swabhimaan ff long lasting love season 2 (chapter 4)

sry guys for late update…. i am pretty bussy these days thats why can’t post on time. my uni work got delay becoz i was sick and now i got stuck.. hope you guys forgive me and enjoy the small update.

chapter 04
it’s looks like Chauhans are gathering and having some fun chat. they all sat living area.
dadu and kyathi plays with abi meanwhile Nk and Kunal watching TV.
” kunal at what time it will start?” Nirmala brought snacks and tea. Meghana looked at her.
” Ma tell him to stop changing channels in every second karans concert will show within 20 minutes'” she sounds complaining.
but still kunal changing the channels with a smile in next second someone hit his head it’s a pat but kunal act as it’s hurts
“dad…. ???” ,
“Mom… Mom..” Nk was smiling next him and nirmala was about to take the remote.
“aaaa ” kunal hide it and nirmala missed it.
” then stop changing the chanel. it’s really irritating”
” nirmala bhau looks like Abi also supporting you”
two years old small boy hugged her and looked at his father
” no…. no… nooo…….” he was continually repeating same word looks like he is scolding his father on behalf of his grandmother. everyone was laughing.
” see he also know , when will your dad get mature isn’t it Abimanyuuu”
nirmala hold him.
“my champ you should be in my side..” then he started to play with him.
” he will be a good man in future bhai.. your bahu will be really lucky”
kyathi winked to kunal and start laughing. suddenly he remembers something and looked at kayathi
” really… since we are in the topic. I would like to know what type of brother in law that i will get”
kyathi was blushing. everyone looks like they need an answer because when kyathi turn for help all the faces saying we need an answer.
” guys common… papa really??? you also want to know”
” ha.. why not… who is that lucky man so i can smashed him”
kunal and Nk high fived.
meghana saw kyathi was blushing really fast
” kyathi we just want to know what kind of guy you prefer”
” mmmmm… well educated funny like kunal bhai, care like karan bhai and love me like my papa”
” that was pretty quick… but how we find that hybrid boy for you” kunal put his hand on kyathi
” hybrid???? bhai…”
she ran after kunal but dadu, nirmala and Nk had a smile on their faces and looked at meghana. she understood what elders were thinking
” i will ask” meghans short and sweet answer made kyathi and Kunal confused but gives happy to others.
meanwhile at the backstage in Bangalore was pretty busy. it’s a big day to karan. tickets are sold out and stadium was filled with his fans but karan was not happy after the incident he had with naina.
karan was in dressing room but his mind is searching naina. suddenly someone sceard him from his back.
” booooooo” , ” aaaaish…… ooooo” karan turns with anger but it disappears when he saw who was it.
” you finally made it to here….”
karan was so happy and hugged the girl .
” ooooo karan bhaiya i really missed you”
” you have grown up cheeku. ”
” but still have this” and she show her umbrella then karan too show his one.
” never leave it behind” both laughed. alisha felt that karan wasn’t in a happy mood
” where is my naina teacher ?” karan looks so sad and he briefly explain what happened. 13 years old Alisha understood the whole situation.
“i will kill that bugger” she was about to explore but karan had a smile on his face because he remembers the 10 years old Alisha but look like six years old suddenly has grown up.
bad timing nikitha came to the dressing room
” congrats karan…”
she was going to hug karan but alisha put her foot to cross her parth. Nikitha worshipped mother of earth all of sudden.
” ohhh… i am sorry are you ok miss” alisha helped her to get up
” get off from me.. how dare you do that to me?”
” do what?” karan also enjoying the sence.
” this lowly girl fall me”
” lowly.. ? you mean i am also low???”
” no karan its her shameless one”
” how dare you talk to my sister like that”
” bhiya..” Alisha ran behind karan and hide her face behind his back.
” what sister???”
all of sudden stage manager calls karan and went out asking alisha to wait for him. alisha looked at nikitha, she was confused
” well well it’s you then??”
” it’s me what?” , ” tries to seduce my brother with your fack face”
” don’t you dare to talk to me like that” nikitha tried grab alisha but failed because alisha was way too fast than her she pushed nikitha to a chair and pushed it to the wall with her umbrella she locked nikitha to the chair.
” you may see me as a small teenage kid but if someone tries to separet my bhiya and naina teacher i want let them go easily. so stay away from them.”
then she left the room. Nikitha was still in the same position. her face looks like a blank slate.

to be continued

thank you so much for the wishes and the love you guys always gave me. it really gives me the strength to write this ff even i have a busy schedule. thank you thank you thaaank youuuu soooo much and love you all πŸ™‚


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