swabhimaan ff long lasting love season 2 (chapter 6)


chapter 06
nirmala looks tensed she was praying for God and Nk was holding her with a strong face. whole chauhan family looked tension.
meghana was in pain which felt exactly to naina. it was hard bear and naina screamed with a pain then goon slapped her ,
” shut up… we didn’t even touch you.. why are you screaming”
” let me go…. you can’t do this to me do you even know who am i”
naina teard up her stomach was in such a pain it’s look like two sisters share their pain. naina know what’s happening ,
in her mind

” di are you alright. everything will be fine your cheeku will come to you… please di stay strong”
meanwhile karan was following naina. he informed police right away.
naina took in to the hideout. because of the pain naina was in half unconscious. but she heard someone stand near her
” well well famous beautiful wife of Mr Karan chauhan is with me what should i do..???”
voice was really familiar but naina couldn’t recognize it. then that person got a call
” hello aunty.. i did what you asked…. mmm… ya she is with me…. no he can’t find us… so how about the baby… did you took him with you… oooo you are about to take him. Mr kunal will be really sad hahahahah….”
phone call ended.

on the road car was driving out of the limit suddenly it stopped with loud noice. sound of break. karan was sweating , there was a red light blinking in his navigation system. through his phone,
” well naina…. I think chauhan family will be break in to peaces karan will be heart broken.kunal also after he loss his presiouse children… and two brothers will lose their family…… ”
‘ wake up from your dreams… nikitha…. karan will save everyone”
again car started and karan
” you are right about that my angel i will save all of you.”

karan took a call to his brother . kunal was with abimanyu because abi cried he was hungry and refused to go to others hand so he took abi to cafeteria.
” hello… karan good you called …”
” bhai bhai listen to me carefully are you at home now”
” no karan we are in the hospital meghana is in the labour room now”

” what…?? ok ok… bhai i know you are tensed but no matter what happen don’t let abi go out of your sight and make sure the doctors are trustworthy..”
karan what happened … doctor you don’t need to be worried he is my best friend … and abi is with me…” he look at the chair next him and found abi wasn’t there
” Abi…. abi…. karana abi… i will call you later..” kunal was about to hangup.
” bhai…. find him masima is out of the jaile and she is planning to kidnap abi… you have to be hurry up”
karan wasn’t able to tell about naina. kunal was searching Abi and he saw women taking his son away . kunal ran without saying a single word. she was about to get in to the taxi but kunal manage grab his sons hand and pull him in to his arms

then he he catched the women she was non other than masima. masima also looked surprised and she realized her plan was failed. she tries to escape but security officers helped kunal to catch her.
finally baby girl was born in to the world with a scream and naina was about to get killed
her heartbeats fast in her mind
” karan where are you…. i am sorry… if i had to leave like this…. please God why it’s always have to be him… ”
tears falls down from her eyes. she closed them and imagine karans face suddenly she remembers his face the day naina was stabbed. she couldn’t hold anymore…
” say goodbye ” nikith load her gun and pointed it to naina.

police break in to the hideout and karan ran to nikitha and made her gun fall. then he grabbed her hand tightly. his eyes were burning with anger nikith felt the heat she got sceared and surprised at the same time.
” karan…. how….???”
” if you ever tried to touch one single hair of my wife… i will kill you right in that moment” then he pushed her to the floor and ran to naina.
” naina… naina… please can you hear me naina… open your eyes”
naina slowly opened her eyes and saw karan. he was untainted naina from ropes. naina started to cry loudly and hugged him. karan had a smile on his face.
everyone was arrested who were involved to this kidnapping case.

masima was in the investigation room then karan entered to it.
” looks like someone missed me so much”
masi ma was smiling at him.
” ooo ya…. i wanted to see your face after failing your plan made for three years in few hours” karan gave winning smile at her.
Masimas welcome smile suddenly vanished.
” I didn’t failed karan… i kidnap your wife in front of you. poor you helpless karan chauhan….”
” officer is it enough for your investigation. she already admitted tgat she kidnap my wife”
officer came in to the room and then masima was realized her mistake. befor karan entered to the room she was rejecting the fact that she was involved with nainas kidnapping case.
karan gave a cunning smile and leave the police station.
at the hospital naina sat with meghana and looking at kunal dadu and Nk who were playing with new baby while kyathi and nirmala help Abi to get charged.
“cheeku i am so happy both of you fine after all this happens”

” me too di i am sorry I couldn’t stay your side ”
” no cheeku u always with me… I heard your voice something like you were telling everything will be fine..”
naina rolled her eyes… ” ha… ”
” haha… we are sisters more like soulmates cheeku..” she winked at naina.
” but where’s karan… looks like he is pretty busy after coming back don’t have time to visit his bhabi”
” di.. he went to po…”
” HOME… actually i asked him to bring something for me”
naina looked surprised then she realized her sister have no idea what happened.
” oooo I wonder what that thing is”

knock knock… someone oped the door with big flower busket.
” hi bhabi… sry i am late” then he gave box to kunal.
kunal went near to meghana and Sat beside her. he opened the box for her. it was a beautiful a breaslet.
” kunal….”
” thank you meghana you work hard and accept my apology that i couldn’t stay beside you this time”
meghana kissed his forehead
” it’s ok kunal i know Abi gave trouble for you”

kunal kissed her forehead..
” you have no idea what he gave me”
naina and karan looked at each other naina signed that whole family didn’t know what happened. then karan signed he knows.

kunal and karan sat on a bench and having a drink.
” congrats bhai once again you have become a father”
” why… are you jealous ??? then ask naina give child for you as well..”
” hmmmm…. I guess she want to be successful in her carrier since i am also unemployed now”
both laughed…
” ya… unemployed heir in chouhan family”
“aaaa..ish…. bhai….”
” but karan there is something still bothering me..”

” what???”
” how did you know about masimas plan?”
” mmmmm…. that’s a secret promise me you will never tell naina or bhabi about this”
“I promise”
flash back of what happened….
karan got a call after the show when three of them were in dressing room and leave.
” hello..”
” sir you are right someone took her out of the jaile. you need to be prepared”
” thank you vikash now you need to follow her like a shadow and inform everything ”
” ok sir”
call ended.
then karan received a package. it was a small box.
“thank you mahesh”

” sir i plant everything u asked. through your phone you can find. all you have to do is on the navigation system”
” i got that” karan smile and leave the place.
in that box it was the necklace he gave to naina at the dinner date on rooftop.
” naina you have to promise me you will never ever remove this always keep this with you then you will feel i am with you”
” I promise karan.. and it really beautiful I love it”
when naina was kidnapped Infront of him all he did was on the navigation system and follow her.
he heard everything through the microphone whish attached to the tracker.
” well now you know.. how i found it”
karan was about to drink his juice but kunal hit him.
” wow…. my little brother have a master brain… ”
” Bhai….. sh…. if she know she will kill me”
” I should make one for meghana ”
” make what???”

kyathi and naina was behind them
both smile and said ” nothing”

time passes meghana and little akshi became healthy. abi was really happy about his little sister and always stay with hee to protect her.

it’s time for everyone to get ready for a wedding whole chauhan and soulanki family were pretty busy with the arrangements.

kyathi was looking really beautiful. everything was just perfect. nirmala entered to the room and saw how beautiful her daughter look. tear roll out of her eyes. she still remember soft little hands of kyathi. always follow her with her little feet. her brother’s played and protect her.
kyathi saw her mother still looking at her.she stand and came near
” ma…”
” kyathi my little baby”
both hugged each other. just in time NK entered to the room.
” if you cry now you will look ugly”

” papa…”
she hugged her dad and Nk kissed her forehead with so many affection.
” it’s time my baby… he will look after you and I know he will so I don’t need to beat him”
” papa..”
naina and meghana took kyathi to the mandap.
kunal hold little Akshi and karan hold Abimanyu. both look so happy about their little sister.
groom was waiting for his beautiful future wife. he is non other than vishal.


And i am really sorry I couldn’t comment other ff due to that reason. today i read them all. please accept my true love for all the ff. they are just wonderful and awesome in unique way.

once again i am extremely sorry and thank you so much for your sweet love πŸ™‚

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  1. Tamihna0808

    This was superb! I loved everything! Meghna and Nainas connection was just out of this world! Sooooo good! ? such cute scenes as well! Aaaw Khyatis is getting married! Can’t believe you’re ending your FF!? I understand that you’ve got your own things to do! You’re so sweet! Loved how you gave such a sweet comment to all the other FF writers, seriously you’re such a sweet and kind person! I hope that the next part will be up soon! Take your time with it! Sending you loads of love ?❀????

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you tami… first thing in the morning i checked weather my chapter was uploaded or not seeing your comments literally made my day. i was really tensed and upset that i made all of you for long and this isn’t the track i wrote for you since i lost it and i didn’t have much time to type it so…. thank you so much for understanding me dear… you are a such a sweet person….. during my vacation i will make sure to bring another short ff and thats a promise πŸ™‚ but have to wait for long time.
      me too love you a lot…. πŸ™‚

      1. Threemaimai

        *i made all of you wait for long time πŸ˜€

      2. Tamihna0808

        I look forward to the short FF that you’re planning to make us wait for! ?

  2. Awesome……… I really like it especially Karen master mind and sister soulmate. I enjoyed. Finally khyathi getting married with visual.

    1. Threemaimai

      hey… thank you so much and i am soo happy for your support it’s really means a lot to me….
      I wanted to have sweet sence of kyathi and vishal… but sad i couldn’t write it πŸ™
      glad you enjoyed the story
      thank you so much πŸ™‚

  3. Titli

    Aww.. such a lovely episode.. great writer u r.. sad that it ended but its all right.. i hope u find a new plot soon.. and come back with a dhamaka.. will be waiting for u.. and yeah seriously it was a very sweet and cute gesture by addressing other ff writers.. thank u so much for ur love.. now main thing is, I ll be waiting for ur next ff.. so tell ur teachers to give vacation soon..??
    Just kidding.. but yeah come back soon..❀️?

    1. Threemaimai

      hi titli….. thank you so much for the compliment. i can say my coners of lips are like elastics now πŸ˜‰
      I really feel relief since all of you are really understanding about my situation… πŸ™‚
      anyway i will try to write some short stories about nairan when i have free time… πŸ˜€
      too bad our vacation are schedule to give in july.. πŸ™ and i stuck with tons of assignment aaaaaa:( ….. wish you guys updated daily so i can relax my mind like i use to do….
      once again thank you thank you sooo much πŸ˜€

  4. No why an end, OK no problem I know that there will be a a big reason for that I know that you will come back with a bang, Today’s Episode was ? ? ❀???, I love Sisters bonding, I love the scene if Karan and Kuna when he said I m unemployed now…. Oh I just Love it… ???.. Love you Threemaimai come with a bang again

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you Aarzu for understanding me πŸ™‚
      ya i will definitely come with a new ff…. hope you guys like it.
      about today ep I’m not satisfied but when i saw your comment i think it’s not bad as i thought about it πŸ™‚
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    1. Threemaimai

      thank you rose and i will but it will take some time ….
      once again thank you soo much and I am so happy that you like my ff πŸ™‚

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      hey thank you… dear…. glad and i am super duper happy that you enjoyed my ff a lot πŸ™‚
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    1. Threemaimai

      thank you SHREE….. and i am really really sorry dear i was plan to end it in ep 12 but lost my entire plot and now I don’t have enough time to write it again. so I decided to end it with 7 epis . but you don’t need to be worried i will be back with new ff if you guys can wait a bit longer… πŸ™‚

  8. Pratha

    Just waiting for a good news from Nairan side

    So sorry for commenting so late

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you pratha πŸ™‚

  9. Sorry for not commenting on previous chapter. ….. what….. u R ending the the chapter please don’t do this u can update next chapters late but don’t end it and coming back to ff the chapter was outstanding I love it and it was just awesome and fabulous can’twait to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer and please don’t ent it yaar please ?

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you juveria and i am really really sorry about the ending the ff trust me i also felt really sad bcoz this is not the stroy i created. unfortunately i lost everything and i don’t hv much time to write it again. thats why i am ending it πŸ™
      I promise i will be back but have to wait for that πŸ™‚
      thank you dear…
      glad you enjoyed the story πŸ˜€

      1. Ok then promise me u will come back with another ff u know I think this is ff ending season not summer season because u, shree di , aarzu di is also ending the ff not fare but still I wish u come back soon with another ff with a bang love u come back soon

      2. Threemaimai

        I promise i will come back but not soon πŸ™‚ you have to wait

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