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Chapter 07

” this flight will be land within 15 minutes please put your seat belt”
a girl reading a news paper. she was pretty comfortable because she was seated in business class.
” ma’am do you need anything?”
air hostess was helping her with the seat belt.
she smiles at her
” no I don’t need anything thank you”
most of air hostess were peeking through the curtain to see the girl.
” she is the one… that famous musician Karan’s wife”
” see today magazine cover about her”
another one show the magazine. with a beautiful picture of naina and there was a title “most successful women of the year”.
nainas achieved many things within 5 months of working to Chauhans.
” wow… she just awesome and my idol” mackne of the group was drooling.
” looks like someone need an autograph”
cabin manager was just entered to the cabin. everyone greeted her. she looked at new girl
” want one?”
new girl was sooo happy and signed yes.
then cabin manager took her to naina.
“excuse me ma’am”
naina looked at her and got surprised.
“oh my god amritha”
” long time no see… after we left the school i think this is the first time”
school friends had a lil chit chat and naina gave a autograph also.
finally naina took taxi to go home from the airport.
“ha….. finally home sweet home… two weeks feel like two years… i bet everyone will be shocked to see me”
naina wants to surprise her family so she came home early.

taxi stopped in front of chauhan house. naina got off from and look around. no one there to welcome since no one knows she was coming.
naina heard Nk and kunal was laughing and dadu was telling something about Abi.
Naina slowly entered to the living room.
she was surprised than the others.
dadu and Kunal playing a video game along with Abi. Nk and Akshi was enjoying the scenario.

naina jump between tv and people.
everyone ” aaa you came… now plz move”
kunal ” aaa you are blocking the TV move ”
naina got shocked.
” what??? are you guys not surprised to see me???? where is ma and di?”
Nk ” they went shopping… we are surprised aren’t we Akshi… can just move a side”
naina let them play the game and looked at them all of them looks like they don’t care.

just in time karan was passing to his room from the kitchen. he was having glass of water.
Naina had big dashing smile for Karan and her eyes was glowing.
” hi karan….”
karan took a zip of water ” aaa you has come earlier than we expected… good to see you”
then he let to his room.
nainas eyes was almost jumping out and she was boiling inside.
” good to… see.. you…?? aren’t you guys happy”

” ya ya we are…” dadu was busy with the race
“what you want us to do jump or dance my sali…”
” not like that but this isn’t right” naina still confused.
” stop your princess syndrome and go to your room and get some rest bahu”
Nk was playing with Akshi while he was saying that.

” I can’t believe it” naina took her bag and went to her room.
all the others stopped what they were doing and looked at each other and showed the face of relief. then everyone laughed.
” wow… we sure are a family… or do we have the ability of telepathy’
kunal was so excited.
“ya… when i saw her i almost jumping..” dadu relaxed on his chair.
” ya… me too i am surprised how karan got to know we are teasing her” Nk looked at kunal
” telepathy dad telepathy…”

door was opened naina entered to the room like a strom. karan was busy with his laptop. naina closed the door with a bang then karan looked at her
” aren’t you happy to see me… Wait or are you just feel enough witg me??”
” hmmm…. i am not and i am glad you came home early and healthy”
karan gave a smile he can’t continue it anymore.
” what???… ha…..?????… but you… I don’t… know…” naina was randomly saying different things while karan slowly grabbed her and took more closer.
” it’s really good to see you… my love… may i kiss you”
she looked at him and understood that everyone were teasing her. she smiled.
” please do so… you don’t need permission”
karan gently kissed her then hugged her tightly and lifted her. she can’t touch the ground.
kunal and meghana just entered to the room
” CHEEKU… you are home……..ooopsssss”
naina still hugging karan.
” you can say hi at dinner table”
karan signed them to leave..
” bad timing ok……” both kunal and meghana left the room.
naina looked at karan she was stil stuck in his arms without touching the floor.
” what we were doing?” karan asked with a smile.
” this” naina kissed karan.

at the dinner table.
“topper pass the salad dish to me”
it’s a grand dinner with nainas favorite foods. nirmala and meghana wanted to welcome her in a warm and cozy way.
naina was touched and she was enjoying the meal but suddenly naina started to cough due to what dadu said to karan.

” karan when i will get to play with small karan?”


karan also stopped eating and looked at naina she is still coughing. nirmala gave a glass of water.

” why you two look surprised… me too wanted to play with another baby… three babies or more I don’t mind”
Nk also supporting for his dad.
” me too excited” nirmala also join for the conversation.
naina looks helpless so karan decided to end the conversation
” dadu, dad ma actually we decided to think about having a baby after both of us settle with our careers”
” but you two already settled” kunal winked karan and meghana hits kunal hand.
” aw…..”
” let the couple decide it not you”
“ok ok my maha ranee”
everyone laughed.. then abi ” moma…. Queen….”
everyone looked surprised then karan took him on to his lap
” wow champ you learned it quickly…. bhai thank god your son got your wife’s brain not yours”
” what that supposed to mean?”
“hehe…. you are right karan” meghana and karan high fived each other.
all this time naina kept silent. she was observing each and every person of the family and how they changed through past few years.
dadu looks super duper happy as always because he don’t have any worries. his dedication for the family is marvelous.
then she turns to NK Nand Kishore chauhan is the most surprising person. he was like a hitler before his sons got married. favores his older son and daughter , neglected his own son without knowing what has happened to him but he did a lucky mistake by getting married him to her.
naina had a cute smile when she think about her wedding she was the luckiest person who got married forcefully to a such a loving and caring man.
then nirmala ” naina… what are you thinking about?”
” nothing ma your food are really yamee…”
then nirmala serve dessert to everyone.
such an angel, strongest women in the family. i am so happy to have such a wonderful family. naina eyes got teared.

naina was combing her hair in front of the mirror. karan gently hugged her from the back and rest his chin on her shoulder.
“what do you want karan?”
” small pretty naina ”
” hmm…. but we already talked about it”
” i know i know…. i am not forcing just saying….”
” but i want little karan….”
then she turned to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.
” hmm…. that’s not a problem… twins will be awesome.. naina… i can wait for you to be feel ready and comfortable… take your time”
then he kissed her forehead.
naina looked into his eyes, she know no matter who will be coming to their life in future will get the best dad. naina can see perfect dad from karans heart.
she hugged him
” I love you karan”
” I love you too my peanut size King Kong”
naina hit his stomach “aaaaa i told you King Kong”

one day morning karan was sleeping sweetly alone on his bed. suddenly naina came into the room from the barthroom holding a small stick.
then she sat next to him , karan slowly wrapped his arms around her and rest his head on her belly.
” you better take your head off from my stomach and get up”
naina sounds really angry.
karan open his one eye and looked at her and saw naina wasn’t joking.
so he slowly sat on the bed.
” what i have done this time should i stay like this”
he raise his both hands in the air like he got punished.
” put your hands down” still angry
” yes madam.. may I know what’s the matter”
she show the stick
” this is the matter… now what i supposed to do… my plans… and i am still not ready for this….”
karan looked at it , he got blank face so he took it and slowly left the room.
” where are you going we were in a serious conversation karan…. honey…. ”

NK , Dadu and Kunal was having morning sun barth with akshi and abi… three of them more like the were in Beach.
karan walk in to the garden and sat middle of dadu and Nk. he put the stick on the table.
“good morning” three of them greeted karan and Kunal noticed the stick
then looked at karan.
” i am going to be a father” he was smiling proudly.
“oooo congratzzzzz bro….”
“wa…. finally once again i am going to become a great grandfather”
NK hugged karan ” i am so happy for you son”
just then naina came to the seance.
” happy???”
” of course….” four of them answered with a proud face.
” what the good news” nirmala and meghana brought tea for everyon.
” Ma , Bhabi i am going to be a father”
” really…. OMG CHEEKU… i am so happy for you too”
meghana hugged her sister. naina was blushing
” bless you my beautiful daughter”
nirmala kissed nainas forehead. naina took blessing from everyone.
then she slowly took the horse
” but someone need to be punished” and looked at karan. he slowly got up
” oooo no naina you are not going to do that early in the morning”
” why not… jiju catch him”
” sry sali karan run….”
naina showered karan with water. he was running then meghana took another and showered kunal.
whole family got wet from the rain created by naina and meghana. happy vibe was floating around the house. no matter they face in future everything will be fine because their foundation of trust is stronger than anything..
that’s why strongest trees grows with the wind against them.
The End.

Next ” Can i be yours”
this july

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