Swabhimaan 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Meghna and Naina gearing up for their bidaai. Vishnu tells Sharda that it is good thing to send their daughters to their new homes. Meghna asks why they are feeling helpless and why their tears are dried. Vishal hugs his sisters and cries, asking them to take care of each other, and not to worry about Sharda. Nand Kishore rings the car horn. Meghna and Naina hug everyone. Vaibhav asks how I will meet you both, I doesn’t know about your new home. They hug him. They touch Vishnu’s feet. Vishnu gives Elaichi to Meghna and Naina, and says I will miss you elaichi. He tells Naina that he is her guilty. Sharda is crying. Meghna and Naina hug her and cry, reminisces all moments. Mann Ka Sundartaa di plays……………Vishnu and Gopal ask them to come. Meghna says we will not be

here, and asks Vishnu to take care of Sharda more. Naina asks him to make Sharda have food. Gopal says I will make her have food. They cry holding her hand. Betiyan hoti kyun hoti hai parayi song plays……………..Sharda gets teary eyes and emotional. They sit in the dolis crying…

Nand Kishore and their family wait for the brides. Meghna recalls Sharda’s insult, while Naina keeps the ghatbandhan cloth safely with her which Karan had opened. Vishnu, Gopal and Vishal bring the dolis near the car. Meghna sits in Kunal’s car while Naina sits in Karan’s car. Sharda cries. In the car, Kunal asks Meghna if she will not talk to him. Meghna thinks about Kunal’s words that she can stay with Naina in the house together, their vows. She thinks if Kunal couldn’t see her mum’s insult by his family. Kunal says now Naina will stay with us and it is a good thing. He is about to hold her hand. Meghna doesn’t let him touch her hand.

Naina thinks about her marriage with Karan and thinks he has opened ghatbandhan before rounds, and haven’t filled sindoor properly and even he couldn’t tie mangalsutra properly, and thinks why? Karan asks driver to stop the car and asks Naina to go fast, as he don’t need her. Naina says Karan. Karan asks her to move back and opens the car’s door. He asks her to get down and go. Naina asks where to go? Karan asks her to get down from car and go to her house. Naina is shocked. Kunal’s car driver informs him that Karan’s car is stopped. Meghna asks him to stop the car. Karan asks what you are thinking and says you can’t go alone, so driver will drop you.

Sharda comes to Naina and Meghna’s room and imagines them. She gets emotional and imagines them sleeping on bed. Meghna knocks on Karan’s car’s window and asks Karan to sit in Kunal’s car, and says can I sit with my sister Naina in this car. Karan hesitantly says okay. He gets down the car. Meghna sits with Naina. Karan sits in Kunal’s car. Meghna asks Naina what happened? Why did the car was stopped mid way. Naina tells that her dupatta was stuck in the door and then you came when car was stopped. Meghna asks her to be careful and says she got worried.

Nirmala makes grah pravesh’s arrangements. Dada ji comes and asks if arrangements are done. Servant says 56 bhogs are served. Nirmala says we have done as you said. Dada ji says we shall respect and welcome the lakshmi. Nirmala recalls her grah pravesh and tells him that she wants to give same love and care to her bahu. He says surely, and asks why didn’t they come till now. Just then they hear car sound and come out of house. Dada ji asks Nirmala to welcome the new bride and asks her to tell her to get down the car Kunal and Karan get down from first car. Dada ji and Nirmala are shocked to see Karan and Kunal in groom’s avatar. Dada ji thinks why Karan is wearing groom’s pagdi and where is bahu. Meghna gets down other car and moves a little. Dada ji and Nirmala see Naina also dressed as a bride.

Nirmala asks Naina to kick the kalash inside. Naina kicks the kalash. Nirmala is shocked. Dada ji asks Nand Kishore why he brought two bahus.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nila

    so much dragging in wedding scenes plz reveal the truth of Karan fastly.

  2. Episode – 37
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 07 Feb Set Alert
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    NK gets angry and yells at Dadaji. Meanwhile, Nirmala comforts Naina and tells her that she has something to say about Karan. Later, Meghna assures Naina that she will help her with her problems.
    Episode – 38
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 08 Feb Set Alert
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    Naina apologises to Karan and suggests that they should give each other time. Meanwhile, Kunal gifts Meghna a diamond necklace. Later, Naina seems upset and begins to cry in her room.
    Episode – 39
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 09 Feb Set Alert
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    Meghna and Kunal sleep together near a lake. Meanwhile, Karan tells Naina that she should have refused to perform the puja. Naina tells Karan that she performed the puja out of respect for Dadaji.
    Episode – 40
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 10 Feb Set Alert
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    Sandhya yells at Meghna for going out at night without informing anyone and even stops Kunal from interfering. Later, creditors come to Sharda’s house asking her for the money that she owes them.

  3. Show is having so much dragging.we can’t enjoy last 2episodes…Please concentrate on Karan&naina along with Meghana&kunal… Don’t break the sister bond between Meghana&Naina… Don’t make this just like other shows… Eventhough their way of thinking about family is different it shouldn’t disturb the sister bonding…Felt so happy when meghana came a savior for her sister…And love & care as a elder one she showing on her sister…Karan experience are so awesome…His action is so good…Love u Nairan &Meghal

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