Swabhimaan 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Nand Kishore says he never involved females in their business. They get hard headed when working. Kunal argues they always did wrong. Nand Kishore was even furious as Kunal has also turned to his wife’s man, and Boondi’s son in law. Shardha says she will talk to Meghna and Kunal. Sandhya says they can do it themselves, she then tells Meghna to prepare for the traditional Pooja just like parties she organize. Everyone leaves. Meghna stops Sandhya and asks what she mind the most that she was going or going to Chittorgarh. Sandhya tells her to prepare for Pooja. Meghna was sure she will reach the truth of Sandhya soon and go to Chittorgarh.
The next morning, everyone prepared for Pooja. Dada ji comes there and appreciates all the arrangements. Karan comes downstairs dressed well, everyone bless

them. Nand Kishore doesn’t bless him instead advise him that positions are gained through hard work that he never did. Meghna tells Nand Kishore Karan only wanted a blessing from him that he couldn’t get, she asks Karan to take the blessings of Shardha instead. Nand Kishore minds it, he was angry and asks how dare Meghna; she must never realize the importance of a father’s blessing as she didn’t see a father. Shardha asks him to be their father and forgive Meghna; then asks Meghna to apologize. Meghna says sorry. Kunal tells Nand Kishore he decided to gift his new car to Karan, it apology still remains there. He tells Karan this will always remind his side with Karan. Sandhya thinks the hands of the clock have started to tick the other way round.
Karan denies taking Kunal’s car keys on the door. Karan says he wants to prove himself to their father. Kunal says he is gifting this car out of brotherly love. Karan finally accepts the car keys. A servant brings umbrella for Karan. Karan says he already has an umbrella and holds Naina’s dupatta for cover. Near the car, Naina asks what he would do now as the shadow will be left home. Karan replies this shadow is strong enough to stick by him there. They all watch him leave for office.
In the office, Karan comes to the table and unpacks his laptop. He hears Nand Kishore shouting at the incomplete tasks. He comes to listen at the door, Nand Kishore threw a file over an employee and expelled him for inefficient job. Kunal gets a call from Nand Kishore who tells him to come to office, he has left the project halfway. Kunal tells him to ask Karan for them, he might take some time to understand like them all; Karan has huge strength and courage. He tells Nand Kishore that Karan needs his encouragement today. Nand Kishore was sure Karan won’t be able to do anything. Karan thinks about all the curt words of Nand Kishore in the morning. Kunal insists he was able to do everything only because he was by his side, Karan also needs his side today. Nand Kishore thinks may be Kunal is right, he must give a chance to Karan.

PRECAP: Dada ji tells everyone about the rituals done like Parvati. Nand Kishore says Naina won’t do any of the ritual, she is only a nurse to Karan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sandy stopping Meghna from going to Chittor and Nand Kishore is so annoying.

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