Swabhimaan-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 11

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The two brothers went down to see Naina sat doing her work on the floor and Meghna playing with Naina hair. They were laughing and talking.
Kunal: Looks at her, just beautiful!
Karan: You’re talking about Bhabi?
Kunal: Who else.
Kunal froze on the steps and Karan then pulled him down and made him sit next to Meghna.
Kunal cuddled upto Meghna.
Meghna: Kunal, your stable again!
Karan: You two look very happy together.
Kunal: We are.
Meghna: I’d be happier if those cookies were out of the oven!
Naina laughed: I’ll go and check if they’re done.
Naina left to got into kitchen. Kunal and Meghna saw Karan stare at Naina as she walked away.
Meghna: Karan?
Karan shook his head and looked at Meghna.
Karan: Yes Bhabi?
Meghna: What are you thinking about?
Karan: Nothing.
Kunal: Karan , just tell us.
Meghna: Leave it, let the boy dream.
Meghna and Kunal laughed.
Karan: You guys are too much.
Naina walked back in.

Naina: They’re done , I’ll let them cool and then plate them up.
Meghna: Yes , ooh I want…
Kunal: Ice cream with them?
Meghna smiled: Yeah!
Kunal: Naina , I’ll plate them up and bring the ice cream out as well.
Naina: Okay Jeeju.
After 20 minutes Kunal went to the kitchen and came out with the food.
Kunal: Naina , these are delicious!
Meghna: Good job Chiku.
Karan: And where’s my thanks.
Naina: All you did was read the recipe.
Karan: So how would you have done it without me reading it?
Meghna: Well done to the both of you.
Kunal: Yeah great team work.
Meghna: Was that good enough?
Karan: I guess.
Time passed as they were talking and eating.

The weekend went smoothly, Karan and Naina spent time together but not intimate time. They were friends and Karan didn’t want to move quickly. Naina left Chauhan house on Sunday after lunch. Karan felt that the last week was a new beginning for him , to start being himself a better himself.
Monday morning Meghna and Kunal went to work. NK had stayed home waiting for Arjun to come. Sandhya had taken a trip out of the city. Nirmala and Dadaji had gone to the Mandir.
It was 9:30 am , Karan and NK were both sat in the living room. The doorbell rang and was opened by one of the workers. It was Arjun.
NK: Arjun Betaa , how are you? Come in and take a seat.
Arjun: Thank you Uncle.
Arjun took a seat next to NK.
NK: Karan-Arjun, Arjun-Karan.
Arjun put his hand forward to shake Karans but Karan didn’t shake. Arjun quickly pulled his hand back.
Arjun: Sorry.
Karan: It’s okay.
NK: Well , I’ll leave you two to it.
NK left the living room and went into the study.
Karan: So Arjun , tell me a bit about yourself.
Arjun: Well I’m 16 and recently had a passion for both music and dance. I really to learn how to play instruments and maybe wrote music myself one day.
Karan: Sounds like you have your future planned out.
Arjun: Sort of.
Karan: So, the piano is in my room , let’s head on upstairs.
Arjun: Sure Sir.
Karan: Ooh, you don’t need to call me Sir.
Arjun: Bhai?
Karan smiled: Bhai sounds better.
Arjun: Feels good to call someone Bhai.
Karan: I know the feeling, let’s go.
Karan and Arjun really hit off, Arjun knew about how Karan was and managed to learn a few new things.
Karan: Well Arjun , today was good. You’re a quick learner.
Arjun: Thanks Bhai , you’re a good teacher.
Karan: Thank you, so when is our next lesson?
Arjun: How about Wednesday?
Karan: Fine by me.
Arjun: I’ll come about 5 pm, I’ve got cricket practice after my school lessons.
Karan: I’ll see you then , let me walk you to the door.
Arjun and Karan were walking down.
Nirmala: Hi Arjun betaa , how are you?
Arjun took Nirmalas blessings.
Arjun: I’m good Auntie , how are you?
Nirmala: Very well thank you, how are you parents?
Arjun: They’re also good.
Nirmala: Lesson over?
Karan: Yeah , next lesson Wednesday.
Nirmala: Well , I’ll see you then , Bye Arjun.
Arjun: Bye , Bye Bhai.
Karan: Bye.
Arjun left.
Nirmala: Bhai?
Karan: Yeah , Sir was too formal.
Nirmala: Of course.

Meghna was at work and there was a new manager. Meghna was sat at her desk doing her job when someone dropped a big file onto her desk.
Meghna looked up.
Manager: This isn’t complete.
Meghna stood up, took a look at the file.
Meghna: Sir there’s still time to complete it.
Manager: Well , why was it on my desk?
Meghna: I’m not sure.
Manager: Not sure? Your job is to be sure , you sign off the completed task and then hhad it to me.
Meghna: Sir , I didn’t put the file on your desk.
Manager: Then who was it?
Meghna: As I said , I’m not sure.
Manager: Look Miss…?
Meghna: Mrs Meghna Chauhan.
Manager: Well Mrs Chauhan , maybe being a Mrs and working here doesn’t work for you.
Meghna: I disagree Sir , I have done my best since I started this job.
Manager: You’re only project manager, not a big achievement.
Everyone in the office was looking at the two arguing
Meghna: I’ve been here for 2 weeks and I think that it’s a pretty good damn achievement.
The manager smirked: Complete this today and then you can leave work, not at 5 pm with the rest of these lot, once you finish this.
Meghna: Sure.
Meghna sat down and continued her work. The manager was standing there and looking down at her.
Worker: Rohan Sir?
The manager looked back.
Rohan: What is it?
Rohan walked away.
Meghna was sat at the desk
Meghna: Well , I guess I’ll be leaving soon.
She smiled down at the file.

It was 12 pm, Kunal was waiting for Meghna outside. He called her but she didn’t answer, so he decided to go inside.
Kunal: Hi Radika.
Radika: Hello Kunal , how are you?
Kunal: I’m good , how are you?
Radika: I’m also good.
Kunal: Have you seen Meghna?
Radika: She hasn’t come downs yet, I needed to give her the sangeet and wedding invitation.
She passed the card to Kunal.
Kunal: Thank you.
Radika: Okay wonder what’s taking her so long.
Kunal: Maybe busy with her work?
Radika: Yeah , they have a new manager, Rohan Khanna.
Kunal: I see. So you excited for Friday?
Radika: Yes, me and Yuvraj will be dancing!
Kunal: Really? Last I remember Yuvraj had 2 left feet.
Radika laughed.
Radika: We’ve practiced a lot these past few days so I hope those 2 left feet don’t get in the way for Friday.
Kunal: Let’s hope so.
Radika: You and Meghna have to dance.
Kunal: I would love to, I’m sure Meghna would as well.
Radika: Can’t wait!
Just then Meghna walked towards Kunal.
Kunal: Here my comes beautiful.
Kunal kissed Meghnas cheek and Radkia just smiled at the couple.
Meghna: Sorry for keeping you waiting.
She explained how and what happened with Rohan.
Meghna: So I just finished that task so I’m free to go home!
Kunal: That’s my girl.
Radika: You showed him who you are.
Meghna: I had to, that remark about me being married and how I shouldn’t be working really ticked me off.
Kunal: Well , to cool you down let’s get some lunch.
Meghna: Yes please , see you tomorrow Radika.
The women hugged goodbye.
Kunal and Meghna walked out hand in hand and into Kunals car.

Rohan was watching from his office window.

Kunal opened the door for Meghna and a hut the door after she got in.

Rohan: Sheila, I want everything on Mrs Meghna Chauhan.
Sheila: Sure Sir.

Kunal got to his side and got into the car.

Rohan: I want to know everything.

After lunch Kunal dropped Meghna off home.
Meghna: See you in the evening.
Kunal: See you.
Kunal winked and drove off.
Meghna walked in to see Nirmala and Karan sitting in the living.
Nirmala: Meghna?
Karan: Bhabi?
They both looked at the clock.
Meghna sat down next to Nirmala and explained to them both what had happened at work.
Karan: Way to go Bhabi, so this new manager is he temp or permanent?
Meghna: Permanent, unfortunately.
Karan (mind): Great! How are we going to ask him for Bhabis holiday off?
Nirmala: Well I’m glad you’re home , now I can take you shopping.
Meghna: Ooh , where are we going?
Nirmala: To buy your Papa an anniversary gifts.
Meghna and Karan exchanged looks.
Nirmala: I don’t usually get him anything but I want to this year.
Meghna: That’s so sweet , when do you want to go?
Nirmala: Do you want to head out now?
Meghna: Let’s go.
Nirmala and Meghna left and go into a car.
They headed to the mall and shopped in a few shops , they spent an hour all together.
On the way back Nirmala and Meghna were talking.
Nirmala: You know Meghna , your Papa and I have never been close.
Meghna held Nirmalas hand.
Nirmala: I don’t even wear Sindoor or a Mangalsutra , I’ve been his wife by name but not by the true meaning of being his wife.
Meghna: Maa , I’m sure things will be better.
Nirmala: How?
Meghna: Papa has already taken you on a date and after dates things get serious.
Nirmala giggled: Thank you for making me smile Meghna.
Meghna: Maa , it’s my duty as you Bahu.
Nirmala held Meghnas cheek: You’re my daughter Meghna , Bahu as well but you’ve become my daughter.
Meghna hugged Nirmala.
Meghna: Thank you Maa.

Meghna and Kunal were getting ready for bed , as they got the bed ready they were talking.
Kunal: So what song do you want to dance to?
Meghna: I don’t know , why don’t you choose?
Kunal: Hmm , Gerua?
Meghna smiled: Good choice.

There was a knock on their door. Meghna opened it to see NK.
Meghna: Papa? Come in.
NK took a seat.
NK: I need your help.
Kunal: What can I do for you?
NK: Actually, I need Meghnas help.
Kunal: Of course.
Meghna: What can I help you with?
NK: Well, I need help with what to get your mother for our anniversary.
Kunal: Wow!
NK: We never exchange gifts, mainly my fault, I should have made more of an effort.
Meghna: Don’t worry Papa , I’ve got the best idea for a gift to Maa.
NK: What is it?
Meghna smiled at NK then at Kunal.

Tuesday at Meghnas office:
Meghna was sitting at her desk when Sheila came to her.
Meghna: Morning Sheila.
Sheila: Good Morning, Rohan sir has you called you into his cabin.
Meghna: Okay, I’ll be there.
Meghna put her computer on sleep and followed Sheila into Romans cabin.
Rohan: Take a seat Mrs Chauhan.
Meghna took a seat opposite Rohan.
Rohan: Would you like a drink?
Meghna: No, thank you.
Rohan: I called you to say sorry for what I said yesterday.
Meghna: I see.
Rohan: I think being married and working is a good thing, I support it, it’s just yesterday wasn’t a good day.
Meghna: I understand Sir , I accept your apology.
Meghna smiled and Rohan smiled.
Rohan: Would you like to have lunch with me? As colleagues obviously.
Meghna: I would like to but I do lunches with my husband everyday.
Rohan: Oh.
Meghna: I’m sure Kunal, my husband , would like for you to join us today?
Rohan smiled: I look forward to lunch with you both.
Meghna got up and left the room.

Rohan joined Kunal and Meghna at their restaurant. They talked and ate. Rohan: So Meghna , tell me Kunals hidden talent.
Meghna: Kunal is a good dancer.
Kunal: Yeah , and Rohan that goes hand in hand with Meghnas hidden talent of singing like angel.
Rohan: My wife used to sing.
Meghna: Used to?
Rohan: She passed away four years ago in a car accident along with our baby boy.
Kunal: We’re sorry to hear that.
Meghna: I’m sorry for bringing that up.
Rohan: No , don’t be sorry. Yesterday was Surbhis , my wife’s, birthday.
Meghna: That’s why it wasn’t a good day.
Rohan nodded: I move every year to different jobs, cities even so I can move on.
Meghna: How long will you stay here in Jaipur?
Rohan: I’m not sure to be honest.
Kunal: Well, as long as you’re here you’ll always have me and Meghna to call your friend.
Rohan: I appreciate that.

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