swabhimaan ff long lasting love season 2 (chapter 5)

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chapter 05

it’s almost seven. tick tock time just running but for her it isn’t, naina was sat on tge chair on balcony. she still holding the invitation. tears are still fresh on her eyes. it’s really hard for her to believe what exactly is the truth.
morning when she open the door there is no one at the door.
“if he was there i will forgive just in that moment but he was already left… why????”
there are still burning charcoal under the ashes. she was about to tore the invitation.
knock knock…. someone at the door. naina lighten up she ran to the door. one name jumping in her mind. Karan……
” karan… ” but she was surprised to see the person out of the room
“ALISHAAa…” , “naina teacher…….” both hugged each other with so much love..
show begun music concurred the whole Bangalore and karan chauhan rule it. even karan didn’t utter single word his melodies, his composing creat huge bang through singer’s amazing voices. his talent as musician was awesome.
it’s almost ending but there is no sign of naina. his heart felt sad. now it’s time for the one last song befor they finish it.

karan got on to the stage with his guitar he look dashing like a celebrity. everyone one started to scream. what a surprise karan never sing on the stage. even he has released few songs which were became hit song on chart list. it was the first time.
he took a deep breath and look into the audience
” guys this surprise for my beautiful wife. all of you know she is the reason why i stand here. without her there is no use of any of this.
whole stadium start to scream nainas name in rythamic way… ” naina… naina… naina….”
suddenly spot light spotted naina she was stand Infront of karan but hard to reach. alishe wave her hand behind him and said something to naina .
naina slowly coming down to the stage. karan started to play his guitar. naina stopped and looked at the stage slide show was playing. it’s about naina only about her.
whole show is about naina. solo pictures of her made go crazy the audience. everyone started to chear for them.
naina couldn’t believe her own eyes…. there are old pictures which karan secretly took since meghanas wedding.
in Chauhans house also surprised to see the surprise through the TV
” wow… karan really know how to steal a heart” meghana said with a bit of jealousy.
” why tooper feel jealous. whom brother is he? ”
everyone laughed.

naina couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. the song karan singing was nainas idea. her joke turn in to a beautiful romantic song. her eyes teared up.
now she was in front of the stage everyone clapping and chear for them. stage guards helped her to get on to the stage.
karan slowly came close to her while singing then he put guitar around naina and make her come closer to him now there is no space in between them. this move made audience go really crazy. naina was blushing and karan still singing while looking into her eyes he plays the guitar while hugging her
” there is no end for my love for you…..”
song end chear for them was getting bigger and bigger.
karan with his lips says i love you and naina slowly blink her eyes says i love you too.
then the audience ” kiss her … kiss her….”
naina hide her face on karans chest karan slowly kisses her forehead and said to ears
” happy birthday my love”

” guys i need to do an announcement” he kissed nainas hands and ask her to stay behind.
” actually this is really hard for me and i know it will hard for you all. first thank you so much for the great support you always showed me and i now you guys never let me down. past three years i had beautiful memories with you all thanks to my beautiful wife. she is the one who helped me to stand and my family they always stand behind me to help they never let me fall again. now I want to support them. this concert will be my farewell for all of you. i will try to keep in touch with music as a hobby. thank you guys.. i love you…..”
karan end his speech with tears and his fans also crying and that was the end of the show. everyone wished him good luck in his future.

naina and karan got down from the stage and went to the dressing room. Alisha was there to welcome them.
three of them hugged each other and had a small chit chat.
” thank you my cheeku… you save the day” karan lift alisha and spin her around. she also gave a hugged. naina recall memory of alisha when they were in ayurvedic center. how they spend their time and made fun of green drink. even they were distant because they can’t touch karan and alisha had a beautiful brotherly bond .
karan phone was continually vibrating so excused and leave room.
alisha clung on to nainas hand. ” teacher shall we go now”
” where?”
” ohoooo no questions” then she drag her to the car and asked her driver to take them to some kind of villa. it was beautiful looks like secret garden.
” this villa belong to my dad. naina teacher please can you go to rooftop i will bring some snacks ”
” but Alisha its almost dawn aren’t you supposed to be on bed right now”
” oho… i am soo happy and i got permission too i can sleep tomorrow.. but i want to have some fun now plz go upstairs plz”
alisha made puppy face
“ok ok but come quickly”
naina went to rooftop and alisha made relief face amd made sound ” assa… mission completed” then send a message
she is on her way …
then she left the villa with her driver.

naina entered to the rooftop it was really beautiful and cool . flowers bloom and smiling at her there was a large cushion middle of the floor which can use to look at stars while laying on it . flower petals all-over the place. candles are lighten.
” wow karan…. your dinner date is amazing”
karan was almost going to hugged her for the back.
“aaaaa can’t you just pretend to be surprised”
” Today i had enough surprises” she warped her hands around karans neck.
” why????”
‘ it’s because i don’t want to be aprat from you naina. it’s really hurts”
” i know karan i am sorry I should have solve it more patiently”
” no I deserve to be treated like that”
” sooo how you going to make everything up for me”
” like this” then he gave kissed to her. they dance under the net of stars karan lift and spin naina aroud. she tries to escape from him but he grabbed her saree and made her come closer. naina looks at the sky stars are shining even the absence of moon. every touch of him she feels safe because she knows he is the right person . candle light were fading and stars are smiling. there was a shooting star brightened on the sky watering blessings for the beautiful couple for lovely future.

tomorrow can happen anything but today they had share their love for each other.
naina was resting on his chest karan was sleeping peacefully. it’s almost morning . she looked at the necklace which gave by karan as her birthday present. pendant looks like it can open but she could not open it. so she wear it again because she promised to karan she will wear it always.
she wispered to karans ear
” it’s time to go home karan”
on their way back karan stopped his car to buy some water bottles. naina also got down to take some fresh air. karan was other side of the road.
at the same time meghana was walking to the living room she felt the pain in her stomach
” aaa”
kunal heard it and ran to her water bag was broken. meghana start to scream with pain.
in that second where naina was standing black van was stopped and drag her to the van Infront of karan.
” NAINA….. NO NO……”
karan ran to that van but he was too late to catch it .
to be continued.

how will karan rescue naina ? what will happen to meghana? who is behind all of this?

make your assumption 😀

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