Swabhimaan 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Nand Kishore telling Dada ji that mistake is not only his. Asha asks Vishal why did he spent 15 lakhs in marriage. Asha scolds Sharda for taking Vishal’s money. Dada ji accepts that he is equally blamed and says you can learn English in English school, but you can’t learn manners or values. He says nobody teaches you to insult your wife and says whoever insults his wife is worthless. He says I did wrong by getting my dutiful daughter in law marry person like you. Vishal tells Asha that Sharda doesn’t know that he spent the money and says a brother used his money for his sister’s marriage. Sharda says you would have told me and asks why did you spend your money. Asha asks Sharda to stop her drama and says you have never thought about my son and have sent your daughters

to big house very cleverly. You have dreamt to send your daughters to big house and we are paying price for it. Dada ji apologizes to Naina and Meghna and folds his hands.

Naina asks him not to apologize to them, and instead bless them. Dada ji tells that he is apologetic to Sharda and says his family did wrong with her and apologizes to her repeatedly. Meghna and Naina touch his feet. Dada ji blesses them and requests them to enter house with good thinking leaving the bad memories, and says I think all good things will happen now. Asha says you have spent 15 lakhs rupees and says my son’s life is ruined. Sharda says Vishal will open his dispensary and says she will get the money. Asha asks her to call Naina and Meghna’s sasural and ask them money. Vishnu asks what you are saying? Asha asks him not to interfere and asks Sharda if she will call or not. Meghna and Naina enter home with different perspective and motives. They leave their hand impression on the wall.

Dada ji asks Karan to enter home. Karan looks sad. Dada ji welcomes Meghna and Naina in the house. He says I welcome Paras and son’s vice president and says Meghna will handle sales dept. He asks Nirmala to take them to inhouse temple. Nirmala smiles and says okay. Sharda refuses to ask money from Meghna and Naina’s sasural. Asha says you can do anything for your daughters, but not for us. She brings kerosene oil from kitchen and asks her to open it. She then opens the bottle. Vishnu throws it and says we all were sad when we reached home and trying to cope up. Kalpana asks how can Asha forget that Vishal’s future is ruined because of Sharda’s daughters. Vishal asks her to stop it. Gopal scolds her. Sharda promises Asha that she will return all their money. Asha asks her to take Meghna and Naina’s promise. Sharda promises on her daughters. Asha goes inside.

Dada ji thinks Sharda’s daughter will handle his home well due to her good values. Khyati is angry with Naina and sits before her. Meghna senses her conspiracy. Dada ji tells about the ring ceremony. Khyati says Karan will win. Meghna thinks why Khyati made Naina sit far. Kunal says whoever wins, it is our win. Meghna says she will win only and diverts her mind showing her anklet. Kunal looks at the anklet and recalls giving her. Meghna gets the ring and shows to everyone. Sandhya thinks she is too clever and thinks to keep eye on her.

Karan tells Naina that he had opened the ghatbandhan as he don’t accept this marriage and says you are free to go. Naina is shocked. Sandhya asks Meghna to do kuldevi puja being eldest bahu. Meghna tells Kunal that they shall do something different for their wedding night, and go on a long drive with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Poor sharda…….
    Poor sharda. ??
    Niz epi………dont make sharda too annoying…..naina u hav to prove and hav to win d karan’s heart?❤ and saasural …..wanting more kaina nhok joke scenes but not hurtng scenes….
    G n all….?
    Precap s amusing to watch…
    Day by day increasing more emotional and intrstng scenes..??

  2. Riddhima

    Kyati be in your limits … Don’t try to ruine or interfere In Others life … Otherwise you will pay for it later ..

  3. Khyati u loved ur brother so much but don’t forget u also a girl what u sow u will reap she don’t wish to marry ur brother but situation is like that

  4. Meghna all the best for ur challenge and naina I don’t wish u

  5. Meghna is clever and honest.. Even her revenge motive on nand kishore is correct..
    Naina is for crying and acting as mahan..
    Don’t make swaragini 2..Meghna will protect her little sister but wish naina gets more clever.

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