swabhimaan ff (chapter 11) long lasting love

hey guys thank you so much for your amazing support. sry this one is bit short but hope you guys enjoy it .

Chapter 11
karan walked in to chauhan house. he looked like a blank slate. his sorrow , his pain in his heart visible through his eyes. nirmala turn and saw karan walk in.
“KARAN..” she ran to karan but didn’t know what to do.
karan touch her feet and then looked in to her eyes. she hugged Karan and gave kisses saying
” my son has come home..”
karan still holding his tears and took dadajis blessing. dadaji didn’t say a single word his tear speak on behalf of him.
kyathi came closer and poke karan and he turned to her .
” bhaiya..” kyathi hugged him and start crying.
” i am sorry bhaiya.. I should be thankful to naina bhabi for bringing my brother back ”
NK also comes ” karan..”
but karan didn’t even look at him and went to his room.
kunal looked at his brother with tears..
” i know karan it’s really hard for you , your heart is crying , your sorrow can’t compare with anyone , lets give time for some time.”

karan closed the door and looked around then close his eyes.
” karan… can i use this side of you rack”
he opened his eyes naina was standing near his book rack.
” naina..” he closed his eyes and open it there is no one in the room.
” why this closest is closed? ”
he turned,
nains memories flying everywhere.
now he realized how many memories that they had shared in this small room within very little time.
he sat on the chair with nainas necklace.
he looked at nainas eyes who sat near him on the floor and staring at him with bright smile.
” you always talk about our relationship.. now what? what you going to do now naina..”
karan started crying silently. he hold her necklace tightly and kissed it.
lion with so much wounds hide in his den once again. four walls hold his pain and sorrow as they always did.

kunal and Nk went to the police station because police has arrested masi ma.
Nk enterd to the room. masi ma looked at him
” thank God you have come, hey release me he came to take”
she command to a police man.
” no sandyha ji i didn’t came for that. i came to say that what ever you did you will be punished”
” what how dare you say that to me. you rejected me once and suffer. if you reject me again i will destroy your whole family”
NK looked confused
” what do you mean I suffer?”
” hahaha…. nk… nk….your trust towards nirmala all these years you burn inside”
” what?”
” ha i made that scandal about nirmalas affaire.. you believed me.. you know each time when you scold her brings my happiness HAHAHA….”
Nk was shocked all these year what had he done .
” you will be punished for yor crimes sandhya… you are a monster… you ruined my life is fine but your thirst of revenge burn my sons life , his love… I wan’t let you get out of here…. you will suffer rest of your life and that’s a promise”
NK was burning with anger and that scerars masi ma he left.
masi ma had tear in her heart
” i did this all to get you Nand Kishore”
masi ma cried silently she was burning in side but she is helpless.

meghana sat near naina she is still unconscious. doctors said that her life is still in a danger.
then she noticed a letter besides nainas pillow.

dear naina,

if you are reading this mean you are alive.
i want you to know that i admired you from the beginning. the day we first met. i wanted to be with you thats why i always followed you.
your teasing never hurts me , because it made me feel visible.
naina i was hidden under the soile. you are tge one who watered me and helped me to see the sun but without you i can’t bloom naina.
my past is just a dark cloud , and my prasent is looks like glimpse of sun , naina my future is just you. I can’t imagine a future without you.
if you agree to be mine give me your sign with ringing my heart three times.
i am waiting just for you.

beloved husband

karan was still on his chair , his eyes were closed and he stll holding the necklace tightly to his heart.
his phone start to vibrate. he patted his fingers on his heart according to the vibration.
one… two… three then it stopped.
tears falls from his eyes but he had a smile on his face.

to be continued

sooo…..? 🙂 ( this time i created the wallpaper too tell me about it as well)

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  1. Tamihna0808

    Poor Karan! Naina needs to come back! So beautifully written! Love the wallpaper! ?❤?

    1. Threemaimai

      next ep will say weather she comes or not still not decided… 😀
      thank you sooo much…. 🙂

  2. U are a good writer.i loved ur ff thanku so much

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      thank you….. 😀

  3. U are a good writer.i loved ur ff thanku so much

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you……. 🙂

  4. Awesome epi

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      heheheh… glad you like it 🙂

  5. Raina123

    awesome ffand very emotional…

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      thank you sooo much dr….
      . 🙂

  6. Sad for Karan. 🙁
    Loved the way you expressed his feelings. Waiting for next part.

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you mona 🙂 for your kind words…i will try my best to post soon




    1. Threemaimai

      thank you shree glad you like it. 😀
      btw threema is my real name 🙂

  8. Titli

    Short or long dear, emotions matters.. and ur ff has lots of emotions.. i loved this epi too…

    1. Threemaimai

      thanx titli 🙂
      i love your ff too


    loved it
    the wallpaper is fab…..
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    🙂 keep smiling
    love u loads…
    take care

    1. Threemaimai

      glad you like it 🙂
      still working on next ep try my best to upload tonight 🙂

  10. Sakshi28gupta

    I hope naina comes back soon…this soo beautifully written…totally loved it?…plz update soon. Can’t wait to read the next part

    1. Threemaimai

      ooo thank you sooo much…. glad you enjoyed it 😀

  11. The ff was good as usual I love it and so emotional episode ????and heart touching episode feeling sad for karan and naina please come back and please post next chapter as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer and story is becoming more interesting day by day I love to read u r ff so emotional episode

    1. And I forgot to tell the wallpaper was awesome

    2. Threemaimai

      I thought to end the story with next chapter but still can’t decide because of you guys comments.
      thank you so much for your support dr 🙂

  12. Prettypreeti

    Heyy threema i liked it sooo much that my words cant describe it now..really u r fill with talent..i admire ur wriying
    Loved it yo core
    Post soon
    The wallpaper aww its soo cute
    Keep postinggg.
    Loved the epj

    1. Threemaimai

      oooo you are so sweet and thank you dr. i realy like to know your real name pretty preethi 🙂

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