Swabhimaan 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Nand Kishore comes to office and discuss about the quotations of meeting. He notices Nirmala’s photo and questions Karan why he placed this weak woman’s photo here. There will be huge meetings here, what would people say. Karan replies this isn’t a weak woman but his mother; no one can judge her strength or weakness by the photo only. Nand Kishore asks for the file of quotations. Karan looks around and wonders where the file has gone. Sandhya smirked outside with the file and thinks about replacing this. Karan finally finds the file and gives it to Nand Kishore. He was shocked to see the report and questions what this is, flying the papers over Karan’s face. Nand Kishore asks if this is a joke, he asked for one week for preparations. If someone had joined hands to him to join the office, he wants

to ruin Kunal’s project. Sandhya thinks Karan’s dreams must have shattered, this will make Teej interesting. Karan was upset.
Naina awaits Karan and thinks about making a call to Karan. Kunal comes there and teases her saying he can do this for his cute sister in law. He says she must be shy because she has to do some private talk and takes her aside. Karan sat in the room frustrated. He decides he has no ability to prove himself. He gets Naina’s call as Kunal held the phone for her, she asks about his day. Karan shouts at once, then thinks he must not hurt Naina as its her Pooja. He says he had been joking only, his day begins with Naina’s shadow and can never be bad. Naina asks him to return home.
Dada ji calls Naina and Meghna, he tells everyone about the importance of Teej rituals by two of their two daughter in laws, they will hold 21 pots each. Nand Kishore comes down and announces Naina won’t participate in the Pooja. Dada ji tells him not to create any new drama at least during the Pooja. Nand Kishore says he repeated what Babu ji just said. He said a wife does this Pooja for her husband, then whose wife Naina is; she is only a nurse to Karan. Only Meghna will do the Haryali Teej Pooja. He says Naina left the house, then returned and accepted herself that she returned as a nurse. Naina remembers the ultimatum Nand Kishore had given her; she has accepted his condition. Nand Kishore asks Naina how she can do this Pooja. Dada ji tells Nand Kishore placed this condition, but turning to a daughter in law from a daughter in a journey in itself and Naina went through this journey when she left her mother’s home. Nand Kishore questions why she accepted the condition then. Everyone was silent. Nand Kishore says if they don’t have to argue, they must listen carefully; Naina has no right over Karan and she can’t participate in the Pooja as a daughter in law. Its better no one goes against his decision. Dada ji decides if Naina can’t participate as a daughter in law then only Meghna will participate in the Pooja as a wife. This time, Naina will participate in the Pooja like a single girl to get her Karan. Dada ji blesses them to go and prepare for the Pooja.
The next day, Naina places the sindoor box in front of Karan’s photo and cries. She gets ready. There in the room, Kunal fills the hairline for Meghna. He holds her hand, Meghna says Naina agreed to marry only for this sindoor in her hairline. It must feel odd that Naina’s hairline is empty herself. Shardha comes to Naina and places a tikka over her forehead, she blesses this is the mark of Naina’s strength. She would surely get her Shiv. Naina hugs Shardha.

PRECAP: Shardha instructs the girls to hold the pots with pure intention and prayer. Naina observes there was a breakage in the pot. People call it a bad omen, Nand Kishore announces that only Meghna will carry on with the Pooja.

Update Credit to: Sona

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