Swabhimaan 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kunal and Meghna dancing on the song Aaji Mahi Ve….Sharda sings the song and blesses her daughter. Naina and others join Meghna. Kunal dances with Meghna. Suddenly plastic wire is cut and is about to make the decoration board fall on Meghna and Kunal. Karan and Naina see the decoration board about to fall on them and stop the board from falling on them. Kunal and Meghna are shocked and surprised also to see Karan and Naina saving them. Dada ji says you both are lucky to have caring siblings.

Meghna thanks Naina. Naina says I saw Karan seeing that and ran to hold it. Kunal tells Karan that Khyati told that hero and heroine dances, but real hero is the one who protects others. He says I won’t hug you else you will get upset with me, and thanks him. Karan is teary eyes

and emotional. Everyone claps for him. Karan goes. Chote Mama says lets do rasam of engagement. Nand Kishore asks Nirmala if Karan is fine. Nirmala says I was also worried. Nand Kishore asks her. She nods yes. Pandit ji asks the bride and groom family to come on stage. Sharda calls Bade Mama and Asha. Pandit ji asks them to get ring. Sandhya says they didn’t know that I have changed ring. Nirmala smiles and looks on. Sharda opens the ring box and finds some other ring. She is shocked. Nand Kishore and Sandhya smile looking at each other. She recalls changing the ring. Sharda thinks this is some other ring.

Sandhya says ring is beautiful and will suit Kunal good. Meghna sees ring and says this is….Sharda nods asking her to make Kunal wear it. Meghna takes the ring and looks at it. Bade Mama and Asha looks on. Vaibhav sees the ring. Sandhya asks Meghna to make Kunal wear it. Vaibhav thinks this is not the same ring which I saw, and tells Meghna that it is wrong, he asks him not to make jija ji wear this, and make him wear what Bade Mama bought. Kalpana says this is some other ring. Sandhya says it doesn’t make any difference. What is important is that Meghna is making Kunal wear the ring. Dada ji stops them and asks Sharda why Vaibhav said that this ring is not same which you bought. Sharda says we have brought some other ring. Naina searches for the ring. Kalpana looks at the ring and says this ring seems to be costly with diamond in it. Dada ji asks them to keep the ring back from where it is picked, and asks them to search the ring. Kunal says yes, and says Dada ji is saying right.

Everyone start searching for the ring. Dada ji looks at Nand Kishore’s expressions and understands his plan. Nand Kishore gets angry and upset. He says Bau ji made me feel bad infront of these beggars, and says he wants everyone to praise him. Naina asks Karan to help them in finding the ring. Karan is sitting still. Naina asks him to change his seat so that she can search for the ring. She teases him and asks if he will open his umbrella and change his plan. She throws umbrella in the trash bin. Karan gets angry and is about to throw trash on her, but he stops and throws the things on the floor. Naina finds the ring in it and says this is the engagement ring. Karan says you people are strange to throw ring in dustbin. He says welcome. Naina thanks him.

Naina brings ring and gives to Meghna. Meghna makes Kunal wear the ring. Swabhimaan song plays…..Kunal says both ring and you are beautiful. Meghna smiles. Meghna forwards her hand. Kunal makes her wear ring. Nand Kishore and Sandhya are upset. Everyone claps for the newly engage couple. Meghna and Kunal take Sharda’s blessings. Dada ji tells that Pandit ji is old fashioned, but he is modern, and asks Khyati to explain. Khyati says Dada ji is asking you to hug Meghna. Kunal is surprised. Dada ji insists. Kunal hugs her lightly, and says he will hug her later with a surprise.

Kalpana asks Asha, how can 22000 ring will be changed to ring worth lakhs. Asha says one person have dreamt this, but many people have to pay the price. Sharda asks Manager to take 4 lakhs rupees and settle their bill. Manager says your bill is much more than 4 lakhs rupees and says he will send in her room. Sharda is shocked and thinks from where to get the money.

Meghna gets the surprise gift from Kunal. She sees a dress and smiles. She comes to the decorated place while the song is being played and meets Kunal. Sharda tells Naina that she is thinking to give these bangles to settle the bill. Naina says but Maa. Meghna says what else you will sell Maa and refuses to marry. Sharda is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good episode I liked how they worked together to find the ring and I like the grandpa character

  2. I always love? Karan&naina pair pls increase their scenes they both look too gud…Their fighting is too gud…I am watching this only for them..Kunal is also good but Sangeetha aka Meghana’s action is worst…She is not good at dancing even…Naina aka Ankitha is dancing well…Superb….pls change Sangeetha and keep Nikita Sharma in her place every one will watch the show for the sake of her also…Other than Sangeetha for for Meghana’s role nikitha Sharma the best choice

  3. Khyati makes an error but puts the blame on Naina. Later, Meghna dances to the song ‘Kala Chashma’, leaving everyone shocked. Meanwhile, NK complains as there is no alcohol at the event.
    Episode – 18
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 11 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Nirmala decides to go to Jaipur. Meanwhile, Kunal and Meghna recite their wedding vows. Later,

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