swabhimaan ff (chapter 10) long lasting love

chapter 10

early in the morning chauhan family members got massage from naina. except one.
masi ma was helping kyathi to get ready. kyathi got the massage.
” kyathi i think you got a message”
” leave it masi ma maybe a spam”
all the other were sitting for the breakfast.
kunal was the 1st one who checked the massage since others where too busy. it was a video.
masi ma came down with a hurry
” something came up argently i have to go” then she left the house as soon as possible.
everyone looked at masi ma except kunal. he still can’t believe his eyes & his ears. he removed the headset and wiped his tears.
then stand up angrily
“kunal what happened?”Nk got confused.
” she just left the house didn’t you see?” meghana replied.
“THAT WICKED WITCH..” Kunal was shivering with anger
” KUNAL….” Nirmala shouted at him
“we must catch her before she escape”
” kunal whats wrong with you”
just in time kyathi ran to the table
” ma.. masi ma had left after seen a message but I can’t find it in my phone”
” it was this. naina has sent it to all of us” kunal showed the video. everyone checked their phones.
video is all about karan. naina record everything what karan said during the session because karan asked her to do that. actually this massage wasn’t sent by naina it was karan who send it through nainas phone.

nirmala fainted luckily meghana catched her and help her to sit down. she cried. kyathi and meghana try consult her.
kunal was walking here and there. he gave few calls.
all this time dadaji and NK was stay silent.
finally dadaji speak up
” kunal , meghana bahu you two must go New Delhi and take naina and karan home safely”
” ok dadu” both went upstairs to get ready.
NK looked lifeless and walked to his office room and shut the door
” papa” kyathi try to follow him but dadu
” let him be kyathi he need some time to reflect what he have done”
meghana and kunal got in to their car few seconds they left the chauhan house.

at the ayurvedic center karan once again started his treatments. naina helps him whenever he need her.
” naina i send that video to everyone through your phone.”
” it’s ok karan i am so proud of you that you decided to share it with your family”
karan feel lighter because naina understand him more than he understands about himself.
” thank you naina”
” ohooo karan i sent your phone to Delhi to fix it you will get it afternoon. now hurry up”
both sat on a bench and naina was offering her hand and karan gaining courage to touch her soft palm.
his shirt was all wet and his fingers are shivering. he was getting closer and closer but didn’t touch so naina quickly catch his hand. karan,
” oo naina…” took his hand away.
” ok ok I wan’t do it again. tell me what do you like to have for dinner my dear husband”
” hmmmm… since my wife asking i want her to make…..ammm.. what ever she like”
naina had a smile on her face.
” ok then its a surprise. come home around seven”
naina was busy with cooking she made pasta with lots of fresh tomatoes. its look delicious.

front door was open someone came inside.
” ooo karan you came just in time”
naina walked to front door to welcome him but….
” hello naina” it was masi ma with another two men.
” masi.. ma… how did you….”
danger in the air sink in to nainas heart
” karan..” her soul was asking for help but there is no one for her help
” well well naina I have to admit that you are a smart one”
naina stepped back because two men were slowly coming to catch her.
” don’t come any closer or i will…”
” i will what naina.. there is no one here to save you… CATCH HER..”
masi ma command to the goons. naina quickly took the small clasp knife which karan use to make wooden statchues pointed it to those men
” don’t come or i will”

goons laugh and try to catch her but naina manage escape.
she was sweating and sceard . her hand are shivering. but one goon grabbed her from the back when the other one took her knife.
” no.. let me go.. let… me…. go….”
she bites the finger of a goon.
” aaaaouch…this..” he tried to slap naina but
” aa aa aaa don’t slap her she is the chauhans preshes little daughter in law”
then she took the knife and play with it in fingers while she was threatening to naina
” naina naina you ruined my kingdom and you took my karan away from me. ”
masi mas eye were on fire…
” you ruined his life because of your greediness and I wan’t let you to harm him once again”
“hahaha……. naina i lost everything my love my dream and my son”
“what do you mean? ”
” it was me nand Kishore should marry not nirmala… he chose nirmala over me. how dare he”
naina got confused ” but papa..”
” ha ha he doesn’t like her…. i made him that way. when man loose his trust on his wife they will act exactly like Nand Kishore….poor nirmala she still didn’t know what happen”
” you are a monster how could you do that”
naina was angry at the same time she felt sad.

” everyone dance on my palm untill you and your sister come”
” ya we took off your mask”
” and you have to PAY FOR IT”
masi ma stabbed naina. just in time karan entered to the house with wild flowers
” naina this is for you”
masi ma stabbed her once again Infront of karan. time stopped flower falls to floor just like tears in nainas eyes dropped.
naina fell down to the floor , goons ran to catch karan. he looked like a lifeless spirit.
then he noticed the blood and knife which hold by masi ma
” AAAAAAAAAAAAAA….” karan scream like a mad man he pushed one man and hit pot on another and he was fainted.
masi ma walking towards karan
” it’s your fault karan… I told you if you tell your loved one will suffer”
” aaaaa I WILL KILL YOU….”
man catched him but he also got a hit from a anothe vass and karan throw him on to masi ma both fell down.
karan ran to naina and hold her tightly
” naina.. naina…. talk to me …. you can’t leave… please ”
tears were falling from his eyes
” ka..ran…. ” she slowly touched his face and karan grabbed it and kissed it . naina also start to cry..
” i … said … that put your trust …on me…and… I wan’t let… you.. down…… but … what … i will do… karan…..”
naina was in pain…. about to faint
” no no no… naina you can’t leave.. me… you promised me… ”

karan took naina to his arms and lift her.
masi ma was behind him and try to hit him but someone hit her head before she did.
masi ma got faint , it was kunal.
karan ran to the center with naina , kunal and meghana followed her.
naina was taken to the New Delhi hospital and took in to the ICU . three of them waiting outside. brave topper broke in to tears. kinal hugged her and try comfort her.
karan was sitting on floor. no one can read his emotions.
doctor came out of the theater room
” i am really sorry to say that she is still in a danger we still can’t stop bleeding”
doctors looked tension.
karan felt his life also walking to the death with naina. his life got completely blank.
……. life without naina…..

to be continued

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  1. Awesome dear…

    1. Threemaimai

      thanx dr πŸ™‚

  2. OMG this episode is soooo sad My favourite person in all of this is naina coz she is just so sweet and caring for everyone and just for doing that she got stabbed but im so glad that you involved this part into your FF

    1. Threemaimai

      hehehe I thought you guys will curse me for stabbing naina.. thank you so much for your support πŸ™‚

  3. Prettypreeti

    Ohh my sweet threema u r an awesone writer..i m like in live with this ff..nairan were awesome even meghnal rocked..specially when u said brave topper i liked it….awesome naina was just soo sweet she is..oh god karan he took away my heart beats…soooo good .
    Realy very nice
    Post soon

    1. Threemaimai

      ok this was an unexpected response guys. i really thought you guys will shout at me. anyway i am really happy that you all are really understanding readers…. i am so happy πŸ™‚

  4. Oh what a emotional episode but I loved it , it was just awesome and fabulous can’twait to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer and story is becoming more interesting day by day I love to read u r ff, felt pity for naina but episode was mind blowing i can’t wait for the next chapter and u have to post next chapter as soon as possible because I am eager to know nainas condition oh ….. can’t wait to read next

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you so much , i always wanted to create this ff combination of all emotions and i guess it worked. i will try my best to post soon πŸ™‚

  5. Aarzu

    Hey It was awsm…. Please post ASAP I really wanna read whats going to happen now please please please post ASAP

    1. Threemaimai

      ok ok ok…… i will post soon πŸ™‚
      thank you aarzu ( i guess this is your pet name) for your support it’s really means to me πŸ™‚

      1. Aarzu

        No it is not my pet name…. It is my web Name….. U know what mine twist is almost similar yet it is different…. I have too updated mine one it will be up in few hours…. Hope u’ll like it….. ? ? ?

  6. You write so well!?It was such an emotional episode…brought me to tears?but it was necessary…it is only when you see someone precious to you going away in front of you and you are not able to stop them do you value them more…please post your next episode soon…can’t wait to see how Karan saves Naina…best of luck for your next episode?☺️?

    1. Threemaimai

      did you really felt it? i mean sadness
      thank you so much for commenting dr…
      i will post soon
      I hope you guys will not desapoint about me πŸ™‚

  7. Titli

    Awesome.. loved it

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you… πŸ™‚

  8. No words to express…….loved it plz post next epi ASAP

    1. Threemaimai

      oo thanks dr… πŸ™‚

  9. You are just mind blowing .dil jeet liya aapne plss post the next chap soon
    Eager to know nainas condition

    1. Threemaimai

      hehehe thank you so much. try my best to upload nxt one soon πŸ™‚

  10. Sakshi28gupta

    Hii…what an amazing chapter ??…I really wanted something like this to happen where karan would forget everything and would just go upto naina… Sooo happy that you included this in the story??….can’t wait for the next part.. Update soon?
    Ps. Can u plz tell me ur name..I am not really familiar with people here

    1. Threemaimai

      hey sakshi thank you so much for commenting. i am so happy that you like it.
      i am threema & i am also new to here πŸ™‚

  11. Wow so good when is the next update ?

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you.. πŸ™‚
      you can find nxt post tomorrow afternoon



    1. Threemaimai

      he shree thanx a lot for commenting.. πŸ™‚
      you will find what happen to naina in next chapter..

  14. I loved it. It’s so emotional. Pls come back with Naina… And update soon.

    1. Threemaimai

      sry if u feel sad. don’t worry i wan’t end this in a tragedy way even i am an expert in making tragedy stories πŸ™‚
      thank you for you support mona

  15. Pratha

    Hey Threemaimai
    I loved d ff. I was a silent reader till now but today i was not able 2 write about d writing of urs, u were just fab, u expressed d love story of nairan so beautifully. I just found myself attached 2 it as it was going in front of my eyes.
    Ur writing for nairan is fab and i’m 2 a fan of nairan bcoz of them i started watching SWABHIMAN…
    Ankitta & samridh r best…
    post asap..

    1. Threemaimai

      hey pratha thank you so much for commenting. after i saw your comment i felt that my ff had shaken silent reader world… me tooo watching swabhimaan bcoz of nairans πŸ™‚

  16. Tamihna0808

    Wow! Just wow! So good!!!!! Really enjoyed it! ?❀?

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you so much tami sis πŸ™‚
      it feels empty if you didn’t comment because your ff is the one inspired me to write my own πŸ™‚

      1. Tamihna0808

        Aaw! You’re really sweet! I genuinely enjoyed every bit! Always do!!!! ❀?

  17. Awesome chapter… dude u just nailed it β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† I love nairan soo much???

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you…. πŸ™‚
      I already submitted the next chapter it will post soon..

  18. Raina123

    this ff was awesome

    1. Threemaimai

      thank you πŸ™‚

  19. I am silent reader but today u make me to give comment it’s really very emotional I can’t kept quite reading it love it for this karan love for naina

    waiting for next episode pls update soon make naina alive and give happy ending friend

    1. Threemaimai

      hey priya thank you so much for commenting… πŸ™‚
      i am extremely happy to see that you guys enjoyed the story.
      once again thank you thank you sooo much πŸ˜€


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