Swabhimaan 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Naina knocking on the door and asking Meghna to hear her once and try her understand. She asks her to open the door once. Meghna cries and thinks Naina was her reflection before. They cry. Meghna thinks she didn’t do right with Naina and feels bad. Naina is crying in her room hugging Meghna’s photo. Karan asks if she is upset with someone, and asks if it is him. He says my friends couldn’t be my friends for long. He thinks to cheer her up and laughs seeing something on his mobile. Naina also laughs and understands that he is trying to cheer her up and for being her good friend. Karan thinks good and real friend is you, and thinks because of you, I am taking my first step.

Naina brings juice for Meghna. Meghna is still upset with her. Naina says you are still upset with

me. She says she will set her cupboard and room. She sees the dress and asks since when she has started small clothes, and asks her not to wear it in Bundi. She says I don’t know my simple and sweet sister can wear short dress. Meghna asks her to show and says she doesn’t have such dresses. She calls Sharda and asks about her. Sharda says Kalpana is taking care of me. She asks about Naina and her. Meghna says she is fine, don’t worry. Naina gets emotional and hugs her. She takes the call. Sharda asks how is she? Naina says she is fine and hugs Meghna again. She says I can bear anything, but see can’t you upset. Sharda comes to school and comes to know that Govt is shifting school 20 kms away and giving double price for the land. Principal and teachers insist to talk to CM. Sharda agrees.

Karan signs kids to come. Dada ji sees the kids. Naina thinks they are same kids. Karan tells that someone made him realize what he wants to do. Dada ji remembers the kids. Karan says I used to teach them music and wants to educate them. Dadaji says he will get the kids admitted in school. Karan says he wants kids to learn music also. Dada ji tells that he is proud of him knowing his thoughts. Nirmala smiles. Karan thinks about Nand Kishore’s words. Dada ji asks him to take his friends inside. He asks Nirmala not to cry and tells that her choti bahu have changed his life. Karan teaches kids and tells that real work is that which one does with heart else they will become machines.

Sandhya hears him and thinks from where he got confidence. Karan asks Sameer to close the eyes and asks what you want to see yourself doing. Sameer says he wants to be drummer. Others also tell that they want to become musician etc. Sandhya is upset. They make music. Sandhya thinks he can’t be change or become normal, now I have to do something. Nand kishore tells that their property deal will finish today. Sandhya says she has more good news and tells that Karan got confident now.

Nand Kishore says I want him to do something and now I can say that he will do something. Sandhya says he has decided what to do. She reminds him of the kids who were playing music with him. Nand kishore says dirty basti kids. Sandhya says they are here and feel bad. She provokes him. Karn asks kids to think of an answer. Naina asks what to bring for kids. Karan goes with them. Kids start playing with pillows. Nand kishore asks what is happening? Who let you come here? Kid says karan bhaiya called us here. Nand kishore call them mannerless and calls security guard. Karan and Naina come there. Nand Kishore scolds Karan and asks security guard to check them. Karan stops the guard and drops the tray.

Nand Kishore scolds him and asks how dare you? He asks him to go out and earn the money. He calls him stupid, mindless etc….and wish I shouldn’t have gotten him. Nirmala asks how can you say this being a father. Naina says they are the same kids who performed with us. Nand Kishore says even wife is supporting him like his mum, and tells that only his wish will be counted. Meghna hears him and asks him to listen to Nirmala. Nirmala couldn’t say anything. Nand Kishore asks are you done? He says I am seeing how everyone is together in the house. Dada ji comes. Nand kishore asks him to say and tells that basti kids have make the place dirty.

Karan tells Naina that he don’t want to hear anything against Maasi Ma. Naina thinks Sandhya is two faced woman and sees a jharoka in her cupboard and wonders what is it?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi guys..iam new here…nairan scene was superb…meghna-naina bond is very strong..feeling bad for karan..this stupid sandhya&nk..precap is intresting..bt i dont think naina will come to know the reason.

  2. Gud episode..i like karan he makes naina to laugh….luv u naira…….nk totally spoiling d karan’s dream……..he s not deserve to b father…..shit…

  3. Titli

    Hey, guys.. dont u think that nairan are behaving more as husband wife than friends.. they have that love also.. but cant admit it.. i like it..

  4. Aadya

    Hii Thanks for remembering me yaar. I actually have my 10 th this year and all people around me are going because of it so i just read it so so sorry? and ya my name is Aadya only.
    The episode is awesome and all of them are so interesting so keep going??

  5. Hello I’m not new to this serial but new to reading I loved NAINA & KARAN scenes

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