Swabhimaan-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 10

It was 5 am and Meghna had woken up to see Kunal peacefully next to her.
Meghna: I’ll give a little longer.
Meghna freshened up and came back out the washroom to see Kunal still sleeping. She headed to the wardrobe and was picking out what to wear.
Meghna: I don’t have any workout clothes…
She then saw some of Kunals clothes. She picked out a time shirt, some jogging bottoms and hoodie.
Meghna: This’ll have to do.
She changed into the clothes, she had to tuck in the top shirt into the bottoms as it was too big for her. The joggers fit well as she tightened them and the hoodie was a little oversized but very comfortable. She tied her hair up in a high ponytail. She had her mangalsutra on and waited for Kunal to wake up and put on her sindoor.
She sat next to Kunal and kissed his forehead. Kunals eyes slowly opened.
Meghna smiled: Good Morning.
Kunal smiled back: Good Morning, what’s the time?
Meghna: 5:35 am.
Kunal: This is too early.
Meghna: Hurry, get up.
She pulled him up, he yawned and then saw Meghna wearing his clothes.
Kunal smirked: Looking good in my clothes.
Meghna: Of course!
They both got up, Meghna took a seat at her dressing table and Kunal stood behind her and applied the Sindoor on Meghna. He kissed the top of her head then headed into the washroom. Meghna smiled as she saw him walking away.
Meghna: I know you tell everyone how lucky you are to have me but I am even luckier to be your wife , friend and lover. You’ve given me nothing but happiness. I love you.

Kunal and Meghna were jogging in the park and having fun. While running around Kunal would lift Meghna up from behind and spin her around. They’d both play with the little children that were on the swings and on the slide. Kunal admired the smile and laughter coming from both Meghna and the little children. Kunal walked to Meghna and whispered into her ear.
Kunal: I want one.
Meghna: Which one? This hoodie is big enough for me to hide one of them and take them with us!
Meghna laughed and then ran to play with the little boy who was making an sandcastle in the sandbox.
Kunal: You’ll be the death of me Meghna!

The couple arrived home to see everyone sat in the living room. It was 9 am.
Dadaji: So you’re both back?
Nirmala: Have fun?
Kunal: Yeah , we played with little children at the park after we took a little jog.
Meghna: That was the best part.
Nirmala: Sounds fun , go on and freshen up and come down to have breakfast.
Naina: I made you guys a healthy shake.
Karan: Kale and all!
Kunal: Yummy!
The couple came back down after showering , Meghna wore her saree as usual and Kunal changed his casual home wear. After having breakfast Meghna got a call , she went upstairs with her phone and was in her room.
Meghna: Did you find anything?
Caller: Unfortunately Ma’am we couldn’t.
Meghna: Any sign? Any clue?
Caller: There was a picture we found and then started looking through all the databases but didn’t find anything.
Meghna: Could you send me the photo you found?
Caller: Sure Ma’am , sorry for not being able to help you, well keep looking and if and when we have an update I’ll call you.
Meghna: Thank you so much. Bye.
Caller: Bye.
Meghna cut the call and opened the door to see Kunal standing there.
Kunal: Meghna? Why do you look so worried?
Meghna: Nothing, I’m not worried. Why would I be?
Kunal held Meghnas hand and sat her down.
Kunal: Why are hiding something from me?
Meghna: Kunal , it’s not like that.
Kunal: Then tell me what it is.

Meghna: I’ve been trying to look for Shekher Taauji , I didn’t want to say or mention anything because if I don’t find him then I don’t want to disappoint anyone.
Kunal: Meghna , don’t ever think I’ll be disappointed with you and I don’t want to see you worried okay? Now tell me what happened so far?
Meghna: Well I called a friend who could help me find people and she directed me to an agency and they’re looking for Taauji , they called now letting me know that they’ve found a photo of him but not him.
Kunal: Did you ask for the photo?
Meghna: Yeah.
Kunal: Okay , so this is the plan. I’ll ask Dadu if he has any photos of Taauji and if it’s the same photo we’ll go out and look for him, okay?
Meghna: Okay , I wanted to bring him home before Maa and Papas anniversary.
Kunal: Don’t worry, we will.
Meghna rested her head on Kunals shoulder.
Kunal: Talking about anniversaries, we need to go shopping remember?
Meghna: Yeah , I forgot, I’ll tell Naina and Karan to get ready.
Kunal: In the meantime I’ll get ready.
Meghna went to Karans room to see him and Naina talking, the door was open and she knocked.
Karan: Come in Bhabi.
Meghna: I just came to tell you both to get ready for shopping.
Naina: Okay Di.
Naina got up and left the room with Meghna.
After getting ready the four of them headed downstairs.
Meghna: Maa , we’re going shopping, is there anything we need?
Nirmala: Not that I can think of. Will you guys be home for lunch?
Kunal: Don’t think so.
Nirmala: Okay , me Bauji , Sandhya and your Dad have a party to attend, we’ll leave the house around 2pm and be back late.
Meghna: Don’t worry Maa , you guys have fun.
Nirmala: You too.

Kunal, Meghna, Karan and Naina got into Kunals car. They dive to the shopping centre.
Karan: So what are you guys getting them?
Meghna: Well , my gift is a surprise.
Kunal: I have no idea what time get them.
Naina: Don’t worry Jeeju, I’ll help you think of something.
Kunal: Thank you Naina.
Meghna: You guys go and do your shopping I’ll be back.
Karan: Should I come with you Bhabi?
Meghna: I’ll be fine.
Meghna headed into a photography shop whilst the other went into a jewellery shop.
Naina: Jeeju , why don’t you get Auntie a diamond necklace set?
Kunal: Thank you Naina! That’s a great idea.
Karan: What about me?
Meghna walked in: How about you buy her saree?
Karan: Yeah , she’d like that.
Meghna: I also have another idea but I can’t tell you just yet.
Kunal: Is it what we were talking about the other night?
Meghna: Yes , it is.
Kunal: You’re gunna love it Karan!
Karan: Okay, now I’m a little scared.

Meghna giggled: Don’t worry too much, Kunal and Chiku you guys choose Kunals gift and I’ll take Karan with me to choose a saree for Maa.
Kunal: Which shop will you guys be in?
Meghna: I was walking past Manish Malhotras collection and saw a few nice things.
Kunal: See you in 20.
Naina: Good luck!
Karan: I’ll need it.
Meghna and Karan walked out.
Kunal and Naina walked around the shop.
Kunal: This is really pretty.
Naina: It is.
Kunal: Looks like we’re done here after all.
Naina: I wanna buy Auntie a Dior perfume.
Kunal: Okay , we’ll head into Dior after we check out here.
Naina: Yay.

After paying Naina and Kunal saw a few things in Dior and bought them.
Kunal: Naina, would you like a shake?
Naina: Yes please!
Kunal: Let’s go.

Kunal was holding the bags whilst Naina was carrying the drink holder. As they walked into the saree shop everyone greeted Kunal.
Naina: You’re famous Jeeju.
Kunal: It’s not like that!
They spotted Meghna and Karan sitting down whole a woman was showing them sarees. They walked to them and gave them their drinks.
Meghna: That was quick.
Karan: Thanks for the drink.
Naina: You’re welcome.
Kunal: We headed into another shop and bought some things.
Kunal took a seat next to Meghna while Naina took a seat next to Karan. Naina was looking at the sarees while Kunal was being funny and showing Meghna how he’d look with a saree on making Meghna laugh. Karan was staring at Kunal and shook his head.
Karan: You’re crazy Bhai.
Kunal: This is pretty!
Meghna: Looking good doll!
Karan laughed. Naina turned around to see Kunal wearing the saree and started giggling.
Naina: Jeeju! Here try this one.
Naina passed Kunal a dusty pink saree with floral embroidery.
Meghna: That’s gorgeous Chiku , good choice.
Karan: Bhai will look really good in it.
Kunal: Obviously yaar.

After picking out the saree they four of them headed to eat. Kunal decided that he and Meghna should but their outfits for the sangeet and wedding. Karan also needed to buy outfits. Kunal chose sarees for Meghna and Meghna chose both Karans and Kunals clothes for the sangeet. Naina helped Meghna when choosing the right clothes. In the car.
Meghna: I wish you could come to the sangeet on Friday.
Naina: Me too Di , but this exam is really important.
Kunal: You could always bunk and then do it another day.
Karan: That’s all you did wasn’t it Bhai?
Meghna: Yeah , lazy boy.
Kunal: Lazy? I was chasing you!
Meghna: Oh shush! Well Naina you’ll come to the wedding right?
Naina: For sure Di!
Kunal: Good.
Karan: It’ll be fun.
Kunal: Wow Karan , you know what fun is? (!)
Karan: Yes I do, thanks to Bhabi!
Kunal: Kya!? Bhabi? What about Bhai?
Naina: Don’t worry Jeeju , Karan doesn’t know how boring Di actually is.
Meghna: I’m not boring!

While they were arguing in the car they arrived home to see the workers doing their jobs. It was 2:30 pm, they all put their things away and then came down. Naina had started doing her work and Kunal was on his laptop. Karan was watching something on his phone and Meghna was in the kitchen. Meghna came to the living room to see everyone scattered doing their own thing.
Meghna: Kunal, why don’t you and Karan make some cookies.
Kunal: You know I’d burn the house down.
Naina: Di , let me.
Meghna: But you have your work to do.
Naina: Baking cookies won’t take too long.
Meghna: But…
Karan: Bhabi , I’ll help Naina.
Naina: You will?
Karan: Yeah, that way Bhabi gets some rest and you’ll finish baking quicker and get back to your work.
Naina: Okay, thanks.
Meghna sat on the sofa as she smiled watching the couple head to the kitchen.
Meghna: This’ll be fun!
Kunal: Meghna?
Meghna: Huh?
Kunal: You wanna share something with me?
Meghna got up and sat next to Kunal.
Meghna: Call me crazy but I think Chiku and Karan like each other.
Kunal: You’re crazy.
Meghna: Really?
She asked disappointed.
Kunal: Yes , crazy for catching on so late.
Meghna: That means you also think the same?
Kunal: Of course! I noticed the day Karan saved Naina from those goons.
Meghna: Wow.
Kunal: I know love when I see it.
Meghna: Yes yes , but why didn’t they you say anything before?
Kunal: I don’t know, I guess I wanted Karan to tell Naina Apr even Naina to tell Karan.
Meghna: Do you think either of them will?
Kunal: Maybe.

In the kitchen Karan was reading out the recipe while Naina was preparing the cookie batter. Naina tied her dupatta around her shoulder to waist and her hair was in a medium ponytail with a few strands coming out. In the process of pouring the flour and lot had appeared on Nainas face, causing Karan to laugh.
Naina: Why are you laughing?
Karan pointed at her face while laughing even more.
Naina: Aree? What is it?
Karan pulled his front camera out and showed Naina what was so funny.
Naina: Eek! I look horrible! Please get a damp cloth and remove it.
Karan: Me?
Naina: Yes, please?
Karan looked around for a cloth and put it under water to get it damp, he then started to wipe the flour off Nainas face. Naina had her eyes closed and Karan was being gentle because he didn’t want to hurt her delicate face. Nainas hair was coming in the way , he wanted to move it but felt uneasy. He stepped back.
Naina: Done?
Karan: There’s a little left but your hair is in the way.
Naina: Then move it out of the way.
Karan: I can’t.
Naina: Oh. You can call Di then.
Karan: Okay.
Karan was slowly walking out but then came back and moved Nainas hair and wiped away the flour. After that he left the room. Naina smiled.
Naina: I knew you’d do it.

Meghna and Kunal saw Karan come other of the kitchen and we’re confused. Karan headed to his room.
Meghna: Karan?!
Karan was out of sight.
Meghna: What do you think happened?
Kunal: Naina probably touched him.
Meghna: Should I check on him?
Kunal: Actually , I’ll check on him.
Meghna smiled: Okay , don’t make a mess though.
Kunal rolled his eyes: Whatever Meghna.
He said playfully , he ruffled Meghnas hair and left. Meghna decided to go into the kitchen and check on Naina.

Karans room:
Kunal entered Karans room to see him standing next to his window.
Kunal: What’s wrong?
Karan looked back and saw Kunal making his way to him.
Karan: Nothing, what makes you think somethings wrong?
Kunal: Karan, I know when somethings wrong, I’m your older brother.
Karan : Well , I don’t know how and where to start.
Kunal: Maybe with Naina?
Karans eyes widened.
Kunal: Of course I know Karan , now tell me what happened downstairs.

Naina: Well Di , there was flour on my face and I told Karan to wipe it off and he did.
Meghna: Then?

Karans Room:
Karan: Well I wiped it off and her hair was in the way and I didn’t want to rough her hair
Kunal: So you didn’t wipe it?

Naina: No , he did, he moved my hair to a side and wiped it.
Meghna: He did?

Karans room:
Karan: I didn’t want to call Bhabi for nothing.
Kunal: But it’s something for you.
Karan: I guess but I’m trying to be…
Kunal: Don’t say normal, Karan, normal is different for everyone and for you it’s being you.
Karan: But I wasn’t me for all these years and I wanna be my normal self again, be able to interact with people.
Kunal: You can take your time.
Karan: I didn’t want to make the mistake of making her look stupid again.
Kunal: Again?
Karan: Yeah .. well…
Kunal: What?
Karan: When Bhabi called you for that date that me and Naina planned, it was near a pool and Naina fell in.
Kunal: Kya?!
Karan: I was right in front of her but I was standing under my umbrella and didn’t want to hold her.
Kunal: Dude! That’s… yeah that’s something we need to work on.
Karan: We?
Kunal: I know you like Naina, me and your Bhabi both know.
Karan: I don’t think I know.
Kunal: Okay then, close your eyes.
Karan: What?
Kunal: Close them.
Karan closed his eyes.
Kunal: What do you see?
Karan: Nothing.
Kunal: Keep them closed.
Kunal took his phone out and played a recording of the song Naina danced to on the sangeet
Karan: Naina?
He said smiling

Karan opened his eyes straight away. Kunal was facing his brother with a wide smile on his face.
Kunal: What do you think now?
Karan: I…I don’t know.
Kunal put his arm around Karans neck.
Kunal: It’s simple Karan , you like her.
Karan: All you did was play a song.
Kunal: Yeah that reminds you of her.
Karan: There’s something else.
Kunal: Don’t tell me, when your sitting alone and doing nothing she’s there?
Karan: How’d you know?
Kunal: It happens to everyone.
Karan: I try keeping her out of my head but there she is.
Kunal: She’s there to stay Karan.
Karan: So I like her , but is it… love?
Kunal: Next time you’re near her, you’re heart will skip a beat and all you wanna do is stay beside her.
Karan: If I don’t feel like that?
Kunal: Then it’s not love.
Karan: Okay , thanks Bhai.
Kunal: Don’t thank me, I’m always here to help.
Karan smiled.
Kunal: Should we go downstairs now?
Karan: Let’s go.

Precap: More cute Meghnal scenes, Arjuns entry and office drama for Meghna.

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