
Arjun: I’m really good , having a lot of fun with Bhai and Bhabi.
Meghna: Wish you were here Chiku.
Naina: Me too!
Karan: Bhabi , the other day you told me you had and idea for a gift for Mom and Dads anniversary.
Naina: Yeah Di , what was it?
Meghna: Well , I was talking to Kunal and Khyati about the 3 of you doing a song at the party.
Kunal: Just like in Hum Sath Sath Hain.
Naina: OMG that’s an amazing idea!
Meghna: What do you say Karan?
Karan: Bhabi… I…
Kunal: If you say no, we understand.
Meghna: It’s alright if you’re not up for it, Khyati said herself that if you don’t want to then that’s completely fine.
Karan: I have one problem.
Kunals&Meghna: What’s that?
Karan: Well, in the film there’s 3 sons and 1 daughter but we have 2 sons and 1 daughter.
Arjun: I can be the 3rd son.
Meghna and Kunal smiled.
Karan: Are you sure?
Arjun: Yes , if you do it, I’ll do it.
Karan: I guess it’s on then.
Naina: Yaaay! I can’t wait!

It was Monday morning, Karan and Arjun were getting ready to go to the train station to pick Khyati up. They got into the car and headed there.
Arjun: So how is Khyati Di?
Karan: She’s a good sister, fun and really sweet. You’ll get a long really well.
When they got there they saw Khyati waiting.
Khyati: Karan Bhai!!
Karan and Arjun walked towards her.
Karan: Hi Khyati, how was the journey?
Khyati: Boring!
She looked at Arjun and smiled: You must be my new little brother!
Arjun smiled and Khyati pulled him in for a hug.
Arjun: Hi Khyati Di.
Khyati: OMG! I’m a Di!
The three of them laughed and headed home.

Kunals&Meghna were having lunch at their restaurant.
Meghna: Have you spoken to Khyati yet?
Kunal: No , why?
Meghna: She’s home.
Kunal: Oh! I forgot.
Meghna: I told her you’re probably bus and you’d call later.
Kunal: You’re a star.
Meghna: I know.

In the evening Khyati , Arjun and Karan were in Kunal and Meghnas room.
Kunal: So from tomorrow you guys will come down to my office and we’ll rehearse there.
Khyati: Sounds good to me.
Karan: What if Dad’s sees us?
Kunal: He never comes down to my office.
Meghna: You guys come during lunch so I can be there too.
Khyati: Yeah , Bhabi will be the director.
Khyati and Meghna high fived.
Kunal: Arjun, you okay? You seem quite.
Arjun: Yeah , I’m fine. Can’t wait to start practicing.
Just then Karan received a text message from Naina.
Karan: I’ll be off then, goodnight guys.
Khyati: Me too, goodnight Arjun, Bhai and Bhabi.
Meghna: Sleep tight.
Khyati and Karan left.
Kunal: Arjun , you wanna play cards?
Arjun: Sure.
Meghna: Me too!
The three of them played cards and then Arjun went to bed around 11 pm.
Karan was texting Naina.
Naina: Hi Karan, how is everyone and everything?
Karan: Everyone is well and everything is great, how are you?
Naina: I’m good, I wanted to ask about Di’s manager. Last we spoke you said he wasn’t the nicest person.
Karan: Yeah but Bhai and Bhabi had lunch with him said he was a good person. I saw him at the sangeet and he seems really friendly.
Naina: Well, that’s great.
Karan: Yeah , Bhai has invited him to the party, I was thinking we could maybe talk to him then.
Naina: That sounds great, then we could book the tickets to their destination.
Karan: Yeah, well it’s getting late , you should get your sleep.
Naina: I agree, goodnight Karan.
Karan: Goodnight Naina.

Naina laid restless in bed.
Naina: Why can’t I tell you how I feel?

Karan: I need to know if you feel the same as me.

Naina: How will I ever know?

Karan: These sleepless nights.

In Kunals&Meghnas room:
Meghna: When do we give out the invitations?
Kunal: After woke tomorrow?
Meghna: That’s sounds good.
Kunal hugged Meghna from behind.
Kunal: I called Maa and told her she needs to come along with everyone.
Meghna: Really? And did she say?
Kunal: That she’ll try her best.
Meghna: I miss her a lot.
Kunal: She misses you too.
Meghna: I spoke to her yesterday but I just want to see her.
Kunal: Don’t worry, she’ll be here.
Kunal kissed Meghnas cheek.
Kunal: Maa said to give you a kiss.
Meghna giggled: Of course she did.
Kunal kissed her other cheek.
Kunal: That was from Vaibhu.
Meghna: Atcha?.
Meghna turned around and put her arms around Kunals neck.
Kunal drew closer to Meghnas and kissed her, then went to her ear whispering.
Kunal: That was from me.
Meghna had her eyes closed and hugged Kunal tightly. She then kissed Kunal.
Meghna: That’s from me.
Kunal smiled: Meri topper.
Meghna: Sirf tumhari.
They both went to sleep holding each other.

Tuesday morning.
Kunal was dressed and Meghna was doing Kunals cufflinks.
Kunal: I forgot to tell you, I found a picture of Taauji.
Meghna: Really? Well they sent me the picture.
Meghna got her phone whilst Kunal took out the photo he found and they put it next to each other.
Meghna: That’s him.
Kunal: Yeah, now what do we do?
Meghna: We look for Taauji and bring him home.
Kunal: I think I know where to start looking.
Meghna: Where?
Kunal pointed at Meghnas phone.
Kunal: This photo was taken of CCTV, zoom into the date and time.
Meghna zoomed in: This was taken a month ago.
Kunal: 18:24.
Meghna: I’ll call and see where the CCTV footage is from.
Kunal: Okay.
Meghna called up.
Meghna: Hi , it’s me Meghna Chauhan , you sent me a photo of my Taauji who told you was missing.
Caller: Yes Ma’am , who can I help.
Meghna: I was wondering where you got the picture from.
Caller: Hold on one moment please Ma’am.
Meghna: Sure.
A few minutes later.
Caller: Ma’am , the photo was taken from Jaipur train station.
Meghna: Thank you very much.
Caller: Is there anything else?
Meghna: Actually there is, do you have access to the past months footage?
Caller: Yes, we do.
Meghna: Is there any way you could send me it?
Caller: Well , for security reasons I won’t be able to.
Meghna: Please , I’m looking for my Taauji.
Caller: Ma’am , if you tell why you need it maybe I could help.
Meghna: I wanted to check the footage to see if my Taauji was at that station any other day.
Caller: Ma’am , I can check the footage and then let you know.
Meghna: That would be very helpful, thank you. Bye.
Caller: You’re welcome, bye.
Meghna hung up.
Meghna: Kunal , they won’t give us the footage but she said she’ll be able too look through it to see if Taauji was there the last month.
Kunal: Where was the CCTV footage from?
Meghna: Jaipur train station.
Kunal: Okay, at least we have something else.
Meghna: Yeah , let’s go to work.
Kunal and Meghna left.

Rohan was sitting in his office.
Rohan: Sheila, hen can I pick up my car from the garage?
Sheila: Sir , you’ll have to wait a few days.
Rohan: Well , I guess the damage done was serious.
Sheila: Yeah.
Meghna was walking past and heard the conversation.
Meghna (mind): What happened to Rohans car?
Meghna knocked on Rohans office door.
Rohan: Hi Mrs Chauhan.
Meghna: Hi Sir, I overheard something about your car.
Rohan: Yeah , it’s damaged.
Meghna: Do you know what happened?
Rohan: No , I found it outside my house all broken at the front.
Rohan showed Meghna a photo.
Meghna froze.
Rohan: Are you okay?
Meghna didn’t speak.
Sheila sat Meghna down and gave her a glass of water.
Sheila: Meghna?
Meghna: That… that car…
Rohan: What about it?
Meghna looked at Rohan.
Meghna: It hit Arjuns parants’ car.
Rohan: Who’s Arjun?
Meghna didn’t speak.
Rohan picked up his phone and called Kunal.

Precap: Party!

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