Swabhimaan FF “I dare you will never become my lover” (part 2)

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Swabhimaan OS “I dare you will never become my lover”
(part 02)
Early in the morning naina still on the bed thinking what happens last day. “ok Deal” words are making noises in her head. She hides her face on pillow and continuously hit to the bed

“AAAAA….. WHY WHY WHY??????”
Then she stands up and sits on the bed

“Should I act like nothing happen?? Ooo that will be better all I have to ignore him”

Then she got a text massage “hi girlfriend let’s meet”
Nainas eyes almost going to pop out. She was still looking at the message “aa this isn’t a dream and he wasn’t joking. What should I do?”
Just then “naina… you are getting late hurry up”

“I am already up ma…” then she quickly reply and got ready to go to campus.

Teeck teeck.. karan got a text message when he was having his breakfast with his family. He was sitting next to his dadu.

Dadu slowly peeked on the screen it says ‘my girlfriend send a message’then suddenly dadu

“My girlfriend???”

“ aaa dadu it’s not like that I am leaving bye mom bye dad.. dadu see you later”

Three of them “ see you boyfriend” Nk and Nirmala high fived each other while dadu was winking to karan and karan looked disappointed

“aaa… when you all going to stop teasing me”

“Day when you act as a man not as a kid” kunal sat for the breakfast

“Maybe… bye I am getting late”

On his way to his car karan checked the message sent by naina and it says ‘ sorry I have lectures no time for you’

Karan suddenly had a smile on his face “ Naina… naina…. If I catch you today out from the lecture room… you will be doomed’’
Karan got in to his car and drives it to the campus.

While naina also on her way to uni with her little sister kyathi. Naina have two sisters older one is meghana. She was an interior designer and has her own company. Nainas younger sister kyathi is a first year medical student.
Naina got down from the bus “bye kyathi see you later”

“bye di” kyathi wave her hand.

Naina was about to cross the road but a black car stopped in front of her it was karan

“ hi girlfriend”

“will you stop calling me girlfriend and today I am really busy so please excuse me’’

Naina quickly cross the road and entered to her department before karan utter a single word.

“looks like she really do have lectures… ok… I can see you in lunch hour and evening too”

In the canteen naina was having her lunch with her friends and suddenly karans gang entered to the canteen. His eyes was searching his target while the target was secretly leaving the canteen with her friends

Karans eyes found the target then he scream “HEY GIRLFRIEND…”
Naina ran out of the canteen leaving her friends. Karan also left the canteen from the other door. People got confused.

Mithila “did he just said girlfriend????”

“ya… and why our naina ran away… she should be happy to see her crush in here” nili also felt wired

Aish grabbed both mithilas and nilis hands “let’s go maybe she went to washroom we are late for the movie” they also left the canteen.

Naina was running away from karan she hit her head on someone and she looked at the person.
“girlfriend…. Where are you going”

Nainas eyes got bigger and she was about to say something and heard her friends voice so she quickly dragged karan to isolated side of the building while holding his ear

“aaaaaaa….aa…aa.a…a.. What you doing? Are you crazy?” karan finally rescued his ear.

“crazy?? Oo yeas I am about to…. What do you want karan… I don’t have time to play with you”

“Me neither…. But now you are my girlfriend..”

“Fake girlfriend I guess”

“Anyway we agree to date like other couples… lets watch a movie”

“I have lectures… sorry… let’s watch it some other time …”

“Why I feel like you are lying” , “me no way…”

Then naina heard her friends calling her name

“ naina…. Where are you??? We are late for the m….” Aish was about finish the sentence with movie but then

“I AM HERE….” Naina quickly ran to them.

Naina, Mithila nila and aisha was standing on the line for the movie

“what do you want to watch naina comedy or horror?” Mithila asked while eating pop corns

“aaa my life already look like a horror series so let’s watch the comedy”

“what she was talking about” all three of them confused just then

“hi girlfriend I guess your lecturer is in the movie theater”

“told you my life already became a horror series” naina was smiling nervously while karan put his hand around nainas shoulder. Three friends got surprised and confused at the same time


“Yap why didn’t your friend told about us”


“guys I can explain…. First let’s watch the movie k”

“you better be prepared” Mithila was threatening naina but they all look so happy about this new couple.

Naina was sitting with karan who was enjoying the horror movie while her friends enjoying the comedy. Naina was super angry moreover she afraid to see ghost. In her mind

‘I feel like I am having worst nightmare of prince charming turning in to a daemon’

Just then suddenly women with blood appear on screen and naina scream while hitting the popcorn on karans face. Karan looked at naina who was hiding her face behind his arm. Naina got shy and looked around popcorn were everywhere

“wow looks like first rain falls in here I mean first popcorn rain”

Naina gave a pathetic smile to karan who looked her in a pathetic way

Nainas and karans few friends got to know about half-truth like this relationship will last for month. But Aish and warun best friends of naina and karan had a bad feeling of this game who knew full truth.

“Naina.. are you crazy.. I know you have a crush on him but all I say he is such jerk who plays with others feelings”

“ I know…. But it’s too late now aish I was really angry that day and all I want to teach him a lesson… now what should I do?”

“AAAA then teach him”

“for your information he has a strong personality and he know my weaknesses”


Meanwhile warun and karan also had the same conversation.

“Don’t you think you are going too far with this” warun looks very serious,

“Chill man.. She need to learn how to respect her seniors do you even know what happen that day”

“I know Arun told me but seriously just because she hit you….”

“aaa common… there is only two weeks left and tomorrow we will leave for three days for a tournament.. I know I know this tournament will be memorable”

“wooooo….i guess you will learn a great lesson not her”
Just then naina call karan


“let’s meet, come to the playground” then she hanged up first

“What has happen to her.. I guess she has come to a decision”

“what did you do?” warun frowning to karan

“nothing all I did was…. Ok… she don’t want others to know about this , specially our team. thing she don’t know is me too don’t want others to
know about this”


“so I was having fun with her silly behaviors its really cute she secretly hitting me make silly faces and do whatever I ask with an angry face…’’

“just go man.. she needs to talk to you” karan ran to see naina and waru was looking at him

“I guess you will change for good this time”

At the playground

“I will give a one chance” naina was pointing a finger to karan who sat on a bench

“For what?”

“To shut your mouth”


“What do you want I will let you ask anything from me?”


“If it cash fine I will give you… even though I ran out of money I will manage or if you want to hit me that’s fine that’s the final. After that you can’t utter a single word in front of others k”

“mmm.. cash??? No I don’t need them right now… if I hit you my hand also get hurt so I don’t want to do that… soo”

“So what? What do you want then?”

“hmmm… let me think right now I don’t need anything and moreover I am having so much fun because of you since this is one time offer I will use it wisely”

Karan winked at naina and left the ground.

“yaaaa….. this is really unfair …”

Everyone getting ready for the tournament. While naina sitting front seat in the bus karan was having fun with his team mates in back seat. Naina
got a text message. It says

‘ I have descided what I want’


‘ I want a …kiss 😉 ’

‘are you crazy no’


Naina heard karan was about to make an announcement

“guys I need to tell you something I am officially…”

Then he got message ‘let me think about it I need some time to made up my mind’

“Officially what???” Arun ask since everyone wanted to know what he was saying.

“Officially no longer captain and this will be my last match and our next captain will be sahil”

Everyone clapped and congratulates sahil for been next captain and wish karan good luck for his future.
During the tournament karans teasing got increased and naina got super-duper angry moreover he got many fans there specially girls and he used them to tease her.

It was dinner time and all the team mates having their meal in cateen where all the palyer gather. Karan sat next to naina no one notice since all the boys sat next to naina and Riya since girls line end there .

“aaaa I feel thirsty hey bring me a glass of water” karan was commanding naina and naina did as he asked which made others surprised.

“ here captain” and naina gave a weird smile to him.

“aaaaa… why I cut this….aaa my hand “

“karan stop bothering her “ Riya saw karan was teasing naina and she wanted to protect her junior since she is the women team captain.

“ what…? Ooo do you interesting thing…..”

Befor karan complete the sentence


naina was burning with anger and she already up. Her move freeze entire team including karan.
Karans spoon fell down which he was holding while telling something to Riya.
Naina looked around and realized what she had done. She can see most of the people staring at them and especially girls who had crush on karan. While team started to tease karan which was unexpected and they supported naina.

“naina you should have hit his head not his leg that day” arun remember the séance and told what happen to karan.

“Wow naina you really did that even I wanted to do that when he was teasing me thank you darling” Riya also super excited

“This was more shocking than when we heard Riya and Arun was dating last year” Mihir said while eating.

Naina was so happy how her team react for this after all she was sceard for nothing but Karan wasn’t happy about this and he was bit upset. Naina saw karan was silent all this time so she decides to do something for him.

Its 10 o clock and naina asked karan to came out from dorm. Strangely karan also wanted see her desperately so he secretly escaped from the hostel to see her.

Naina was waiting for him near the ground and someone stand behind her then she turned to that person

“Karan you came”

But unluckily it wasn’t karan bunch of girls who wanted to bully naina

“ so so… it was you our karan dating….”

“hey I don’t know what you think of me and I don’t care just leave me alone”


One girl pulled nainas hair and throw her to the ground they were bulling naina while she was trying escape from them

“what are you guys doing here” just then karan was came to rescue his girlfriend.

One girl “ aaaa karan…. We were just …”
Then naina stand with a messy hair and dust was all over her

“hi karan they were asking me to leave you”
Naina was waving hand with a painful smile. karan took her to his side

“if I see you again around my girl I will definitely forget you all are girls. Don’t you dare to touch her, she is mine… do you hear me?…. Now LEAVE”
Naina sat on the bench and karan was checking whether she was ok. This move made nainas heart flutter more she looked at him who wipe blood on her leg. Naina slowly touched karans hair and karan looked at naina which made nainas hand moves to his side of his face.
This touch made something strange to karan. His heart beats fast and he looked in to her eyes. That feeling which he never experienced before , he can’t read his own mind
‘ what is this feeling… why you look so innocent to me’
To be continued.

next one will be the finale ep
who will win

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  5. Loved it !!!! Don’t end this ff .loved it to core.You are a wonderful writter .

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