swabhimaan ff( finale chapter) long lasting love

chapter 12

” ring my heart three times…. what does he mean by that????”
meghana didn’t understand what was karan saying she felt naina is moving so looked at her
” CHEEKU… you are awake…” tears falls from meghana. they were happy tear and she felt naina is trying to say something so meghana came closer to her
” ph…one…”
naina was listening each and every word of the letter and she clearly understood what karan was saying. so meghana took nainas phone and rang it three times and cut the call. naina had a smile on her face..
” happy…my angel… ” meghana kissed her lil sisters forehead.

“MAAAAAA……” karan was screaming..
“what happened karan” nirmala looked tension because of what happened.
karan hold her shoulders and dance around then hugged and kissed her. kunal and Nk also came home
” what happened?” kunal also confused but family feel the happy vibe of karan
” naina kept her promise… she is alive ma… my life is alive…”
everyone thanked god with the bottom of their heart.
” lets go karan i will drop you” kunal and karan went out on their way kunal hugged his brother with heartful of love.
NK came closer to nirmala , she had tears in her eyes and she tried tell something but words didn’t come out. NK had a smile on his face and he slowly whipped nirmalas tears which made everyone dadu , nirmala & kyathi surprised.
” i am sorry nirmala for everything i have done for you. i hurt you , didn’t care for you but you tolerate everything…i am really really sorry..”
nirmala hugged him and start to cry. Nk felt lighted now he kissed her hair. other two looked at them with bless full eyes.

few days later naina was shifted to a comfortable hospital room for VIPs
karan was walking here and there without a single word it’s being ten minutes. naina got irritated
” karan…. why ??? whats the problem???”
karan came and sit on her bed and hold her both hands.
” mmmm…. how I’m going to tell this to you..”
” what… tell me… please karan… what is it??”
” ok i will tell it like this..”
he took a breath and hold her hands softly and took them closer.
” i felt the softness of this hand, warmth of your heart. that day gave me the feeling of fear of losing this hand and it helped me to step on my own fears.
naina I have suffered all in my life but you gave back my life with full of dreams. but I have only one and that is….”
nainas eyes like stars that shining brightly in sky her ears are widely open and her heart beats fastly.
” you.. i want spend restof my life with you naina and i want to start it properly”
karan took a small box from his pocket. it was a ring
” i love you naina… will you marry me for real..?”
naina was teared with happiness
” karan… you already have me for your hello.. good morning and goodnight… ”
karan put the ring and kissed her hand naina hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek.
karan looked at her eyes then he softly rubbed her cheek naina closed her eyes…
that day was memorable to them because they exchanged their feelings and emotions for the first time.

after three weeks naina was completely healed and she was discharged.
chauhan family was busy with wedding of nairans.
karan and naina decided to have charm wedding with their colse relations and friends.
kyathi and meghana was blocking karans way
” no bhai you can’t meet her before the wedding… ”
” ohhh kyathi please just let me see her face atleast.. I can’t even call her this is really unfair”
” that’s really fair you need to understand how much she values in your life and stay patience…” nirmala was behind him
” maaa you toooo…”
” karan… that way ” meghana was pushing karan out of the hall way while karan was screaming.
” NAINA… i miss you…. let’s meet in our dreams… ”
it was the day before their wedding.
karan was really angry and went to his brother and father to complain about how women treat him in this house.
” this is really unfair.. can’t i even see her face”
” hnmmmm” kunal showed a serious face and start to think just then NK
” true… we need to do something”
both karan and kunal looked their dad with a surprise face
” dad..???”
” ha ha your dad took your mom out secretly when your grand ma did the same with him”
dadu also join to their conversation. kunal had smile on his face.
” i know what you should do?” vishal also joined them.

meanwhile shardha , nirmala , kyathi, and meghana was talking with naina and marking fun .
” ooohoo bhabi you should see bhais face poor boy”
” oo kyathi you shouldn’t do that to him” naina felt sad towards karan. kyathi rest her head on nainas sholder and grabbed her hand
” why you also miss him a lot… sooo romantic.. i wish someone will look after me just like my brothers do”
meghana hugged both.
” you will kyathi… and my cheeku have stay patiently untill tomorrow..”
nirmala and shardha smile at them with blessings.

kyathi got massage
” what? bhabi i have to go and check on band vishal bhai send me a message saying there is problem”
kyathi left, nirmala also left due to a issue which NK mentioned.
dadu came to the roo.
” why there is only two? what happened to others?”
” aa they will come dadu what is it?” meghana replied with smile.
” no no i wanted to talk shardha ji about something important. we can talk later. goodnight my angel choti bahu”
” goodnight dadu” naina took the blessing.
” no babuji i will come with you since meghana with her”
shardh also went out.
two sisters had lil chit chat meghanas phone rang
” kunal ”
” topper did you saw my pen I can’t find it. i have to finish my report today ”
” mmm i think it’s in your office bag”
” aaaa i can’t find it” then he cut the call
” ooo this kid, cheeku i will be back in a minute”
meghana left the room. few seconds kunal entered to room. naina looked surprised
” jiju…what you doing here??”
” shhhhh… hurry up he is waiting”
karan was waiting for her in the garden. kunal helped naina to got on to the ladder naina slowly went down and ended up in karans arm
” hello my Juliet.. ready to run away with me”
” where ever you want to go my romeo”
kunal signed them to run. meghana entered to room
” i know you are something up to, where is naina”
” cool down topper let them be , you can’t stop them ” he blinked his eyes ,meghana know what he was talking about.
” i can’t believe even dadu also in this plan”
” he was also a romeo ” both Lough.

karan took naina to a night carnival
” i want to check all of them” karan was super excited.
” you got to be kidding me karan carnival???”
” why… it will be so much fun. i want to go on a date with my loving girlfriend. it will be my 1st date with my 1st and last girlfriend”
naina hold his hand
” then lets go my dear boyfriend”
they had so much fun ate Street food also.
naina got wet top to bottom because of a small boy who shoot her with his water gun mistakenly.
” ooohooo ”
” sry di” , ” you noughty boy come here”
she chased him with a smile children attacked her then naina attaked them as well.
karan watched her from a distance.
then she came to him. she was all wet

” you look like a wet cat” karan laugh
” where are we going now. it’s almost midnight”
” you will see”

karan took her to a beautiful cottage. it was belonged to karan
” from now on its belonged to us”
” wow karan it’s really look beautiful”
they entered to the bed room
karan gave a twal to naina and showed her the barthroom.
karan also freshen up and came back to room naina is still in the washroom.
” naina what are you still doing there?”
” karan i have a problem”
” what ? whats the matter?” karan got sceared
” I don’t have clothes to wear”
karan got a smile and felt relaxed and he took some clothes
“I can’t wear these they are two big”
naina put her head out of the door
” thats all i have… are you going to wear them or stay like the way you are now”
naina quickly took the cloths and locked the door .
few minutes later she came out wearing karans black pijama with his blue sweater. it was too big to her . he can’t even see nainas fingers.
” he he he you look like a jocker.. only red nouse is missing”
” you stop right there , karan you gave this to me to make fun of me… don’t run”
naina was chasing him finally she grabbed him from his white t-shirt and pulled back both fell down on to the bed.
naina was stucked because karan was on her he closed the escape doors with his two hands they had a sweet eye lock.
” you ask for the trouble naina”
” karan this is not good ”
” I can’t see any bad about this you are my wife afterall”
moon liight lighten the floor. silent of that night let the small creaturs to sing…. beauty of that night sink in to their hearts. naina rest her head on his shoulder and playing with karans hair. karan turns to her and kissed her forehead.
” i love you naina ” naian closed her eyes and cuddle him while listening to his heart beat she replied,
” i love you more than myself karan…”


I let the rest of this story to your imagination.
nairan love will last long forever…..
thank you soo much for your support guys. all of you are so amazing..your comments really means to me. i am not forget silent reader my heartful love for all of you.
i will make sure to come up with new story after my exams 🙂
loads of love to all of you 😀

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  1. Aarzu

    Nooooooo….. Why End I want more I really love this story please bring part 2 of the same…. I really love it…… Please please please….

    1. Threemaimai

      I am really sorry Aarzu that i end the story i thought if i go on there will nothing for your imagination 🙂
      after my exams i will definitely come with season 2 of nairan love 🙂
      it will be totally different from the original one

  2. Wa that was a bliss could u write an epilogue …I’m gonna miss this one .

    1. Threemaimai

      you want me to write a short description of the story or summary of what happened after this chapter 🙂
      I didn’t get that
      anyway thank you dear for your love and support

  3. Titli

    Why u end it dear?? I loved this story… beautifully written.. come up with a new story.. u r a beautiful writer..

    1. Threemaimai

      ooo you are soo sweet… thank you sooo much dear….
      i will come up with a new one but it Will take some time…. 🙂

  4. Loved this story a lot….come up with new story

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      thank you vanisha… i will 🙂

  5. really nice episode i love it

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      thank you…. sooo much….. glad you like the end 🙂

  6. Manvinahar

    i wont complain about the end because i think you are right at your point but all the readers need LONG LASTING LOVE SEASON 2…
    coming to the chapter, loved the nairan scenes…the best scene was where everyone help karan to meet naina…love the “ring my heart three times” concept and keep writing.

    1. Threemaimai

      hey thank you so much for understanding me 🙂 …… I will come up with a new story few weeks after this .
      thank you sooo much for your support….. 🙂

  7. Happy ending thank u and all the best for ur exams…..

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you nila…. 🙂
      i am sooo happy you like the end

  8. Really loved it……

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you …. 🙂 Rupa …

  9. Tamihna0808

    I just want to say this ending was beautiful! I loved it so much! I cannot wait for the 2nd season! ☺? all the best for your exams and hope to see you back soon! ❤??

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you so much tami… sis…. 😀
      i am sooo happy that you really like the end… 🙂
      i will come back with new nairan story but it will take some time… you guys have wait.




    1. Threemaimai

      hey shree.. thank you so much.. 🙂 all of these comments are really meas to me.
      sry that i end the story without giving any notice. i think this is the right end to protect the beauty of it 🙂



  11. Shruthy

    Oh no! Now this was unexpected. ? It’s ending. Sad…
    I am so happy finally NaiRan are together. They are getting married again, with each other’s consent. ☺️? hayye! This was so cute
    HAHA Karan all free and naughty once love confessed. ?? Smart Karan, convincing that they were already husband and wife. How cute!
    As they are getting married, I just wish them to have a blessed and happy life, and that nok jhoks and love fill their story. ???

    1. Threemaimai

      he he sry dr i have to end it here 🙂
      glad you like it. karan should be free and nauty…. 😉 to get the story more romances hehehe thank you dr…..

      1. Shruthy

        Don’t be sorry girl, i can understand☺️
        LOL that’s true. ?? Anyways hopefully you come back soon with something good

      2. Threemaimai

        i will with a new concept… 🙂

  12. Prettypreeti

    Heyy my threema..ending seriously u know how angry i m at this moment..i loved ur ff alot..but everything needs an end..u ended ur fab ff with a ff ending..loved it a lot..will gonna miss it..long lastibg love 3ls loving ff…..too good yaar…i liked tge end..
    U did a great job sis
    All the best for exams
    Come back soon
    Loved it
    Love u

    1. Threemaimai

      hey.. preethi i am sorry…. that i made you angry but i think this is the best way to end this.
      i will come back with another lovely nairan story….
      thank you so much dr for your continuous support till the end.. 🙂

  13. Hi…… i loved the chapter and loved the nairan scene and dada ji, nk ,kunal ,vishal helping karan to meet naina I loved part and OMG u r ending the ff . Feeling sad but u should come with another ff I’m waiting for u r next ff and all the best for exams come back soon with another ff Love u come back soon

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you juveria… glad you enjoyed it…
      i will come back but it Will take some time.. 🙂
      i love u all …… gonna miss these comments for few weeks… 🙁

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